Her mind was clouded, with never ending thoughts and questions. Mainly, in regards to one person in particular. Serenity Lovett. Her ancestor; and the woman, that looked like her twin. The young Therian, was still not over that revelation. It had only been less than 48 hours; since she met the Stubborn Celestial Lucius, that seemed to annoy her easily. And the one, whom told her some element of the truth about her own family. Elle wasn’t sure what to make of it all. Even if Lucius told her, quite a bit. It still wasn’t the complete truth. There was more to be said. But there had only been so much, that the Therian could handle. Elle didn’t hear out, the rest. And right now; she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad one. As the strange encounter and the information at hand, constantly nagging at her. No matter,how the Celestial had aggravated her. He was the answer to her family history. Or so it seemed.

The young Therian was staring at the ceiling; as she was laying on her bed. Watching the shadows moving across the ceiling. Unable to wrap her head, fully around everything still. Glancing towards the clock on the wall above her bedroom door. Elle registered the time. 3pm. The local Library should still be open, till midnight on a Friday. Sliding off of her bed. Elle grabbed her jacket that was resting over the small chair, by her make-up table.

“Alright, it’s now or never.” Elle muttered to herself. “You know, you want to find out more about this.” It was at times like these, that Elle would talk to herself. It seemed to help her thought process. Walking into the kitchen. Elle made herself a cup of coffee; making it into the long thermal cup. To take with her. Needing coffee to get into gear. After she got a few things ready, including a note-pad and some pens. Sliding it into her bag.

Once she was ready. Elle left her small, cozy apartment. Her thermal cup in her grip. It was a slightly breezy afternoon. The light breeze ruffling through her dark locks. The Therian didn’t opt to drive. It was a nice day, so she figured a small walk would do her good, till she got to the Library. Her boots clicking against the concrete beneath her feet. It took her a good half an hour, maybe longer before she arrived at the library. Pushing the double door open. Elle wondered in. For a Friday, it was quiet.

Looking around. The Library was indeed spacious; at least 3 floors. With a computer section at the top, near the back; for research purposes. Walking around. It took Elle to find the right section in the History. Archives. It held lots of records, including family History and specie information. Looking at the massive stacks of books and scrolls. Elle knew she would be there for a while. Her fingers slightly running along the spines of the books. Trying to find a particular book on Therianthrope History. It took her a while to find it. The book was heavy and on the dusty side. Searching through the archives. Elle found a few scrolls and a folder, entitled with the last name Lovett. 

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It's been decades since he and Serenity last saw and talked to each other. It felt like yesterday he was there to see her being buried. The star put her to rest in peace after all those years even when he got captured by the Aspects and their Guards. Now he had seen Elle walking around looking like her his dreams and night has been hunted by Serenity. It was not Lucius who wanted to get back down the road of the past but after meeting the Therian female brought him questions and confusing thoughts about the secrets of the family's history. What was Serenity scared of and was her death a cover-up or something far deeper and darker?  

Lucius took the chance to go back into his collections of the past to bring out his books and everything he stored about the family. It was not for him to look back but to look for the photo of the house thinking if he can get the address again ht and look though. The star was not one who cared about if he will be in trouble or not at one time he was a welcomes guested no matter what time of day it was he could walk in. Knowing since the family home is now abandoned and in hope, it's untouched everything with he answers is beyond the doors. As the star found the photo a small smile came on his face. " Well, looks like I will be welcoming the past back into my life." 

Lucius put the photo and his journals in his bag getting ready to go to the house. It will be a long journey back to England but he too wants to find the answers. Lucius knew Elle will not be happy for him not to take her but from the last and first meet of both of them, he is sure she didn't want to see him again which is something he does not blame her. Going to the airport and checked everything in along with his bag check and his ticket he had two hours before the flight as it got delayed due to an engine failure. Just something he wanted to know at that given moment.

Lucius took the change to bring our one of his journals to read what he said to see if any clues were overlooked or something will make him remember something that could help him. Lucius was in the dark, as funny as it sounds he had no light to guide him in the right way. "Serenity. What were they hiding? Did they silence you? You now left me with many questions and yet no answers or else you left something for me and I never got it?" he said in his mind question and talking to himself in his thoughts.

