Eun was generally a nice guy who actually likes to befriend people because he believes in the best of someone. In a way, it was his way of experimenting to see how people vary in that sense. He was in pretty much in almost all competitions held by his school, from kindergarten up to law school. Yes. He didn't earn the prestigious nickname from the stern and conservative society they live in for no reason. He tried to be the best. Because who wouldn't want to be the best? When he first met Leigh last month, on a day that served him a reminder that yes, there are still good people existing in this world, the kind where you just want to give up everything for them. It’s been a while since he first came to Evermore, over a month now if he calculated them correctly. Eun had the chance to go through a few things now and then, he finally visited his baby brother, Jae, only to find out he had another companion slung around his arm that in his opinion, made the younger dhampir a lot happier than most he’s seen. 

He’s never seen that kind of emotion when he was back in Seoul, the newfound triggering emotion was something refreshing and Sangeun desperately wished he could be one of those people who had the chance to feel the same. And even if it wasn’t anywhere near the same sentiment Jae shared with Han, Eun wanted to feel just a bit of it, enough to insert a sliver of hope somewhere inside his demeaning self. Today was just like any other regular day for him ever since he came settling here for his work, he finally met his intended client two weeks ago and now he’s onto his work in order to get every documentation issue settled without any further problems arising every now and then. He remembered distinctly that last night, he took at least an hour off his time to chat with Leigh over the phone, it’s a routine for him ever since he got his number when he saved the guy that night.

 Despite his stressful working condition, with papers and documents alike scattered all across his working space in the suite, he could find some happiness while chatting with the male who seemingly tugged on his heart with the word friendship. With his glasses perched on his nose bridge and one hand ruffling his hair in distress, Eun stared at the inked papers before him with a scrutinizing glare before pushing it aside, this wasn’t gonna work if he keeps to himself. The suite was spacious, it was nowhere near cramped or the likes, but the adventurous soul inside Eun’s dhampir self was aching for a taste of the outside air. The elder Moon had always been working in the office, but most of the time he gets to go on-site and work outside of it and those are the days when he was extremely productive. “I need to get out” he murmured to himself and ruffled his now lighter locks before returning to his current call. Eun took a trip down a few days ago and got his hair dyed blond, which he had no idea why. 

A part of him wondered if he’s been dying to try another color that’s lighter since forever but never had the chance to do so seeing as the eyes are always watching back in his country. He’s a lawyer, to dye his hair obnoxiously in such a color is not an image he’d like to prance around in. But now that he’s in another foreign country with nobody else but his client to judge him, who by the way is just grateful he took this case, he felt freer. Craning his neck slightly from his earlier position, the elder Moon stood up and began stretching out his limbs because another hour being stuck in this position and he would snap. His finger hovered over the red button on the screen and ended the call he received from the client that wished to see him again today. “I’ll let you know when I arrive, yes” A sigh escaped him as soon as he pressed it, he did not receive an easy client, but then again when has he ever?

 His English was nowhere near the level of proficiency his brother possessed, but it was decent in terms of being a public employee such as him who needed the communication skills. He made sure his bag was filled with the documentation needed to show his client and made a dash out of the door to go downstairs so he could be on his way to his client’s residence that shouldn’t be too far from the city center. Thank god cardio has got nothing on Eun. He was dressed smartly, a white dress shirt tucked in his slacks with a dark blue blazer hung over his shoulders and a black-tie adorning his collar, and thankfully the weather was nice enough for the likes of him. 

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"I would advise you to fix that, sooner rather than later. If Thaddeus comes back and you're still sitting there with your head up your ass, Ill have to work your job and mine. Go. Fix. It." Hana spoke clearly, and well, sarcastically to the new girl who'd tried out for the Haunted Inn. Seemingly, Hana, a puny little human of all things, was the only one who'd found beauty in this hotel. Everyone else left as quick as they came, and so far, she'd been the only constant. A part of her was kind of jealous when others tried out for a part time job here. She enjjoyed it being just her, aside from Thaddeus of course, since he owned the place.  The female who'd been getting people booked incorrectly, stormed off. She'd probably not return. It's how the past week had went for Hana. But that meant she had the place to herself during the moments that Thaddeus was out running 'errands'. 

Something about Thaddeus made Hana want a taste of the dark side. She knew he wasn't a human. But, that's all she knew. Aside from the fact that he seemed to have a lot going on when he ran errands, she'd not gotten the luxury of sitting down to get to know him yet. But, she'd fix that soon. It was nearly time for her to clock out though. Her cell rang, and with surprise washed over her features, she answered, only to hear Sangeun's voice. "Perfect. I'm in a white house, blue shutters, last house on that street" she said, making sure she gave him accurate enough directions. She'd given him her address once already, and figured he'd find it good enough when she described what her and Ha-joon's house looked like. 

Ha-joon was gone to work, which worked out perfectly. Hana hadn't told him she was being trailed by Triad members whom their parents had wronged. Hana needed help. But, she had been trying so hard to keep her brother out of it, except for now? She was sure that they had found her and Ha-joon's home, which meant they'd come for him next. When the call ended, Hana sighed, and placed her face down into her palms, yelling to the top of her lungs to release some of the anger she felt by what her parents had done. From the moment Hana had learned to walk, she had been the golden child, expected to be the best of everything. She had even taken the role of Ha-joon's mother. And god knows she raised him better than their mother ever could have. Hana was used to being perfect, and getting everything right. But what their parents had done, she would have never saw coming. 

Leaving a note on the desk for Thaddeus, Hana grabbed her jacket, keys  and bag before departing the INN. Getting home in timeley fashion was the idea, so she was happy to have arrived before the lawyer she was about to meet. Hana knew from his voice, that he wasn't originally from around here, which kind of made her happy. She had struggled her ass of to learn english properly enough to form sentences in order to talk to people when she first arrived to Evermore; so to be able to be herself a little more, would be nice. Hana turned her laptop on after kicking her shoes off, stripping her clothes off, and sliding into a pair of shorts and a tank top, topping it off with a satin floral black robe. She supposed she should have dressed more formally tto meet Sangeun, but she had the advantage of meeting him at her own house, so why dress in something tight and uncomfortable? 

