As one of the oldest members of the guard, Octavia found herself feeling somewhat responsible for them all, at one point in her life she had taught all of them something or another and been on missions with most of them. She enjoyed the diversity of the role and who she got to see everyday and work alongside, she felt proud to represent the Ailward name and to fight for their cause. And she had felt this way for a very long time. Despite every heartbreak and setback, the guard was her home and the place she always returned to and she didn't think that would ever change.

Over the past few years they had been trying to recover from the tragedy which happened that night on Skye, there wasn't a single guard who could say they hadn't lost someone they cared about that night and even after that, they still continued to scramble to find some truth when it came to what happened. By now she was sure of one thing, there was someone out there and they hated the supernatural. They had been toying with the communities, causing havoc here and there but their focus always seemed to be on targeting the Ailward guard. Which made sense when you considered everything they stood for was equality for every species. Hardly lined up to someone who wanted everyone gone. 

And every time things seemed to quieten down, it all seemed to happen all over again. This time, it was the Aurazin, a species she had never even known about who didn't belong on the earth, they had been cast from their home in the veil with no way of returning. Which led them to today, where she was reading over the mission papers she had been handed. They wanted them to head to both of the exit points where the Aurazin had arrived on earth, kindly provided by their new guests, so they could figure out what kind of magic was at play. Octavia had been apprehensive to take the mission given it meant she would be away from the manor but Mal had assured her she would stay put while she was gone and Rei offered to keep watch for her. 

She glanced over to Henri who had been assigned as her accompaniment for this mission and she pursed his lips, she had been there when he had first come to the guard, he had seemed so lost back then but now he was a senior guard member and an aspect's personal guard much like her. They hadn't gotten the chance to work together for a while but they usually got along okay, both very mission-focused and sensible but maybe they could use the time to get to know one another a little "I can't be the only one feeling a little antsy about leaving the manor given everything" she commented under her breath as she glanced over at him "We'll leave in about an hour?" which would give them enough time to grab their things before being portalled to their first location. 

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Octavia was very mature and though it was a given because of how long she has lived and experienced life, still it amazes Henri. You can live for as long as you could but not everyone would have the same ability to compose themselves like that yet she seemed to make it seem so easy despite hurting inside. A lot of them go through internal struggle but some could hide it just fine. "A part of me would be surprised to know how they know so much while the other is not, obviously they either had a mole before or they really tapped in us to find out" they live in the supernatural world where anything is possible so if technology created a wire tape, what couldn't the other side do? Especially when they're obviously playing with powerful magic. "I have to say they are either ruthless or calculative." 

The attacks haven't been merciful on them, when they were hit, it took them a while to regain their composure and get up again. Sometimes before they could even comprehend what's going on, another attack would be thrown their way. The therian refrained himself from laughing out loud upon seeing the disgruntled reaction from the Nephilim, the magic tonic was not for anyone. "I'm not sure if it's supposed to make us feel better but I have a feeling Malva just made it her mission to make it as intolerable as possible just for the sake of it" It wasn't anything serious but the Aspect of Magic can be playful and mischievous at times, just like her other siblings. "Knowing her, she made it even bitter compared to previously…" The circumstances of their situation weren't looking well, they were still trudging through an endless mud pit, the surface was probably just waiting to swallow them whole when it could the moment they made a misstep. 

"That's what really worries me to be honest… not that they don't mean well, because we would've been able to detect that but because there are other species involved other than what's already existing on the living plane. What's next? At this point, all the realms might even clash into one another and we can't do much about that" Only the Aspects could, he imagined. But it would be hard to take care of something they had no knowledge of. "I hope zombies aren't real…" he added dismissively, "God I can't handle zombies." When the shadow advanced, he was ready to fight it off but then it dissipated which caused the therian to be confused, "What the hell…" Hearing Tavia's response, he averted his gaze onto a few others that were close by, "What is this… a memory from who?"

The mention of having a mole made her frown a little, of course everyone had thought about it and debated it in their head, it made the most sense out of all possible explanations, that someone had been able to spy on them and know exactly where they would be at the right times. She pursed her lips and bit her lip “Somehow an insider seems more likely than anyone being able to break Ven’s protective barrier” it was designed to keep only those with the right intentions without the circle “Honestly someone going this far...either we’re in the way of something they want to get hold of...or we’re the ones they’re after” she didn’t really know which but she got the feeling someone wouldn’t go to such lengths if it was a mere barrier. The moves this person made were cruel, designed to hurt.

She laughed and nodded slightly “Well that sounds like Mal, I swear a requirement for being an aspect is that you basically need mischievous tattooed on your forehead” she swore there wasn’t a single one of them that didn’t fit the bill and it definitely made he personal guard’s life harder, especially when they had the tendency to sneak out without telling anyone where they were going. “I suppose the bitterness stops people from drinking it by mistake” just one smell and you would be put off wanting to drink it unless there was a specific reason you needed to. She tended just to hold her breath and hope for the best.

She nodded slightly “It feels...wrong…” she commented under her breath, even though she wasn’t an aurazin herself, she got this distinct sense that they weren’t supposed to be here but she was beginning to wonder if there even was a realm for them to return to later down the line. And if there wasn’t then what became of them? Would they be able to live peaceful lives in this world or would that cause them troubles? She sighed slightly “What do you think would happen if the veil imploded?” she questioned wondering what his guess would be, everyone had been thinking it was a possibility after all. She had to laugh when he mentioned zombies though “We’re had more than our fair share of species that can’t be reasoned with” she complained, the dragonkin was of course who she was talking about, they had finally managed to get them at bay after thousands of years.

She frowned slightly as her eyes followed the shadows, they seemed to show figures that were scared, running away from something, she glanced over to Henri and back to them as she noticed the panic “Maybe one of the aurazin? They ended up through here right?” she licked her lips “They’re running away from that direction” she pointed with her finger, of course meaning they needed to head in the opposite direction.

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