Eun was generally a nice guy who actually likes to befriend people because he believes in the best of someone. In a way, it was his way of experimenting to see how people vary in that sense. He was in pretty much in almost all competitions held by his school, from kindergarten up to law school. Yes. He didn't earn the prestigious nickname from the stern and conservative society they live in for no reason. He tried to be the best. Because who wouldn't want to be the best? When he first met Leigh last month, on a day that served him a reminder that yes, there are still good people existing in this world, the kind where you just want to give up everything for them. It’s been a while since he first came to Evermore, over a month now if he calculated them correctly. Eun had the chance to go through a few things now and then, he finally visited his baby brother, Jae, only to find out he had another companion slung around his arm that in his opinion, made the younger dhampir a lot happier than most he’s seen. 

He’s never seen that kind of emotion when he was back in Seoul, the newfound triggering emotion was something refreshing and Sangeun desperately wished he could be one of those people who had the chance to feel the same. And even if it wasn’t anywhere near the same sentiment Jae shared with Han, Eun wanted to feel just a bit of it, enough to insert a sliver of hope somewhere inside his demeaning self. Today was just like any other regular day for him ever since he came settling here for his work, he finally met his intended client two weeks ago and now he’s onto his work in order to get every documentation issue settled without any further problems arising every now and then. He remembered distinctly that last night, he took at least an hour off his time to chat with Leigh over the phone, it’s a routine for him ever since he got his number when he saved the guy that night.

 Despite his stressful working condition, with papers and documents alike scattered all across his working space in the suite, he could find some happiness while chatting with the male who seemingly tugged on his heart with the word friendship. With his glasses perched on his nose bridge and one hand ruffling his hair in distress, Eun stared at the inked papers before him with a scrutinizing glare before pushing it aside, this wasn’t gonna work if he keeps to himself. The suite was spacious, it was nowhere near cramped or the likes, but the adventurous soul inside Eun’s dhampir self was aching for a taste of the outside air. The elder Moon had always been working in the office, but most of the time he gets to go on-site and work outside of it and those are the days when he was extremely productive. “I need to get out” he murmured to himself and ruffled his now lighter locks before returning to his current call. Eun took a trip down a few days ago and got his hair dyed blond, which he had no idea why. 

A part of him wondered if he’s been dying to try another color that’s lighter since forever but never had the chance to do so seeing as the eyes are always watching back in his country. He’s a lawyer, to dye his hair obnoxiously in such a color is not an image he’d like to prance around in. But now that he’s in another foreign country with nobody else but his client to judge him, who by the way is just grateful he took this case, he felt freer. Craning his neck slightly from his earlier position, the elder Moon stood up and began stretching out his limbs because another hour being stuck in this position and he would snap. His finger hovered over the red button on the screen and ended the call he received from the client that wished to see him again today. “I’ll let you know when I arrive, yes” A sigh escaped him as soon as he pressed it, he did not receive an easy client, but then again when has he ever?

 His English was nowhere near the level of proficiency his brother possessed, but it was decent in terms of being a public employee such as him who needed the communication skills. He made sure his bag was filled with the documentation needed to show his client and made a dash out of the door to go downstairs so he could be on his way to his client’s residence that shouldn’t be too far from the city center. Thank god cardio has got nothing on Eun. He was dressed smartly, a white dress shirt tucked in his slacks with a dark blue blazer hung over his shoulders and a black-tie adorning his collar, and thankfully the weather was nice enough for the likes of him. 

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"I suppose it does seem rather odd" she started, giving it a little thought before chuckling, her pale complexion turning a bright red as she blushed. "I don't mean to. It's just, I guess ive recently caught grasp of just how dangerous my situation is.. and to bring anyone else into it, professional or not... I don't know, it's just overwhelming" she sighed softly. Hana could only smirk though, when he said if needed, he could take a few down "Well, that does make me feel a little better. But, be careful telling me that, or ill be tempted to also hire you as my body guard" she quipped, flipping her long dark hair over one side of her shoulder, giggling cutely. 

