Damarco was still trying his best to adapt to his new life here on earth. He had plans, and ideas for how this transition could be easier for himself, but it was easier said than done to get things to fall into place. The young Aurazin felt as if he'd only just really begun living when he had died, but then after he trained to be a Shepherd, he thought he had it all figured out again, finally letting himself feel at ease and accept his life for what it was, but now that they'd been cast from their home, Damarco felt as if he maybe just wasn't meant to be happy for too long.

Before Damarco died, he had been stationed in Afghanistan as an EOD, and perfected his job, finally loving the life he was living. As a Shepherd, Damarco felt like things finally made sense again. Now? He had no idea. It was painful to see the others struggling with the fear of the unknown, and wondering if they'd ever return home. So far, the Aspects hadn't been able to provide anything that the Aurazins didn't already know, and Damarco found himself slowly slipping into a state of sadness. He felt grief-stricken by current events and needed an outlet, which was what led him to the rooftop to watch the sunset. Marco always found solace in watching the sunset, even before he died, he would lie on the sandy ground at base and watch the sunset every evening until it became a ritual.

The noise across from him caused Damarco to jolt upward, and when he stood, the Aurazin noticed another of his kind climbing onto the roof. Perhaps she had the same idea as he did and just needed a moment to herself, and what better way to do that than to watch the sunset? Hesitantly but surely, the male Aurazin approached her and sat right beside her, offering a charming smile in her direction as his feet dangled over the gutters of the roof. "Here for the view as well?" he asked curiously before averting his gaze to look at the sky. "It's something else, isn't it? The sunset I mean" he added and sighed softly to himself before proceeding. "How are you?  I don't think we've properly met yet" Damarco was sure he'd seen her a few times after the Aurazin's gathered at the manor for the first time, but as far as speaking, he hadn't had the chance yet.

"I'm Damarco" he then said, figuring since his last name was such a mouthful, he'd just leave this on a first name basis. Marco was typically very playful and outgoing, and he was a ball of energy 24/7, but the sadness of not getting to go home, had drained all of his best qualities right out of him, and truth be told, the Aurazin was in need of some fun. "Were you on a mission when everything happened?" as an Aurazin, that was just one of the most common ways to keep a conversation going with the others right now, plus, Damarco was naturally a very very curious guy, and not only did he ask tons of questions and remain hyper about everything he said, but he also touched everything he saw, minus people.

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The transition back on Earth wasn’t easy for most of them, especially Astraea, who hasn’t been back in the world ever since she stopped coming as an Empath in the last 80 years. The thought of no longer having the veil to go back to was strangely devastating. But then again, even when she went to work her duties as an Empath, she never stuck too long. She would always return back to the veil before long, it was basically part of the rules to be doing that. The Aurazin rarely wasted any time on Earth, it was to console and go back. It was always the same procedure, even if it gets boring and her wanting to explore a bit of the world that she missed. The century flew by fast, she didn’t even get the chance to see what changed and what did not. Until now.

 A part of her was excited to see what she could get from venturing here but another part was deeply worried about the implications that would befell them if they messed things up. The whole ordeal of maintaining a normal human front isn’t as easy as it sounded too. Astraea, like plenty of others, didn’t have to eat, drink or sleep before. It wasn’t a concept they needed to entertain back in the veil, and that was something she’s been practicing for the past 500 years of serving as one. Trying to blend in and adapt was proving to be increasingly hard for the female. However, she was quick to do her research on the species that resided in the infamous eternal city, there were about 11 species altogether, which was a lot. She wondered how the city was able to keep them grounded and that led her to find out about the peace contract signed by the ambassadors of each species respectively. It was an interesting concept. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t even the slightest bit intrigued by the idea of peace they had in mind. 

Securing a part-time job from starting as a freelancer wasn’t easy but Astraea managed to get a hold of it. She didn’t think to mingle with others as much too, the brunette has always been one to keep to herself unless her voice was needed. Today was no different, she stared at the corner of the building with a tilted look, she didn’t bother to make any makeshift ladder and decided it was best for her to climb manually. So she did. What she didn’t expect was to find another person up there just as well, Astraea always lost her balance momentarily when he suddenly approached her. She recognized him to be one of the new ones who recently joined them over the span of a few years ago. “Mhmm… it’s a strategic place” One of the best views when you want to watch the sunset. They were her favorite. 

