Virindeus wasn’t the best at keeping up with how long he would lock himself away in his room. Yet this time it came after his favorite plant had exploded trapping Reus and himself in his memories hall. After getting their way out Deus dove back into his work on studying his plants. Trying to see what had happened to cause the darkness that took Fern from him. He hated the hollow feeling in his chest as he reached to pull off his glasses. No answers seem to be easy to find for the life aspect.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed as he got up from his lab set and moved out of his room. It was dark outside, looking down the halls they seemed relatively empty. So he took a couple of steps to make his way out to his greenhouse. He needed a good smoke and his crop should be perfectly ready to be picked and grinded down. As he walked into the green house he heard the song of the plants welcoming him. Giving the tired face a gentle smile. “Hello my beautiful bunch.” 

He called out and moved to where his weed plants were stopping dead in his tracks as there was nothing left on them. “The Hell?” He questioned aloud and when they responded to him ‘dark hair woman with red lips harvest us’ Deus gave out a growl and turned around making his way back into the manor down the halls until he was in front of Cora door.

He raised his fist and started banging on the door, “DAMMIT CORA! WHY ARE YOU TAKING MY WEED WHEN YOU KNOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!” He was angry but more so angry because he was tired and he felt like he hadn’t slept in days not knowing that in fact it had been a month and a half since he had left his room.

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“I guess we all have a hate love relationship with our pasts. Like you said it’s not going to go away, we just have to live with it” One good thing that did come from it all is that they found each other and became who they are for it. All of them are forever thankful for that. Each of them balanced each other out for the better. “You make it sound like we are the avengers” She joked referencing some movie series she was forced to watch but secretly enjoyed. The Aspect of Darkness was known to head down to downward spirals. It was almost a regular occurrence to happen once every century give or take. Depending on how strong the pull of the darkness was or if it was mentally. Right now it was a bit of both. The Aspect was feeling mentally drained to say the least. Feeling that she was all over the place these days. It was no secret that she wasn’t herself, that she was much colder than usual. Her light had dispareded with the darkness taking over. Cora knew that she had to find herself once again. Just she didn’t know how to do it or if she was ready for it. Finding it easy to just stay out all night, partying or smoking Virideus’s weed. Doing all of the wrong things instead of doing what was right. Not having someone around her that was level headed to guide her out of her downward spiral. Yet she had an idea that it may not be lasting forever if Virideus was in one of his good counselor moods. 

Cora rolled her eyes and huffed a little as he spoke of her knowing better that she wasn’t young anymore. “You can speak for yourself, at least I don’t have grey hairs yet” Glaring a little getting a little bit defensive like how siblings are. Almost pointing out to how there were more grey hairs these days in Virideus’s beard then there were black along with some in his hair too. Whilst for her, her hair was pure raven black with no grey hairs in sight. She knew that for sure. “I do feel worse because of my hangover these days” Somehow when getting old she's felt worse after a long night out. When she was in her self destructive moods it was like all hell had broken out. People would know to stay out of her way if they knew and were good. It has happened more often lately. 

“If you want I can always ask Malva to turn you into one, you know she loves to turn people into different things” She raised her brows to him and shrugged her shoulders. thinking it was a good idea yet she knew right now Malva’s powers were a bit all over the place. That there could be a possibility that it would be a permanent fix although she wasn’t going to tell him that. Cora rolled her eyes to Eyes as he was trying to contract her. “Shhh I’m still hungover” Complaining a little even if it's true she’d forgotten the fact that she was a dragon and could easily fly away. It had been a while since she’s transformed into her dragon form. She hadn’t done it in a long time. Another thing saying that she wasn’t all okay. “Even more than your greenhouse or the garden’s back at home?” She wondered while looking around. Herself not being the biggest fan of the woods. It was a bit creepy for her then all the bugs that were all around. Feeling safer on level ground with not being attacked by bugs or hanging branches or tripping over something. 

