The ticking of the large grandfather clock in Baptiste's room had always soothed him right to sleep, as a mother singing a lullaby would/ But lately, he hadn't been sleeping at all. News of Roseline and Noe making an appearance to the city, only meant one thing for Baptiste; Hell on Earth. There was simply no other reason for them to be in Evermore, except for Baptiste himself, and he pretty much knew each of their intentions. Roseline would kill any female that so much as glanced at Baptiste, and Noe, her brother, would kill Baptiste himself, if they didn't kill each other in the disagreement's had over what to do with Bap.

Bap was no longer their prisoner though, so he damn sure wasn't about to live his life like a fugitive on the run. It spun him inside out however, just knowing they'd pop up at any moment. He was prepared to fight for his life this time though. The last time they'd taken him captive, Bap was nothing more than a puny human, dying of cancer; Roseline turning him into a Valkyr, out of love; was the one advantage he had over both of them, even if they were stronger, older, wiser, and faster than him. Baptiste stared blankly at the grandfather clock; it belonged to his father when he was a child, and it's one of the things his father loved.

Bap knew he'd let his father down, and that he was probably rolling in his grave because of the things Baptiste had done lately. Being bisexual was one of those things. Dating Jason was unexpected, but Jason dying in Bap's arms, and Baptiste changing him to a Valkyr; well that was the topping to the cake. All the worldly things he had engaged in, was completely against his religion, and Baptiste no longer prayed every night like he once had. A dark hole had began forming within the Valkyr, and now it was swallowing him whole; he wasn't sure if he'd ever resurface. Not this time. Too much had happened that he couldn't change, nor be forgiven of.

Going to the chapel to get absolution didn't seem to help either. While the priest seemed sure of it, Baptiste still felt empty, and cold. It was only an hour before work, and Bap felt himself coming undone in ways he didn't think he'd be able to cope with; not in a public setting full of drunk humans that he could have an 'all-you-can-eat-buffet' with. Sighing, the Valkyr stood to his feet, stretching the tension out of his sore limbs, with the roll of his eyes, he averted his gaze away from the tall stand up mirror and sauntered over to his closet to pick a fresh outfit out before having a quick shower.

Baptiste cared a lot more for his appearance than he liked to admit, because he spent hours most days, perfecting his outfit, hair, shoes, accesories, etc. If he didn't match, he panicked. Shuffling back over to his mirror, now that he was clean, dry and dressed in a new outfit, he gave himself a once over, nodding in approval before exiting his house. The bar that he worked in wasn't but a few minutes from home, with that, he decided to walk the short distance; it gave him time to reflect and think. As always, he was greeted by the red headed vixen when he arrived, one of his favorite bartenders. She was always humble towards him, and she'd continued on her hopeless path of getting Baptiste to come back out of his dark bubble.

"You look like shit" Mandy said bluntly to him, causing the Valkyr to chuckle. "Thanks Mandy, nice to see you too" Baptiste smiled a genuine, pearly white smile/ "Nice to see you Bap, you always look beautiful, you know I had to tease you; you were looking way too serious, smile more" she winked before trailing off to serve the customers piling up at the bar. Baptiste headed to the back, where he had a pretty spacious office to lounge in when work was dead, shutting the door behind him, and flopping down on his leather sofa. Groaning as he placed his hands over his face, the Valkyr shook his head; frankly, he needed something more in his life. He knew something was missing, and he figured it was a special someone due to how empty he felt now that Jason wasn't around to hold him.

Just as he slipped away in thought of Jason, Mandy interrupted, needing his help with the customers. Baptiste grinned from ear to ear. There was nothing better than seeing his bar full. It meant he was at least doing something right, even if it was just bar-tending. Walking to the brunette who sat alone, seeming to be frightened by something or someone, Baptiste cleared his throat. "Can I get you anything love?" he questioned, and scanned his bar for any sign of a drunk idiot who may have been bothering her. "Are you okay? IF you're having issues, let me know. I'll handle it" he stated possessively. It's not so much that he was being possessive towards a woman he'd never met, but more so over what happened in his bar, and on his watch. He'd never allow a female to fall victim to the disgusting ways of some of these male pigs that came to his bar.

Waiting for her to place an order, Baptiste walked to the stereo system that he'd paid a pretty big chunk of his money on, but it made his bar boom when he turned the volume up, and it typically got people dancing and having fun. Now that he'd found a song to play, the Valkyr watched the scene before him unfold, people coupled up and began dancing. Baptiste loved watching others have fun, because he didn't know how to do that for himself, or maybe he just didn't allow himself.