“I don’t usually mingle, here or back in the veil” she started off with a small chuckle, “that is probably why we haven’t been formally introduced.” When he introduced himself to her, she felt the need to do the same, after all, it was only right to behave accordingly, right? “I’m Astraea.” She also didn’t expect him to just leave her to her peace to watch the sky so it was expected when he asked her a question, “Kind of. I was just getting back from saving another soul when the ground beneath me shattered and I fell into what seemed to be the abyss” She had no idea how long she was falling for, but it felt like an eternity. “You’re a Shepherd, right? I’ve seen you once or twice.” 

Damarco was probably one of the most hyper Aurazin around, and somehow, even he felt despair and sorrow over the fact that none of them could go back home. Being a Shepherd seemed so useless now.. and Damarco figured that's what was hurting him the most. He had a little bit of hope now however after meeting with their leader, knowing they could chose to go into training and become Empath's. Damarco was sure that's what most of the Shepherds would end up doing. Their job was much different than an Empath's job, at least an Empath could still be themselves here on earth.. but a Shepherd absolutely couldn't do jack shit, unless the monsters from Damarco's dreams followed them here. That was a haunting thought. 

Damarco knew his addictive personality was going to end up going horribly wrong someday, especially now that they're all stuck here on earth, having to blend and adapt to normal mundane lives. Somehow that made a small part of Marco want to rebel and see what all he could get into. When you know you absolutely have to do something a certain way, it makes most people not want to. Learning to eat, sleep, etc .. hadn't been the hard part for Damarco. In fact, he tried his best to remind the others to do the same. The hard part for Damarco had been the sugar, and everything else that Aurazin's were supposed to stay away from. He had a child-like personality at times, and it made him want to get into everything. Just like a child would do. Cutting loose to have some fun seemed worth it to him. They were all distressed and distraught, so why not include another Aurazin on his risky endeavors. He was sure Astrea could use a break too. They all could. He just knew they'd get in trouble should Luc find out. 

Damarco had been spending most of his time lately, reading books and helping the Ailward Aspects with whatever he could to retrieve information about how they could return home, and frankly, the young Aurazin had grown bored and restless. Damarco's efforts were futile in trying to get himself and his fellow Aurazin's back home, so he felt like helping the Ailwards was pretty futile too. It didn't mean he'd given up, it meant that he needed a break. 

Damarco couldn't help but gasp, the sudden stumble of Astrea's feet pilled him out of his thoughts and very much to the here and now. "Well, I guess that could have ended pretty badly.. I'm glad you didn't fall.." he chuckled playfully, but he was indeed happy she hadn't fallen and gotten hurt. Damarco knew this spot was always pretty lonely, so he felt the same way to see someone joining him.. usually if he was here, it was only him.. but he definitely didn't mind the company, and felt that he could benefit from getting to know a fellow Aurazin. From the moment she began speaking, Damarco found himself intrigued. He could only chuckle along with her when she said the reason they hadn't been formally introduced is because she never had mingled with people, not here, nor in the veil. "Well.. I guess if you had, I still wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing you... with all of the time I spent in the void.." he sighed, making it clear that the subject definitely stung a little. "I can't believe we're just .. stuck here" he added, chuckling as if it amused him, but it didn't at all. It was either find a way to laugh about it, or let it eat you alive and Damarco had always been one to make the best out of the worse situations. But, he also figured some of the Aurazin' needed someone to talk to about the mess that they're all in. 

Marco's gaze traveled from the sunset, back to Astarea, smiling some as she introduced herself. "Lovely name for a lovely female" he knew how cheesy he sounded sometimes, but it was genuine all the same. Damarco had always been a gentlemen, on the days he wasn't being a jerk. He was a flirt, and at times it made him seem like a douche bag. The young Aurazin frowned towards Astraea when she explained how she'd fallen to earth, what she was doing at the time, etc. "It was such an unexpected turn of events.." he shook his head, feeling that same sense of doom he felt the day he was sucked through a portal of light from the darkness of the void, that he knew as home. Damarco nodded when she hasked if he was a Shepherd. "I was saving a woman from voidlings when this happened. I thought voidlings were scary... but that, being sucked through that portal, and trying to hold on for dear life.. that was scary.." The male Aurazin felt his emotions heighten, and he knew that would only reflect onto Astaea if he didn't regain control of himself, so after swiping a tear away from his face, Marco replaced sadness with a smile. It was his signature thing.. to smile even if he had nothing to smile about. 