From an outsider's view it would seem that they were very crazy and weird but they were like any other normal family with strange antics. Some were a bit more strange than others. “To be honest when Ery is drunk he would be able to fall in love with anything” She laughed, shaking her head, finding it amusing. “Remember how after you let me shave your legs as you liked showing them off so much” She giggled a little watching as the Aspect was trying to pretend he was in high heels, strutting a little trying to get the posture right. Making a right fool of himself in the process but he’d managed to make her laugh for the first time in a long time. Most men couldn’t see the whole idea of high heels and why women like her were obsessed with them. “I like wearing high heels, if i’m not wearing them it feels weird” Always needing something with a heel on them unless she was off training or exercising. Yet she’s found that she’s been able to kick ass whilst wearing heels, acting almost like another weapon. Making her extra dangerous to her opponent. “Wait till you see my heel collection, you might have a mini heart attack” Teasing him a little adding another slight shopping obsession. Nearly she was heading the wrong way till Deus steered her onto the path where they reached the edge of a cliff, seeing a waterfall right underneath. She was surprised to see one right here in the woods expecting to see ones being near the mountains or at the base of the mountains. “I see you’ve been keeping this waterfall a secret from all of us” She mused, teasing him about how he wanted to keep this all to himself. Cora noticed that he was starting to get undressed knowing that he was going to do it. Jump off the cliff into the waterfall like anyone crazy enough to do. Yet for her she had other ideas, thinking of ways she could talk herself out of doing it. It had been a while since she jumped into a waterfall. Forgetting how to do it but she wasn’t going to let him into the secret. “What do I tell you that I don’t want to get my hair wet?” Yet sensing that he’d still push her off the cliff either way. 

Deus gave a smirk as he gave a shrug of his shoulders. “Wouldn’t be the worst thing being an avenger.” He teased her as he ran his fingers along his jawline slowly. “Don’t want to get matching uniforms? Oh! An A shape building! Ailwards Avangers we are meant for this.” He enjoyed the small smiles he was bringing out of her even if it was just for brief moments. He knew he was doing well enough to get her mind off whatever darkness was invading her senses more than normal. The frigid air around her was still a thick cloud though. It was going to take longer than he cared to admit to chip that away. He planned to stay with her, and help her through it once again. Even though Deus wasn’t the leader of the aspects he tries to be the best supportive member for his sibling.

Deus gave a roll of his eyes looking at her with an easy smirk. “You know something, I had the Grey’s before I became an aspect. So really it's the fault of those who gave us these powers for not making me younger. Think the aspect of life would not be some dusty old man.” He laughed out loudly into the forest. “Probably because you are overdoing it in your self-destructive nature. You probably go beyond your old limits because you know them. So your body just has to get used to it all over again. Down side of the mortal tendencies.” He gave a smirk to her as he bumped her softly.

“Malva has enough on her plate.”  Deus said without staying on the topic too much. Since this hike was about Cora not their other siblings. “Yeah yeah well hangovers are the body's way to remove the toxins. So really you deserve the hangover and me annoying you.” He stuck his tongue out at him and smirks. An easy smirk came to his lips. “The greenhouse holds a lot of my precious friends. Something about the woods though, holds a great comfort to me.” He chuckled as he took in the fresh air.  He watched her look around, “You know they are all more scared of you, then you are of them.”  He teased her.

“So I am just anything now huh? Ery and I had something special.” Placing a hand over his heart and pretending it was broken. “Ah yes the shaving of the legs, such a strange concept even to this day to me.” He shivered at the thought of doing so again. Taking in her laugh he gave her an easy smile. “I like your laugh, it was always so joyous to me.” He smiled softly at her. “Well you do make the heels work better than I ever could.” He gave a shrug. “Being able to fight in them is the true talent.” He chuckled softly to her. “If you have less then I think you have is when I will have a heart attack.” He gave a self assured nod.

Deus looked to the waterfall for a long moment. “We all have our secret places to keep us sane.”  He smiled at her, “Though this was a more recent development.”  He smirked at her for a moment. “Hair dries. Come on. Let loose and have fun. It's been a long time.” He nudged her towards the edge for a moment.

As soon as she mentioned the word Avengers, Cora wished that she hadn’t. Forgetting what men are like as soon as Marvel, Star Wars or things like that were mentioned. They would go on a tangent. Cora stopped to look at him with her arms crossed shaking her head in disbelief. “Don’t you even think about it” Quickly shooting down his ideas to turn them into the Avengers. “It’s a big no to the matching uniforms those outfits in Endgame were hideous” Something she’s complained of ever since she’d watched the movie. “Maybe we're a bit more like The Umbrella Academy apart from you know being in love with our siblings and all” It’s one of her favourite shows that has a family just as crazy and disfunctional as them. It actually made them seem almost normal. 

