Her mind was clouded, with never ending thoughts and questions. Mainly, in regards to one person in particular. Serenity Lovett. Her ancestor; and the woman, that looked like her twin. The young Therian, was still not over that revelation. It had only been less than 48 hours; since she met the Stubborn Celestial Lucius, that seemed to annoy her easily. And the one, whom told her some element of the truth about her own family. Elle wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Even if Lucius told her, quite a bit. It still wasn’t the complete truth. There was more to be said. But there had only been so much, that the Therian could handle. Elle didn’t hear out, the rest. And right now; she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad one. As the strange encounter and the information at hand, constantly nagging at her. No matter,how the Celestial had aggravated her. He was the answer to her family history. Or so it seemed.

The young Therian was staring at the ceiling; as she was laying on her bed. Watching the shadows moving across the ceiling. Unable to wrap her head, fully around everything still. Glancing towards the clock on the wall above her bedroom door. Elle registered the time. 3pm. The local Library should still be open, till midnight on a Friday. Sliding off of her bed. Elle grabbed her jacket that was resting over the small chair, by her make-up table.

“Alright, it’s now or never.” Elle muttered to herself. “You know, you want to find out more about this.” It was at times like these, that Elle would talk to herself. It seemed to help her thought process. Walking into the kitchen. Elle made herself a cup of coffee; making it into the long thermal cup. To take with her. Needing coffee to get into gear. After she got a few things ready, including a note-pad and some pens. Sliding it into her bag.

Once she was ready. Elle left her small, cozy apartment. Her thermal cup in her grip. It was a slightly breezy afternoon. The light breeze ruffling through her dark locks. The Therian didn’t opt to drive. It was a nice day, so she figured a small walk would do her good, till she got to the Library. Her boots clicking against the concrete beneath her feet. It took her a good half an hour, maybe longer before she arrived at the library. Pushing the double door open. Elle wondered in. For a Friday, it was quiet.

Looking around. The Library was indeed spacious; at least 3 floors. With a computer section at the top, near the back; for research purposes. Walking around. It took Elle to find the right section in the History. Archives. It held lots of records, including family History and specie information. Looking at the massive stacks of books and scrolls. Elle knew she would be there for a while. Her fingers slightly running along the spines of the books. Trying to find a particular book on Therianthrope History. It took her a while to find it. The book was heavy and on the dusty side. Searching through the archives. Elle found a few scrolls and a folder, entitled with the last name Lovett. 

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It's been decades since he and Serenity last saw and talked to each other. It felt like yesterday he was there to see her being buried. The star put her to rest in peace after all those years even when he got captured by the Aspects and their Guards. Now he had seen Elle walking around looking like her his dreams and night has been hunted by Serenity. It was not Lucius who wanted to get back down the road of the past but after meeting the Therian female brought him questions and confusing thoughts about the secrets of the family's history. What was Serenity scared of and was her death a cover-up or something far deeper and darker?  

Lucius took the chance to go back into his collections of the past to bring out his books and everything he stored about the family. It was not for him to look back but to look for the photo of the house thinking if he can get the address again ht and look though. The star was not one who cared about if he will be in trouble or not at one time he was a welcomes guested no matter what time of day it was he could walk in. Knowing since the family home is now abandoned and in hope, it's untouched everything with he answers is beyond the doors. As the star found the photo a small smile came on his face. " Well, looks like I will be welcoming the past back into my life." 

Lucius put the photo and his journals in his bag getting ready to go to the house. It will be a long journey back to England but he too wants to find the answers. Lucius knew Elle will not be happy for him not to take her but from the last and first meet of both of them, he is sure she didn't want to see him again which is something he does not blame her. Going to the airport and checked everything in along with his bag check and his ticket he had two hours before the flight as it got delayed due to an engine failure. Just something he wanted to know at that given moment.

Lucius took the change to bring our one of his journals to read what he said to see if any clues were overlooked or something will make him remember something that could help him. Lucius was in the dark, as funny as it sounds he had no light to guide him in the right way. "Serenity. What were they hiding? Did they silence you? You now left me with many questions and yet no answers or else you left something for me and I never got it?" he said in his mind question and talking to himself in his thoughts.

Elle-Mae had no idea where to start with her search. But hopefully the large book and family archives, would offer her some peace of mind for some answers. A part of her wondered, if she should have reached out to Lucius again. But, this was her family. This was her bloodline. The Celestial was mixed into the past; where her ancestor was concerned. Elle didn’t want to drag him into her search. He was probably stressed out, from their first meeting. He didn’t need more. But to say the least, the situation sparked both of their curiosity. Both were searching for more answers. 

Taking the load, Elle sat down at one of the computer desks. First off, she began to flip through the Therianthrope History book. Searching on particular genetic coding. If Genes could be missed in Therian families. If Serenity was human; either the gene skipped her over, or her family married into a Therianthrope family.

Tapping her fingers against the wooden desk. Elle sighed softly. Opening up her notebook, she jotted down a few notes. Apparently it was rare of Genetics were missed. Most of the time, Therian genes seemed to be stronger, than that of a human one. It seemed like the search through the Therian history was bit slim pickings. Not offering much insight about her family secrets. Just more interesting facts about the species, that she and her baby brother Justice belonged to; as well as the other two branches.

“Well this is gonna be a long day.” Elle muttered to herself. Pursing her lips deep in thought. Shoving the large book aside. The Therian switched on the computer; as she let it load, she began to look through the family archives...seeing a family tree. Of course, that family tree was few decades, if not centuries old. Searching through the names. There in one of the Branches was Serenity Lovett. Daughter of Mitchel and Sophia Lovett.  From the family tree line, it seemed like the family was linked in with a few other families, mainly from marriages. Tearing her eyes away from family line. Elle signed onto the computer; before opening up an Internet browser. Searching for Serenity Lovett online. Her eyes began to scan over the thousands of pages that loaded up under that name. Undoing her flask,she took a sip of her coffee.

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