"Do you think we'll make it back home...?" that question was probably one that they all wanted an answer for, and he knew Astraea probably didn't have that answer, but it felt good to talk to another Aurazin about it. He knew for sure though, today was going to be about something entirely different... if he could persuade Astraea to join him, Marco had planned to roam the city and have some fun. Maybe it was what they both needed. 

It wasn't that Aatraea didn't like Earth. Of course she does, who doesn't? She has been roaming the place for the past five centuries doing what she does best. It wasn't until about a century ago that she stopped becoming an Empath and decided to continue her duties as a Shepherd instead. But that was a rather personal preference and problem that she faced alone, so she never said a word about it. The thought of them being there longer than they have to scares her. What's to say there won't be any side effects on them once they left the Veil? What's going on in the Void? Will their source of energy lessen now that they're away from their home? There were simply too many questions that nobody could seem to answer, not even Lucian. She didn't just stand back and do nothing once she knew they would have to stay here for a bit longer, following Arcadia's steps into finding herself a job to occupy her time. She still wasn't sure if she could come back and resume her duties as an Empath after abandoning it for over a century now. Perhaps later once she could accept her peace. 

"I've been climbing since I was a child, Damarco, I would hardly fall, so don't worry" she chuckled and took a seat, her dark hues finding the sight before them to be quite beautiful, it felt like it's been forever since she had the chance to witness a sight such as this. "I go around, but I don't stick around too long. That's probably why you don't see me in the Void either" Astraea tends to keep a move onto the other once she settles the prior. She didn't like to wait, it made her anxious. It wasn't as if the voidlings are harmless either. Just because their glow would scare them off, just like any other beings, they also had their own classes and ranks. There were bound to be higher tiered ones that they have to keep an eye out on. "Me neither…" Maybe she would've enjoyed their time here on Earth, after all, she did miss it. But the idea of them being here solely because they're stuck, that part bothers her. 

"Thank you, it's a name I gave myself when I first became an Aurazin. Second chance, second life. A clean slate, that's what most of us wanted." Now that she thought about it, she wasn't sure if she could even recall her past anymore. She was sure he felt it too, to be sucked out of the space you were in for no reason and fall for god knows how long, that was scary. "Voidlings are scary" she pointed out wryly, "Just be glad you haven't come across those who hunt in groups… those are always a pain." She does applaud the fact that despite being selfish, they know when to team up. Smart. She saw the stray tears coming from him and decided to circle around the subject into a more lighthearted one, "How long have you been an Aurazin, Damarco? How long did you train as a Shepherd? When did you finally finish your training and became one?" 

Does she think they'll make it back home? That's a hard question. But she tried her best to answer it anyway, "To be honest… I have no idea. We have never faced a situation quite like this and I don't even know what to calculate. The possibilities are endless and it's clear it's not something random either. I don't think the gods are mad at us… I think someone played dirty and locked us out." They were blessed with a range of abilities to aid the balance of the world, after all. They're an obstacle.

IT'd taken Damarco all this time to try and settle in, to make this place feel like home. But, his efforts were futile. He had managed to his his graduating diploma to his advantage, and had gotten a few interviews in the legal field. He wasn't sure if they'd offer him a spot as an EOD specialist here, as rare as those positions were. But, it didn't hurt to try right? If he couldn't do that, He wanted to try the next thing he'd dreamed of doing before going into the service. Being a profiler for the FBI. He read people very well, but he wasn't sure his hyperness would allow him to take on a job as serious as that. Damarco had also taken on some responsibility to help his own. He knew it wasn't much, but just offering support, and talking to them when they were having a bad day, had went a long ways with some of them. 

Astrea on the other hand, was one of the few he hadn't gotten to know quite as well as some of the others. Damarco's gaze fell on the scene before them in awe. It definitely was beautiful. He sighed happily. A sight like this could only calm someone down. Marco chuckled when she said she'd hardly fall as much as she had climbed as a child. It relieved him he supposed. "Yeah I guess heights should be the least of my worries right now" he admitted. They all had bigger things on their minds.. and if this could be a place of solace to a few of them, he wouldn't knock it out of fear that someone might fall and get hurt.

