Sariah loved storms, it was a weird thing to enjoy but whenever one was forecast she would make sure to clear her schedule just so that she could sit by the bay window of her house and watch the lighting crash across the sky. She would open the window just a little so that she could hear the crashing of the rain and then she would curl up cozy with a book for a few hours. It was one of those things she could look forward to and would clear her schedule for. 

So when the forecast came up this morning for a storm tonight, she knew she needed to make it home from work on time to see it. She had packed up her things in advance and waved herself off from her fellow organization members before heading to the subway and getting the short train across the city to her place. She got in and greeted her cat, Ada, who was already antsy since this morning. She swore her cat was a weather predictor somehow because she always got in the strangest mood whenever one was on the way.

She fed her before heading up to shower and make dinner, by the time the storm clouds had finally rolled in and the rain was crashing against the window pane, she was cuddled up under a blanket. She had moved into her house after living in an apartment for so long and she felt spoiled by the amount of space she now had to herself. Originally she had picked a bigger place with the idea of entertaining her boyfriend but since the breakup it was just her. She was just up to the second chapter when she heard a strange crashing noise outside which took her attention for a moment but quickly passed but by the second one she was setting down her book and getting up to investigate.

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It was the event tonight and god did things really go down horribly for Luna. She didn't even think it was possible for her to end up in a stitch like this. She remembered coming back from her late class and just listening to her music with her headphones covering her ears, blocking whatever noise made outside. The freshmen were throwing a gathering to get closer and she couldn't be bothered to attend. At first, anyway. She was just scribbling on her notebook, doing her own small notes that would help her with her studies. Luna wasn't exactly a diligent student but she does know better than to waste this opportunity not to be the best version of herself. Just because she didn't take everything else seriously, doesn't mean her academic standing was something she would like to risk. Not a chance. 

The kitsune was then disturbed by a pebble being thrown at her window, it was only by swift dodge that the pebble got inside her room when she opened the windows, only to see her acquaintance that helped her settle here after she escaped from her home country; Natalia. The blonde told her that she received a few sightings that her brother was here in Evermore, of all places. That was how she found herself at the closed event that only those with an invitation could get in. Did she sneak herself in? Definitely. Did she find her brother? No. But she did get herself in trouble because she did come across two guys working under the rival gang. While she was in her kitsune form trying to lose herself from the two, she didn't realize there was a car on the road so the moment she crossed over, she got hit. It wasn't too bad, considering her healing abilities but her white fur is matted with blood since the hit was really strong and she wasn't that big. 

The lack of focus made her propel further but fortunately, before the driver could get out, Luna had already limped herself to get away. The last thing she wanted was to shift back into her human form in front of what could be a human which is another trouble. It didn't help that the weather was already being grumpy, the storms were causing Luna to wince every time a lightning strike while she limped off to somewhere safe to take cover because the gash on her torso still needed to be cleaned. She thought nobody was home so she sneaked into someone's lawn after climbing over the wall but the fall made her howl in pain. 

Sariah headed through the house before finally reaching the back door and pulling it open. She glanced around the garden before flipping on the light, it was pouring with rain so she needed to squint a little to see anything but then she spotted a pair of eyes staring back at her. She pressed her lips together for a moment, normally she’d be more freaked out by there being an ominous set of eyes in her garden but she was pretty versed to life in Evermore nowadays.

When she recognized it was an arctic fox the human tilted her head slightly “Are you hurt?” she called out towards the kitsune, or at least she assumed it was a kitsune considering arctic foxes weren’t native to Colorado. “It’s cold and the storm is blowing everything’s much safer in here” if they could understand her then that would confirm her suspicions of what they were. Sariah wasn’t really sure what she had to take care of a wounded fox but she wasn’t the kind of person who would leave a person in need to fend for themselves.