Elle-Mae had no idea where to start with her search. But hopefully the large book and family archives, would offer her some peace of mind for some answers. A part of her wondered, if she should have reached out to Lucius again. But, this was her family. This was her bloodline. The Celestial was mixed into the past; where her ancestor was concerned. Elle didn’t want to drag him into her search. He was probably stressed out, from their first meeting. He didn’t need more. But to say the least, the situation sparked both of their curiosity. Both were searching for more answers. 

Taking the load, Elle sat down at one of the computer desks. First off, she began to flip through the Therianthrope History book. Searching on particular genetic coding. If Genes could be missed in Therian families. If Serenity was human; either the gene skipped her over, or her family married into a Therianthrope family.

Tapping her fingers against the wooden desk. Elle sighed softly. Opening up her notebook, she jotted down a few notes. Apparently it was rare of Genetics were missed. Most of the time, Therian genes seemed to be stronger, than that of a human one. It seemed like the search through the Therian history was bit slim pickings. Not offering much insight about her family secrets. Just more interesting facts about the species, that she and her baby brother Justice belonged to; as well as the other two branches.

“Well this is gonna be a long day.” Elle muttered to herself. Pursing her lips deep in thought. Shoving the large book aside. The Therian switched on the computer; as she let it load, she began to look through the family archives...seeing a family tree. Of course, that family tree was few decades, if not centuries old. Searching through the names. There in one of the Branches was Serenity Lovett. Daughter of Mitchel and Sophia Lovett.  From the family tree line, it seemed like the family was linked in with a few other families, mainly from marriages. Tearing her eyes away from family line. Elle signed onto the computer; before opening up an Internet browser. Searching for Serenity Lovett online. Her eyes began to scan over the thousands of pages that loaded up under that name. Undoing her flask,she took a sip of her coffee.

Among pages and pages of writing of the past, Lucius sit in the waiting area of the airport looking into things he could’ve missed. In Between the lines or even a hidden message he over looked at some point in time. As a lawyer he never misses a point or something very important but it looks like something is messing and it botched the star. Lies, secrets, even murder anything dark always happens in his life at some ponit or another. It became a fear other then being locked into a place he does not know thanks to people who kept him away from the world. Lucius has yet to figure out if it was a good thing for him or a bad thing. Answers for him was like a paper so thin enough to reap in two. If he gets close enough they just disappear like they were never there.

He might have known Serenity but everything she saw with her own eyes is the very thing Lucius will never know. The star knew there are limits and those limits must not be broken or crossed. At the moment in time, looks like he will have to cross the limits to find out the answer. Rather he likes it or not, Elle, gained his attention enough for him to be sitting there waiting for his plane to go to the house of the Lovette. The question that he wanted to know is why does he care so much to find answers to someone he barely knows. The face of Serenity that is now on someone else would be the answer to his question right? He was unsure about a lot of things and this is one of them.

As the star’s ears heard his number being called to aboard the plan he sighed knowing it will be a long trip back to the homeland he fell into along with many that his past is waiting for him to return too. The star was not ready for the trip knowing it would be in small places Lucius given the lady his ticket and passport and aboard the plane finding his number. Looks like he will get to be near the walkway he breathed in with so much relief. He would felt trapped around strangers he is unsure who they are. Letting the others who are signed to sit in the middle and the window seat he relaxed and read the journal more waiting for them to start flying.

As she began to scroll through the different links in regards to her ancestor. Elle had pursed her lips slightly. As she opened up one of the pages. She was greeted with an old photo. Of her Ancestor and the mysterious Male Lucius. They appeared to be standing outside of some old fancy mansion. It was a bit unnerving, having the photo of her look-alike staring back at her. Scrolling down. Elle noticed that the page had an address; of the Mansion. It was in England. It would come in handy. Elle had printed off the address quickly. Tucking the printed off a piece of paper, with the old photo and address into her note book. Maybe the answers she was looking for; would be at the old mansion. As looking through old records and online; seemed to be slim pickin.

Just as she was about to close the browser. One article header jumped out at her. ‘Animal attack? Attacker believed to be part of the Lovett family? Supernatural phenomena?’

Now that was something intriguing. Quickly scanning through the article. It appeared that the Lovett family was linked to a series of animal attacks. Or what at the time was believed to be animal attacks. From the way the article described the events; it seemed like the animal in question was a Lycanthrope. The same species as her. But if the article held any truth, if her ancestors were guilty or not; that was to be found out. Deciding to print off the article also. Elle hid it among the stuff she found out. Before logging out of the computer she was using. This would require a trip to England. To do some more digging there.

