Virindeus wasn’t the best at keeping up with how long he would lock himself away in his room. Yet this time it came after his favorite plant had exploded trapping Reus and himself in his memories hall. After getting their way out Deus dove back into his work on studying his plants. Trying to see what had happened to cause the darkness that took Fern from him. He hated the hollow feeling in his chest as he reached to pull off his glasses. No answers seem to be easy to find for the life aspect.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed as he got up from his lab set and moved out of his room. It was dark outside, looking down the halls they seemed relatively empty. So he took a couple of steps to make his way out to his greenhouse. He needed a good smoke and his crop should be perfectly ready to be picked and grinded down. As he walked into the green house he heard the song of the plants welcoming him. Giving the tired face a gentle smile. “Hello my beautiful bunch.” 

He called out and moved to where his weed plants were stopping dead in his tracks as there was nothing left on them. “The Hell?” He questioned aloud and when they responded to him ‘dark hair woman with red lips harvest us’ Deus gave out a growl and turned around making his way back into the manor down the halls until he was in front of Cora door.

He raised his fist and started banging on the door, “DAMMIT CORA! WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY WEED WHEN YOU KNOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!” He was angry but more so angry because he was tired and he felt like he hadn’t slept in days not knowing that in fact it had been a month and a half since he had left his room.

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The feeling of constantly drowning was something she’d been feeling for the last few months. Letting all her own problems bubbling all up inside, not letting any come to the surface. The Aspect of Darkness was good by now keeping her own secrets to herself. One to never let anyone in so she didn't have to go through what she was feeling right now. Yet she was foolish enough to let someone take her heart for it to feel like it was ripped out. Never feeling heartbreak before. Only wishing for it to be gone. She’d been trying all she could in the last few months trying to forget it all. Some parts of it worked but still she couldn’t completely forget. Finding herself going down darker paths. Letting in the darkness rather than keeping a hold on it. On the verge of popping every moment. Her own self has changed, pushing others away. The only people who would only see or spend her time with were Peyton or Abrahman. Both were bad influences for her but no one else was able to see how much she was struggling. Used to pushing people away, everyone had their own struggles to deal with. Not needing to worry about her. So Cora chose to shut everyone out, nobody able to understand what she’s going through. Finding it’s worked perfectly till now, only a few knew how much she was struggling and why.

This time around of her on the verge of breaking down she found different ways to cope. Whether it was to dwell deeper and deeper into the darkness. Cursing many things in her room, adding more to her collection from her and Peyton’s adventures. If a normal guard member was to step into her room and touch something she shouldn’t, they’d be soon regretting coming in. Cora was starting to become like Malva overparnoid all the time, always on edge. Yet she had different ways to cope. Choosing to the takeaways humans would. Out all hours going to clubs with Peyton, forgetting what day it was most of the time. She’d even snuck into her brother Virideus's beloved greenhouse to steal his stash. Noticing how in the last month or so he hadn’t left his room. Something she knew and saw happen from time to time. For him losing the track of the time, days, weeks or even months at time. Too stuck into his own Aspect powers to snap out of it. So she thought waste not, want not. To begin with she only took a few parts of his beloved personal crops but as more time passed the more she took for her stash. Till there was no more and it was too late for her to stop. She shared it out between her and Peyton, with some for Abrham too. Finding it was the best thing to help her push everything out even if it was for not long. Enjoying it whilst it lasts. Not thinking of the consequences. 

That was a few weeks back when she started. Feeling she’s been more out of it since. Waking up halfway in the afternoon. Never knowing what time was. Cora awoke from her sleep. Her room was pitch black, all thanks to the black out blinds and dark walls she chose to have. Making it all dark just how she liked it. Closing her eyes once more thinking she could get a few more hours of sleep. Yet her own plan failed hearing loud knocking or more like bashing on her door. Someone wanted her for the first time in a long time. Cora knew it wasn’t her bodyguard who by now had her own key and let herself in, almost like it was her own home. Soon hearing yelling coming from the other side. In that moment, she knew she was doomed. The person who she wanted to avoid the most has risen from his own pit. “Shit!” She cursed to herself, sitting up from her bed. Grabbing part of her hair before rubbing her temples feeling the aftermath from partying too much and taking too much weed in the last few weeks. Cora grabbed the nearest piece of clothing. An oversized top that was Rashesh’s the one of the things he had left behind that she couldn’t put herself to part with. It was one of his nerd shirts with something from a video game. Not bothering to get dressed properly, luckily the shirt covered and went past her bum. So she was decent enough. Walking over to the door she stopped in her tracks taking a deep breath knowing she was in for it. “Why hello brother, how nice of you to come out of your room for the first time in months” She greeted, her voice was laced with sarcasm and annoyance. Like it was for whoever dared to wake her up. Not shying away for small talk. 