Instead of walking back behind the bar where Bap's few female bartenders were, he walked up to the brunette who seemed riddled in fear, waiting for an answer to his question, in hopes that no one in this bar had did anything to her. Baptiste did notice a male in the furthest corner however, the corner that was dimly lit, wearing all black and seeming to be up to no good. The very fact that he had a hoodie on his head in a bar, waved a red flag in Bap's face; who was he hiding from, or watching? Bap wondered silently, but averted his gaze back to the female, and waited for her to speak up.

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Seraphina had been in the local library most of the day as she was researching about college around the area she wants. Writing things down such price and GPA knowing her school records will play a big part she will need to check when she gets home. By the way, it looked like she needs to find a job knowing she can’t rely on her father for the rest of her life. Wondering who is hiring? Seraphina guesses to look around to see if there are any places. Leaving the library, her phone said 5:13 time goes by fast, she guessed she had to get home soon. Seraphina has heard many stories about women like her that walked around alone after dark.

After walking around for a few minutes she noticed the street lamps were starting to turn on as she sighed looking around with her brown hues. Where is she? Seraphina has never been in this area of the city before more taken from her living in the woods but she does look around the city more to get used to where everything is at least. It’s her way to being adaptable to her surrounds. Having someone following her was not the first for her as it happened one before and someone got involved but not hurt thank goodness. She had her bow and arrow at that time but this time out of her character she didn’t bring anything with her not even a knife.

She prayed nothing would happen but with her luck, she felt someone watching and taking steps as Sera had. Ok, this really needs to stop now, this is the second time she felt as if the ones who attacked her family found her and is playing pray and hunter. Seraphina didn’t want to get scared knowing it’s something they love to see on their victims if it was them. She needs to tell her father about this with no hesitation. Being open with him is always something she had. The kitsune looked at the moon happy it was not the full moon but it meant any wrong turn she is done for. What area is she in or more importantly what territory she is in.  

As the steps became the same with hers Sera did the next best thing which was to go into a local building and called her family, brother or father didn’t matter her life was now threatened by an unknown source. Sera acted like she was going to see a friend so she walked into the building seeing it was a bar. Ok play it cool, get a drink to sit down and pretend you waiting on someone. Seraphina did drink but out of fear she didn’t know if she wanted anything but water. Seraphina sat around an area with a lot of people but made sure she was not invading anyone’s social bubble. She started to calm down as she heard a male who worked at the bar asked her if she wanted anything. “Am still think but if you can get me some water that would be great,” she said trying not to show she was catching her breath.  There was something familiar the way Seraphina acted.

The eyes kept on her as Seraphina looked on her phone to see the time 7:59, shit her family must be worried she should’ve been home by now. Seraphina got up to see the same male as she smiled. “Yes, in fact, two glasses of water for me. I will be back just put them on hold until I come back Thank you,” she said rushing to the bathroom to splash water on her face as well as calling up her father who didn’t answer. The person she didn’t want to talk to actually kicked up. “Awyrn oh my gosh….. Listen to me being in an unknown area am scared someone is following me. Please come pick me up, please…… No, I don’t have anything on me.” Seraphina listened to her brother talking to her calmly knowing he is going to come to pick her up. “Um It a bar, it’s really packed out but I think the person following me into the bar. Am not sure am alone that’s all I know.”

In a deep breath knowing her brother is going to save her, sera got calm enough to go out and sit drinking water for her ride. It didn’t last long as the moment Seraphina opened the door the hooded man was right there waiting for her as she screamed making the male reach out to her to put his hand over her mouth. Trying to fight back she bites is hand enough to yell out something. “SOMEONE HELP ME!”

Time seemed to stand still for the Valkyr for the most part. Baptiste had been in a slump ever since Jason had left, and Elias returned. As if those two things weren't insane enough; Roseline and Noe had finally found him as well, and had ran Elle-Mae out of his life. While being stuck between the fact that Elle-Mae had returned after five years, and Elias after several months of vanishing, he had also been dealing with temptation and blood lust and trying to juggle his religion on top of all of that. Baptiste had met Koona in the midst of all the crazy however, and Koona showed Baptiste how to live on the wild side.. how to be weightless and carelss and only then, had Baptiste ever truly felt happy. 