Damarco struggled making eye contact,  and not just with Astrea, but with almost everyone. It would have given them the hint that he had not been sleeping at all. No. Instead, he had been having nightmares that some of the voidlings had been trapped here on earth with them. And that would become a big problem for more than just them, Damarco remembered his first voidling, and how if Luc hadn't saved him, he wouldn't have probably been that things dinner. They were scary, and while Aurazins had the ability to protect themselves from them, humans didn't. Damarco feared what would happen if some of the voidlings had been trapped here on earth around humans who had no way to protect themselves. It was only a nightmare though. It couldn't come true.. could it? 

Damarco smiled and gave her a simple nod when she thanked him. He liked listening to others talk, and since he'd not had much of a chance to do that with Astrea, he was enjoying himself right now. "You're right.It definitely is what most of us wanted. This wasn't the idea of a second chance..being stuck here.. but maybe we'll find a way to make it work until we can go home." he said hopefully. "Groups of voidlings.." he repeated just as wryly as she had. "That would be a sight to see.. nnot one I ever want to see though" God how hard would that be to fight off. "Just one of them nearly damaged me for life. I just know my first encounter with one, was enough for a lifetime" he chuckled dryly. trying to keep the mood from shifting into a dark one. Because let's face it. Talking about voidlings could bring a mood down for sure. 

Damarco glanced over  to her, feeling a lot less manly because of the tears, but appreciating the way she handled it. "Clever girl." he smirked playfully, complimenting the way she changed the subject, which he was thankful for. "You never know when your last moment's gonna be in the middle of a battle zone. War." he started out, to answer her questions. "I was 18 years old when I went into the service to become an EOD specialist.. someone who's responsible for disabling bombs, and other things consisting of literally playing with fire" he chuckled before continuing.. "I spent a couple of years in Afghanistan in the middle of a war zone before my station got attacked. I was about 23.. Ive been an Aurazin for a few years. Still pretty new or at least I feel like it..  when I woke up from my death, a voidling was there to greet me before this bright powerful shining light scared it away. Lucien saved me." he smiled, because meeting Lucien, no matter under what circumstances, was a happy memory. "My training in the void began immediately. I knew how much I hated those damn voidlings, but at the same time, It was a fear that I wanted to conquer, and I wanted to save other people from the same thing I went through. It got off to a rough start.. because i'm pretty hyper and curious, but i guess all in all, my training as a Shepherd turned out well. It's the one thing I worry I will miss the most. The one thing that makes me fear my life on earth lacking purpose.."

"What about you miss Astraea?" he then asked, turning her question right back around to her. "And thank you by the way.. just for sitting here and talking to me.. but for also knowing how to handle a man who cries" he laughed , and oddly didn't feel uncomfortable about it at all. 

Others may feel indifferent but Astraea wasn't sure if she could handle the shift in the air this easily. All those things could be attributed to the fact that it has been over a century since she last walked earth as an Empath and even before that, she has been dead for almost 600 years. But she was curious to know how the younger ones are faring, people like Damarco. She calculated his gestures and actions as he talked, he seemed so young. Which was ironic when the one talking is her. Admittedly, while Astraea looks youthful and acted childish, she is in plenty of ways, mature. "You could still fall down to your end… you might survive but it'll still hurt, no?" She chuckled, but she could understand where he's coming from, she was a fan of climbing even since she was young. She noticed that he didn't meet her eyes properly and wondered if he was generally just being shy or if there was anything wrong that she might have done without realizing. 

But after hearing him talk and judging from the way he approached her, it was hardly because he was shy. "I hope I'm not making you feel uncomfortable" she mumbled softly, "That wasn't my intention" even if she was only here to watch the sunset. She could recall her first time encountering a voidling, it was just like yesterday, that's for sure. "I remember my first time meeting them, actually neither tried to come for me the first time… they just… kept their distance somehow, which I eventually found out they were just baiting their time and waited for me to be at my weakest before pouncing. Thankfully, I was saved before they could do that" if it wasn't for her savior, she probably would've had a harder time. He had an interesting past, and career to say the least, she paid attention to every word he said and gaped in awe. "You're still… pretty young" she exclaimed gently, some of them were young but she meant it when some of them could actually be really young. 