Luckily for her she kept her raven dark hair and looks. Since when she became an Aspect she was only young, not as old as her other adopted siblings. “I guess the world is full of surprises, if you really wanna hide the greys I can always hide the greys and dye your hair for you” She offered knowing that he’ll quickly say no. Yet she did like grey even if she won’t admit it not wanting to boost his ego. She was still stuck in her downward spiral. All that seemed to help was alcohol which was not good. “I don’t see how easy it is for Erytherus, Dominic or even Damien” Sighing a little. “Couldn’t you have just annoyed me back at home rather than dragging me out in the woods” Rolling her eyes at his teasing. “I’ll remember if I can’t find you at the manor or in your greenhouse to look in the woods” Cora could see how already happier he was now they were in the woods. It was a lot quieter and peaceful than she was used to.  “I like seeing them run away as soon as they see me heading their way” She laughed, always finding it amusing. 

“Please” She rolled her eyes to him once again knowing he was only saying it to annoy her. “Shaving is a lot less painful than waxing, trust me”  Trying to scare him off even more. She was taken back almost to the point that he randomly said that he liked her laugh. “Thanks” She smiled back at him. It was very rare when she wasn’t in heels even though her boots all had a heel of some sort. “It takes a lot of skill” Laughing with him knowing that he always makes a comment whenever he sees her fighting in heels.  

Cora could see what he was trying to do and it was working. Trying to distract her from her problems and be her old self and not so self destructive. She’s missed this. Missed spending time with her brother. Everyone was all busy with thier own lives and problems but here he was trying to save and help her. Cora stood there at the edge of the cliff watching, giving in to his pleas. “Okay, okay fine” Laughing softly shaking her head giving in before he would have to beg. The Aspect took off her heels that had seen better days not wanting to get them wet. Just as Deus had his back turned to her, she took her chance and pushed him off the cliff into the waterfall for the fun of it. She waited and watched his reaction before jumping in after him. 

When Cora turned on her heel quickly to get him to stop talking about them being the Avengers all he could do was chuckle for a moment before holding up his hands to show he was surrendering when it came to being the Avengers. “Alright, Alright. No matching uniforms.” As she talked about the umbrella academy he gave a chuckle, “well let's not say there hasn’t been some sibling cross over in our time. Things got lonely before, though it was more likely we would seek out a guard to make our nights less lonely.” He gave a chuckle as he lowered his hand. “Though I guess the point is dysfunction is in our DNA at this point.”

Virindeus gave an easy shrug of his shoulder for a moment, “It’s not overly something I worry about, I still look good with the grays.” He gave a slight flex as they started to walk once again. He gave a little sigh as she started to talk about her downward spiral, “Well let's be real they were all born to be in a spiral and survive, it's their nature.” He gave an easy shrug and then gave a wicked grin. “Oh lets be real you wouldn’t have listened to me at home. You're so shrouded in darkness back at the manor. This way you are clearing your head and not stuck in the darkness of your room.” He gave her a sideways glance. He could feel the darkness pulsing in her even out here.

“This is my happy place.” He gave a gentle breath out before taking a deep breath in of the nature around them. “Most animals are like that, since I can talk to them, they often hang around but only when I am alone.” with a chuckle he gave a shrug to her. “Waxing may hurt more but it also lasts longer.” He pointed out, “So in a way they are both painful.” he pointed out with a soft chuckle before giving her a gentle nod. “I don’t hear it often, it's nice to hear.”  hoping that wouldn’t be the case forever. Even though she hated the idea of this hike, she seemed happier already despite the complaining.

As he stood there he looked over the edge readying himself before he felt her small hands on her back and with a push she had him off the cliff he spread his arms letting out a hoot before angling himself to enter the water and hang under the weather for a moment before swimming to the surface with a laugh. Watching her as she jumped in cheering her one as she made her way down.

Cora was quick to cut him off from saying any more before it would be too late. After having to listen and watch said movies and shows. Who knew there were so many marvel movies. Well she didn’t until she had to sit through a whole Marvel marathon just because she wanted to watch the second new Spiderman then was told she had to watch all of the others to underand what happened in Endgame. Never again the Aspect Swore. The only thing kept her going was Captain America. Luckily for her Deus knew too well not to say anymore. With how easily the Aspect of Darkness gets annoyed, especially late. Many people would say she was a walking bomb that could explode at any time. Cora nodded her head with Deus as he spoke of how over the time there had been a sibling fling but not in either of their lifetimes. “That is true it did used to get lonely over time” Espcially when they lived in secluded places where there weren’t that choose of people to find to have some sort of company when one is lonely. Cora was sure that every one of her siblings had slept with a guard before even if it were too quick to dismiss it rather than admit. 

