Damarco was still trying his best to adapt to his new life here on earth. He had plans, and ideas for how this transition could be easier for himself, but it was easier said than done to get things to fall into place. The young Aurazin felt as if he'd only just really begun living when he had died, but then after he trained to be a Shepherd, he thought he had it all figured out again, finally letting himself feel at ease and accept his life for what it was, but now that they'd been cast from their home, Damarco felt as if he maybe just wasn't meant to be happy for too long.

Before Damarco died, he had been stationed in Afghanistan as an EOD, and perfected his job, finally loving the life he was living. As a Shepherd, Damarco felt like things finally made sense again. Now? He had no idea. It was painful to see the others struggling with the fear of the unknown, and wondering if they'd ever return home. So far, the Aspects hadn't been able to provide anything that the Aurazins didn't already know, and Damarco found himself slowly slipping into a state of sadness. He felt grief-stricken by current events and needed an outlet, which was what led him to the rooftop to watch the sunset. Marco always found solace in watching the sunset, even before he died, he would lie on the sandy ground at base and watch the sunset every evening until it became a ritual.

The noise across from him caused Damarco to jolt upward, and when he stood, the Aurazin noticed another of his kind climbing onto the roof. Perhaps she had the same idea as he did and just needed a moment to herself, and what better way to do that than to watch the sunset? Hesitantly but surely, the male Aurazin approached her and sat right beside her, offering a charming smile in her direction as his feet dangled over the gutters of the roof. "Here for the view as well?" he asked curiously before averting his gaze to look at the sky. "It's something else, isn't it? The sunset I mean" he added and sighed softly to himself before proceeding. "How are you?  I don't think we've properly met yet" Damarco was sure he'd seen her a few times after the Aurazin's gathered at the manor for the first time, but as far as speaking, he hadn't had the chance yet.

"I'm Damarco" he then said, figuring since his last name was such a mouthful, he'd just leave this on a first name basis. Marco was typically very playful and outgoing, and he was a ball of energy 24/7, but the sadness of not getting to go home, had drained all of his best qualities right out of him, and truth be told, the Aurazin was in need of some fun. "Were you on a mission when everything happened?" as an Aurazin, that was just one of the most common ways to keep a conversation going with the others right now, plus, Damarco was naturally a very very curious guy, and not only did he ask tons of questions and remain hyper about everything he said, but he also touched everything he saw, minus people.

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The transition back on Earth wasn’t easy for most of them, especially Astraea, who hasn’t been back in the world ever since she stopped coming as an Empath in the last 80 years. The thought of no longer having the veil to go back to was strangely devastating. But then again, even when she went to work her duties as an Empath, she never stuck too long. She would always return back to the veil before long, it was basically part of the rules to be doing that. The Aurazin rarely wasted any time on Earth, it was to console and go back. It was always the same procedure, even if it gets boring and her wanting to explore a bit of the world that she missed. The century flew by fast, she didn’t even get the chance to see what changed and what did not. Until now.

 A part of her was excited to see what she could get from venturing here but another part was deeply worried about the implications that would befell them if they messed things up. The whole ordeal of maintaining a normal human front isn’t as easy as it sounded too. Astraea, like plenty of others, didn’t have to eat, drink or sleep before. It wasn’t a concept they needed to entertain back in the veil, and that was something she’s been practicing for the past 500 years of serving as one. Trying to blend in and adapt was proving to be increasingly hard for the female. However, she was quick to do her research on the species that resided in the infamous eternal city, there were about 11 species altogether, which was a lot. She wondered how the city was able to keep them grounded and that led her to find out about the peace contract signed by the ambassadors of each species respectively. It was an interesting concept. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t even the slightest bit intrigued by the idea of peace they had in mind. 