A knock at the door startled Hana out of her position and with that, she ran over to the door, sliding her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she saw him standing there dressed in slacks. a dark blue blazer and a black tie positioned perfectly. She wasn't expecting someone as cute. For fuck sake Hana, stop. She scolded herself mentally. Ha-joon had ruined her. He'd been bringing his friends over, so now Hana seemed to be a little careless when it came to checking guys out. Including the lawyer at her door. "Sangeun I take?" she asked, but stood aside to let him in. She wasn't expecting no one else, so it had to be him. She didn't think anyone from the Triad would actually knock on her door. They'd take what they wanted no matter where she was. Hana shuttered at that thought, and glanced back to him again. "Thank you for coming.. my brother is gone, so now was a perfect time" she said, grinning a little. 

"Sorry about the house. I just started a new job, so I didn't have time to clean today" she then expressed as she shuffled around trying to tidy up but offered him a seat on the couch before gazing to where the kitchen was, "Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, and waited for him to catch up. She normally didn't talk this fast, or get ahead of herself, but it was an annoying pet peeve for when she was nervous. 

Initially, Eun never thought he would take up on another client when he's already had one that was already predetermined since months ago, which his firm pushed for him to come all the way from Seoul. Eun had no problem accepting a vague case such as that, he never did. Sangeun Moon may have been plenty of things but when it comes down to asking people to describe the elder Moon, he was known for his resilient and relentless work ethic that kept him at all odds whenever it comes to clients or generally people he communicated or interacted with. He never, ever, rejects any cases, that's his work. He was not supposed to be picky or choosy, that is a lawyer's hanging sentence, the execution bells held just across the room. You say no and expect a letter reprimanding for your actions. 

But when Eun heard about this girl, Hana, from his coffee break at the nearest cafe, of where her younger brother worked at, he just couldn't help but want to help. Naturally, that was just an instinct inside Eun, to help people. His righteousness would be the end of him someday but he'll take that too. It's okay, he told himself. The dhampir searched for the said neighborhood using the address that was given to him a few days ago via phone. He held his sleek and light smartphone on his right hand as he tilted his head slightly to the side to peek in every corner of the neighborhood, this was the place for sure, he convinced himself. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't hard for Eun to convince himself. The only thing or people he loves more than himself is his family. And that's saying something considering the lawyer loves himself, a lot. Narcissism at its finest, people say. It doesn't hinder his humility when it comes to other things, however, thankfully. 

His footsteps reminded him how many steps he took as he sauntered over one corner of the street and walked up the stairs to the residence, clearing his throat lightly and pushed his phone back inside his blazer pocket before taking a deep breath and knock on the door gently. When the doors were opened, he pressed his lips together to form a genuine smile that he always seemed to give most people; it was sincere and professional all the same. Don't get him wrong, he's not that artificial when it comes to stuff like this but he didn't know much about Hana that much. Yet. Eun only took this case because his co-worker told him she had a past with the Triad when he told her to search her up. That's quite the case. Hana was quite the petite female, it was clear that he towers above him but he would be lying if he said she wasn't the slightest attractive because she definitely is quite the looker. 

"And you are Miss Hana, yes?" he enquired softly, it was a habit, people always said he had a mellifluous voice and more times than most, he did use them as a compelling asset when talking to the plaintiffs and clients alike. Nothing like a silver tongue but he does have a way to turn things around with his skill on convincing. "When you say it like that, it sounded so wrong" he quipped teasingly, pointing out the fact that she almost used an innuendo since her brother wasn't home. Waving his hand dismissively as he shook his head in understanding, "Don't worry about it. I understand." He noticed she seemed jittery and nervous which made him chuckle as he took a seat on the couch, "Just water would be fine, thank you" he pursed his lips slightly and called her out before she could go to the kitchen, "I'm here to help you, Hana. Not to arrest you. Loosen up a bit." And there it was, that famous mischievous twinkle dancing in his dark hues.

Sangeun's smile seemed nervous, but genuine, causing Hana to relax slightly as she eyed him the same way he did her. He wasn't short of being gorgeous. The logical part of Hana's brain told her to keep staring, but her common sense made her look away. And when she did, she blushed slightly while twirling her hair, as she always did when she was nervous. If Ha-joon could just see her now, she knew he'd make fun of her for being all jittery and girly around Sangeun, or he'd scold her for being so 'cute' around a guy. Ha-joon was pretty damn protective when it came to that sorta thing. But, Hana had met plenty of his friends through him, so it was safe to say, they were her only source of entertainment. And girls just wanna have fun. At least that's what she told herself, to avoid feeling bad for flirting with each and every one that came through the door.

Although, Sanguen was a different case. He was a lawyer. And, she wasn't sure he had met her brother yet. But, given that this case involved both Hana and HJ, he'd meet him soon enough, and Hana would have to stop being so squirley around him. "Yes, that would be me" she then said, after realizing she'd been dazed by her thoughts and hadn't been talking at all. His voice definitely was compelling. It made her want to hear it again, in fact. Hana's eyes widened to his bold statement, and she could feel the heat on her face while she blushed a bright red "I'd like to think that I make the wrong things sound soo right though. But, I don't think you'd be able to represent me as a client if anything went down. Conflict of interest and all" she stated, flashing him a playful wink. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all. Not even moments into their meet, and he'd already loosened her up by making her laugh, even if his statement had sent her mind straight to the gutter.

Hana watched him seat himself on the couch, and smiled thankfully when he dismissed her statement about the house. She'd always tried her best to get the place 'guest ready' when she knew they were gonna have company, but today just didn't work out in her favor. Hana bounced off to the kitchen, but not before looking over her shoulder to him, smirking some, a cute giggle escaping the humans lips as he made a joke about how he wasn't here to arrest her. Hana found herself becoming a little more comfortable now that she saw the way Sangeun handled things. Filling two glasses with cold water from the refridgerator, she made her way back to him, and joined him on the couch.