Her darkness was something that was complicated to least. It was hard to explain to someone who wasn’t her. It was a part of her and always will be. Their powers worked in mysterious ways. They all dealt with it in different ways.  “Everyone likes being hurled up in their rooms” Sometimes one would spend days or weeks in their rooms. In reality it should be something that's quite alarming but was normal behaviour for them.  “Or is this your way of punishing me for stealing your weed?” She laughed teasing him. Looking over to Deues she could see how happy he was standing out in the woods. Surrounded by nature. It was the same way that he was when he was in his greenhouse. “I can see that now” Smiling supportedtly choosing to stop complaining about being dragged out in the woods against her will almost. Cora was intrigued about how he spoke of talking to animals, something she always wondered how it works. “So when they can talk to you it’s like when you talk to humans. Can you have a normal conversation?” Making her wonder even more. “So then do you speak to my dog? That's my main question” It seemed a weird or crazy thing to say, But crazy was their middle name. 

They now reached the end of the first part of the hike. The waterfall. Cora could see that Deus was taking his sweet time choosing to take matters in her own hands before he would throw her in first. Soon as she pushed him off the cliff into the waterfall, Cora could see how he spread his arms and made a sort of noise. “Show off” The Aspect laughed and scoffed, shaking her head at him. Cora took off after him before he would call her chicken. Jumping off the cliff she could feel the adrenaline rush that everyone spoke off. The wind in her hair then to the coldness of the water as she hit it. “Christ it’s cold… I thought it would be heated or something” 

✧ Something's Not Right ✧
Being the aspect of Life he sometimes felt like the aspect of Love himself. He was all about the experiences life carried so he would be the first to admit who he had been with and not be shy of it. Yet he knew that not all the siblings were like him. A lot of them liked to keep their affairs private unless it concerned the others for whatever reason. He tried his best to respect that, unless it came to one of them turning to self destructive habits. Only then would he feel the need to step in and offer his all to willing helpful hands.

He would admit he felt like he lucked out in the aspect department, being the aspect of life had little drawbacks in his opinion. He could see the weight upon Cora and Erythreus, their powers affected them differently. “That is because the rooms are our safe place, the place where we could all be a weird selves without judgment. Especially when you live in a home with what…60 people going in and out of it on the regular?” He chuckled softly, their manor was really more of a hotel for them and the other guards. “Oh the walk to ruin your heels was your punishment for the weed, but this fresh air and view is to remind you how beautiful the world is.” He knew others forgot how beautiful the plant was being locked up in their rooms.

His gaze drifted around to the random things of life that were padding their way through the forest as the air drifted the crisp scent of autumn that brought a comfort about it. “Yes, its the same with plants for me. All are normal conversations to me. They speak to me and I talk back to them.” His eyes tore back over to the raven haired sister of his. “I’m sorry, since when do you have a dog?!” had he been locked in his room that lock he had missed a new member joining the mansion. “Well now I have so much to ask the pup. Like how does Cora sleep at night.” he teased her with an easy laugh.

The free fall into the water was a crisp chill that rocked his body, as he came up for air and he laughed out as she came up shortly after him. “This isn’t a hot spring, Cora. Besides, the cold water is good for your skin and makes you look younger.” he teased her as he floated on his back for a moment. “Bet you feel more alive though, huh?” he asked with a smile on his older looking face. He looked the oldest out of the aspects, which he didn’t mind. Made him feel like the cool hip dad sometimes. “Wanna go again?” he asked with a smirk on his face, “Could break out those dragon wings and go back up on the cliff.” He suggested as his eyes started to glow.

It was no secret that she’d been struggling to cope lately. Cora knew it herself that she was falling into bad habits that she thought she put past her hundreds of years ago. Yet she felt she was right back into it. All of her feelings and emotions were all over the place. It was all too much for her to take. All of the hard work was undone all because of a broken heart. Cora thought she was better than this. That she wouldn’t let herself fall for somebody. It only ended in heartbreak but she was foolish and love struck without knowing how she felt until it was too late and he was gone. Letting her have a breakdown. Falling into bad habits. It was often that every once in a while one of the Aspects would break. Now it seemed lately with all that’s happened to them in the past few years it was happening more and more. Each of them coped in different ways. Cora knew that Virideus would respect her privacy and wouldn’t pry any more than he needed to. Each of The Aspects understood and respected each other to give them the space and time to snap out of it. Cora could see what Viridues was trying to do. Giving Intervention. Yet she was a very stubborn person who would make it even more difficult to say the least. 