It really did make her feel better to know Eun came from the same type of lifestyle she had. No one truly knew the pain of being the 'golden child' in a family. The one who bared all the burdens, secrets, lies, and was never meant to make mistakes or have any kind of life by having fun. She chuckled when he admitted to the thing he had been most rebellious about, which had been forgetting to mop the floors at just the tender age of 7. Smirking, she shook her head  "such a bad boy. I bet that went on your record for life" she teased lightly. Hana herself couldn't judge though. 

She nodded, giving a genuine smile when he said it was at least a start, by living her life the way she would have wanted to. "You're right. That means I should definitely party more, and see more guys" she laughed absent mindedly. Her parents had a vision for the type of guy she would marry, and the ones she had always had an eye for, went against their vision by all means. "My father paid top dollar to put me through training of all sorts. Self defense was one of the classes I endured. It was a living hell, but I'm not totally useless with my moves" she stated, but frowned because of the truth about the matter. "It's just.. my lungs will give out no matter how skilled I am in any kind of self defense" she admitted, clutching the side of her sofa, and sighing slightly as she sat there feeling vulnerable. 

Hana smiled faintly when he said his love life was complicated, but had also said his fiance was a good woman "That's always a bonus. I doubt we'll ever love a person we're basically assigned to like projects, but having someone good makes it more bareable I guess" she nodded, simply enjoying listening to him for now. "You're absolutely right about that. Ive made friends in different parts of this city.. and ive never taken time to see what they are supernatural wise and such, before deciding they're worthy of my friendship. I think deep down, we're all still just people" she shrugged, because she had met so many supernaturals now that seemed like normal human beings. 

"Well hey. You've given me some hope then Eun. Just by letting me know you and her became friends, and that she turned out to be a good person. I'm sorry you haven't experienced love yet though. Such a shitty thing, to not even know what love is, but to know what it is to committ yourself to someone for the rest of time. Doesn't seem fair" she expressed, wondering if there was a way she could get out of this arrangement of hers. Her birthday would be around the corner before she knew it, and she knew she'd end up running away, or breaking down right there during the ceremony. That would be just as bad as refusing. Either way, her father would tell her she had disgraced her family. 

Hana rolled her eyes before leaning over and nudging her sholder against his, chuckling about his comment "That was such a terrible set of options now that I think about it. I suppose someone could ask me the same, and i'd go for Chinese  every time too" she shook her head at how narrow minded it seemed. "I think ive lived in the city for too long now. That's the first option thrown at you when someone else is ordering.. they always ask if you want Chinese first" she started, and continued laughing about it. "It's all good though.. pizza next time" she grinned but ordered two fill up boxes and a bag of fortune cookies. "Food should be here in 15" she added, and flicked over to a title called 6 Underground "You know, ive heard that was a good one myself. So we shall try it" she clicked on the movie, pausing it only until the food got there. 

Hana couldn't lie. She felt that she was in a really good place in her life these days. She'd made several new friends, and even if they were all guys, they were all great, and she was including Eun in that mix. Eun reminded her a little of Leigh now that she thought of it. They were both incredibly sweet, and down to earth. Both willingly hung out with her, to the point that conversation got so good that they'd decided to stay for food and movies.. and with Eun, she'd even had someone to help keep her safe now. It was all pretty ironic, and overwhelming, but it was all much to her gratitude. "Do you drink at all?" she asked curiously. She hadn't been big on drinking alcohol herself, and remembered her last time, being the day Leigh came over looking for Ha-joon, where he and Hana ended up hanging out instead. It had been a great day, even if she had been tipsy when he arrived. When the door bell rang, Hana jumped for joy, "food's here!" she shouted happily. 

After paying the bill, she brought it back and placed the three bags on the table "So, basically I ordered a little bit of everything." she chuckled, before running to grab two plates, two forks, and sighed as she realized she hadn't asked what he wanted to drink. After making her way back with plates and silverwear, she gazed down to Eun, smiling faintly "There's coconut water, plain water, some mango stuff that Ha-joon likes, and alcohol" she listed off the things in their fridge, and waited by the door way. "Any pets?" she asked curiously. Know she still had to get herself a puppy. She needed someone to go with her, which was why she hadn't gotten one yet. Perhaps she'd have someone now. If Eun happened to go with her on one of the occasions she was being followed, it could have even helped her case, in which she wasn't hoping for, because she didn't want anything to happen to him. The moment the Triad, and whoever it was stalking her currently saw Eun as a friend, she was positive that he'd become disposable to these vial bastards.