The cold from the storm earlier made her find a shelter but the impact from the fall earlier was making her rethink every choice. But it was better than nothing… She had to find a place to rest properly. She could feel her side stinging and for a moment there, Luna wondered if her injury was worse than she thought it was because the stench of blood was slowly filling her nose, causing the kitsune to whimper as she tried her best to crawl away. She did have a tendency to underestimate a lot of things when it comes to her own well-being, that's what Ezequiel would always nag about. She misses him dearly, wondering what the younger male would be up to as of right now. The sound of the back door being opened caused her ears to perk almost instantly, she was wary of her surroundings, as usual, and this… person, must be the owner of this house. 

The kitsune was hoping that she would not be at home but she is, now that just made things more complicated. But she does seem to be nice… or decent. When asked if she was hurt, she could only let out a whimper as she tried to scoot over, still being cautious of the human that was closer to her vision now. The blonde was right, it would be much safer indoors with the storm and cold, even as an arctic fox, she couldn't withstand the night, not when she's already injured like this and weak. It took her a while to realize hasn't eaten either, which was a jab when her strength was depleting. Luna pondered for a while before slowly moving towards the stranger from earlier, limping gently towards the door, only to howl in pain when she scraped herself against the surface of the floorboards.

Sariah had to admit it felt like a bit of a flashback for her seeing a wounded kitsune in front of her, it wasn’t the first time she had been in a situation like this after all. She remembered Orion had been in a lot of pain back then but confident that his healing was going to kick in and he would be okay. She didn’t know this fox the same way she knew him but she was never the type to turn away someone in trouble, she cared far too much for that. She shuffled a bit on the spot because it felt a little insane to her, to be talking to a fox in front of her but it didn’t take long for the white figure to confirm it understood her.

She gasped when the whimper came out and she watched the way she staggered a little because of the pain “Hey don’t push yourself too hard” she commented in a soft voice before watching as she came closer. Deciding she wasn’t at any risk of being attacked the human edger closer to her, widening her eyes when she heard the howl because of the pain caused by dragging the wound against the floor. “Okay...let me help” she insisted as she delicately placed her hands against the side which wasn’t hurt and her back so she could gently lift her and bring her out of the rain.

She immediately set her down once they got inside, closing the door behind them “I have to admit...I’m not really 100% sure what I’m doing but I want to help...I have some medical replies, I can get them and you should know you’ll be safe one in their right mind is going to show up without my approval” she nodded as she hovered close to where the fox was “Do you think you can turn back?” she could get her some clothes if she needed them but Sariah knew more about first aid than veterinary care.

She has never, ever gotten herself in this type of trouble before. Sure, she has been in a lot of tight spots over the years, running here and there, always getting herself out of it because she only has herself to look out for, but never this bad. Being hit by a car seems like a less cool way to die, that’s for sure. Luna didn’t like being weak, even if she was probably at the risk of bleeding out, so that’s why she tried to push herself up, which did not do her good when she was scraping against the hard surface of the floor.

When the human offered to help, she hissed in pain as she allowed her to lift her up to go inside. As soon as the door was closed behind them, the first thing she did was eye her surroundings, from the looks of it and what the blonde said, she’s alone. Good, at least she knows she didn’t have to deal with more people. She wants her to turn back into human form, which shows that she knows she’s not a normal fox showing up at her doorstep, that should be a relief for Luna since she didn’t want to reveal she’s a supernatural creature to a human who had no idea another world existed. Despite being wary at first, the kitsune realized she had to shift back and treat herself because clearly, this person is not a veterinarian.

No choice, she muttered to herself and reverted back to her human form, lying in a fetal position as she whimpered softly, at least the mat was comfortable and soft. “Can I get a blanket at least?” she croaked out, god her voice sounds tired. Honestly, just because she could stand the cold from outside doesn’t mean she wasn’t already shivering from the depleting energy of hers earlier, her fur would cover her but that’s the least of her worries when it was coated with blood. The wound was on her left torso, as well as other minor injuries to her ankle and arm. "Thanks for... taking me in" she mumbled, but god was she bloody. "I'm Luna..."