Her physical appearance as a teen made others treat her like a younger sister rather than an older one, even when she was one of the oldest Aurazin there is. When Lucien came around, she was already used to how things were going, but she did know him, his reputation clearly preceded him. Once she returned to being a Shepherd, only then was she able to get closer and know more about the male. He wasn't a leader before this, after all. When he asked her what she missed, Astraea found herself staring in the blank space momentarily, what did she miss exactly? A lot of things, that's for sure. Where could she even begin to tell about that? "It's not my first time witnessing a grown man cry so" she teased, attempting to light up the mood by adding a bit of humor into the conversation. "I accepted my status and the life I led so long ago, but if I was being honest… I miss having my memories intact. By intact, I mean being able to recall every single memory I used to have. I'm not sure if it's because of the time or my attachment to it but I don't even remember my birthday…"

Damarco found the way of supernaturals ironic. As he was sure most did. You could look hundreds of years old, but be as young as Damarco himself, or .. you could look as young as Astraea, and end up being surprisingly old. Trying to guess a persons age by their looks in this city, was simply a bad idea. Damarco chuckled along with the fellow Aurazin when she pointed out that he could still fall on his end. "Sure" he said, giving her a simple nod before gazing up to her. He wasn't the best at making eye contact, but he was also taught against not making eye contact from the time he had served in the military. It teaches you discipline, and while Damarco was insanely young at heart ever since dying and becoming an Aurazin, he still had a certain edge to him, but wished to brush up on being able to look people in the eye as they spoke of certain things.

Marco held a hand up, waving it slightly to indicate that she definitely hadn't done anything wrong."No, i'm sorry. It's my fault. I didn't mean to make you think you did something wrong" he shrugged, sighing at himself for being an ass. Damarco then listened intently. Astraea talking about voidlings was refreshing, simply because you can't go and talk to someone about those hideous things if youve never encountered them, so it was nice to have a fellow Aurazin who knew exactly how terrifying they could be. Damarco grimaced before making eye contact this time "So they waited you out? For some reason, that sounds even more terrifying than them immediately attacking like they tried with me"he stated, shaking his head, IF those damned things ever made it to earth like the nightmares he'd been having, has suggested, the Aurazins would have a more serious problem than getting home. "I just wished I could stop seeing them in my sleep.." he added, before clearing his throat upon hearing her say he was still pretty young. 

Damarco grinned a crooked grin before folding his arms, still feeling the anxiety in his chest from shedding tears in front of her. It's one of the things he hated most, but one of the things he couldn't control at all. As an Aurazin, it made it even harder. He wasn't sure if he ever cried before he had become an Aurazin, but Damarco felt that he had been a prideful type of guy before this life. One who refused to cry in front of a lady. Now look at him. He shook his head at that thought, amused by it nonetheless. "Thank you. That makes me feel a lot better" he chuckled, feeling sorry for whatever other man  had let the flood gates open in front of her. Damarco understood what she meant by wanting her memories to be in tact, that it's what she missed most. He couldn't help but frown when she said she didn't even remember her own birthday. "I'm sorry" he started off, before gazing into the distance. "Pick a new one" he looked back over to her, smiling alittle. "It's fair if we all create new memories, but picking a new birthday might be fun. I mean, it may not ever feel the same, but it can still be just as much yours as your original birthday was. Perhaps a day in your life now that meant or means something to you"

It may of been an odd idea to throw at someone, but Damarco could be an oddball anyways, once people got to know him, they kind of took that with him as a package, the whole.. being hyper, overly curious, emotional, and in general.. young. "Any ideas about how you'll spend your time here?" he then asked, figuring he could then bring in an idea for something they could go do together. That is, if she felt like hanging out for a while, making a day of it. He hoped so. Life got lonely for him sometimes, and he was doing everything he could to help the Aspects because no matter how well he'd adjust here, he still wants to eventually get back home. 

It made her wonder if he was generally someone shy or he's just an introvert. But from the way they conversed, she figured he couldn't be one, it takes an extrovert to find one just like them and she is definitely that. He had a bright energy despite being somewhat dimmed. So when he suddenly gazed up to her, Astraea found herself blushing almost instinctively, well that was not what she had expected, for sure. He took her by surprise and the aurazin found it to be ironic. "That's good to hear that I'm not making you feel uncomfortable" God this was a lot more awkward than she previously envisioned. Has it really been so long since she had interacted with another fellow aurazin aside from Arcadia? Astraea always kept to herself in the Veil sometimes, either she was away on a mission or she's doing her shepherd's duty. 