Cora nodded her head listening as he spoke of their rooms being their safe heaves. A place where they felt safe. Some more than others. “I don’t really take much notice of the guards” Maybe it was because many seem to avoid going anywhere close to her or her room at that. They all knew to stay well, especially lately. None of them would dare to get the wrong side of her.  Soon as Deus admitted walking and ruining her heels was punishment for the weed she stole. She to look at him rolling her eyes. She should have known. Yet he did have a point of bringing her out for fresh air and to show her somewhere other than her room was good for her. “Evermore is still not the most beautiful place in the world” The Aspect misses back to when it was easier to go travelling. All the places she went to with Julian on their adventures. Back then things were much simpler and happier.  

Each of their gifts were different from one and another. Some were more complex than others. “So you're never alone huh?” She mused softly to think of Deus speaking to plants and animals like he would with another person. Yet she could see and understand the tactical and advantage part of it. Cora was surprised seeing how shocked her brother was to find out that she had a dog. She was sure that he would have met the pup sometime. “Dawn. She's a miniature goldendoodle” The little ball of fluff that was like her mother with an attitude problem. “Cora doesn’t sleep much” Especially lately. “Now you know about Dawn you can be on uncle duty and dog sit. You have some catching up to do” Cora joked yet she was serious at the same time. She may or may not give Dawn to any random Guard member to look after. 

The water was refreshing yet cold at the same time. She did enjoy the adrenaline rush. Wanting to feel it again. “I look good for my age, you're the one who's greying” She teased back. “Or for the hangover to be nearly completely gone” Yet she still would choose his powers over jumping into cold water. The water wasn’t so bad now with her body already starting to adapt to the coldness. It would be better in the middle of summer rather than winter. Soon as he mentioned going again and using their dragon wings she couldn’t help but grin, already starting to feel excited thinking about it. “Really?” Surprised that he would suggest it first. Cora had already started to swim away to the bank, already climbing out. “Come on, I’ll race you?” Smiling widely for the first time in a long time she felt happy more like her old self all thanks to her annoying yet caring brother who knew how to help without pressuring or lecturing her.   

✧ Something's Not Right ✧
Virindeus himself had a horrible time when it came to the subject of love, his heart so open to one and all finding himself never being enough for one person because he would always spread his attention to all around him. He never wanted anyone to feel unloved or alone because he knew the feeling all too well. So he recognized the pain she had the moment the door opened. Maybe that was the real driving force he wanted to get her out and show her she wasn’t alone. Though he was sure that she would rather be with whoever broke her heart, they probably wouldn’t make her hike in heels as a punishment. Maybe they were all getting too old for this, being aspects. They had to pass the torch at some point? Right? He wondered in his thoughts for a moment.

Virindeus gave a slight chuckle past his lips “Let's be real the guards have turned more into family then guards as of late. After the fall the separation fell aside completely even for the strongest willed of us.” He had taken her meaning in a different way then she meant it. “No, it's not the most beautiful place in the world. But it's one of the most beautiful places in Evermore.” He thought of all their Traveling as a unit, and how they had visited places together. “I will say when we were in the Amazon, that had to be my favorite.” The feeling of all that life around him made him feel on edge and alive all at once. It was to find an artifact as a group because of how long they had to be away but it was the most beautiful place to him.

“I wouldn’t say I was never alone, I feel lonely even with people, animals, and plants all around me. Such is human nature and emotions. The room could be filled but loneliness lingers. I get in my own feelings and head often.” He commented before clearing his throat, he often didn’t let others know that about him. It was easier being happy go lucky aspect that lived life to the fullest. Not allowing others to see past that mask often unless they hurt his siblings or truly pissed him off. “How did I manage to miss an adorable goldendoodle around?” he mumbled to himself, finding out who killed his favorite plan had really swallowed him whole. “We could have brought her on the hike.” An easy smile came to his face. “Don’t leave Dawn with me too much I may turn her against you.” he gave his best villain laugh.

