With his eyes trained on his bow that was placed neatly in the vintage casing from inside the glass cabinet, he pursed his lips lightly before getting up from his seat and went over to the glass. Retracing his finger as he loomed over it, the angel child unlocked the cabinet with a single flick. There, the beautifully intricate bow stood majestically alongside a quiver of about a dozen arrows arranged neatly. Sparing a few brief glances over to his mahogany desk that was filled with different colored files and documents scattering around, making a mess out of it, he hummed to himself while trying to tell that an hour out wouldn't hurt.

 It was a stent in his workaholic self, but even he needed a break sometimes. He's immortal sure, but he's not expandable, for sure. There was only so much a person could take, anyways. That includes the mental just as well as their physical was involved. Deciding against his own will on insisting to stay back and finish his work, Julian wrapped his fingers around the bow and dragged both the quiver and that with him as he closed the door to the cabinet before making his way out. He didn't forget to grab his car keys and jacket, because the cold didn't faze well with him as it does with a few. He's a bird, angel, or yeah, sure, but he's not immune to weather or climate change. 

Once he got his engine revved up and ready to go, he sped off the compound and drove his way to the woods, a rather restricted place he would be able to hunt at. He's heard of the therianthropes, and he doubt he'd miss anything that resembles one. Regardless of it, he'll be mindful. After parking his car at the left side of the road, he clasped on his quiver around him and brushed his fingers against the bow. While trudging through the greenery scene, he found himself humming a lullaby to himself, a hymn, until he eventually spot a perfect place for him to direct his target on. Obviously, Julian's nephilim senses were a bit rusty when he noticed a presence within the woods. He could think of a few things.

 First, he wasn't alone. Two, his luck came by and there was something to hunt. Three, he might be able to increase his agility. The dark haired male got out one arrow and notched it on his bowstring before slowly tugging on it. While adjusting the string just below his eye and cheek level, he lets out a small exhale as he lets the arrow fly by towards the intended target that turned out to be a deer. It was then when he realized he heard howling and hooting from another direction which made him contemplate whether he should go and check it out or not. The last time he did that, he found himself trapped in a booby trap laid by the infamous vigilante, Scarlett Archer. But she turns out to be a rather amusing character. What if someone was in need of help, could he really turn his head away? Cursing internally, the Nephilim went to inspect where the source of the voice came from. 

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Siobhan laid in the bed her and Dominic shared, he was away on a mission and she was just staring into space. Ever since her reckless attempt to do some good almost cost her her life. She had been out of it when she was left alone. When Dominic was around she felt safer, like she could breath. When he left and she was alone it felt like that darkness was folding in on her. The visions of everyone she loved turning their backs on her. How could she push those visions away?

She rolled over on her back staring at the roof where she had placed those silly glow in the dark stars on the roof. She felt like she was hexed, if only it was that simple. In all honesty she had PTSD from everything she had been through. From suriviors guilt from her brother and fathers murder. To the PTSD from being raped, and the PTSD from being held captive with no one looking for her because she took herself from Dominic's mind. To the point that he didn’t remember everything they had. It was like a rock on her chest and she couldn’t breathe anymore.

She felt like nothing was simple and she craved one day to not feel that rock pressing on her chest. She needed to feel something normal. Her eyes landed on her bow in the corner and she stood up picking it up. Slinging her quiver over herself then the bow making her way out of the cabin. She looked back to the cabin for a moment before she made her way into the woods. Being nephilim meant she didn’t overly have to worry about a trail because she could fly up into the sky and find her way back. She just wanted a spot to practice, she used to be skilled like no other when it came to Archery. Now she wondered if she could even hit a target.

As the blonde Nephilim moved through the woods she could hear what sounded like a part ahead of her. Raising a brow. Who was in the woods making this much noise. That was when she came upon a group of males who had a few targets set up. Some archery ones, A fake deer, and some bottles and cans sitting there. Her eyebrows raised as the males turned their attention on her and became quiet. “You lost?” one of them asked. Yet Sio just stared at them blankly before raising her bow. Taking an Arrow from her bag and notching it. Taking a steadying breath pulling it back. Her eye resting where she wanted to hit and letting it go. Hitting the target dead center and the males stared at her then the arrow since she was much farther away then they were. That was when the hooting and howling came.

Sio jumped at the loud cheering for a moment but felt like she was knocking the rust off of her. One of the men move closer to her. “Think you can do that again?” he asked and Sio eyes moved to him. “Only if you want to lose any money you have on yourself.” She said as she stared at him blankly again before she moved with him to the others and the party began to see who could land the best shot.

Julian did not know what’s going around his surroundings, despite his vision being a 20/20. The only thing that was on his mind was how he was going to take his mind off work tonight and stress on working on his aim and accuracy. Since he came from a Nephilim family, training was essential for the likes of him and his elder sister. He remembered how he’d often try to notch an arrow and aim only to fail miserably. He wasn’t the best archer back then, he had struggled to even pull the strings to half measure, much less shoot it. But now, he could barely remember that kid who cried because he couldn’t pull the strings. Archery seemed to be a second nature to the Nephilim. 

Julian hasn’t been able to spend as much time trying to mend his skills lately due to his working schedule which required him to be at the hangar or his office almost all the time. He chose this field, he knew what he got himself into. So when the arrow lodged itself into the deer, he was about to get to it until he heard the howling and cheering. He came to a conclusion; he wasn’t alone. He moved stealthily and crouched over the boulders to see who was there; there were a few people in the company. What were they doing there? But it begged the question why there were people there in the woods cheering like they just hunted down something and succeeded. He was just about to leave them alone until he heard another howl, it’s probably unwise to thread his presence here, but it would also bring danger to those idiots too. 

Goddammit, Julian, if only you would be able to think about yourself better than others. And so he made himself known to them, “Hey, do you guys know it’s unsafe to be here late at night?” he murmured and held onto his bow while leaning against the tree, “There are wild animals everywhere just waiting to sink their teeth on you.” And by that, of course, he meant the therians, but they didn’t need to know that, right?


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