Sariah had to admit her heart was beating at double speed because there was no way to know she could trust this therian or what had happened to get them into trouble like this, maybe they had hurt someone and were being chased down. But it also wasn’t in Sariah’s nature to abandon someone in need and she could tell for sure she was in danger. After the fox nodded as though to indicate she was going to turn, the blonde nodded her head and headed into the next room to look for a first-aid kit, along with a blanket. She placed a hand over her eyes as though to polite before reaching the blanket out towards her “Wait here for just a moment and I’ll get you some clothes” she didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

She quickly dashed through to her bedroom and grabbed an oversized shirt, she didn’t know the girl’s size after all and she wanted to make sure it didn’t press on the wound she’d sustained. When she came back, she looked back at the young-looking female and softened her gaze slightly as she shuffled closer and placed the shirt down “Sorry I don’t have anything more...fashionable” she quipped before trailing her eyes slightly “Sariah” she responded to her greeting “And you don’t need to thank me, it’s common human decency to want people” she nodded.

She moved towards the first aid kit before grabbing a clean washcloth so she could wet it “Are you in a lot of pain? Can you move?” she questioned as she came closer towards her, a hesitant expression on her face “I have medical training from my work, it’s compulsory and I’m sad to say I’ve had to use it a few times but...I can help” she kept her voice soft and gentle, she didn’t want to scare her.

It's common sense to help another when they're in distress but the kitsune knows well enough that the world isn't black and white, and nobody would help another easily. Not without expecting anything in return too. When she was offered the cloth, she grabbed the blanket to cover herself defensively while moving a few steps back while still keeping a close gaze on the blonde, she had curled herself in a defensive position as if to protect herself. It makes her wonder if this was a normal occurrence for the lady too because anyone normal would've panicked, even if they had supernatural knowledge. 

When the human returned with an oversized shirt just like she promised, she reached her hand out to take it but halted momentarily as the thoughts went through her head, honestly anyone could hear the gears in her head turning at that moment. But it didn't last long as it was laid on the floor just a few meters away from her. "I think the last thing anyone hurt seeking refuge would be thinking of is how fashionable they can be" she mumbled, her throat was dry so her voice was much more croaky than she thought. She actually forgot she was still bleeding until Sariah asked if she was hurt, she had moved a bit to the side and winced from the pressure "I was hit by a car… so it is as bad as a hit-and-run wound could be" Only it wasn't really a hit and run when she's the one who fled the scene first, right? Technicalities be damned. 

"I can't move too much… but it's not too bad to the point where I'm paralysed…" Thank god. It was right for her to remain wary of Sariah but in her situation right now, she could use all the help she could get. She shouldn't overstay her welcome either so the first thing she's more concerned about is getting better. "I'm guessing your medical training is better on a person than on an animal" what a relief she could shift earlier then. "But I'm also not useless, if you can give me the first aid kit and a sewing set… then I can work on it… I think" That's assuming she could move to the side to do it. When she tried to turn her body to the side and failed, she sighed heavily and gave her a defeated look "How good is your sewing skills?"

Perhaps Sariah had found herself in this situation one too many times but she felt strangely calm when faced with emergencies nowadays which she honestly wasn’t sure was a good or bad thing. “I think we all care just a little bit about how others see us, even in situations like this” she murmured softly and nodded slightly as if to encourage her to take the garment she had held out for her. Seeing her wince like that, the blonde softened her expression before crouching down so she could inspect the wounds, mostly it was inflamed which looked like an impact wound and then there were lacerations that were likely inflicted when she rolled over along the road “How are you feeling...any tiredness? Does your head hurt at all?” Sariah needed to make sure she was generally going to be okay staying awake while she treated her.