Virindeus chuckled as he looked to the sky for a moment as the sun beat down on them, “I wonder if the gray is because of whatever is daring to plague Evermore. Feels like the earth is dying around me sometimes and it feels like it's taking a physical toll on me.” He admitted out loud with a sigh. He gave an easy smile, he couldn’t remember the last time any of them had shifted into their dragon form. “Yes, we should fly every now and then.” He laughed as he moved with her towards the bank as she raced him. Once on shore he gave her an easy smile before shifting into his dragon form as his eyes turned green, as his staff that was a necklace around his neck glowed also until he was a green dragon. A gentle huff left him as he licked the air feeling more alive then he had in a long time. Once she had turned he would take off towards the cliff edge.

All of them have been to hell and back. It made them the strong willed and resilient people they were today. They’ve all had to face their own battles, still some of them are still facing them now. She was one of them. Lately all of the pain she had pushed away was coming back to the surface. All because she allowed herself to have her heartbroken by someone. All of it was triggered once more. The only thing she didn’t know was how to get out of it on her own. She’s been trying to deal with it all by herself.  Until now. Early this afternoon she was ready to shut the door on Virideus’s face, so she could go back and wallow in self pity. Yet she didn’t. She thought to, wanted to but she knew that Virideus would still drag her out either way. Having no choice but to sober up and try to clear her head. Still she could feel the darkness from within her, making her right wrist tremble a little. It’s been happening more often lately. She used her left hand to grab and stop her right twist to keep it steady and for it to stop. Not wanting for Virideus to notice but knowing him he could already see the signs of her powers and darkness is all over the place. 

“You know me I go through guards like there is no tomorrow” Shrugging her shoulders a little. “But you're right, they are starting to become more like family. One of us” Even if she had been distancing herself from everything and everyone lately. Cora loved to travel. Seeing and going to different places. It was how she had met Julian, who was a close friend of hers. Then she’s seen the world with the Aspects too. Of course Virideus loved the Amazon Rainforest, remembering back to how much he loved it all. “I did want to leave you in the Amazon Rainforest. You could have lived with the tribes there but Aureus told me no. That we couldn’t leave you” She mused softly making her remember back to old times. “You should watch documentaries with David Attenborough, that’ll keep you hooked forever” Somebody who loved nature, wildlife and all that as much as he did. 

The conversation was starting to get deep again but this time it wasn’t her. Cora knew that Viridues was quite a private person when it came to feelings. Putting others' problems in front of his own like he had been doing with her today. “You always have me. My door is always open. We get to see each other on our darkest days and we’re reminded that we’re never alone. We face it all together” She reassured softly, giving him a heart to heart. All of them would do anything for each other. Dawn was an adorable puppy but a little terror too. “Says the one who's been hurled in in their greenhouse for weeks and months at a time” Her voice filled with sarcasm still making a dig at his time management lately. “Dawn probably already hates me so…” Part of her knew that Dawn had sensed that someone was missing. Thinking it was true of how pets picked up on things. 

Cora noticed how he looked up to the sky following suit seeing how he was right and how the sky was turning more grey lately. Only and spotting it now. All of them had a bad feeling about something happening within the city but nothing was clear yet. “We all feel our own elements and when one is unbalanced too” Able to see he was growing concerned. Back when they used to live in the Isle of Skye they would fly in their dragon forms quite often. There was much more privacy when they lived where. No prying eyes. Here in Evermore it was more difficult, they had to be careful to keep their identities a secret. Especially since Dragons are presumed to be extinct many thousands of years ago. “I hope my wings aren’t too rusty” She teased, laughing along with him. Cora went up ahead of him. They always liked to see who could beat each other first. Cora looked over at him and both of them had smiles on their faces. Excited to turn into their dragon forms. She followed suit. Her staff she always kept around her wrist was twisted round and round in the shape of a snake, it was glowing as she was changing. Her eyes had turned black as she took her form of a black dragon.  Cora took off as Deus was still shifting, already flying ahead of him. She was already going around the mountains and back around. Flying so swiftly, it was all coming back to her. Making her forget how much she missed flying.

✧ Something's Not Right ✧
“We all go through guards but there tends to be one that likes to hang around us more than the others.” He said but he was sure that the guards were rotating because having the ability of Darkness weighed heavily on them in different ways. “Though I am sure that all the missions they are having to go on as of late is making it hard to keep one by our sides.” He gave another option on why the guards rotated from being her personal guard. “Maybe not having dedicated guards would make the familiarity less.” Though he doubted it, because if he was being honest after losing so many guards in the fall it made the few they have left from that time feel more special. “To be real, if you would have left me, I would have just kept having the best time of my life. I guess I should be mad at Aureus for not letting me live my Rainforest dreams.” He chuckled softly at the memories. Though he knew that the reason was because if they were away from each other he would have died. “I am not one for television but maybe sometime you can tie me down and get me hooked.” Offering the chance for them to hang out together.