When the door opened Deus had planned on chewing her out for taking his weed without asking but his presetive gaze fell on the dark circles under her eyes. The smell of alcohol and weed drifted from the room behind her. His eyes locked onto the shirt noting it wasn’t hers. After all she had never been into the Injustice games. Or any games at all for that fact. He let his hardened brown eyes soften as his shoulders relaxed. He understood the look of heartbreak, he himself had been heartbroken more then once. Giving into his own devices. All he wanted to do was reach out and comfort his sister. Yet he cleared his throat taken back at the mention of how much time had passed. With a clearing of his throat he moved leaning on the doorway not wanting to enter her room with how heavy the darkness negative vibe was pulsing through it. It was almost as if she had given a heart beat to the curses in the room itself.

“Well you know how time and I go. We don’t get alone for long.” He muttered, his eyes looking past her to the room once more. “You owe me for the stash you took. Get showered and dressed and meet me in the jeep at thirty.” He gave a stern tone that any of his siblings could tell he wasn’t joking. It was rare for the aspect of life to be serious but in this moment he very much was. Even her sarcasm and annoyance couldn’t touch how strong his tone was towards him. “I will come back and drag your ass out if I have too. So don’t test me.” With that he pushed off the door and made his way through the Manor. Taking the time to check on some of the house plants until it drew closer to the time he told her to meet him in his Jeep.

As he made his way to the large garage he moved to his Jeep and slid in behind the driver's seat. Stroking his hand along the steering wheel.  Seeing the dust that gathered there made a sigh pass his lips. He really needed to stop getting lost in his own world. Even if it was because all he was trying to do was to understand what had happened to his plants. Something was not right in the world. That much was clear. And the aspects where not acting like they should. They should be pulling together but instead it felt like they were falling apart, which could lead to the end of the world. His mind was running a mile a minute.

It wasn’t the first time she has hit rock bottom and it wasn’t going to be the last easier, thats for sure. The Aspect of Darkness has always been a bit unhinged as people would say but this was a different type of brokenness she was feeling. Never probably have dealt with a broken heart before, having kept her heart and feelings all locked away. So that what was happening now would never happen but it was. It was her own fault, choosing to let her feelings and emotions get in the way. To get the better of her, that she should have known better. Always being the one to put on a facade so nobody would be able to see that she did have emotions and felt the same as everyone else. Now it felt that she was back square one in a way, just like when she first became an Aspect. All caused by different things that caused her to break down in the end. Yet it’s not like anyone had noticed what she was going through, how everyone was too busy with their own problems to see that she wasn’t coping. She did have Venteus and Peyton, then with Julian who she relayed on most was busy. Leaving her alone to deal with her own downfalls but it didn’t make a change. Always being just her in the end.  

Cora hadn’t heard a knock at the door, pulling her from her own thoughts. Soon finding it was Virideus who seemed to have returned to the land of the living. It’s been a good month or two since she had seen him, even longer since they had a proper conversation. Always managing to miss each other before. As she opened the door, she was greeted by his judging look knowing she was in for it. Cora waited for him to give her hell but she was surprised that he kept back. She knew it was probably because he could see she wasn’t in the right state of mind. seeing that he was looking into her room seeing how dark it was along with the lingering of other things coming from within too. Cora knew that he wasn’t going to step inside her room how not many people do. Only other people that go in her room were Peyton or Artemis, everyone else chooses to stay clear. With how people found the cursed objects were too overpowering. Cora knew she wasn’t to let Virideus get away with it so easily, that she wasn’t going to beat around the bush. How she knew what he was like when he would go face off the earth for a few months not knowing how long it had been till someone would tell him. 