"Ill try. I just imagined a meeting like this feeling so serious, but you've won me over with the playful comments. You can keep those coming" she chuckled, and grabbed the remote that controlled Ha-joon's enormous stereo system, turning some music on, but cutting the volume down several notches so that it didn't blast over top of Sangeun's voice. "So, how long have you been in this field of work?' she asked, figuring if they could strike up a more natural conversation first, that all the serious questions he'd have to ask her, wouldn't make her feel so bad. She knew he'd have to question her on some pretty personal things, and she didn't mind answering anything, but she knew it would be difficult, and had now began preparing herself for that.

"And what made you agree to take a case like mine? I am very grateful to you though. It's just everyone else who read the word "triad" in the file, pushed it aside, and run the other way" she added, and tipped her glass of water up to her lips, taking a large sip. Hana then began hummaing along to the music playing, a faint smile gracing her features when the song playing, reminded her of a dance Ha-joon had done right in the middle of the living room, where she sat at this very second. Hana had used some of the money she got from college funding to put a wooden stage piece of flooring in, and Ha-joon had used it ever since. Hana was proud of him, and if she could help him reach his goals, she would do whatever it took.

He didn't expect to take up such a chaotic case such as this, everyone knew messing with the Triad was big red button there. There are so many people that required his help but no, here he was, thinking on ways to aid this young woman that was clearly in trouble because of what happened. He should've said no, he's a freaking criminal defense lawyer, for heaven's sake. He's no more an attorney than a prosecutor pretending to be chivalrous. But something about Hansung just calls for him, he couldn't find a way to turn his head around and neglect that calling. He saw her twirling her hair around and chuckled when he noticed the nervous outlook on her, he didn't think there was anything to be nervous about when it comes to him. He's a regular lawyer trying to help a defenseless person. Nothing new there. Even if his jurisdiction area isn't around the same one. 

"There's really no need to be so apprehensive around me, Miss" he reassured, the last thing the dhampir wanted was a fidgety client. Well, in this case, Hana wasn't exactly his client since he doesn't specialize in this, but he could redirect her to a friend of his who works in that area. No harm in trying to aid, right? He would lie if her words didn't make him question his own choice of predicament earlier, "You have quite the tongue on you, not sure if I should be more impressed or amused" he chuckled softly, well that's a way to go home for his journey. No use of having an uptight guest, right? "Perhaps, you can make the wrong things sound so right but that does make you dangerous" he pointed out playfully, "Who knows what you have up your sleeves, right?" It wasn't colloquial to see Eun jesting around with people he was supposed to keep a professional front with, but something tells him that Hana didn't seem like she wanted to be associated as such. 

When she went to the kitchen to presumably get him a glass of water, Eun examined the entire place, it was fully furnished and it looked cozy enough for one or two people to live in. From what he's gathered, Hana has a younger brother, who goes by the name, Ha-joon. Everything about the entire place pretty much screamed ordinary, which wasn't exactly a bad thing in this case. The moment she came back with two glasses of cold water in her hands, he accepted one glass with a grateful smile, "Thank you." He did arch a playful look at her though upon hearing that statement coming from her, "Have I really wonder you over? So easily?" he teased lightly, the key to a good communication and interaction was always to be kind, after all. To be approachable. "Not too long, for sure. I graduated from law school and passed the bar test a few years ago, I'm about 4 years inside my occupation as a criminal defense lawyer. What do you do? Student? Worker?" he asked curiously, it was important for him to know her, even her littlest quirks, it may help him figure out what's going on even quicker that way. 

When she asked him the dime in the dozen question, he chuckled softly and shrugged absentmindedly, "Most people would run and flee at the sudden mention of triad, yes. This is not exactly my case, you know. I'm a criminal defense lawyer, I've defend Triad members, not the other way around. But I think that's why I want to help you" it was sincere, he couldn't help people as much because all he could do was lessen a bad person's sentence. "I'll direct you to a friend of mine who can take this case but it's also important for me to know why they're after you. So, anytime you're ready, feel free to speak" he beckoned gently. 

Hana sighed when he told her that she didn't need to be apprehensive around him. "Okay you busted me. I am a little nervous, but I'll try to get over that. It's just that, I don't feel at ease bringing anyone in on my situation. As i'm sure you know, the Triad are no joke." she started, but found herself chuckling when he said that her saying all the wrong things right, made her dangerous. "Is that so?" she asked, biting her lower lip as she analyzed his body language, something she'd began doing out of habit after meeting several of her brothers friends. She nodded, giving him a sinister look, "Exactly, you never know what a girl like me has up her sleeve. It's like playing with fire. You're bound to get burnt" she smirked, and poked her tongue out playfully.

Hana usually wasn't this open. But when she was open, she was a very playful, and sometimes even flirtacious female. She knew being this flirtacious though, culd sometimes say the wrong things about her. And truthfully, that's the last thing she wanted. "Why thank you" she then said, giving a curtsey to his statement about her having quite the tongue. "Ive been told that a few times" she chuckled, shaking her head a little amused by how this meeting was starting off. Here she saw with someone willing to help her with the most dangerous thing known to a Korean, and she had time for jokes and banter.

Hana nodded when he thanked her, smiling genuinely. She couldn't help but chuckle, having to force her drink of water from getting her choked up "So easily huh? Im not easy to win over mister.. you just have a different vibe about you, a refreshing one might I add" she stated with a smirk, and turned her face to wipe her chin, blushing because of how she'd nearly gotten herself choked up. It was safe to say, he was one of the good ones in the justice field. Hana had been through a dozen so far, and the others all seemed so uptight, as if smiling may break their faces. She was relieved to finally have someone who knew how to be light hearted even in the midst of such a bad situation. Listening intently, the human smiled once more. "Well, it seems you're doing well though. I only called you for your help after hearing how good of a criminal defense lawyer you are. I imagine you'll eventually be putting the others to shame out there" she grinned playfully, but she meant everything she said.

"I'm actually still a student. One year left to go before I'm tossed out to the wolves" she chuckled, "I guess what i mean is that I just don't know what I wanna do with my life yet, and you'd think after three years of college, a girl would know what she wants. I'm thinking about business though" she mused, and she knew she'd be good at that, simply because of how great she was at organization among other things fit for the business degree. "I also work at a haunted Inn" she added, searching his face for any kind of doubt after hearing her say she worked at such a place.