Virindeus' hand came to Cora holding it for a gentle moment as he chose to share his own pain. “I am not used to being one to bare my own burdens, maybe I should do it more often.” He felt the tears in his eyes but they didn’t spill over not because he was holding them back but there wasn’t overly a needle to cry. “I will try to come to you, we can be each other's platonic anchors among the siblings.” He said with a bump of an elbow to hers. “I seriously doubt she hates you.” He glared at her with a brotherly seriousness. “If you show her love, she loves. you. She may just know you are hurting and isn’t sure how to help depending how young she is.”

Balance, the only thing the aspects were meant to do was keep balance in the world. Yet it seemed like they were failing at doing so. “It feels like they are all out of balance lately.” He was worried that he was the only one that felt it. Being able to let their Dragon sides out and play was needed. Maybe the guards and the aspects should travel to the mountains and spend a few days in their dragon form and regain a sense of family. Being able to stretch his wings makes him feel alive for the first time in a while. Shaking his head in his green dragon form watching her turn into the beautiful black dragon she was, he smirked mentally taking off.

Flapping his wings trying to gain on her, giving a loopy loop in the air as they made their way to the top of the cliffs they had dove off of. As he got closer he would shrink in sides so that he could shift back into his human form easily landing on his feet in one swift moment. He looked over his shoulder to the cliff edge. Doing a backflip off he would land back in the water. After. A few times of jumping into the water and returning to the cliff edge. Allowing a few hours of them to just laugh and have a good time he settled his wet body among the dirt and felt the forest around them breathing. It brought comfort into his soul. “I think I needed this more than you.” He said with a soft laugh before letting out a huff. “Guess we should get back to the Manor, I am sure I have missed a few mission updates.” He said with a tone of sadness. “I need to check on the weed shop also.” He found himself on his feet again. “Ready?”

One of the reasons why she liked the times when she didn’t have a guard was that it made it easier for her to leave the manor grounds without being seen. Where she didn’t have to have anyone prying or wanting to know her whereabouts. The Aspect has always been one of the more secluded ones. Her own inner circle was small of people who she trusts or knows the real her. Not the cold darkening facade she puts on. “I just haven’t found a personal guard who I click with as much lately” She shrugged casually. Her favourite guard in the past few decades she had lost during the collapse of the isle of skye. Since then she’s been through personal guards like there’s no tomorrow. One of them being she was quite picky with who she trusts and the other being there’s not many guards who would volunteer or be crazy enough to say yes. Being Aspect of Darkness isn’t all that welcoming. “How do you know you’ve been cooped up in your room for weeks” Still she wasn’t going to let him forget about his blip of being cooped up like a hermit. Too she thought it was strange how the more busier and stressed the guards were as of lately. Still they were all unsure what danger they were all looking for. All was still unexplained which was all so puzzling for them. 

Deus was like a kid in a candy shop in the amazon rainforest or any place with nature at that. Cora knew and understood why, it’s where he feels 100% at peace and in control in nature, it’s where all his power comes from. “Maybe one day until then you can live it through watching all of David Attenbrough’s Planet Earth Documentaries” She mused, trying not to let it come out too sarcastic. “I’ll choose the program, that will have to be the deal” Not wanting to watch something she didn’t like, she’s already suffered enough of that in the past. 

She gave his hand a gentle squeeze listening as he was opening up a little bit. “I’ll be here for you when you do” Smiling softly, the Aspects were the family that she never had before. They all had each other and always will. All of them were connected for all their lives. Cora couldn’t help but laugh as Deus mentioned them being platonic anchors within their other siblings but she liked the idea of it. “It’s a deal” It would be better than being stuck with Erythreus which would make the most sense but her and Erytherus were a little bit too dark even for her. It could be one of the reasons why Dawn was acting out but she didn’t want to admit it. “It could be” She looked down not wanting him to see the emotion in her eyes as she remembered her own heartbreak she was still reeling and feeling. Maybe Dawn was missing her Dad too. 