Making sure to have a photo-copy of the Lovett family tree line. Elle then put everything she had found; back into its spots.

She slowly made her way back home. Thinking about, all that she had seen and read that. It had certainly sparked her curiosity about the entire thing further. Determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Especially, if it would help her find out more things about herself and her family. After she arrived back at her apartment. Elle quickly searched online for the cheapest last minute plane ticket to England.

"In 36 minutes Flight 215 will be departing, please go the gate and enjoy your trip." Lucius heard as she closed his journal, grabbing his site case as he slowly started to get in line to get on to the plane. It took longer then what Lucius thought. Maybe some engine fixing or something that could delay. 

The star gave his ticket to the female as she scanned it giving it back. "Alright, Lucius welcome aboard your seat is 55." Lucius smiled as he nodded and walked in to find his seat. As he found his seat putting his case next to him knowing no one will be sitting next to him as he relaxed opening the journal once again to read and look for clues. 

"Sin, what were you hiding." He said to himself. Now looking at his journal the star can see many blanks in the story on her life. Nothing made sense anymore like this was a cold case that has not to be solved. He was no private investigator or someone to work on a case like that, no that was the male he has been seeing.  Calling in Ash for this might not be the best as there will be questions and it would prove who he really is. A star from the sky that maybe never die. It's not a pleasing way to look at things but that is what's in Lucius's mind every time he thinks of his energy inside of him. 

Lucius is untrained with his powers knowing he has no use for them. Thinking about it now it's as natural as breathing to him. Someone who is a hunter would want that power more than anything in the whole world. It's a good thing and a bad thing about having your own light and it's not part of a phrase to him. It's his whole life the reason why he is here on earth. 

If anyone wanted to ask him how he got here, there will not be a right answer. Lucius does not remember his life before so his giving someone an answer due to it's all black with a little light guiding him back to reality. 

It seemed like the young Therian was in luck. There were still numerous number of flights heading to England. Booking a ticket for a later flight. Elle would be in England, during the afternoon hours by the looks of it. As the flight was pretty long. After her ticket was secured. She quickly packed her bag. Not taking much with her. Besides her research and some clothes for a few days. The trip wouldn’t be a long one. Hopefully, she’d find more information quickly once in England.

Double checking; that Elle had all the essentials and documents for her trip. She left her apartment; locking up. Heading downstairs and towards her car. It wasn’t long before Elle was on the road. Driving towards the Airport. Honestly, she had no idea what would wait for her in England. But hopefully a few more answers, regarding her ancestor. Not knowing, her paths would cross paths with Lucius once more.

Arriving at the airport few hours before her flight. Elle found a parking space in one of the long waiting zones. After paying for a ticket; she slipped it behind the window. Locking her car. Once her car keys were back in her bag. Elle soon caught one of the free buses from each waiting zone, that took arrivals to the airport. It seemed, like she arrived at a busier time. The Afternoon. As the bus she was on, was packed with people. Luckily the bus ride was only 5 minutes; so she wasn’t cramped on there for long.