She could never understand how he did it, able to be out of it for over a month too focused on their powers. For her she could do it for days maybe a week but not a month. “Will it be a year next time?” She wondered not trying to sound harsh but she never liked it whenever he shut himself up for so long. Cora chose to stay silent when he had caught her out for stealing his stash of weed. Choosing not to shoot back a snappy comeback, instead she stayed silent and nodded his head. Yet she was surprised when he almost ordered her to get changed and ready, thinking he was just here to scold her and leave. “Do I have a choice?” She disputed, stating giving him the look if she had to go and leave confines of her room. Yet she knew that she had to do what he said, seeing the stern look on his face giving her no way out. “You wouldn’t” She laughed almost but could remember when it’s happened before and she had to be dragged out. 

With that she watched as her brother made his swift exit giving her not much time. Cora sighed to herself running both of her hands through her hair. Feeling frustrated almost wanting to be alone, but she didn’t know if it was the weed or hangover. She knew he was right that she needed to sort herself out but she wasn’t ready. Catching a glimence of herself in the tall standing mirror in her room. Seeing her reflection and how much of a wreck she looked a state to say the least. Always saying before that she wouldn’t be caught in one of her ex’s gaming shirts but here she was. She soon headed to the bathroom and got showered then changed into something more presentable. Putting on her makeup she felt herself struggling to hold the makeup brushes properly. Ever since she started to dabble with Abraham with his dark magic and her darkness, she’s been feeling all herself with all the effects there are. When she managed to finish getting ready, Cora grabbed a pair of sunglasses putting them on. So she didn’t look like death to the world, or take Erytherus for a run of his money. Knowing she was already keeping Virideus busy, she hurried out of her room and down the hallway out to where he was waiting. Sliding into the passenger, not saying a quick hello or apologising instead she was opening the glovebox department trying to look for something. “Do you have any painkillers or advil?” Wanting to find something to cure her hangover but finding nothing there. 

Deus gave a shrug of his shoulders for a moment, “I would like to think it's not going to be a year next time but in the end if that is how long my studies take.” He looked over her again to the room feeling the cursed energy radiating. His eyes moved back to Cora and smirked slightly, “No you don’t have a choice.” He said honestly as he tossed her a brotherly wink. As he turn to walk away from her giving a laugh that echoes through the halls of the manor. “Really want to test a non high Deus on the fact he would drag you out of your room or not? Please make my day.” He waved his hand in the air.

As he sat in the Jeep lost in his own thoughts he was only pulled from them as the passenger door opened. He gave a shake of his head before raising his hand to her forehead. “No I don’t hold still.” He said as his eyes started to glow green taking on her hangover so she wouldn’t feel the side effects. After her pain passed over to him, he reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Jeez how much have you been diving into.” This was the worst hangover he had cured and that's saying something. His eyes slowly faded back to their dark natural brown color as the hangover started to fade away. “Hum.” He said as he started up the jeep and backed out of the garage. 

As he took off out of the Manor drive he gave a laugh into the air for a moment. He loved riding without the roof or doors, the wind slapping around them as he sped out of the town. He tossed a gaze to her, “So want to tell me what is going on?” He asked as he turned to the road that would take them towards Therin territory. “After all I apparently have missed a month of your life, and it seems you have been partying it up. The cursed energy in your room was high also. Plan on cursing the whole city?” He asked as his gaze flicked back to the road.

If she had it her way she would spend the rest of the day or week in bed. Feeling the last couple of days, weeks or even months were starting to catch up with her. All the worse. With her hangover coming all at once. “Right” It was something that the Aspects all spoke to each other about. How each of their powers all work in different ways. Some were more complicated than the others. Still she was wishing that Deus would let her off easily so she could go back to the comfort of her own bed to catch up on her sleep. Yet it wasn’t so easy. “You wouldn’t” She half glared back like any siblings would bicker taunting each other but it’s too late and he was already gone. Leaving her no choice. Cora knew that he had a plan of some sort thought of. With a day of sibling catching up or whatever it was. Knowing him he was probably trying to think of a way to give her some sort of intervention but she wasn’t the most easy to corporate for something like that. Trying to avoid it at all costs. It normally was Aureus’s job at giving people intervention since he was the one who was in charge of keeping the guards in line along with Damien. Whilst she took a backseat for it all, preferring to stay in the shadows. Alone with the darkness. Until someone like Deus drags her out. 