“We’ll have to all come together and put our heads together” It was easier said than done. It could explain why they were all feeling a little bit unhinged lately. Always feeling un at ease. She’s missed being her dragon form. Forgetting to let that side of her out. All of the feelings came about soon as she transformed into her black dragon form. It’s so freeing, feeling the fresh air on her wings stretched out. It made her smile forgetting how they all loved flying in their dragon forms with each other. Something they’ve not done in a long time. Back in Isle of Skye it was all different but here in Evermore they had to keep themselves more hidden. As they flew in the sky both of them performed their own tricks. One of their favourites was a figure of eight. She was elegant even in her dragon form. Cora couldn’t help but roll her dragon eyes watching Deus playing the game of quickly changing to his human form to cliff dive then back and forth. She found herself giving in and joining him in the cliff diving not wanting him to have all the fun.  

A few hours of fun in the skies and in the water was how they spent their afternoon. Her heavy head from the long night was gone and so were her own worries and headache was gone too for a while. “We have to get back to reality” It was nice getting away from it all for a while. “Yeah sorry about that again” She’d be cutting down her weed habits not wanting to cut it out completely. To have it when she wants it rather than relying on it being an easy fix for her problems. “I’m ready” Picking up her heels from the side, giving in and going barefoot back home. 

✧ Something's Not Right ✧
Her voice, always layered with a blend of sarcasm and sincerity, was like a comforting shadow that contrasted beautifully with his vibrant aura. He watched her as she spoke, noting the subtle hints of vulnerability beneath her guarded exterior. “Cora, you’ve always been more particular than the rest of us,” he began with a gentle smile, his eyes sparkling with a light that seemed to emanate from within. “Finding the right guard is like finding the perfect tree in a forest; it takes time, but it’s worth the effort.” He squeezed her hand back, drawing strength from their shared bond. “As for my weeks of hermitage, I suppose even the Aspect of Life needs a break from time to time. Though, I think your point stands—perhaps I’ve neglected my duties of late.” He chuckled softly, the sound reminiscent of a babbling brook, light and soothing.

When she mentioned David Attenborough’s documentaries, Deus’s laughter grew. “Planet Earth it is then. I’d never deny you the choice of program. Besides, watching the wonders of nature, even through a screen, is a close second to being there. We’ll make it a ritual, something to look forward to amidst the chaos.” He noticed her gaze drop, the flicker of pain in her eyes not lost on him. “Cora,” he said softly, his voice carrying a weight of empathy, “we all carry our scars. Dawn’s behavior might be more complex than we can fathom, but together, we’ll find a way to reach her.”

Deus felt a surge of determination. “You’re right, we need to unite. Our strength lies in our unity. And perhaps it’s time we let our dragons fly more often. There’s a freedom in the skies that we’ve denied ourselves for too long.” Their afternoon of flying and cliff diving was invigorating. The simple joy of transforming and feeling the wind beneath their wings reminded him of the importance of these moments. Even as Cora’s eyes rolled at his antics, he could sense her enjoyment.

As they began their walk back, he felt lighter, the burdens of their responsibilities momentarily lifted. “Reality can wait a bit longer,” he said, echoing her sentiment but with a playful tone. “And Cora, I don’t mind sharing my weed when asked.Just promise you’ll rely on us more. We’re here for each other, always.” With that, he walked beside her, their bond unspoken but deeply understood, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them back at the manor.

Deus chuckled softly, his vibrant green eyes twinkling with mischief as he glanced at his sister. "You know, Cora, there's something to be said for finding joy in the little things, like sneaking out without a guard. But maybe it's time to find someone you can trust again. Even the Aspect of Darkness deserves a little light in her life." He leaned back, feeling the connection they shared. "I've been cooped up, yes, but I always know when you need me. Besides, David Attenborough is a decent substitute for the real thing—if you let me choose the episodes." Her gentle squeeze warmed his heart. "We'll figure this out together, Cora. We always do." He grinned at the thought of their dragon flights, a rare freedom they both cherished. "Next time, let's not wait so long to fly. It's good for the soul."

As they made their way back, he noticed her hesitation. "Cutting back is a start. You know I'm here, whenever you need me. Let's get back to reality, but don't lose sight of the moments that make it all worthwhile." There was a much needed talk that needed to happen with all the aspects, space has crept between them. Balance was thrown off because all of them had been lost in their own problems since the fall. “We need to all come together and find our balance again.” his jeep not far now, what started as a session to scold his sister turned into a bonding session they very much needed.

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