"Overwhelming is one way to word it, yes" he nodded in understanding, most people wouldn't know how to fully grasp the situation and predicament they're in so he didn't expect her to do the same. From what he could see, Hana seemed to hide a lot of things inside her heart, and he wasn't sure if that was an instinctual move or the opposite. She seems wise yet so troubled at times. Eun wished he could read people better from psychologically front but alas, that was not his forte. He could only work with what he is given. A chuckle escaped him when she playfully teased that she may take him as a bodyguard in exchange if he kept it up, "Pushing the fact that I don't think I would want to push my career as a lawyer aside to be a guy who would beat up people daily… I do think I can make a good one, given the chance" While he may not seem like it, Sangeun Moon is someone who came from a family of proud dhampirs. His father is a Valkyr while his mother is a human, which makes the other 3 of his siblings the same as him. One could only imagine growing up under the dictation of a strict father such as Papa Moon.

 "Hey, in my defense, mopping is such a chore" he huffed, just because he could do chores doesn't mean he likes them. And if there was one chore he actually liked doing is cooking. Or doing the dishes probably. "That's not what I meant when I said go out, but… by all means, enjoy yourself, Hana. You're still young, shouldn't you be living your life to the fullest at this age?" Hell he's counting to 30, and yet he still feels like he was the one who could use some living too. He let out a relieved look when he heard she had self-defense lessons to prep her for the least, but his face fell slightly when he was reminded that she also had weak lungs. "Right… well, at least you have pepper spray and the likes, no? You should at least have them." He's never undermined anyone's skills, regardless of their gender. Eun does believe that everyone should always learn something to defend themselves even though they shouldn't have to fear to live in this world. But that's the reality of it. They will always live like that. 

"I don't think I'll ever love her the way she wished I would… I just couldn't feel it" he shrugged absentmindedly, he wasn't sure if that would ever be in store for him. Does he even know what love is? What it entailed? It was always nice to meet someone who's open-minded, he could see that in Hana. "Life isn't fair" he tried to brush it off by chuckling but it sounded so strained it was making him grimace internally, god why does he sound so awkward? "I guess I'm trying my best to live through it like everyone else." That was a grueling thought but what else could he help himself with? "Chinese is always good, I always hear people say nothing could go wrong with Chinese" Which actually says a lot because most people didn't realize that if they accepted the food, they'd have to accept the race too but that's what some parts of the world don't understand. 

He was visibly floored when Hana told him the food will be arriving soon, "You know, when you asked me to choose between the options, I totally didn't think you were going to order in" he chuckled, the look of confused expression was still displayed all over his face. Was this professional? At the moment, he's debating that. The same thing goes for the movie, "You know a part of me is strongly disagreeing because this looks so unprofessional" he grinned sheepishly but was there any harm in it? When he was asked whether he drinks, he nodded, "I can hold my liquor pretty well. I just don't have the time to do most of it." He was definitely a wine guy, and he actually longed to drink it again when he could. His work lately had given him the chance to drink assortments of alcohol, of course. Too stressful with what's going on. 

"As tempting as alcohol sounds, I'm on the clock. So… that would be extremely unprofessional of me. Besides, I don't think it'll be good for me to get drunk while you're alone in the house" It was only proper, after all. He's a stranger outside here. "So I'll take plain water if that's fine with you." The question about pets had him wondering if he'll ever get one, "Unfortunately no. I don't have one. I'm assuming you don't, too? There's no sign of them here."

The human sighed softly and ran a hand through her jet black mane. Hana was happy that someone understood, even if he didn't live her same situation, Eun seemingly just got her. She supposed it had a lot to do with their backgrounds being the same. Hana chuckled when he mentioned being a bodyguard if given the chance, she could certainly see him taking a few people down if he needed to, which only seemed to add to the attractive flare he had about him. "Beating people up everyday and getting paid for it, that sounds like the job to have" she chuckled, and shook her head, amused to even think about herself doing such a thing.