Cora took longer getting showered and ready, still in protest almost. Taking her sweet time meeting Deus in his jeep who probably had gotten bored waiting for her. The Raven-haired was confused for a moment as he raised his hand to her forehead, seeing as his eyes were starting to glow. Cora felt her hangover was starting to go away suddenly. Now it didn’t feel like she had needles stabbing into her head. “I forgot you could do that, where have you been the last few months when I’ve needed you” She used sarcastically forgetting how Deus always helped out for killer hangovers. “I don’t know, the stash mostly went between me, Peyton and Abraham” Shrugging her shoulders,, truthfully it’s all been quite a blur. Probably it was down to all the partying and smoking of the pot that's made it all go fuzzy for her. 

Almost on queue she could hear the intervention was starting to come being asked what was going on. “It’s nothing” She lied looking out of the window almost avoiding his judgement and frustrated look that she was used to. “Maybe, who knows. You know me and people don’t mix well. Got to start from somewhere” She laughed softly, thinking that some of the guards were avoiding her thinking they’d end up getting cursed. Cora knew if her powers were to get in the wrong hands half the city could end up getting cursed; it was the same if Malva’s powers were to get out of control too. With all of them being powerful in their own ways. “So where are we going? Are we going to a bar? Club? Or Whiskey place?” She wondered teasing him a little to wind him up. Not knowing where they were going but knew it wouldn’t be a bar like she was hoping for. That he’d be trying to sober her up rather than getting her drunk.

If you asked Deus, he would say he was truly the scariest aspect. Others would disagree, but no one had ever seen his bad side without reason. When one did see his bad side, it was hard for them to look at him the same. It was not a side of himself he liked. So while he spoke to Cora with a brotherly sternness, he was far from losing his cool at that point with her. Deus may even blame himself some as he had been far too caught up in his own world. Yet maybe time away from the manor would help them both clear their heads. After removing her hangover and letting it pass through him. He shot her daggers from the side of his eyes. “Trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the ‘verse.” he said rather annoyed from the hangover he now had but knew it would pass quicker for him.

“Besides I don’t use the power often since taking on too much could kill me and what not.” He gave a light chuckle as the fresh air hit his face causing the hangover to fade. “I am sure I would not have been able to keep up with your partying lately.” He gave her a pointed look for a moment and sigh. “Well Peyton I know, mischievous guard. Who is this Abraham? A new boyfriend of yours?” He asked as he started on the road that led towards the edge of Evermore, towards the Therin woods. As he spoke his gaze would flick between the drive and her. Mainly to gag if she was being honest with him or not.

“I wouldn’t consider partying for what seems like months on end nothing.” He said back with concern in his tone as he looked ahead as he drove. “We are going on a hike, and if I had been a meaner brother I would have left you hungover to sweat it out.” He muttered as he reached in his glove box. “I don’t think a bar is what you need right now. You avoiding your emotions are far more dangerous then it is for most of us aspects.” He spoke pulling out the maps from the glove box as he pulled up to a dirt parking lot and tossing the jeep in park. “Come on.” He said as he got out and took a deep breath in. Opening the map he found the trail he wanted to take. Picking up the bag out of the back of his jeep he always kept there for his random hiking moments.