Securing a part-time job from starting as a freelancer wasn’t easy but Astraea managed to get a hold of it. She didn’t think to mingle with others as much too, the brunette has always been one to keep to herself unless her voice was needed. Today was no different, she stared at the corner of the building with a tilted look, she didn’t bother to make any makeshift ladder and decided it was best for her to climb manually. So she did. What she didn’t expect was to find another person up there just as well, Astraea always lost her balance momentarily when he suddenly approached her. She recognized him to be one of the new ones who recently joined them over the span of a few years ago. “Mhmm… it’s a strategic place” One of the best views when you want to watch the sunset. They were her favorite. 

“I don’t usually mingle, here or back in the veil” she started off with a small chuckle, “that is probably why we haven’t been formally introduced.” When he introduced himself to her, she felt the need to do the same, after all, it was only right to behave accordingly, right? “I’m Astraea.” She also didn’t expect him to just leave her to her peace to watch the sky so it was expected when he asked her a question, “Kind of. I was just getting back from saving another soul when the ground beneath me shattered and I fell into what seemed to be the abyss” She had no idea how long she was falling for, but it felt like an eternity. “You’re a Shepherd, right? I’ve seen you once or twice.” 

Damarco was probably one of the most hyper Aurazin around, and somehow, even he felt despair and sorrow over the fact that none of them could go back home. Being a Shepherd seemed so useless now.. and Damarco figured that's what was hurting him the most. He had a little bit of hope now however after meeting with their leader, knowing they could chose to go into training and become Empath's. Damarco was sure that's what most of the Shepherds would end up doing. Their job was much different than an Empath's job, at least an Empath could still be themselves here on earth.. but a Shepherd absolutely couldn't do jack shit, unless the monsters from Damarco's dreams followed them here. That was a haunting thought. 

Damarco knew his addictive personality was going to end up going horribly wrong someday, especially now that they're all stuck here on earth, having to blend and adapt to normal mundane lives. Somehow that made a small part of Marco want to rebel and see what all he could get into. When you know you absolutely have to do something a certain way, it makes most people not want to. Learning to eat, sleep, etc .. hadn't been the hard part for Damarco. In fact, he tried his best to remind the others to do the same. The hard part for Damarco had been the sugar, and everything else that Aurazin's were supposed to stay away from. He had a child-like personality at times, and it made him want to get into everything. Just like a child would do. Cutting loose to have some fun seemed worth it to him. They were all distressed and distraught, so why not include another Aurazin on his risky endeavors. He was sure Astrea could use a break too. They all could. He just knew they'd get in trouble should Luc find out. 

Damarco had been spending most of his time lately, reading books and helping the Ailward Aspects with whatever he could to retrieve information about how they could return home, and frankly, the young Aurazin had grown bored and restless. Damarco's efforts were futile in trying to get himself and his fellow Aurazin's back home, so he felt like helping the Ailwards was pretty futile too. It didn't mean he'd given up, it meant that he needed a break. 

Damarco couldn't help but gasp, the sudden stumble of Astrea's feet pilled him out of his thoughts and very much to the here and now. "Well, I guess that could have ended pretty badly.. I'm glad you didn't fall.." he chuckled playfully, but he was indeed happy she hadn't fallen and gotten hurt. Damarco knew this spot was always pretty lonely, so he felt the same way to see someone joining him.. usually if he was here, it was only him.. but he definitely didn't mind the company, and felt that he could benefit from getting to know a fellow Aurazin. From the moment she began speaking, Damarco found himself intrigued. He could only chuckle along with her when she said the reason they hadn't been formally introduced is because she never had mingled with people, not here, nor in the veil. "Well.. I guess if you had, I still wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing you... with all of the time I spent in the void.." he sighed, making it clear that the subject definitely stung a little. "I can't believe we're just .. stuck here" he added, chuckling as if it amused him, but it didn't at all. It was either find a way to laugh about it, or let it eat you alive and Damarco had always been one to make the best out of the worse situations. But, he also figured some of the Aurazin' needed someone to talk to about the mess that they're all in. 