Hana gasped suddenly. She hadn't even realized that him being a Criminal Defense Lawyer, that he wasn't used to helping the innocent, but the other way around. She shifted in her seat nervously at that, but she knew his intentions were still every bit as genuine as they had been the day he agreed to help her. "So then you know exactly what kind of threat i'm facing, especially if you've helped the very ones who are seeking me .. and possibly my brother out" she expressed in a weary tone, frowning some. She couldn't even begin to think of something happening to Ha-joon. She wouldn't survive that.

Hana gave a playful pout when he then told her he'd send her to a friend of his who could take her case, and actually help her "Well, I was hoping it would be you.. but thank you. I guess your friend will do" she chuckled, another innuendo that she hadn't even meant to make sound so bad. But really, the joking and playfulness was also a way of her stalling from the intense part of their conversation, which he'd just asked her to begin on, so after another drink of water, Hana begun speaking. "I hope you're ready to hear all of this then"

"Mine and my brothers parents have always been pretty shady. Ever since I was born though, I have been the golden child, the one to carry all the weight and responsibility, the one who could never disappoint them, and I was always treated differently than my brother, they seemed to put me on a pedastool, and when things began getting bad, I was forced to hide it all from him. Anyways, myy parents wanted me and my brother to move away, striking a deal with me that if I married a welll respected Korean by a certain age, we could move to America to study. But, a phone call from my father once I got here, changed the truth about why we were sent away. The house he had bought us to live in here in America, had been burnt to the ground. We had assumed the comet that hit the city done it, but now i'm not so sure. It could have been a warning from the Triad. IT all started when I was still in school, and while I don't know why they're in debt with them, What I can tell you is that I was put in the middle of it, when this boy's parents aka members of the Triad told my father they would call off the debt, If I married their son. And, since my father wouldn't have that, because let's face it, that boy was in no way well respected, instead of having me marry him, I guess he sent us away instead, but the deal still stands, that ill have to marry someone well respected."

Hana had worked herself up telling that story just now, and unfortunately, she had to grab her inhaler, tears pooled in her eyes as she had to show a weakness in front of this guy. "Sorry.. I have.. an.. illness" she heaved, obviously she'd nearly made herself have another asthma attack, with the way she struggled to string a full sentence together. After using her inhaler, Hana gave it a few minutes before trying again. "But yeah, basically thats what I have for you, for now. I'll get a phone call from my father soon.. hes been telling me bits and pieces, but perhaps if i tell him my life depends on it, I can get him to tell me what else hes in debt with them for" she added, hoping she hadn't scared him away yet.

Of course he knew that the Triad were no joke, he was a foolish guy to even bring this case to the surface, but Eun couldn't help but wonder if he could make someone's life a tad bit better than her previous one, why not? He's always been such a righteous person willing to help another simply because without suits his vision for a better future. Even if it was far from where he was at. It sucks that this case was way out of his jurisdiction but thankfully, having connections meant having many acquaintances. It didn't take him long to get a willing lawyer ready to take the case. It helps that his fiancee is a prominent figure in the corporate world alone, much less his country. "I know they're no joke, but sometimes a person's will is strong. I may not take up on this case on my own since I'm a criminal defense lawyer, but… my friend can help. I emailed you his details just now, he's not here in Evermore yet but he should be able to come next month."

 When he called him a week ago, Eun has been begging for him to come and help him out. Thankfully, not many could escape Eun's clutches when it comes to favors. "Well, if you were planning to poison me with the water, I think I would've known from first glance. I'm not that naive, Hana" he pointed out playfully, he was glad she could rest comfortably in front of him, stoic and stiff clients really makes him antsy. "Having the tongue is not a bad thing. Though I'd also be sure to keep myself mindful to it. With dangerous people on your tail 24/7, you definitely want to be making more allies instead of more does, right?" he asked softly, getting oneself into trouble, that was strangely the thing that Eun never quite got around himself. His youngest brother, Jae, however, had quite the experience. "I've been told that I bring quite the company. Refreshing is one way to describe the serenity I exude" he winked playfully before chortling to his own attempts to joke, outside of his element of working, Eun is pretty much someone anyone else would be able to work with. It wasn't hard for him to work with them so long as they can keep a memento.

 He grinned at the mention of the compliment she gave him, Eun likes being acknowledged for his work, who doesn't? He worked his way up everywhere he went, of course he wanted people to acknowledge what he did. "Thank you, it's not everyday you get praised for your work. Lawyers get more threats than praises, for sure." What a hard line of work. "Oh? What are you majoring in?" He looked younger in comparison of his actual age that's also only about 6 years older but Hana looked quite young as well. It was hard to wonder how old she was if he didn't calculate them from her birth date. Business is a big area, who knows what she could be finding her interest in. "A haunted Inn? I have no idea how to respond to that"  he chuckled, what was that supposed to mean? Is the Inn really haunted? Are there actual ghosts there? "I thought we have no ghosts."

 He pursed his lips lightly when they talked about the threats the siblings face, "I've never dealt with Triad cases before. I'm based in Korea, after all. But, it wouldn't be my first criminal so I know how the ropes go." There wasn't a perk to his job, he couldn't defend the innocents. But that's life. "Don't worry, I'm used to this. People don't really expect me to defend criminals instead of innocents. But sometimes, if they're really innocent and was sabotaged by another party, I get to help them too. I accepted this long ago" he exclaimed softly, chuckling when she said she expected the person to be him, "Well, let's be positive, if you are sabotaged, I can finally help you then. And don't worry, I'll still work closely. You'll still see my handsome face around, Hana" he cooed teasingly. Upon hearing her story, Eun couldn't help but to feel sorry for the circumstances that befell her and her brother, nobody should have to go through all of that. Especially at such young age. 

"So how would you escape this? Could you think of any other alternatives to escape this unscathed? Triads are known for their impeccable manners in vengeance because family means everything to them." He wanted them to be careful in this. He was a bit taken aback when she took an inhaler, all of this only made the dhampir frown, how can he possibly help him if it's a personal deal like this? "You need to ask your father what debt he has. It's hard to implicate them in the court if there is no substantial proof… we need more than a witness. We need real proof that they've been sending your threats, that could cause you to file a restraining order perhaps. Have you done that?"

