Sariah loved storms, it was a weird thing to enjoy but whenever one was forecast she would make sure to clear her schedule just so that she could sit by the bay window of her house and watch the lighting crash across the sky. She would open the window just a little so that she could hear the crashing of the rain and then she would curl up cozy with a book for a few hours. It was one of those things she could look forward to and would clear her schedule for. 

So when the forecast came up this morning for a storm tonight, she knew she needed to make it home from work on time to see it. She had packed up her things in advance and waved herself off from her fellow organization members before heading to the subway and getting the short train across the city to her place. She got in and greeted her cat, Ada, who was already antsy since this morning. She swore her cat was a weather predictor somehow because she always got in the strangest mood whenever one was on the way.

She fed her before heading up to shower and make dinner, by the time the storm clouds had finally rolled in and the rain was crashing against the window pane, she was cuddled up under a blanket. She had moved into her house after living in an apartment for so long and she felt spoiled by the amount of space she now had to herself. Originally she had picked a bigger place with the idea of entertaining her boyfriend but since the breakup it was just her. She was just up to the second chapter when she heard a strange crashing noise outside which took her attention for a moment but quickly passed but by the second one she was setting down her book and getting up to investigate.

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It was the event tonight and god did things really go down horribly for Luna. She didn't even think it was possible for her to end up in a stitch like this. She remembered coming back from her late class and just listening to her music with her headphones covering her ears, blocking whatever noise made outside. The freshmen were throwing a gathering to get closer and she couldn't be bothered to attend. At first, anyway. She was just scribbling on her notebook, doing her own small notes that would help her with her studies. Luna wasn't exactly a diligent student but she does know better than to waste this opportunity not to be the best version of herself. Just because she didn't take everything else seriously, doesn't mean her academic standing was something she would like to risk. Not a chance. 

The kitsune was then disturbed by a pebble being thrown at her window, it was only by swift dodge that the pebble got inside her room when she opened the windows, only to see her acquaintance that helped her settle here after she escaped from her home country; Natalia. The blonde told her that she received a few sightings that her brother was here in Evermore, of all places. That was how she found herself at the closed event that only those with an invitation could get in. Did she sneak herself in? Definitely. Did she find her brother? No. But she did get herself in trouble because she did come across two guys working under the rival gang. While she was in her kitsune form trying to lose herself from the two, she didn't realize there was a car on the road so the moment she crossed over, she got hit. It wasn't too bad, considering her healing abilities but her white fur is matted with blood since the hit was really strong and she wasn't that big. 

The lack of focus made her propel further but fortunately, before the driver could get out, Luna had already limped herself to get away. The last thing she wanted was to shift back into her human form in front of what could be a human which is another trouble. It didn't help that the weather was already being grumpy, the storms were causing Luna to wince every time a lightning strike while she limped off to somewhere safe to take cover because the gash on her torso still needed to be cleaned. She thought nobody was home so she sneaked into someone's lawn after climbing over the wall but the fall made her howl in pain. 

Sariah headed through the house before finally reaching the back door and pulling it open. She glanced around the garden before flipping on the light, it was pouring with rain so she needed to squint a little to see anything but then she spotted a pair of eyes staring back at her. She pressed her lips together for a moment, normally she’d be more freaked out by there being an ominous set of eyes in her garden but she was pretty versed to life in Evermore nowadays.

When she recognized it was an arctic fox the human tilted her head slightly “Are you hurt?” she called out towards the kitsune, or at least she assumed it was a kitsune considering arctic foxes weren’t native to Colorado. “It’s cold and the storm is blowing everything’s much safer in here” if they could understand her then that would confirm her suspicions of what they were. Sariah wasn’t really sure what she had to take care of a wounded fox but she wasn’t the kind of person who would leave a person in need to fend for themselves.

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