Lately everything has been like a blur to her. That it’s been like that for too long. Not able to see clearly. Putting it down the downwards spiral that she’d been in for the last few months. So she wouldn’t have to admit out loud what was going on with her and why. So instead she did what she always did to just keep it bottled up till it reaches to the point where she can’t handle it any more. That was somewhere that she wasn’t there yet. It seemed like Virideus wanted to show her the right path, it was something  he had done many times before but she was never as bad as she was right now. “Nothing is going on with me” She lied through her teeth diverting her gaze out of the car window not wanting to meet his disappointing eyes. All of the Aspects knew it all too well of overusing their powers, that's why most choose to not use it often. Being a danger to themselves and others. “I don’t use mine much any more” Yet lately she found herself being drawn to the darkness more and more. A part of her wanted to use her powers on others but she would stop herself. “Don’t even ask me what the day is because I don’t know” To her everyday felt like the same. Spending most of them going out drinking then returning back early hours of the morning then sleeping rest of the day. 

“No he’s not” She quickly shot him down on his question about who Abraham was. Even the word of boyfriend still pained her even though her and Rashesh were never officially together but in her eyes she thought they were but he still left. “He’s just a Dark Diviner who I met a few months ago” Back when she thought the easiest way to stop it all was to go to someone who could make it all go away and for her to forget but she chose not to. Looking out the window she could see they were heading towards the woods not knowing why he was bringing her here. “Why are we heading to the woods?” It was somewhere she’d sometimes take her dog out for a walk but not lately. “I don’t want to talk about it” Sighing a little not ready to let out her problems just yet. “Wait a hike. I don’t even have the proper shoes” She whinged, wanting to go back to the comforts of the manor. “It’s been working for me all fine too now” Cora knew that he was right and she’d been trying to avoid it all. Turning to alcohol and drugs instead. The Aspect waited a few moments so she could sulk a little bit more before exiting the car. “You’ll be owing me a new pair of shoes” Her mind always went back to getting something out of it if she’s forced to do something she doesn’t want to do. “So what way do we go?” Not wanting to get lost in the woods again today. 

Virindeus' dark gaze moved to her and back to the road quickly, “Nothing is going on my ass.” Deus said with a slight annoyed tone mixed with amusement. This wasn’t new to him, his song and dance with Cora always came to him trying to be a good brother. Yet after the years he questioned if he was really that good of a brother. If she continued down such dark paths when left to her own vices. “Wear yourself out with all the things you have cursed in your room?” He questioned wondering if she was low on magical power. “Well I guess that goes for you and myself both. What are days even?” He asked with a chuckle passed his lips.

“Handing out with dark diviners not part of the guard? That is a rather interesting choice. I mean isn’t Bexley dark enough for the Manor halls? Not that she visits often from what I remember.” He muttered out with a raising of her brow. Without skipping a beat he said “The woods is where I find my peace and since I figured you needed some time out of that dark room of yours. Why not the woods?” He questioned back. “Avoidance isn’t going to help your struggle.” He said softly as he looked to her again. “Proper shoes are not you are going to have to suck it up little sister.” He teased her more to do with her height forgetting who was actually older than the others after so many years. “If it's been working so fine, why do you look like hell in a handbasket? You look like you've been run over several times.” He pointed out and then laughed. “You owe me my weed. I think we are even price wise.” 

As he opened the door for her. He placed his bag on his shoulder and then nodded his head. “Up the trail.” He gave her a gentle nudge as he followed behind her with a chuckle seeing how she really didn’t want to do this would only bring him a little more joy. Taking the deep breath in he let out a gentle sigh. He enjoyed nature more than most, yet he was bonded to it in ways others weren’t.

“There’s a long list of others in the manor that needs fixing after me. I’m sure there’s something going on with Malva, there always is” The Aspect put it out there sounding a little bit pessimistic instead of being sarcastic. Cora knew that Deus was only trying to do good how he liked to fix things. He was a fixer. It was who he was but she knew it was challenging at times with how difficult Aspects could all be. “That or the weed” Cora laughed a little. It was his weed that she took, probably along with swiping a few bottles of his booze here and there whilst he locked away in his room. She’d lost count of the days a long time ago. There wasn’t much point in keeping track of the days it would only be a constant reminder for what she’s lost. “Days are for people who aren’t us” She added laughing with Deus. 

