Svetlana felt a rage within her that she had only felt the day she was a witness to her fathers death. She could still remember how good it felt to kill each and every last rogue in the building before she escaped; claiming what had always rightfully belonged to her; Freedom. Even though the Nephilim had gained her freedom, she still lived the life of a prisoner. She had never been comfortable in her own skin, and she knew she wasn't like the others in her faction; in fact, Svet despised a big part of them and refused to reach out to the rest of her kind. Nephilim's were light species. But the darkness continued to grow in Svet's heart, making her less and less capable of even wanting to try being a part of her faction.

Svetlana knew she had to reach out to the ambassador sooner or later. But, she simply didn't want to. After recent events, her heart had only closed off even more. She'd been laid up in bed, crippled by heartbreak and frankly, saw no reason to even try anymore. Using what strength she had left, Svet rose from her laying position and slowly made her way to the bathroom for a shower. An hour later, the Nephilim departed a fogged up steamy room, rumbling through her wardrobe to find an attire for today's plans. She hadn't left ever since Zephyr left, so getting some fresh air was very much needed. She needed nothing more right now than to just find a quite place out of the place they'd made so many memories in.

Every time she left though, she was on someone's radar. The new generation of rogues were much more powerful, and they were smarter. It seemed that they knew when Svetlana was going some where alone. They even knew where she worked. The nightmare of her being attacked in her and Dominic's club had replayed in her mind over and over  again, torturing her, shaking her to her very core. Through gritted teeth, the Nephilim shook her head, slamming her door shut behind her and locking up before catching a cab over to where Cornelia resided. The ride was short, considering Svet didn't live far from the ambassador. Her nerves had gotten the best of her on the way over though, making it hard for her to place one foot in front of the next. 

Reluctantly, Svet made her way to the door, giving it a gentle knock before turning her back to it, shifting nervously from one foot to the other, sweat beads forming on her forehead. "Fuck fuck fuck" she shook her head. Why she was nervous about meeting the ambassador, was beyond her. Maybe it was because she knew she had never reach out before now, which didn't look good on any of the Nephilims considering what a close knit species they were. Svet supposed she was the odd one out. Svet had always been disinclined to take chances, leaping forward without knowing the outcome wasn't something that set well with her. Cornelia may have very well scorned her for what Svetlana had to say. "I need your help, I feel like going on a murdering spree" wasn't something the ambassador of such a light species would be happy about.

Pulling her earbuds out, she decided to ease the tension she felt by playing some music; it had proved to help no matter what she felt. Afrer her and Dom had started SoS, Svet had became a music junkie. The song she currently played, painted a smile on the Nephilim's lips, it came with the memory of their grand opening, which had been an amazing night shared between the two of them.

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