Hana grinned as he huffed and made a comment about mopping. "I can't lie, it really is. It's a back breaking chore at that" she grumbled and visibly pouted at the thought. Cleaning in Hana's case was not just back breaking, it was quite literally breath taking. She couldn't help but blush when she realized he had meant something complete different than what she'd commented "I'm doing a good job at a first good impression huh? I don't party, I just have no idea what to do when people tell me to go live my life.. and boys, well that's certainly not an option, my father is waiting for me to pick the perfect male to marry" she scoffed slightly, those words always seemed to get stuck in the back of her throat.

Hana grabbed her bag from beside the couch and pulled a few contents out, showing him her pepper spray and stun gun. "But what good are these against an immortal being that could use their minds to inflict pain?" she asked, more so just as a curious female, because she didn't expect him to have the answers to everything. Hana saw the way he grimaced, and the tone of his voice let her know that it bothered him a little more than he cared to admit, but since she wasn't here to make him feel uncomfortable about his life, she decided not to comment on it any further except "At least you're pushing forward, that's better than letting things you don't like about your life cripple you" while Hana hadn't let her own life cripple her, there were a lot of times she sat in her room and just cried until her eyes hurt.

Hana's mouth fell open, and she felt her face heat up again as she blushed, feeling her heart race slightly when she saw the look of surprise on Eun's face that she had literally ordered in. "I always mean what I say Eun, In time you'll learn that. So when I say food, I mean food" she poked her tongue out playfully and shook her head, putting her pepper spray and stun gun back in her bag. Its not like she'd ever use those things. She was basically sent here with weapons her father insisted on her having. She even knew a thing or two about what was toxic to Valkyr, should she end up crossing paths with one that wanted to feed on her. After getting herself comfortable again, she gazed over to the male next to her, chuckling, amused with his comment about how this looked unprofessional. "Well, it's different no doubt. But even professionals need to eat" she smirked slightly, "Think of it as you meeting a client on your lunch break" she shrugged.

Maybe that didn't help with the movie they were about to watch, but she was sure he could use a moment to breathe. He seemed like a male who worked a lot, and since he had bluntly said he hadn't really had any time to live, ordering in and putting a movie on were just small gestures of kindness to show her gratitude for his help. Not that she couldn't say she wasn't growing really fond of the male. "Well, that's a shame then. Maybe when you're off the clock someday, we can do that instead of talking about the Triad" she mentioned, referring to a casual day of drinking. She couldn't help but let her curious mind wonder when he said it was best that he didn't drink with her being alone. "That's a respectful thing to say, Ive gotten pretty used to being here alone though, Ha-joon doesn't come in until night time" and even though she was used to that, it was still a little lonely.

Eun and Leigh had been the only two to come around. Hana got them both water, because she had learned a lesson the last time she drank alcohol, and she wasn't trying to do that again. Plus it just seemed rude for her to drink if he couldn't. After fixing herself a plate with the various boxes lined up on the coffee table, she shook her head no "I'm gonna get a puppy soon. German Shepard or a Husky, I'm not sure which one yet, A German Shepherd would make a great protector from what ive heard." she shrugged absentmindedly and began eating what was on her own plate, making a gesture for him to help himself."Ever did anything crazy like sky diving, or cliff diving?" she laughed, because that was such a random question but it beat her asking him anymore about the dangers she was in. She was sure the word Triad had told him enough from the start. Still, she could only wonder when the fun would end. She knew things would have to become serious soon enough. Her first plan was to call her father and leave it on speaker phone, so Eun could hear what went on, in case he told her the truth, cause she was damn sure going to ask for it. But, at least while they ate, Hana hit play on the movie.

"Who wouldn't want to be paid for doing something they could do effortlessly? Or at least, something they probably even like doing" When he realized how contradicted his words made him sound, Eun quickly cleared his throat and snickered sheepishly, "I mean… not that I'm implying beating people up is a hobby of any sort. You get where I'm going with this, right?" It was important for him not to drag this course to a misunderstanding road. Technically, in a way from where he sees it, his current job serves him the same appeal, perhaps not as much seeing as he was appointed as a criminal defense specialized lawyer but he does like the field he's working in. That makes up everything else. He could find himself grimacing when she told him his father had already set out a match for her in the future, that sounds very familiar, doesn't it, Eun? 