Even if this guy had a heart of gold, Hana still found herself wondering if this was really worth it to him or not. The Triad could easily make his life hell too, if they found out he's trying to help Hana evade them in any way. It scared her beyond belief, and to think she was jepordizing someone else's life, didn't sit well with her at all, but she couldn't act like she wasn't desperate enough to take help from who ever would give it. Hana frowned when he agreed that they were no joke "Yeah but can a persons will be as strong as theirs? I'm grateful that you emailed me with someone who can help me however, I just have a gut feeling that involving you, or your friend.. or anyone else for that matter, may come with a price" she admitted, frowning some, but Hana knew she couldn't even give up now.. it's not like they'd stop chasing her. Someone, somewhere had to help. She was in no position to say no to anyone who offered. 

Hana chuckled when he said he wasn't naive, blushing a little at how he was able to make light of the moment and make her feel even more relaxed with such a situation, where most people would have been completely on edge, or simply to nervous to speak. "I guess you're right, I do need to work on making myself a few allies, and ive not been very great at that, i used to be a social butterfly.. one of the girls that literally everyone liked, but after i started getting followed, i started pushing everyone away, fearful about who i trusted." she explained, frowning at the realization that she had went from having crowds of people who liked her, to absolutely no one. "Now all I have is my brother, and a select other few that ive recently came into contact with, seemingly you too" she pointed out with a smile. 

Hana giggled and nodded her head "It's definitely a pleasure to have you around. I could use company like yours more often" she admitted, blushing just a little heavier when he winked at her. It's not like his appearance had went unnoticed, he definitely was attractive, but now that a certain Celestial had her head spinning, she couldn't quite think about anyone but him. "I can only imagine the kind of threats that have came your way, so I guess if the Triad come after you too, that it wouldn't be the first time you've been threatened.. I know sometimes you have to defend bad people, and that can't be easy" she expressed, before her bright eyes got just a little bit brighter when he asked what she was majoring in. "Well, I went for a year or two for psychology, but then I figured out I was interested in business, so i'm on my final year getting my bachelors in business." she smiled proudly. This last year had truly just been dragging for her, but she knew when she finished and finally had a dream career that all the time spent building up to that moment, would be worth it. 

Hana noted the way he occcasionally looked at her as if he might be trying to study her in some kind of way, perhaps to figure her age out. "I know, i look pretty young to have bragging rights about getting my degree in business and having already spent a few years trying for psychology. If I don't stick with business, ive got enough under my belt to do what I wanted to do in the first place, which is help troubled teens" she stated with a nod of her head. "I'd really like to make a difference for some of them out here, ya know, before they ever hit the streets and find out what drugs are" she grimaced a little, thinking about how many young addicts the world had nowadays. 

Hana simply laughed, amused by how he questioned her on the haunted inn "I'd say ghosts aren't even a comparison to some of the things roaming around in the world" she admitted, having knowledge of the supernatural, meant that ghosts were the last thing to scare Hana. "Well, that's refreshing, because even knowing a sliver of what you need to know about the Triad, gives you an advantage, I was thrown into it all face first, without a clue of how it would mess mine and my brothers lives up, and that's worse than knowing the Triad through and through" she admitted with a frown. Eun definitely seemed to know his stuff, and it allowed HAna to breathe, just a little. "Well, when you put it that way, it helps me understand more why you defend criminals.. sounds like a rough path to take, but i admire you for it" 

When he said she'd still get to see his handsome face, that he'd still work closely, she couldn't help but be a little playful back to him "Thank god" she started out, holding a hand over her heart "I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't see your face now" she laughed, and clutched her inhaler, noting the frown on his face, which kind of had a chain reaction on Hana as well, when she frowned too. "I get that a lot. It makes the situation seem much more sad when people realize a girl with an illness is being hounded by the Triad of all people. I have no idea how i'd escape it..and as for my father, I know I need to just come out and ask him.. but i fear there are about to be so many secrets coming to life when I do.. they.. meaning my parents, are hiding something huge.. and i'm sure when they are forced to tell me and Ha-joon, that it will simply break us. I guess i just wasn't ready for that.. at least not for my brother, ive tried so hard to keep him safe" she swallowed harshly, and after closing her eyes, she could feel her cheeks become stained by the tears she'd been trying to hold back all this time. 

"No. actually, I gues with everything thats been going on, filing something as simple as a restraining order had never even crossed my mind. What are the steps?" she asked, wondering how to go about it, since she had never done so before. "I don't know how ill repay you.. simply showing up here today will help me more than you realize. You must get a little lonely though, it seems like a job like this would always call for your attention" she added, frowning a little. Hana herself could never work a job that allowed for no free time, she felt she had to have time to spare for those that she loved, if not, a girl like her would fall apart. But, she guessed some people were built for jobs like this, and Eun seemed really good at what he did. 

It took him a moment to wonder if he was doing this for him or for someone else, he could still hear the words from his colleague clearly, he remembered every word he enunciated during their phone call a few days ago. 'Eun, you have to be sure this is what you want, this is the Triad, not some low class gangsters acting like they one particular of the city you live in' he said, yet the dhampir only found it in himself to help the poor soul in need better than any other days. Hana didn't deserve this, no one does, and he'll do his best to ensure she'll be protected legally by the very least. "Everything comes at a price, Hana. I know that, every case I've ever taken comes to me with a big risk. I told you, I've always worked with criminals, and while they may not be a part of the infamous Triad, A class, D class, I've seen them all from up close" he reassured her, it was a bit touching to see that his potential client is actually worried about his well being, most people would not even care to glance a second time and only focused on whether he could do his job or not. 

"It won't be easy, I know that much. It's hard to implicate those kind of people because they usually have a strong backing power behind the authorities, they have inside people. But I know how to take care of myself, Hana. You focus on taking care of yourself and I'll do the same." He could understand why she felt the need to hide herself away from society after what's happened, it would take a toll road strike on someone like her, that's the part where he could actually relate to the sentiment. "Then you should take this time to emerge. Like a butterfly coming out of its pupa, right? It's never too late to do anything, Hana." When she said she could use a company like his more, Eun chuckled heartily because he definitely didn't mind spending more time with more people, the only other people he's interacted here are his brother, a certain cute bookstore owner that he befriended named Leigh, and his client, now her too. "I don't mind providing some extra hours. I am told to be good company" he cooed playfully. 

