Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far too much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. Something felt off among the shop as if something was missing. With a sigh, she picked up her phone and looked at the names in her contact list. Something was off about evermore lately. Maybe it was time to return to the Manor.

Though as soon as the thought entered her mind she had to push it aside because the man who entered her shop pulled her attention from her phone. She placed it back down and moved from around the counter and smiled at him. “Welcome to Diviner intervention, how can I help you?” She gave a big smile, one that was often fake and didn’t touch her eyes. Her eyes were a storm of worry in that moment. Her mind felt far from this place. “Need help picking out a gift for someone special in your life?” she asked, waving her hand around as most humans came in looking for a unique gift.

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Alexi stared down at his phone, having maps open in it so that he wouldn't miss the shop he was trying to find. He hadn't visited there before, nor did he really know why he was going. But he assumed they would be able to help him with his request. As the Sundfor male walked, his body instinctively dodged the oncoming people with ease. His eyes were stuck on to the screen so he didn't take a wrong turn. If he had brought his earphones with him he would have been able to listen to the directions instead, but he had left them by accident in his car. As the map swivelled and told him to turn the corner he finally saw the name of the shop. It had a deep green wooden door which stood out from those around it. Alexi pushed it open and walked into the shop. He was dressed in a red jacket, a black t-shirt and jeans, paired with Nike trainers. On his days off he preferred to dress comfortably. 

Careful not to knock anything over he took his time walking around and looking at the various things set up for sale, "Thank you..." he said in response to the pretty lady attending the shop. Walking over to her he returned the smile but he could see hers wasn't genuine as it didn't touch her eyes. His did. Alexi didn't mind much, he wasn't here to small talk, rather to gain some magical protection and perhaps something which would stop him from being tracked by Instar Diviners. 

Locking his forest green eyes with hers, " you have anything that will hide my location? Or protect me in general from people like you?" Soon after he had said it the male realised how that would have sounded, "I didn't mean any offence, I'm human...I'm in a bit of trouble with Dark Instar Diviners." he admitted, looking down through the glass to see if anything would catch his eye. Money wasn't an issue for him in case the items he wanted, ended up being expensive., "I might look capable guys are kinda scary" he spoke out teasing her a little. 

Bexley's mind always seemed far away but she tried to focus on work. Telling herself she can go to the manor after work. The dark energy in the air made the overly sensitive dark diviner feel like a rock was on her chest. She tried not to let it show though little did she know that the man in front of her was far more perspective then others that passed through her shop doors. Her dark eyes hung on his as he spoke on what he was looking for. It caused the dark diviner to raise her eyebrow.

“Well it is not often a human knows this is a real magic shop and comes in looking for something of the sort.” Bexley commented as she took a step from him as she moved towards the back room of her shop. The place where she kept the real magic items, not the niche items most tourists want. She gave a snort from her nose at his orders. “If I got offended over someone calling me people like you, I wouldn’t have survived as long as I have. I understand the want to protect yourself from dark diviners, like myself. Lucky for you. I am not like many other dark diviners.”

She pushed the beaded curtain aside motioning for him to follow her if he wished. “Well honestly most people are scary, I fear humans.” She said over her shoulder towards him as she looked around the room before landing on a few options that could work. “Can you tell me more about the way you want the protection? So I can craft something personal to you. Makes it harder to break.” She ran her fingers along her immortal ring for a moment before focusing her gaze on the items she had gathered so far.

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