"That sounds… ouch. Any reason why your father would wanna do that?" Who was he kidding, of course there didn't need to be any solid excuse. A parent does what they think is best for their children, though he couldn't imagine his situation to be the same as hers. Eun couldn't stop himself from chuckling when she displayed the stun gun and pepper spray in her hold, "Oh wow you are prepared. That's good to hear." Hearing her trying to undermine her own abilities had him shaking his head, "First of all, not every supernatural being are mind controlling people. So no, don't worry about that. Two, you'll be surprised to see how you can actually use these things to your advantage because they won't expect you to. The element of surprise is always helpful in any situation to befit yourself." The only thing supernatural about him was his half Valkyr lineage and his enhanced abilities. 

He decided not to comment on her statement after that any further, fearing it would test their lines between professionalism there. "I know professionals need to eat, I'm still human, I need food to survive" he rolled his eyes playfully, "But I just didn't expect for you to go out your way to do that. Thank you." It doesn't seem like he could take it back anyway, he may as well get to know what's bothering her even more. "Lunch breaks allow me a time off from work but I get where you're going at, witty girl." The thought of hanging out for a drink casually as friends have the dhampir an initiative to smile, "Yeah that sounds good." He still needed to keep an eye out but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. "Well, it's improper for a lady to invite a male inside for a drink when she's alone, something could happen to you, Hana. Don't your parents ever tell you it's dangerous to invite strangers in? You never know what's in their head" he jested teasingly. 

"Fine breeds of dogs you picked. German Shepard are good protectors, Huskies are usually loyalists. I think my brother's boyfriend has a husky of his own and he told me he's never seen her anywhere far from him." The question made him ponder for a while but he shook his head because that's the reality, "No, unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do so. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see the experience of trying, one day." Perhaps, he does need to loosen up. When the movie started, he glanced over at her and tried to figure what's her problem on this, why was the Triad after her? For a big and formidable organization like that to go after one girl doesn't seem to stick in. 

Hana narrowed her gaze at Eun and smirked as he snickered the way he did "Effortlessly huh?" she asked in a teasing fashion, and shook her head amused. She sensed that Eun had more of a bad boy side than even he might have realized. But, she deemed it inappropriate to say out loud, so she continued to chuckle when he asked if she got where he was going with what he was saying. Hana reach over and patted his hand "Don't worry, I get where you were going with that" Hana had oddly enjoyed this more than she should have let herself. For this to have been a meeting with a man who was technically only here to help her with the dangers she and Ha-joon were facing, it surely felt more casual than that.

Again, Hana had narrowed her gaze in his direction when he chuckled at her silly weapons. She had always felt so cliche for even having pepper spray and a stun gun. Frankly, she'd rather learn how to use a bow and arrow, and fire away when someone posed a threat to her. "Yeah, good ol dad for ya" she rolled her eyes, but chuckled, because if it hadn't been for her father, she wouldn't have those things period. It for whatever reason, eased her fathers mind knowing she had protection before shed even gotten to the city. Lightbulb. She thought silently, before bringing it up to Eun. "Don't you think it's odd though, that he wanted me to be protected before I even got here? Like he knew something would happen to us when we did get here.." her frown spoke in volumes. She just hated to blame her parents. She wished she could rewind time, so that her and Ha-joon had ended up with parents who weren't so shady.

Hana could see that Eun wasn't satisfied with her undermining herself because she only had the abilities of a human. "I guess you're right. Ive always heard that the element of surprise can be your greatest weapon. Honestly, I hope I never have to defend myself against anyone at all. Im a peace maker, not a war starter, but I can be a fire cracker when it comes to keeping my brother safe. So far that's the very thing that has kept me going" she admitted, and gave him a faint smile.Hana shrugged when he thanked her for going out of her way to order in, "Like you said, we're human, we have to eat" she chuckled especially when he called her 'witty girl'. "Yes indeed senpai" she looked over to him and smirked. Hana soon found herself dropping her head though , but she nodded to his question.