“Maybe I just want to be around some other people who aren’t Aspects, guards or someone else whose connected” Cora enjoyed being around Julian’s presence able to feel normal and not the Aspect of Darkness. Who spent most of their time hurled up in their room most of the time.  She’d heard from a guard that Deus spent a lot of time in the woods outside of the manor. It was a little bit surprising that someone who wasn’t a Therian spent so much time in the woods. “Why not the mountains?” She wondered about turning the question back around. Most people liked to hike up the mountains, even the humans to go right up to the top away from everyone and everything. Already was she starting to regret wearing heels with knowing that Deus wouldn’t make it easy for her to finish sobering up. “You try wearing high heels when hiking through the woods” She was complaining already and they’ve barely started knowing that she’d have to ditch the heels and go barefoot at some point. “So weed for the price of going hiking for you?” The Aspect looked a little confused at Deus’s choices of bargaining chips. 

After a few moments of sulking trying to prove a point she was unwilling she got out of the car to the toruture that was to come that was hiking. “Can;t we go somewhere to eat like a bottomless brunch instead?” She wondered turning to look at her brother trying to make excuses and reasons to get out of hiking. Even if it was pointless knowing how driven Deus was at times. 

Deus gave a gentle sigh as he shook his head. “Even after thousands of years we are all still broken people that let the world get to use. I figured we would grow past the human part of ourselves at some point.” He gave a gentle huff to the thought alone that they were all just as if not more broken then first accepting their lots in life. It was hard for him, since he liked to fix things. He wished the fixes were easy like he used to think they were. Yet now he was much more grounded in the things he could and couldn’t fix and trying to help his siblings was always something he could do. “Did you curse them with minor curses? Or are they going to rock someone's world like some of your older ones?” He wondered as he chuckled softly. “The weed is weed and can regrow at the end of the day.” He gave a gentle shake of his head. “Days are important no matter who you are or how long you live, Cora.” He gave her a narrowed gaze.

“I understand not wanting to be around the family all the time. Trust me I get how annoying we are after a thousand something years together.” He said softly as he stared ahead at the trail he wanted to take her. “But if our friends are supporting dangerous habits are they really our friends?” He asked her softly with the most dad glare he had in his arsenal. As they walked he chuckled “will you just let me lead us to where I am trying to lead us? I have spent so much time in the woods and mountains to know where the best spots are.” He shook his head at her knowing he would have to get her new heels but it would serve her right as a punishment for taking his weed. “Pretty sure at one point one of you made me wear heels to prove I could do something.” He tried to remember what it was about. “Pretty sure Argent has a photo of it.” He gave a gentle nod in that moment. “With how much your shoes cost it would work out price wise. Cause I am not buying you a new pair.” His tongue came out towards her. “The hike is to sober you and make you think twice about your self destructive nature.”

Deus moved to pick her up out of the Jeep and closed the door. “Maybe after the hike.” He said as  he placed his hands on her shoulder and made her start walking towards the trail he was taking her down. “Really it's like you don’t remember I am the one that can get Reus out of his room.”

All of the Aspects were all very much different to each other in many ways but they were simpler to each other too at the same time. There are some of her siblings who she’d spend the least amount of time with. For herself she had the least amount of things in common with Aurantia or Argent . With how they were the opposites of each other. They were the light and she was the darkness. Polar opposites but it didn’t mean that they didn’t care for each other just that their powers would feel the effects of it after a while. She’d always been closer with Venetus, Virideus or Aureus but even for her Erytherus was too depressing for her. They all looked out for each other, Cora could see that it was happening for her now. That Virideus was the first to notice that there was something troubling her that she was more cold and aloof than normal. Even if he was a little bit too late for the party but was better late than never. She’s always been a little bit broken even more so lately. “It seems like life doesn’t want us ever to forget our pasts or our old selves” She added, shrugging her shoulders stating a hard truth they all accepted a long time ago with some it being too long than others. 

“I like to have my fun like anyone else” She laughed a little, she too liked to mess with people. Make some entertainment for herself. Cora found it a little amusing as he spoke of days being important with how he’d been spaced from the outside world for weeks. “Says you, Mr Cooped up in his room like a hermit forgetting what day of the month it was let alone week” She mused sarcastically as she took her chance to tease him when he was trying to be serious with her for a moment. 