“Okay, you’ve got a lot of inflammation on your side, I’m guessing that’s where you got hit?” she pursed her lips for a moment wondering if she had an ice pack she could use to bring down some of the swelling after she’d managed to treat the lacerations. “Indeed...wounded humans usually...but not the first time I’ve helped one of your kind” she gave a kind smile but grimaced the moment she noticed her try to move, naturally moving her hands as though to scold her not to hurt herself “Can’t say I was top of my home studies class but I’ll do my best” she assured her before getting to her feet and looking for a sewing kit and grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol so she could sterilize the needle.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much I can use to numb your pain” she commented in a soft voice before taking a wipe so that she could clean the blood off the area slowly, her expression watching Luna carefully to ensure she was doing okay. “So what were you doing before your night turned over completely?” she asked as she took out the needle and thread and started threading it, biting her lip as she focused on getting it through. She was talking just to keep her distracted mostly, so she wouldn’t be thinking too much about what was happening.

She pulled the helm tighter as if she was protecting her vulnerable self from any future attacks even though it was clear from earlier that the blonde wasn’t going to harm her. Even if she wanted to, Luna could very well… attempt to claw or bite her as usual. She has always been a feisty person, what’s stopping her from doing that now? But because the kitsune is injured, which is… unusual, she really did not want to exert herself. When she encouraged her to take the garment, Luna bit her lip and sighed heavily to herself as if she was giving up. For now anyway. She reached out her hand to take it slowly and brought it to her chest. This is definitely better than being naked. 

Even if being bare is barely anything to the kitsune, this is another case. She’s injured and vulnerable, anything could happen and honestly, she would rather feel secure more than anything right now. Luna turned around for a bit, but not before beckoning for the human to turn around too because she wanted to wear the shirt. She had moved her hand a little as if to tell her to turn around, forgetting she was in her human form now which meant it was a hand and not a paw. “Awkward…” she muttered to herself. Once she’s dressed decently, she faced her properly. She allowed her to ask her questions, they were mostly basic questions, as basic as treating someone who was hit by a car with a first aid kit could go any way. “No… no headaches, but my sides are sore, I’m not sure if there are any internal injuries or it was just due to the lacerations when I rolled over the road.” It has a really coarse and hard surface so it wasn’t surprising to suffer from anything outer. 

Half of her hoped it was only outer injuries because those can be treated, and if it could not, she’ll find a way because it could be seen. But she’s not a doctor, she won’t know if it’s internal unless she sees a doctor, which will complicate things because then there will be a record, and records can be tracked. The last thing she wanted is for her family to know exactly where she is. When Riah said one of her kind, her ears instantly perked up because it gave her the indication that this woman who’s helping her right now, clearly knows about the supernatural, her kind too, to be exact. “Who are you again? It’s not every day you meet a human with supernatural knowledge and knows… exactly what one is. Admittedly you’ve seen me in my form so that’s not hard to narrow it down but still…” 

The vixen chuckled when she was told there wasn’t much to help her with the pain “I’d take any alcohol right now” she teased and assured the blonde, “but that’s fine. I’ve had worse. Sewing a wound… that’s nothing, don’t worry.” She initially winced when the needle went in but managed to distract herself afterward. “I was at a party. Like any normal university student would be at…” Only it wasn’t a normal party.

It was lucky that Sariah had plenty of experience with being in emergency situations by now because she was sure if this happened a few years ago then she would have totally freaked out, but not today. She wanted to do her best to help the other girl, even if it seemed completely insane for her to try and treat someone who needed medical attention “I’m afraid there’s only so much your average human is going to be able to do” she mumbled softly “But I do have a biometric scanner I can use to see if anything weird is going on with you” she would hope it was just the outward wounds because those she could help with.