She soon realized he was only teasing again, and decided to give him a playful nudge "He preached about strangers enough, but then .. you're not exactly a stranger anymore are you?" she smirked, and shook her head amused. She enjoyed that Eun had taken the time to actually show interest in the things she talked about, and smiled genuinely when he said those were fine breeds of dogs she had picked for herself. She couldn't wait to have herself a guard dog, but mostly, just a dog that would keep her company for the many lonely hours she endured from how limited her illness kept her. She could sense him eyeing her when she turned her attention bac to the movie, knowing he likely had many more questions about the Triad. So, as unprofessional as she tried to turn this, Hana decided to turn and speak up a little.

"I wish I knew why they were following us, even hurting us.." she started off, because she'd already been attacked twice. "The sad truth behind that is, I think our parents have done something way more sinister than they can even bare to admit to us.. and we're the ones paying for it. I just wish I knew that was the actual reason. Wouldn't you assume that its much bigger than that? Or do the Triad really go after people for such things?" she asked, hoping he would know. "Honestly, I'm surprised they've left us alone so far, it feels so .. I feel like at any moment they're gonna start picking off the people ive grown attached too" she cleared her throat after that, and gave Eun a look. She'd be lying if she said she didn't like him a lot already. Should something happen to him because of her? She wouldn't be able to live with that. But, he had done been over that so many times, and had tried assuring Hana that he could handle himself, even against the Triad.

With any hope of taking their minds off of whatever currently hindered each of them, Hana had yet again blurted out one of her random questions "What's the most unprofessional thing you've ever seen someone do?" she couldn't help but truly wonder about that, considering he had found it shocking for her to have actually ordered food at what was meant to be a professional meeting. "Last but not least, would you rather have Batman's skills, money, equipment and lifestyle, or end crime around the world for good, but be poor and unnoticed?" she then asked, as a girl who fancied Batman, that was truly her way of nerding out and not meaning too. But, he had to know who Batman was, right? And when you think about loaded questions like that one, you often find yourself surprised of their answers.

Hana smirked and remembered he had said drinks sounded good earlier "So, about that comment you made earlier. When should I expect you to have a day off so we can put some action behind those words you spoke" she asked with a playful smirk adorning her features. She could tell how much he needed to unwind. And, Hana was pretty good at the whole 'showing a person a good time' without going overboard or crossing certain lines. Though, she would admit, if her and Eun had been single, she would certainly be interested in more than just drinks with him. He was a pretty attractive male, and had a beautiful personality to match. She was just thankful to have even met him in all honesty.

For a dhampir who paid attention in his training in all the years he grew up, Eun prefers to embrace his, at least he accepted it a lot better than his siblings. There was no reluctancy when it comes to choosing which side he likes best or the one he wants to enhance. "You didn't hear it from me" he coughed awkwardly, he blinked a few times in surprise when she patted his hand, that was unexpected and quite forward but really, Eun was more taken aback than offended. It made him look funny though, the reaction he pulled out. "Pepper spray can still be harmful. It definitely does the sting justice." One time, the dhampir was just trying to see where his sister was going and Ahri ended up spraying a pepper spray that he had no idea she even needed, considering her dhampir status. "But, a stun gun is good." 

When she expressed her curiosity about why her father would want them to be protected even before they got here, the elder Moon shrugged, "I mean it depends on your perspectives. If I see it from the lawyer way, it's just commendable and natural for a father to feel overprotective and worrisome over his children. Especially if it's their first time in that particular foreign country. But if you see it from another way, it does raise suspicions yes." You can never be too careful. "Yeah, not everyone wants to settle things with violence. I wish it was never needed but alas, it's the world that we live in." At the end of the day, he'd rather use diplomacy and not physicality. But it also doesn't mean he won't use it. Hana was surprisingly quite cheerful, and Eun applauded her efforts, it was clear that she only ever wanted to lead a normal life here with her brother. 

"Well, I doubt a stranger would invite himself inside the house knowing exactly how many charges the owner could fault him with" he retorted dryly. He furrowed his eyebrows when she suggested that her parents might not have let them in what they were doing, that was a possible case and whilst Eun likes to wrap his head around theories, it's unwise to jump into it before investigating, "I'll find out what I can. I have my contacts" perks of working as a criminal defense lawyer, it means you've dealt with people from the same background. They may not be the Triad, but they have connections with other bases just as well. There's always a correlation somewhere. "Triad paves a lot on family. So if you mess with one of them, even the lowest underlings, you'll have a price to pay because an offence against one of them means an offence to all of them." He actually admired that about them if they didn't wreck havoc. 