Once she entered the building; time seemed to move bit quicker as she began to make her way through security and eventually towards her boarding gate; which opened up pretty quickly. Now, all she had to do was wait for a plane. It was waiting, that always seemed to take the longest. Never-mind the long plane journey that was ahead of her. But with her year of travelling; she was no stranger to long haul flights.

~~~ Few hours later ~

Elle had seen the plane arrive at the airport; as she had been looking out of the large airport windows by the gate. Once the arrivals at Evermore Airport were out of the plane. Things went back into the moving zone. Finding herself boarding the plane pretty quickly; once she had shown her boarding pass and passport. Elle was seated somewhere in the middle. She had always preferred it, than being right at the front; at least she had an exit door near her enough. That she didn’t have to be in a long cue.

Just as much as Lucius didn't like the waiting for the plane to start going into the skies, he heard the pilot they are now taking off the celestial sighed and calmed down. He never likes waiting for something but it was not his anxiety he just never trust anyone due to he does not know who is a hunter or who is not. It's not something he favored to be in one space knowing anything can happen. After looking at his journal for some time he brought himself to sleep to take the environment off his mind but kept himself alert 

______________ Few Hours Later _______________

Lucius woke up a few minutes hearing the plane is about to land, he looked out the window. Being back to the country that he had fallen from the sky.  Maybe he can go back to Kensington to see if his adoptive parents and siblings to pay respects if they passed away. 

 Being captured for so long never given time to think about what really happened since then. it must have been hard for them to go through that, looking for him, calling him asking the police for help. It was not coming to Lucius even if he needs to force on something else. Je waited for people to pass by after the plane landed. Getting off he went straight outside getting a cab telling them to go to the address or the closest address. 

"That mansion has not been lived in for so many years. Are you going to look at it and buy it?" he male driver asked as Lucius looked to him with a sigh. "No, I use to know who lived there or well around the area. "Lucius said covering up his species. Lucky the male didn't ask Lucius more but drove to the mansion.

After three hours, Lucius paid the male as he begins to walk toward the mansion. It felt weird for him being back, remembering the white and cream brown of the place that use to be lived and vivid. Now trees and nature took over. Lucius knew a few ways into the manor, hoping there were not closed up. One was not as he went in getting his flashlight and entered the hour thought was flooring. "Now remember were everything is at," Lucius said being to search around and picking some of the rooms in the house. One thing he can do now is looking into the corners he was not allowed to see during the time of the family. 

Knowing the plane ride was going to be long. Elle tried to get her comfortable as possible. Eventually closing her eyes;dozing off for a few hours. Since it was going to be a long day...even a longer plane ride; she could use some sleep before she’d go exploring the mansion she was planning to visit. The young Therian usually slept quite well on planes; but about 3 hours into her nap; she could hear the sound of a young screaming child. The poor young soul was unsettled. Making it hard for anyone, including her to sleep. Waking herself up. She noticed there was service going around; so she ordered herself a coffee. To wake herself up.

Since she couldn’t get to sleep. Elle was watching whatever movie they had put on; to keep the passengers entertained on such a long flight. Finding that it made the flight pass by a lot faster than she first would have thought.

Soon enough, she heard that the plane was landing. Finally. She had arrived in England. Looking out of the window, she watched as the plane slowly touched ground with the airports ground. Getting off the plane was pretty quick; as she only had her on flight bag with her; no additional ones. As she got herself out of the airport; Elle flagged down the first taxi she saw; giving the driver the address of the old mansion.

“You sure, you want to go down there dear?”The driver questioned, knowing it had not been lived in.

“Yeah….I wanted to look at it. Research...and potentially buy, so wanted to get a good look..” Elle breathed out. Okay the second part was a bit of a white lie. But it seemed to stop the driver from asking more questions. But it was true; she did need to delve deep in with research at the manor. But he didn’t need to know why. That was her business.

It was a lengthy car ride. But when he pulled outside of the mansion. Elle glanced out of the car window. It looked majestic and beautiful; like it did on the old photos she saw online. Paying for her ride; Elle climbed out of the taxi, with her bag over her shoulder. Making her way towards the mansion. The Therian was looking for an entrance; it seemed like a few of the entrances were boarded over. This would take some thought. Getting out her torch from her purse; she switched it on...finding an access in the back. Squeezing her way inside...past a few broken wooden boards. Elle found herself somewhere in the back of the mansion.

Walking thought the mansion brought back all the memories he once had in the place. He remembered when the place was clean and bright. Looking around he can still people ruined the place like what most people do to abandoned buildings. It made it sad to him that people would destroy what was once a beautiful building to a family with many secrets. 

Shining the light of his flashlight to see where he is going Lucius got to the bottom part of the house. Pushed the door open for a little but then kicked it a little enough for the door to open and walked in. "What secrets were you guys hiding?" He asked walking into the dark down steps. Bumping into something hard brought him to grant as shines his flashlight down to see a cage. Down the hall, as he opened an already door seeing all kinds of cages. "What the hell?" He asked finding a book as he opened it Lucius sighed. 