Cora knew what he was trying to do. That he was trying to guilt trip her all today that it’s the only start of it but she knew that it’s what he does. “Has anyone ever told you that you should be a counselor or someone’s sponsor? '' She thought out loud randomly but it was true. She could see him being a camp counselor, in the outdoors or something like that. The Aspect was trying to take the lead as she was ushered to get going but now he wanted her to fall back. “You don’t want me to end up in the middle of the woods all lost?” That could be something that she’d actually see happening. Still feeling hungover to concentrate on her sense of direction right at this moment. “So this is where you hide out when you're not cooped up in your room or greenhouse?” Pretending to be surprised but she knew a long time ago that he spends a lot of time in the woods then befriending all the plants and wildlife there too. Now she was starting to wish that she’d put on sensible footwear instead of heels but then again she thought they were going out to a bar and not the opposite of hiking in the woods.

It was no secret that she had expensive tastes that she used the money The Aspects have for her own personal pleasure. Making sure she has the latest new high heel or handbag that there is in the market. Soon as Virideus mentioned about the time he was trying to prove a point to them that he could wear heels, she couldn’t help but laugh remembering it. “You wore a pair of my dark red ones but your feet were too big so you were stepping on the back of them. Then you ended up admitting defeat when you nearly broke your ankle” One of the weird happenings there are shared between them all. “In the end you had to buy me a new pair then you were shocked when finding out how much one pair costs. Saying that you could buy so many instead” Cora could see why he was trying to avoid buying her a new pair of heels. She’d only wish he’d taken her out on a walk through the city opposed to the woods that had a weird smell to it and bugs being in her face half the time. “I just want to go back to my bed” Already she was starting to complain and they’ve only just set off. She wasn’t much of an outdoors person these days. Aureus was notorious for being hurled up in his room but she always put it down to him losing track of time with being Aspect of Time and all. “Then I’m the one who gets you out of yours when you find out i’ve stolen your weed” Cora smirked over to the Aspect once again. “How far or how long does it take to get to this sweet spot or wherever it is?” 

Deus let his eyes hang on his sister for a long moment before a gentle smile touched his lips and his arms folded together. “Well if you think about it. Forgetting our past selves would be bad. After all they did make us the people we are today for better or worse.” He said as he thought for a long moment. “If we forgot who we were, we would forget why we were chosen for these important roles. The balance we are meant to be in this crazy world.” He said and then wondered if he was saying it for himself. Trying to boost himself to know they would find balance again. They had too, or the chaos that would ensue. He didn’t want to think of the world being lit ablaze because he and his family failed to save it.

“Have your fun but having it at the detriment to yourself.” He clicked his tongue with a tsk from his lips. “That is nonsense and we both know it. And you are well old enough to know that self detonating isn’t the way to go. Just cause you look young and all doesn’t mean you get to act young.” He sighed for a moment as she turned it back on him even in a teasing manner he was ashamed of himself. “I guess I am old enough also. Though I would say me locking myself away is far less destructive than you cursing everything in the manor.”

He chuckled at her as he walked for a moment. “I  prefer to be the old sage that others seek out in their time of need. Or I show up like a creepy garden gnome to give my sage advice and scare the shit out of some people.” He chuckled at the thought and then wondered to himself if he could turn himself into a garden gnome.  “Well since you could turn into a dragon I am sure you would get unlost rather quickly if you truly wanted.” He chuckled towards her as they made their way up the trail now finally on their way after her much pouting. “I mean this is the place I feel the most at home.” he said softly looking at the wildlife around them. 

Deus laughed along with her at the memory and shook his head. “They were something. That was something for sure.” He chuckled softly. “Think that was the turning point when Ery fell madly in love with me.” He pushed against her softly as they walked beside each other. “Even with a broken ankle they made my legs look good.” He pretended he was walking in heels next to her for a moment and chuckled at her. “Well it makes no sense that something you walk in costs so much! Like what do those torture devices cost so much?” He shook his head at the thought returning to the flat of his feet her complaining doing nothing to him as he moved slinging his arm around her shoulders as he took a sharp turn with her and pushed passed a few branches and there they were on the edge of a cliff with the roar of a waterfall with a deep lake below. He stopped and took a deep breath in then started to undress.

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