"But you see, triads don't usually wreck havoc randomly or casually. There must be something that triggers them. They have eyes on them so they won't move unless it's really needed." He wonders what it is. "The most unprofessional thing?" he paused momentarily as he tried to rake his head, he's had plenty of clients before, "One time… my client tried to set me up with his daughter after I saved her. And he won't stop bugging me about it, even months later. People thought I was off the market because of him and my superior asked when I was getting married… it was traumatizing." Just the thought of that memory alone was enough to send shivers down his spine. 

"Definitely latter. I'd rather live my life honorably than fall into a pit of propaganda and scheming snakes. Don't get me wrong, Batman is cool but that kind of cycle needs to end. And… I actually wanna get home to my family without having to worry if someone's going to slit my throat open at night when I'm sleeping." Eun let out a nervous and awkward laugh when she asked when he would be free to unwind, "Weekends probably. That's off the clock for me. I'm free to do whatever then. Why? Are you offering?" he smirked wryly, "I don't know about you, but I hardly doubt I'd find you at a bar drinking anyway. So what's your scene?" 

Hana was quick to pull her hand back, having realized the awkward expression he held on his face after she patted his hand "yeah, that usually gets me in trouble. I'm more touchy than I should be. Sorry" she said with a sad smile adorning her features. Hana hated embarrassing herself, or doing anything out of the way that her company wasn't comfortable with, so now she was a little disappointed in her boldness. She gave a playful eyeroll when Eun said she didn't hear it from him, smirking at his awkward cough and the way he blinked afterward. "Hear what?" she asked teasingly, but more so agreeing she didn't hear it from him, followed by flashing a sneaking grin at him. Eun was the type of friend she'd definitely keep a secret for if she actually had to. And, she was sure she'd need to keep quiet about how casual this meeting had gotten while he was on the clock.

Hana shrugged some when he said that pepper spray still did the sting of the pain justice, and followed up with commenting on a stun gun being good. "Either way, I honestly rather take up some more defense classes and beat someones ass with my hands" Hana never wanted to rely on weapons, not even something as simple as pepper spray, or a stun gun. She chuckled though, having realized how bold that comment was, and it was amusing each time she said something like that just because of how small and petite she was.

Hana listened intently when Eun spoke of how it was normal and commendable for her father to be looking over her, and protecting her. She was happy he understood why it raised suspicions though. "Maybe i'm totally overreacting then" she frowned, not sure what to make of anything anymore, nor who to trust. Lately, she had just been going with a gut feeling that was telling her to be careful with her parents. She listened to Eun explain how he disliked violence, and have a nod of her head to agree that it was indeed the world they lived in "It seems to get worse by the second sadly" she added her input before sighing to herself. Violence was never something she believed in.

With her hand on her cheek, Hana glanced over to him from with a sad smile when he said he'd check into it "Its quite horrible to sit and wait for your own parents to be investigated for a crime against their children" while living in Korean, Hana had seen plenty of situations similar to this, but to be sitting here living it was completely different, and painful. "At least they watch out for their family. It's apparently more than I can say for my own" she cringed at how disgusted she felt that she could admit the Triad watched out for their family, while hers only put their family in harms way.

"The Triad have eyes on them?" she asked, confirming that what he was saying, is that there were people over top of the Triad? Wow this got crazier by the second. "Can I possibly be doing something to trigger them myself?" she now wondered if the fact that they always seemed to be following her, was her own fault. As Hana listened to Eun's most awkward meeting, she couldn't help but smile. In a way, she understood it, but she also sympathized with him "Damn.. that's pretty intense" she offered another sad smile, figuring that had maybe taken a toll on his career. "But at the same time, perhaps her father felt she'd always be safe if she were with you after you had to save her life" it was a sad situation, and that girls father was possibly just doing what any father thought they could do to keep their little girl safe.