Jason had called last night, to 'check' on Baptiste. After leaving the way he had, Bap never wanted to hear his voice again. He could even go as far as to say he regretted saving his ungrateful life. But, now that Jason was a Valkyr, he was just as strong as Baptiste, and it would have damn sure been a fair fight if Bap had been cruel enough to wanna take him out. Baptiste could barely work and carry on with his shift because of that phone call. That phone call made him come undone in ways he didn't care to even admit to. 

The only thing to even pull him out of his downward spiral right now, was the distraught blonde sitting on the opposite side of the bar now, who was seemingly afraid and out of breath. Bap nodded when she requested water, and sat her order on the counter while she rushed away to the restroom. Baptiste cleared his throat as the male he had been watching, immediately stood and followed in the woman's direction. "Excuse me?" he called out, but the man continued walking as if he didn't hear Baptiste and Baptiste knew he'd heard him clearly. "Sir?" he tried once more, only to be met by the face of a madman when the man turned around to swing his blade at Bap's face. 

When the woman he had been meaning to harm, finally walked out though, he'd lunged forward to grab her instead. Baptiste didn't hesitate to run after them as he drug the female out of the bar, and into a dark alleyway. The blade that he had tried slashing Baptiste with, was now being held at the females throat, as a way to keep Baptiste from grabbing him. "Come near me and she dies" the maniac said, his eyes full of rage as he wiggled the blade and pressed it into her skin, but not enough to cut her. Bap threw his hands up "fine fine, just stop, I won't budge.. but please, let her go.. what has she really done to you?' the Valkyr questioned, trying to diffuse a really bad situation. 

Baps questions distracted the male just enough to turn his attention to Baptiste, but the knife in his hand was shaking, and Baptiste didn't like that at all. One wrong move, and she'd be bleeding out. "I'm sure we can make a deal, can't we?" he then asked the man.. not having a clue why he was even after this woman, or what it was he wanted. So, truthfully, Baptiste had nothing to work with here except for his sly words, and wisdom on how to approach these situations. "Just let her go" he added, and kept his hands behind his back. When the knife finally shook loose from his grasp, Baptiste  smirked and used his supernatural speed to flash over to them, and after grabbing the knife, he pryed the female out of the maniac's arms, pinning the man against the wall, while holding the knife out for her to grab. 

"Why was he after you?" Baptiste asked, leaving his gaze on the male who struggled to get free while Baptiste held him against the wall with ease. The city was always beautiful at this time of night, and if it hadn't been for the female standing here, Bap would have gladly had him a late night snack to make this evening even better. 

The kitsune has always been on edge ever since her family moved away from Nevada ever since a Valkyr group kidnapped and kissed her mother right in front of her eyes. Night terrors have always hunted her for the past two years but just as everything seemed to be fine to move on from all the horrors of the past seem to come back to haunt her once more.

Sera was happy enough to get thought to her brother before even went down which came too quick for the kitsune’s liking. As she felt herself be tugged and pinned to the other Sera tried everything to fight the other off but for the first time someone held her down stronger than her. The very thing she is terrified, being weak. “Let me go!” she screamed not seeing the bartender who has been watching out for her was very close in the back of them. As the dark night meet both her and the unknown person the door slapping open in the dark alleyway she was forced turned with a knife to her throat. Was tonight the last night of her life? Would she be with her mother once again? Tears came down her cheeks as she laid her brown eyes on the other male.

Everything from the night of her mother came to her as her life flashed within her eyes.  No one has not come to harm her, her father or her brother in years why would they be after them again or else they got bigger and bolder to show up again. This is not going to be a pleasant talk to her father. Knowing the very group is back again but to Sera, it’s her chance revenge her mother. The Kitsune was still scared but she calmed herself down to focus. She felt the knife being shaky knowing the motive was to kill her and possibly kidnap me. “ Kill me my father would hunt you down as he did before if you are who I think you are,” Sera spoke boldly. Fear is what the group wanted as she won’t give them the satiation. They will not talk all the girls from the family and Seraphina will make sure of it. The moment she spoke up she felt the grip loosen as the other male got her out before the other can respond. 

A Valkyr helping a Kitsune? It took her by shocked but it didn’t take her long to grab the knife with her jacket sleeve. The number question was asked as Sera looked at the male who saved her. “I have a guess who he is or who is part of. His attacking and watching me is alarming but it’s what happened in the past with my mother.” Sera spoke of her mother as rage came to her eyes. “If you are part of that group mark my words and on my mother grave we will find you and end you once and for all.” Seraphina could not believe what is happing right in front of her eyes but knowing the other male who saved her is not the problem she will explain the backstory later. 

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