"Threats are something I'll have to endure for more years to come in this line of work and even though it's a bit implicating, I like what I do. It helps me analyze people easily and I get to understand where they're coming from, all the likes. Definitely not a career path anyone else would want to tread lightly, though." His eyes lit up in amusement and curiosity when she told him she used to major in psychology but later changed her major to business because she found her better calling there, "Can't be easy changing your majors just like that, right? I've been in law school for a while, as soon as I finished my bachelor's degree in law, I went straight for the bar exam and got myself admitted to the law school." It wasn't easy, but then again with the competition rates in Korea? What is? "You want to help people out? That sounds pretty noble of you. Any particular reason why?" Most people don't just decide they want to help people out in the blue, something must have triggered something in them to kick in such a drive. Eun was a lawyer because his dhampir instincts decided it wasn't enough to protect people physically so that's why he's here today. 

"I'm glad I found someone else with the drive to help make a difference out here. It won't be easy for that to happen, I know. But at least, there's a start somewhere." So, she knew about the supernatural, that's the gist he got from her when she talked about ghosts, they don't exist, everyone in the community knows that. Spirits may wander around due to the works of some diviners, maybe, but not actual ghosts, no. "You seem to know a lot about their matter. I assume you've seen how Evermore operates?" There was a sly hint of undertone in his voice, wondering if Hana was one of the few humans residing in the eternal city who knew of their supernatural ways. From what he's got, her father made some kind of a deal that puts his daughter's life in jeopardy, which was why he urged her to seek the problem out so he could deal with it better. 

"You need to ask him one way or another, Hana. I need to know the actual problem that you're facing rather than going in blind. It's dangerous that way. I don't know their exact numbers and I can't put anything legal against their heads because I have nothing right now. I only have a confession from one of the implicated victims; you. I need more." His tone was serious, Eun was usually quite warm in general but when it comes down to work, the elder Moon always made sure to shove any other personal looks away. He eases them but he'll be serious if he needs to be. He saw the tears brimming down on her cheeks and made an effort to take the tissue box on the table across them and dabbed them to her cheek, sparing a gentle smile, "I don't mean to push you but the longer you drag this out, the more painful it'll be for you and your brother." It wasn't as if he was insensitive. 

Eun has to admit, he was surprised and slightly taken aback upon finding out she has never filed a restraining order before, "The steps aren't as difficult as people make it out to be. I'll help file it later" How long did she have to live like this? He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly and grinned sheepishly the moment Hana pointed out that his work takes a lot of commitment and gives less time for himself, "It does get lonely. I don't have time to socialize as much. The only times I ever do as close to that was when I went to the charity fundraisers held by the district attorney and politicians. They like to keep the legalities clear, I'm guessing. It's where I was matched with my fiancee. You? Don't you go out?"

Hana had been feeling pretty awful after she had convinced herself that something would happen to Eun and that she'd be responsible, when he spoke up and reassured her that he worked with criminals every day, and he had seen this stuff from up close, the worse of them. While that wasn't the best news, it did ease her mind enough to stop stressing it so much. "Well, I guess you do know what you're doing then. Sorry, it's not that I doubt your skills. I believe you could probably take these idiots on all by yourself, it's just I have a huge heart, and couldn't take it if something happened to you for helping me" she confirmed what her problem was once more, but decided that was enough. She knew there was no need to keep repeating it. It would either keep her upset, or eventually annoy him until he stepped off the case, and left her without help, where she had started off in the first place.

Hana's heart seemed to speed up each time Eun went into the details of how the Triad operated "to think they have inside help, who's to say they won't have insiders right where you work, people that appear to be your friend, but end up being helping hands of the Triad. Ill definitely take care of myseelf, and I know you can handle yourself too, I guess i'm just still trying to wrap my head around all of this. That im even caught up in it. It's insane!" she expressed a little dramatically as her emotions began getting the better of her. After getting a deep breath, she gaze to Eun apologetically and shook her head. "As a child, I was the golden child, always put on a pedistool, but always made to carry the weight of everything around with me, and was never allowed to tell my brother anything.. now that the Triad's involved, all this kinda just seems to be slapping me in the face repeatedly" she admitted, and chuckled. It was far from funny, but she couldn't cry about it. That would'nt help her at all.

"Well your sources don't fail you then. But yeah, this can always be more than a professional meeting" she smiled genuinely, and made eye contact with him, chuckling as he cooed at her. "It's no doubt a bonus that you have a playful personality. Otherwise, this would have felt extremely professional, and awkward." she nodded, and giggled cutely. "Yeah that's for sure. I could have easily taken all the college I have under my belt, and chose the very same path you're on, but after all of this with the Triad, I think ill steer clear" she chuckled, but she definitely admired Eun for how he seemed so devoted to his job, and helping those who usually weren't innocent at all. "I guess this has been a different experience for you though huh?' she asked, raising a thin dark brow at him "The fact that you're helping someone innocent for a change as opposed to the criminals you work with on the daily" she added, and found him that much more admirable.

"Oh it wasn't easy by any means. I even faught with my brother a little over changing like that, because he assumed it would take a huge toll on me to do so, but I don't regret it now. I have plenty of options now at least" she mused, and gave him a playful grin. "Sounds like you were pretty determined to do what you're doing. No second thoughts ever?" she asked curiously, since he had never changed majors, and went straight through with his bar exam. "Helping people.. that's a good question.. why I want to. I guess because I know there's plenty more out there like myself, and then we have this generation of underage kids who are bored, and out of boredom, getting caught up in the street life.. I guess I just wanna let them know there's more out there. They don't have to settle for what people hand to them" she shrugged, hoping her answer made a little sense, because it sounded jumbled up coming from her mouth.