Hana couldn't help but drop her mouth open at him saying he wanted to make it home without his throat being slit "I hate how my mind works. Typically when someone says something like that I get some very unwanted visuals.. I would certainly hope nothing that tragic ever crosses your path" she said in a concerned mama bear type of tone. All her life she'd been a mama bear to those around her, and to those she cared for, she guessed Eun wasn't any exception to that now. She found it kind of adorable that he let out a nervous laugh when she asked when he actually had a day off. "I most certainly am offering Eun. I was dead serious" she chuckled, and returned the wry smirk he'd flashed in her direction "I don't know, I just feel like we'd have a lot of fun when you're off the clock" it was apparent that they already clicked pretty well, she could only imagine how much better it'd be when he was free to do what he wanted without the burden of getting himself in trouble.

Hana bit her lower lip, putting a little bit of thought into his question. She had never really thought about what her scene was. "Ya know, that's a great question. Would I be too lame if I said I didn't know what my scene is?" she asked in a sad tone. "Truth is, Ive not ever really had the chance to explore and have actual fun. I was kind of hoping you could show me how to" she gave a playful smile before returning the question. "What about you? What's your scene?" she was definitely curious about that, who knew, he may very well surprise her with his answer and it be something she would have never expected.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to skinship, but honestly if he had to be practical, nobody has ever touched him, aside from shaking his hands. It wasn’t much of a common practice back home for Eun either. Maybe it was just him being taken aback. “Ah, no, don’t worry about it, people just try to keep their distance with me, that’s all” he tried to brush it off like it didn’t mean anything, the last thing he wanted to do was make her uncomfortable. “You’re enjoying this a bit too much” he rolled his eyes playfully when she teased him again. Hana was certainly quite a company. Perhaps, he’d find it himself to step outside the shadows that carved his own path someday. Maybe he just needed a bit of fresh air, to open up a new horizon. Kinda like the clouds clearing up to form a new sight. “I mean, no offense, but you already have an existing medical condition, it’s best to keep your hands away from those bodies that you’ll end up cracking your knuckles at” he chuckled, “I wouldn’t try to compare a full grown 170 pounds guy against a… uh 90 pounds girl?” At least he assumed her to be that much. Even so, she looks so dainty. 

Compared to his height, he towered over her by a good 20 cm probably. “It’s okay to overreact sometimes, it just means you’re aware of your own consciousness” he reassured, it was a lot better than being totally ignorant of the life you were currently leading. But still, one should be extra careful to trudge against such a threshold. “Sometimes we don’t know what the people we care for are doing… and sometimes, it’s for the better. I try not to question too much, even though it’s basically written in my job description to be suspicious at any given moment.” She had every reason to doubt it, but nothing good would come out of such doubts, not when she had no power over it. It wasn’t as if Hana could change anything that big of a scale. “I’m sure your family is just trying their very best to look out for you, both you and your brother” he smiled softly, the least he could do is assure her that things may turn out for the better and not the other way around. 

When she asked him if she did anything to warrant their watchful eyes, Eun shook his head, “I should think not… but honestly, I’m not sure. You seem ordinary enough, Hana. I can’t fathom why they would want to go after a civilian like you” Unless her parents’ relationship goes far deeper than this.There was always a possibility. “I just wish people knew how to separate professional and personal relations, you know? I would hate to ruin our professional one just because the father wanted me on his personal list” Besides, Eun has never been one to be that interested in any relationships with intimacy. “But I guess, I understood. She was her daddy’s little girl” he shrugged absentmindedly, it was warranted but still extremely unprofessional of his client. Nothing he couldn’t forgive and forget, of course. That’s Eun for you. 

“You always take a risk in this kind of field, I may not be Batman or vigilante but I sure as hell am risking my life defending my clients in the court.” He winced as soon as those words came out, sounds like reality. “Well, we’ve already clicked this good so far while I’m on the clock so... I can’t imagine it could be any different after the clock, right?” Logically speaking, the two of them managed to maintain a good degree of conversation either way. “I don’t have much of a scene… I mean I usually drink wine by myself when I’m stressed out from work. It’s a lonely state, I know… my colleagues have told me to have fun with other people at a bar or a club, but I never got the chance to actually explore that part either. My fault, mostly.”

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