Records he can't read anymore due to the age it did explain why the female name Elle who looked like someone who Malva can title as first love. Did they use the lower room to do experiments or turn people without permission or learning something they are not supposed to see? The star can sense how dark it really is in the room, it almost made him uncomfortable. Lucius picked up the book and carried it in his arm making sure not to damage it to see if he can see anything in the daylight.

As he was looking at each cage he heard footsteps above him confused if someone followed him in here or it was the police to see anyone's in the building. He knew to be careful as walked up ready to encounter the person who is with him. The star brought himself out of the door he came from and begin to walk around more. His memories of every corner come back to him as he smiled widely for the first form after a long time. Hearing the footsteps comes closer Lucius looked at the direction, "Hello?" He spoke up wondering what the other person will do. 

Elle had no idea, in which room of the mansion she was. She didn’t have a map of the lay-out. So she wasn’t entirely too sure, what room she was looking for; when it came to answers. But searching every single room, in the old house seemed like a good start. Who knows what she might find where. As she slowly made her way through the hallway, she found herself near the cage room.It felt, like something strange was pulling her in that direction.

Pushing open a half broken door, she stepped into the room; from a different direction. As the room, seemed to have more than one entrance it seemed. Stopping, when she heard a voice. It sounded strangely familiar.  Shining her torch around the room. The beams shone through the bars of different cages. Until it settled on a familiar male figure. Lucius.

Elle looked surprised. What was he doing here? “You…” Elle breathed out, surprised. At first, it didn’t occur to her, that he too was searching for answers like she was. “Looks like, we run into each other again.” Not sure, if she should feel pleased, or annoyed about running into him again. But two heads were better than one, when it came to looking for clues, right?  Looking around the room, it sent chills down her spine. What an unusual room. Maybe it was connected to some of the things she read? Who knows.

“What are you doing here?” Elle questioned, with a raised eyebrow. Maybe it wasn’t her place to ask the question first; since he knew her ancestor and this house. But it slipped out nonetheless. 

Lucius never saw anyone come in which is why it didn't make sense to him but keeping an open mind about someone was following him to the manor or they are just someone looking to cause some trouble. When he walked to see Elle, Lucius sighed looking at her. 

"I can ask the same thing, Elle," he said crossing his arms. Lucius knew she had the right to be here, this is her family line but what were the odds for both of them to plan to come here at the same time and the same day, did that mean they took the same plan. How did he not see her? "This is too convenient if I should say so my self." The star was not one to work with someone else so this will be out of his character. 

When the female asks him about what he is doing here, Lucius laid his shoulder again the wall. "I am here to uncover the secrets, the ones that were hidden from everyone, the room I came out of is one of them," he said in a very disgusted tone. If  Serenity was pushed into what they were doing could be part of the cause of her death. "If I was you I wouldn't go into that room." he with a warning knowing if Elle comes here for family bloodline answers, she might not want to know after her visit here. "This place has not been touched since but the weather and time have not been so nice to this place. "

"Am guess you here due to answers?" It was not questioned or thought process to know why Elle was there. "This place is not safe along with this is very big so getting lost is something you might want to avoid. Fair warning because am nice for now. " Lucius said holding the book from the room he came from to see if he can read it in the sun due to the weather and darkness of the boarded-up windows in some rooms.

Out of all the people, she could have run into. She ran into Lucius. It was unlikely that anyone else she knew in her life; would visit the home of her ancestor. But the male before, had a link to Serenity, so in a way it made sense. “Maybe a little too convenient.” she mused in agreement. She didn’t know if it was plain luck, or God having a laugh; about the fact that two planes left for England, near enough the same time. And that they flew on over here, to dig for more answers.

She shouldn’t have been surprised, that Lucius was here for the same reason. It looked like, they were both curious and needed to dig deeper, than what she had found on the web. “You mean the room full of cages?” Elle asked, as he warned her not to go into the room; he seemingly came from. “I think I’ve been there...it seems like it might have more than one entrance and exit.” It was like a maze, so she came out from it, a different end than he did. Elle’s stomach was still twisting and churning at the thought of what was going on in there. Experiments? Keeping people prisoners? Whilst she wasn’t scared so easily; it was unsettling to think of just what could have went on in there. “Yeah, looks like this place hasn’t been taken care of since the war.” It looked so dusty and unkept. If someone would ever want to buy this place; they’d need a lot of money, time and effort to clean and restore the place. But with the cage room, it’d turn few people away from buying it.

Elle nodded slightly. “This is my family bloodline. Of course, I am here for more answers.” She replied. “I found out a few things back in Evermore. But it only gave me more questions than answering them. So, I figured coming here...would give me more prospective and clearer answers, than searching through the web and old archives.” Whilst she would have prefered to do this alone. Maybe it was partially luck, that he was here. He knew this place better than she did. “Look, I am not to happy about this either. But maybe it’s best, we work on this together.” Elle told him. They’d both need to put aside their differences and stubbornness, if they wanted to find out anything. And she didn’t want to get lost. “Since you know this house more than me, maybe you should lead.” She suggested.

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