Sariah loved storms, it was a weird thing to enjoy but whenever one was forecast she would make sure to clear her schedule just so that she could sit by the bay window of her house and watch the lighting crash across the sky. She would open the window just a little so that she could hear the crashing of the rain and then she would curl up cozy with a book for a few hours. It was one of those things she could look forward to and would clear her schedule for. 

So when the forecast came up this morning for a storm tonight, she knew she needed to make it home from work on time to see it. She had packed up her things in advance and waved herself off from her fellow organization members before heading to the subway and getting the short train across the city to her place. She got in and greeted her cat, Ada, who was already antsy since this morning. She swore her cat was a weather predictor somehow because she always got in the strangest mood whenever one was on the way.

She fed her before heading up to shower and make dinner, by the time the storm clouds had finally rolled in and the rain was crashing against the window pane, she was cuddled up under a blanket. She had moved into her house after living in an apartment for so long and she felt spoiled by the amount of space she now had to herself. Originally she had picked a bigger place with the idea of entertaining her boyfriend but since the breakup it was just her. She was just up to the second chapter when she heard a strange crashing noise outside which took her attention for a moment but quickly passed but by the second one she was setting down her book and getting up to investigate.

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She really hated being injured, it felt like she was weak again and while nobody likes feeling weak in general, to Luna, that was the biggest mistake she could ever make. How she allowed herself to be so reckless to the point she got hit by a car still surprises her. She still felt reluctant to let the human inspect her but that’s also attributed to her naturally distrusting persona. Still, it wouldn’t actually hurt to let someone… take a look right?

She eventually gave in and allowed her to check on her. “A broken bone is nothing out of the ordinary… but I would like to know which is broken… so I can mend them…” she murmured, it wouldn’t be the first time she broke something but it would be helpful to know where she broke them exactly. “The only person in this entire block who would help me? What does that mean?” She didn’t know if she was referring to people not knowing the supernatural world since she’s in the human territory, or the fact that people wouldn’t help her as a fox.

Her eyes widened because she did not expect it to be an actual real thing “No way you have willing participants?” Even after she explained it was for a good cause, she couldn’t help but feel goosebumps “That’s what everyone said before things eventually takes a turn…” Nobody can stand the thought of someone being more powerful. So they’ll naturally try to get rid of them.

When asked if she felt any symptoms, she winced slightly before replying “Just the occasional searing pain in my abdomen, I definitely broke a few bones… I don’t think I have a concussion but I did hit my head against the pavement really hard so it’s a bit… dizzying.” Those are normal symptoms, right? “But those are… normal… no?” Suddenly she didn’t feel so sure anymore.

Sit still. That shouldn’t be hard for Luna, but she was so anxious she had to calm herself down before submitting to it. She gave her a nod and stayed still, following her every instructions without so much as a rejection.

Sariah had to admit that this wasn’t on her bingo card for how she would spend her evening today but she didn’t mind, helping people was kinda what she did best and she would be glad if she could ensure this young girl managed to come out without too much pain “I have…so much curiosity about how that works but also…I don’t want to hear it” she shuddered slightly, the idea of trying to set a broken bone was a little freaky to her.

“Well…most people view foxes as…scavengers you know and people wouldn’t be able to tell you weren’t just a wild animal without knowing…more” she nodded her head, people did like to be helpful to others but the risk of rabies was very much real. She laughed and shrugged her shoulders when Luna seemed shocked they had willing participants “It works both ways, there’s ways humans are able to help the supernatural too…as shocking as that might seem” she didn’t take it to heart, it was easy to be afraid of what you didn’t understand.

Sariah pressed her lips together “I mean they’re not normal but then neither is being hit by a car while a supernatural fox so who’s to say what is normal and what isn’t” she mumbled softly as she pointed the device at her. After she remained still, she triggered the scanner which flashed a few times and then the screen went off for a moment before turning back on and showing results. She studied it careful.

“You have a broken rib on the side of your chest and also…your right arm” she confirmed as she slowly trailed her eyes over the chart “But there doesn’t seem to be any internal bleeding and your blood flow looks normal” she showed her the device and knelt back down beside her “You must be grimacing through a lot of pain” she mumbled softly.

She couldn’t help but to chuckle when the human expressed her worry and disgust at the same time when talking about a set of broken bone. Most people were like that but for Luna, who was all too used to the sight and feeling of broken bones, it was nothing surprising.

“Right… people think foxes are wild like that. Scavenging for food in the trash… though honestly people probably mistook us to be trash pandas… no offense but we are so much more sophisticated and classy compared to them.” The kitsune did not have any love for raccoons because of how people often perceive them compared to the domestic foxes.