"I think the moment we decide we want to help people, that we've made a small difference right then" she stated, when he said that it was a start. To his question, she nodded and gave a wry smile. Talking about the Supernatural didn't come easy to most, and the last thing she wanted was to make him feel uncomfortable. "I know about the Supernatural. I figure it's just easy if I say it that way" she chuckled, and glanced at him, before averting her gaze, and grimacing as she looked to the ground . "I know you're not human. But the lessons were never so good that I could simply tell who and what a person was by talking to them, and being in their presense" even with all the training her father forced her through, she never did learn how to tell the supernaturals apart.

Hana could only gaze into his eyes as he dabbed her cheeks with a tissue. He was pretty sweet, even if he did have a pretty serious, pushing side to himself. But, she understood why he had to get a little serious with her. She'd been draggng this out for way too long now. Maybe it took someone like Eun to finally have her make the rigt steps it took, to protect herself and her brother. Hana's eyes widened at the mention of him being matched with his fiance "Was your marriage arranged too?" she asked, making sure she had said the word too, so if it was, then they had yet another thing to bond over. Arranged marriages were never happy situations. You got stuck with someone you usually never even got to know. Hana was terrified to live her life like that, but the deal had been sealed the moment she convinced her father to let her and Ha-joon move and study in the US.

"That sounds tragic" she frowned, but giggled afterwards so that she didn't make him feel even worse about how lonely his life was. "But don't feel bad, because no.. I never get to go out either. Work and school have been the only things in my life, tthe only excitement ive had is the Triad" she admitted, and it sounded pretty pathetic, but it was true. "It sounds like we should go do something fun together. I mean we don't have nothing to lose" she expressed with a smile adorning her features, before reaching for the remote to her smart tv, and turning Netflix on. "Do you watch movies, or shows?' she asked, figuring at the very least, she could make something to eat and convince him to stay a while. It was kind of nice, knowing she wasn't the only one who didn't actually live at all. Eun also seemed to have a pretty straight-laced life.

He decided to dismiss it lightly, he understood the worry Hana may have on her shoulders, to know that you may or may not be the cause of someone else’s demise, that’s a big what if, if he was in her shoes, he would’ve acted and done the same. Internally. Outside? Eun couldn’t afford to do any mistakes, it would reflect badly on himself. “Don’t worry about it. I understand. It’s not every day you get to hear that someone was putting their entire everything on the line, for you, right? Surprisingly, that’s what most of us do every time. It’s our line of work. To be worried is understandable if you’re a client but fret not, we’ll be fine.” Honestly, Eun wasn’t sure if things will turn out to be fine or not, but right now he was trying to tell himself that things may be fine. It was better than nothing at all. “I can relate being held on a pedestal for the entirety of your childhood” he nodded knowingly, “I was raised in a very strict and prim household. Everything was expected to be perfect and polished, same old, same old.”

It wasn’t a surprising thing to hear that from a Korean, as he was sure Hana would understand where he was going from. “I’m also the eldest of all my siblings, firstborn… heavy lies the head who wears the crown, I guess.” He never knew why people would make such a phrase like that, back then. But now? He understood it better than ever. A frown creased his features upon hearing that she decided she’ll steer clear from everything else because of the Triad, “While that may be the safer choice, I do hope you would not allow them to scare you into hiding. I’m not asking for you to put on a bold and daring front just to put on a show, no. But don’t think you owe them anything. You are not any less than what you are.” Work is work, he couldn’t choose his cases or his clients even if he wanted to. That’s the reality of things and Eun had accepted them a long time ago, the moment he was sure he wanted to pick up the mantle of being a lawyer. He wanted to be present in the courthouse, as one of those who held up a judicial position. 

When asked if he ever had any second thoughts on what he does, Eun shrugged absentmindedly and shook his head, “Not that I’m aware of, no.” He’s pretty much lived a straight-laced life. Bad way or good way, that’s him alright. “All I knew as a kid, was that I should study well. After finishing high school, I aced the entrance exam and voila, here I am.” Law wasn’t his first pick, to be honest, but he found love in it even though his father was the one who pressured him to take that path. He was just glad things worked out fine for him, in the end. Better than what he expected. “I admire your compassion, we don’t have a lot of those in stock these days, don’t we?” It was such a frail world, a sad one, to see people like that being plucked off one by one. A part of him was relieved she knew about the supernatural, it was always good to be aware of your surroundings, but there was also a part of him that worries for her.

So far, from what he’s researched, only members of the Organization had proper technology and equipment to suit their daily basis needs if they ever encounter a supernatural problem. And she wasn’t part of it, from what he’s gotten along the way. At least, there should be some kind of access for other humans to go to whenever they require assistance, which is a good thing. “Well, you know I’m not human but I think it’s best we leave it that way then. Knowing my identity as a supernatural wouldn’t give you any more benefits than you actually need, right? I work regularly just like a human. I eat, drink, sleep.” He wasn’t one to flaunt his supernatural status around, the only times he embraced it was when he needed to help someone or when he was training. When asked about his arranged marriage, Eun rolled over his shoulders and nodded gently, “Mhmm… it’s in a few months. I won’t be in Evermore forever, I’ll be returning back to Korea and well… live out the rest of my days as a married man?”

Was he truly ready to give up and relinquish everything for that life? Don’t get him wrong, he wanted that life, but perhaps, not now. Not with someone he had no idea if he loves. He would usually be against this kind of personal relationship with his clients but if it would make Hana feel more comfortable, then was he really in the position to be complaining? “I watch both. I’m always hooked on action movies though. You?”

The frail human smiled faintly, and decided she'd need to go ahead and take his word for it. She knew she was probably putting some unecessary worry on his shoulder by continuing to stress over the 'what if's', so after taking a deep breath, she gave him a nod in understanding "Sorry, I trust you.. I know it's probably not often you deal with a client that fears more for your safety than theirs" she giggled a little and nervously twirled a strand of  hair around her finger.   Curiously, Hana arched a brow at him when he said he knew what it was like to be  raised under a roof where everything was polished "Really? I would have never guessed. But it's one of those things where you just never know.. it's certainly a rough lifestyle. Because while everyone thinks we have it all, the perfect parents, perfect life, yada yada .. they don't realize how much hellwe have to go through in order to be the 'perfect' child"

She was kind of relieved in knowing there was someone out there she could relate to though. She frowned a little, knowing exactly how Eun felt. "Shakespeare, impressive" she teased a little, but that saying without a doubt fit the livestyles of people like them. The human swallowed harshly when he expressed his concern about her isolating herself from living a normal lifestyle just for the sake of her own safety, and she guessed he had a point "I'll try not to. It's been a lonely life to lead already, I can't imagine continuing it" she frowned, because she had already gotten herself so scared that  she didn't even go to the library like she used to. "The library was once my place of solace, but after realizing someone had been following me there every night and back home, I stopped going. That's what truly scares me, is that I was followed home" she frowned, remembering the very night she had been attacked, supposedly by a Diviner.