Marco's gaze traveled from the sunset, back to Astarea, smiling some as she introduced herself. "Lovely name for a lovely female" he knew how cheesy he sounded sometimes, but it was genuine all the same. Damarco had always been a gentlemen, on the days he wasn't being a jerk. He was a flirt, and at times it made him seem like a douche bag. The young Aurazin frowned towards Astraea when she explained how she'd fallen to earth, what she was doing at the time, etc. "It was such an unexpected turn of events.." he shook his head, feeling that same sense of doom he felt the day he was sucked through a portal of light from the darkness of the void, that he knew as home. Damarco nodded when she hasked if he was a Shepherd. "I was saving a woman from voidlings when this happened. I thought voidlings were scary... but that, being sucked through that portal, and trying to hold on for dear life.. that was scary.." The male Aurazin felt his emotions heighten, and he knew that would only reflect onto Astaea if he didn't regain control of himself, so after swiping a tear away from his face, Marco replaced sadness with a smile. It was his signature thing.. to smile even if he had nothing to smile about. 

"Do you think we'll make it back home...?" that question was probably one that they all wanted an answer for, and he knew Astraea probably didn't have that answer, but it felt good to talk to another Aurazin about it. He knew for sure though, today was going to be about something entirely different... if he could persuade Astraea to join him, Marco had planned to roam the city and have some fun. Maybe it was what they both needed. 

It wasn't that Aatraea didn't like Earth. Of course she does, who doesn't? She has been roaming the place for the past five centuries doing what she does best. It wasn't until about a century ago that she stopped becoming an Empath and decided to continue her duties as a Shepherd instead. But that was a rather personal preference and problem that she faced alone, so she never said a word about it. The thought of them being there longer than they have to scares her. What's to say there won't be any side effects on them once they left the Veil? What's going on in the Void? Will their source of energy lessen now that they're away from their home? There were simply too many questions that nobody could seem to answer, not even Lucian. She didn't just stand back and do nothing once she knew they would have to stay here for a bit longer, following Arcadia's steps into finding herself a job to occupy her time. She still wasn't sure if she could come back and resume her duties as an Empath after abandoning it for over a century now. Perhaps later once she could accept her peace. 

"I've been climbing since I was a child, Damarco, I would hardly fall, so don't worry" she chuckled and took a seat, her dark hues finding the sight before them to be quite beautiful, it felt like it's been forever since she had the chance to witness a sight such as this. "I go around, but I don't stick around too long. That's probably why you don't see me in the Void either" Astraea tends to keep a move onto the other once she settles the prior. She didn't like to wait, it made her anxious. It wasn't as if the voidlings are harmless either. Just because their glow would scare them off, just like any other beings, they also had their own classes and ranks. There were bound to be higher tiered ones that they have to keep an eye out on. "Me neither…" Maybe she would've enjoyed their time here on Earth, after all, she did miss it. But the idea of them being here solely because they're stuck, that part bothers her. 

"Thank you, it's a name I gave myself when I first became an Aurazin. Second chance, second life. A clean slate, that's what most of us wanted." Now that she thought about it, she wasn't sure if she could even recall her past anymore. She was sure he felt it too, to be sucked out of the space you were in for no reason and fall for god knows how long, that was scary. "Voidlings are scary" she pointed out wryly, "Just be glad you haven't come across those who hunt in groups… those are always a pain." She does applaud the fact that despite being selfish, they know when to team up. Smart. She saw the stray tears coming from him and decided to circle around the subject into a more lighthearted one, "How long have you been an Aurazin, Damarco? How long did you train as a Shepherd? When did you finally finish your training and became one?" 

Does she think they'll make it back home? That's a hard question. But she tried her best to answer it anyway, "To be honest… I have no idea. We have never faced a situation quite like this and I don't even know what to calculate. The possibilities are endless and it's clear it's not something random either. I don't think the gods are mad at us… I think someone played dirty and locked us out." They were blessed with a range of abilities to aid the balance of the world, after all. They're an obstacle.

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