She raised her eyebrow in interest when Sariah said there were ways humans could help the supernatural “Like what? Sorry, wrong question, why would you? What would you get from helping us?” It was probably a foreign feeling to her who didn’t understand why humans would even bother to delve in their… crazy world. “I mean no offense but the world is crazy enough without people finding out the existence of the supernatural… so why?”

Her eyes followed the device that the human was using on her, a bit jumpy in between because it fascinated her. “Huh… scarily accurate…” she murmured softly as she looked at the scan. “It’s painful but… a bit bearable after a while… I guess I shouldn’t let it become a habit though… or else I would be getting in trouble all the time without realizing.” Which was not a low profiled move.

“So… do I have to make a makeshift sling or something?” Before she could ask further, her stomach rumbled and the kitsune blushed, right… of course she was hungry.

She raised her brows “Well most foxes are in fact wild and given we’re in the middle of the city, there aren’t exactly many rabbits for them to chase down” the way she spoke about trash pandas made her laugh though “I think people assume the worst of raccoons first to be fair…things are usually rabbid too” she shuddered slightly, Sariah hadn’t always lived in the city so she’d seen her share of wildlife in her years.

Sariah hummed softly in thought when she asked her questions about why she did what she did “Well…some of it is strategic, we’re not as strong as the supernatural, that much is a given, so isn’t it better if we keep something about ourselves useful to ensure we don’t fall out…” she mumbled softly and pressed her lips together “But also…I think everyone good…deserves to be saved…regardless of who they are” she mumbled softly.

She shrugged her shoulders when the kitsune pointed out her device was scarily accurate “Well you’d hope so….it did take more than 5 years to get it to it’s current state” she mumbled softly, Sariah had worked hard on all these things because she wanted to help people and for them to feel safe, she was just glad they could do a little. “Yeah you absolutely should not be looking to repeat this any time soon, you might heal fast but when a bone breaks, it’s more subject to breaking in the same spot again” she should really be careful.

“I have a first aid kit that probably has what we need” she commented before getting up and rifling through her cupboard until she found what she was looking for, she took out one of the packages with a sling in it and came over to help set it up. Hearing the sound of her stomach rumble she bit her lip “I was about to make some dinner if you want to stick around a little longer” she wouldn’t mind the company.

She chuckled and shook her head because she could see the irony of it “I can’t believe you just called me wild, but hey point taken, I am a fox at the end of the day and we do… live in the wild. But don’t ever equate me to a trash panda… ugh” she shuddered and gave the human a look of disgust because even if the raccoons are cute to some, Luna would die on that hill of ever being equated with them in the talks of similarity.

It’s interesting to see how the humans are not as strong or have extra abilities like the supernaturals yet they hold the most technology.“Your brains and innovation would be your best weapon.” It’s true, what are they against the power of technology anyway? It’s not as if they have someone who could manipulate such things.

“Astonishing” she murmured as she stared at Sariah working her device on her, attempting to mend her broken bones and all. It left her in awe. “Yes mom” she rolled her eyes playfully and tried to move her sore spot slowly to see if it’s healing nicely. Thankfully, it is. It does mean she is not in any rush to get injured again. The offer of a dinner made her stomach growl again “Only if you don’t mind too… I don’t mean to impose. I mean I’ve already imposed plenty tonight… I’m just hungry…”

All that running and the amount of stamina that has also been depleted all because of this damn incident. “Honestly… I would give anything to eat a whole cow right now… that’s how famished I am.”

She laughed at the way she seemed so offended by the idea of being compared to a raccoon “Trash panda huh…I thought they were pretty cute…” she pressed her lips together in a slight pout, she had always been a sucker for animals, that’s why she had ended up taking in her cat Ada from the streets.

“That’s pretty much what we have to rely on, super powers don’t just appear after all” and honestly Sariah didn’t want them because she saw all the complications they brought, the supernatural were treated as outsiders, they often couldn’t get normal jobs for fear of people discovering what they were, it must be a very difficult life to live.

She offered a small smile as she got up from the floor “You can make yourself comfortable on the couch while I cook, don’t worry…it won’t take too long” and lucky for her, Sariah had gotten herself a couple of steaks on sale at the grocery store this week. “Why do I want to laugh at that but also suspect you really could eat that much food…” she commented before looking in the cupboard and finding some chips.

She moved closer so she could hand them out towards her “Here…have a pre-dinner snack so you don’t go too crazy” she knew how things were when you got really hungry and she didn’t think she wanted to see that elevated with a kitsune’s appetite “So…” she paused for a moment wondering how to continue the conversation “What are you studying?” she asked curiously, she had noticed she had a student ID in her pocket earlier.

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