“I don’t think I even dare are how you managed to get yourself in such a situation” she shuddered a little because she had quite a wild imagine and picturing a car coming flying into vision wasn’t fun “You’re lucky you didn’t hurt your head…” she had been scanning over the other girl’s frame to determine where she was injured and luckily there wasn’t any blood on her head, aside from a few spots where she had likely touched her face “I’m Sariah…I guess you could say I’m the leader of humans who know about the supernatural” she pressed her lips “Leader seems to weird to say…mostly I’m just a scientist, who studies people like you” she nodded her head slightly.

Sariah blinked for a minute when Luna said she wanted alcohol for the pain “Right…sure I can do that” she commented and looked in the cabinet before taking out a barely touched bottle of vodka and holding it out “You are over 21 right?” she looked like she was pretty young and she didn’t want to be responsible for getting a minor drunk or something. She started patching up the wounds, eyes focused as she made each stitch, trying her best not to think too much about what she was doing “And you decided to go wander the neighborhood after you left?” Sariah couldn’t think of a nearby campus after all.

Luna usually likes being in her fox form because it brings comfort to her. It was the best form to be in especially after you have had a long day. In her case, that seems to be... everyday. Has she ever shifted into a fox because she was trying to get out of a fight? Yes. But boy did she regret running away in that small form and thus, resulting in her getting into a whole accident with a freaking car. She allowed the human to stitch her up until she was sure she was not in a hostile environment and shifted back into her human form, eyes following the other female warily. You can never be too careful, after all.

"A biometric scanner... how tech savvy... anything works I guess..." Luna would be the last person to know anything about technology. She wasn't bad but she was your average teenager that spent most of her childhood being cooped up at home. "Getting hit by a car is not a nice vision to have indeed" she chuckled and winced, she was attempting to crack up a joke but it didn't really hit that way. Her ears instantly perked up the moment she heard the blonde introduce herself as Sariah, the leader of humans who were aware of the supernatural population living in the same city. Leader huh.

"You... study people like me? Listen, I'm not the best creature to be experimented on I swear. I... am cranky most of the time and I bite hard." She warned. That sounded weird coming from her but she had to make her case clear. She will bite if needed and she was not lying about it being lethal.

"What I mean to say is that I have nothing to offer you that makes such study... interesting." The kitsune chuckled in mirth when Sariah asked whether she's 21 or not "Yes don't worry I am 21, I'd offer you my ID if I was actually wearing my clothes." When she started stitching she bit her lip and took a swig of the bottle "The party wasn't nearby the campus... it was not here here but it wasn't that far. And it was a party for seniors and stuff, I was a freshman who was invited and you know how... freshmen are. Crazy with the risks. I hope whoever hit me has a very bad week ahead of them" she muttered, god knows she wanted to hunt them down and make them pay. 

Sariah never really played this particular situation out in her head before, because who would ever expect to have a wounded therian she’d never before show up at her door. But it wasn’t the first time she’d tended to a wounded kitsune, memories wanted to creep their way again, reminding her of the bitter truth about how one sided her feelings had been. She was still thinking about the past while he probably didn’t think of her at all. “I should be able to check nothing’s broken at least” she commented in a soft voice before going to her closet and taking out the device. She set it down beside them as they continued to talk.

“At least you had luck on your side, I might not be a doctor…but I might be the only person in this entire block who could actually help you” she nodded her head slightly and then chuckled when she suddenly panicked about being experimented on “Rest assured, we only work with willing participants and never intend to cause harm, but supernatural blood is powerful, we just research if there’s ways to use it for the better of others” and for that purpose plenty were willing to donate.

“So no biting required today” she mumbled softly as she focused her attention on the task at hand, her eyes with fixed on her task, trying to be as neat and quick as she could so that the other girl wasn’t sitting uncomfortably for too long. “Are you feeling well in yourself otherwise? No feelings like the world is spinning around you or anything like that?” she questioned as she finished up the last of the stitches and then tied a knot. After setting down the needle she reached and grabbed the vodka bottle to take a swig herself before pulling a face because it burned.

She sat back and grabbed the scanner and turned on “All you need to do for this is sit really still” she commented softly.

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