Did the Triad now have supernatural members doing their dirty work? Surely it hadn't come to that, and she knew back in Korea, there hadn't been many supernaturals involved in the illegal crime groups, but who's to say that it didn't exist? She wanted to bring that point up to Eun, but talk of the Supernatural at times made people steer clear of you, and she already had his help. She wouldn't do anything to lose it now. She understood well what he meant though, when he said he had  lived a pretty straight-laced lifestyle "I guess I did too. I never had one specific thing pushed on me, but that's because my parents were so pleased with every decision I made, that they felt they didn't need to push me one way or another with my career. But my love life... that's a different story, it came with a hard bargain" she shook her head, saddened by that choice. Sure it was for her to move and study in the US, but her father made her pay a big price for that.

Hana blushed slightly when he told her it would be best if they leave his supernatural status out of it. "You're right. I guess I let my mouth get ahead of me way too often" she chuckled, and pushed that topic aside. She admired him for that though. She had always thought supernaturals would wanna flaunt their status. It would seem to make them feel even more powerful in the presence of a puny human like her, but he made things feel more normal than she could have asked for today. His jokes and charm had went along way, because this could have been the most intense day of her life, so she was grateful to have met him. She truly enjoyed Eun as a person, with or without his help, she hoped to make a friendship with him in the near future.

Hana gave him a saddened expression when he spoke of his arranged marriage "I definitely get that. I have the same deal going on." she admitted, figuring they could relate on that. "Do you care for your partner back at home? I haven't even met someone yet, but I fear never actually falling in love with the person I marry. It's sort of how arranged marriages go I guess" she expressed nonchalantly, because it's what she knew. Most people would have had a heart attack to have lived one second in her shoes. But Hana was pretty adjusted to her life, it's just that an arranged marriage was one thing that she nor Ha-joon would ever be okay with. She knew her brother felt guilty for it, and it wasn't his fault. She'd made that bargain to give them a better life, and for that, she didn't regret her decision at all, because for her brother, she would move heaven and hell.

Hana grinned happily at his mention of action movies. She wasn't sure what type he liked, so she went straight to Netflix on the flatscreen smart TV and put it on the Action genre. "I guess we'll just see what they have" she giggled, and used an app on her cell phone to order in. "Chinese or pizza?" she then asked, "Or we could always go for Subway" she added, hoping she wasn't putting him in an awkward position by opting him to sit here and watch movies and eat with her. He didn't come here for that after all, so perhaps her boldness was getting out of hand. He seemed like a pretty upfront guy though, so she was sure if it made him feel odd, that he'd say so.

"You're right, my clients do not usually go out their ways to worry more about me, someone who's supposed to save them, rather than their own. Even if they are by one miracle, worried for me, it's only because finding another lawyer to take up the case after your previous one bailed, is going to be a real pain." His clients always ensured that he wouldn't leave them, it wasn't as if Eun was the type to drop and bail as easily, he had a code ghat he follows and abide to. His clients had close to nothing to fear or worry from him because of it. "So you would be the first to actually worry for my well-being. Don't worry, I can take care of myself more than I am capable of, I may not look the part but I am strong enough to take a few down" he cleared his throat and decided to throw in a humorous talk in, everything seemed so tense he only wanted to diffuse it down. "Besides, to take down another's lawyer the physical way, is just a stupid move in overall." They will get more eyes and attention on them, which was not what they were pursuing after.

 "If it makes you feel better to know that you're not alone in that department, I've never once said no to my parents. The closest thing to a rebellious phase I ever had was when I forgot to mop the floor which was my chore, and I was 7" he didn't want to make it sound like it's such a bad thing but he has never went against his parents' wishes, not once. "Imperfections are bound to happen, but you just have to be sure your front is polished enough to hide all of that" At least in front of everyone else. "Then don't" he mused softly when she said she couldn't imagine continuing the life she's leading right now, "If it's tiresome, then try to live your life the other way you would want yourself to have. It's not the best option but it is a start." Eun had a frown creasing his features when she said there was someone following her which rendered her attempts to go to the library almost futile and fruitless, "Are you well-equipped with self defense? Any martial arts background?" He feels like every one, not just women, should be able to have the basic skills of defending themselves. The world is a scary place, after all. 

"I never complained much about anything else, I grew to love studying law so it didn't matter, but when it comes to love life, it's… a bit complicated" If that was one way he would phrase his arranged marriage that would dictate his future, then he knew he was utterly and bitterly screwed. "At least my fiancee is a good lady" Oh Eun. "I just don't like to let my supernatural status take every attention in the room, it's overrated. It's not the species that truly defines you, after all." When Hana asked him about his partner back in Korea, he found himself stumped for a brief while, he didn't even know much about her that wasn't from his mother's praises or the internet, "I know about her generally. Do I love her? I don't even know what love is, I've never had anything like that. But do I care for her? Yes. She is a friend, after all. A nice girl too."

 He understood why Ahreum was picked as his number one candidate with no other contenders, she's Ahreum Kim; the heiress to a diamond and jewelry company. I do wish to have a better luck at this though... " He needs to figure it out soon or else he would be setting out to ruin his own future. He had to admit, he didn't expect to sit so comfortably and spend time with her like that but if that meant she would keep her head out of the clouds, why not? "I'm an Asian through and through, Hana. You can't put Chinese in the equation and ask me to pick another. Of course, Chinese" His eyes caught the newest Netflix film under the action genre, 6 Underground. "I heard people have good ratings for that movie… The effects were insane." 

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