Either way, the only people she talks to would be Arcadia and Lucien. It didn't mean she wanted to keep it that way of course. They're going to stay here so she had to make friends. It's easier that way. "I think they were being smart… waiting it out until I'm at the peak of my weakness… when I could barely think straight because my emotions had drained every energy in my body. Which is kinda funny considering it's my soul being there, rather than picking up on a corporeal form as my previous physical appearance. Perhaps if it was a little too late, I would've found myself being their meal" she chuckled, it wasn't a lighthearted topic, one you could just laugh about but it happened so long ago anyway. 

Her eyes softened when he expressed his wish to stop seeing them in his nightmares, "I don't know if you have learned this trick with memory tampering or not, but it takes a while to get a hang of it and Arcadia taught me pretty well. I'll show you later, it's meant to be a secret because we're not supposed to be using our abilities for our own sake but… if it'll help you feel better, why not? I can help you sleep better with a few herbs too, if you want. I know how to make candles" she beamed, she was generally good with her hands, from wielding a sword once upon a time to calligraphy and chess and now, recently, making candles. She had to admit, the last thing she expected was to see him tearing up, thankfully it wasn't the first time she saw someone cry, the shift in his aura told her that he's going through his feelings right now. She hasn't forgotten everything but it was ironic considering Astraea always pride herself for having a long term memory expansion, but now she couldn't even recall her own birth date? What's wrong with that? 

"How exactly would I pick a new one? How does that work? Do you just pick a random date or something? Because I have… plenty of days to go about, where would I even start?" When asked how she would spend her time, the brunette shrugged absentmindedly, "Maybe… live the life I couldn't have? I don't know… things are different now, I guess I'll just follow the flow. What do teenagers even do these days? How about you? Do you have something you want to do in particular? I can accompany you." She's got nothing better to do anyway.

The blush on her cheeks had just made his day so much better. He fought the urge to chuckle, or point it out like he typically probably would have done. He figured this was awkward enough without him being a typical male douchebag. Damarco gave her a simple nod when she said she was glad she hadn't made him uncomfortable. So far, he found Astraea to be very polite, and just down to earth. Especially for an Aurazin. Damarco also hadn't really interacted with many others like them, but a few that he had gotten to know, seemed insanely hyper compared to him, and he often struggled to be around that kind of energy without it effecting him to the point of matching their energy, and becoming hyped up himself. 

Marco listened to  Astraea's terrifying moment with voidlings, and it sounded even worse than his. But, anyone who'd dealt with them at all, had a scary story to tell. "It's sad to say, but I really miss being in the void, and being a Shepherd" his frown spoke in volumes, and he had teared up again just thinking about how they may never make it back home. Ithurt to say the least, and he'd do whatever he had to to help the Aspects find answers, or help Lucien find answers. He didn't care who he had to help, he just wanted himself and the other Aurazins to make it back. "I've found it hard making earth my temporary home, but I guess if I just found something to occupy my time, it may be less painful here..like a job" he shrugged some, and gazed over to the female who was much smaller than him, causing him to smile a little. It was cute. 

Damarco had certainly allowed his feelings to come to the surface. He was never one to hide his emotions, because his efforts as an Aurazin, to hide his emotions, had always been futile. Thankfully Astraea was mature, and hadn't mocked him about his tears. He did feel like less of a man for it. 

Damarco's eyes widened when Astraea offered to show him a trick later, to help him sleep better, and avoid his nightmares of the voidlings. In all honesty, just getting it off his chest would possibly help too, But he wasn't in the position to refuse the help she had offered. The nightmares had certainly interfered with everything he'd been trying to do in his every day life, because he'd been fixating on those nightmares to the point of them consuming him. "That sounds wonderful, thank you for offering Astraea. I'm glad you've found something to occupy your time" making candles almost sounded fun to Damarco. He had yet to be called in for his interview with ECPD. He was reflecting on his past life to cope with his new life, especially now that he was stuck here on earth, and wanted to rely on his skills in EOD training to help ECPD. Hell, he'd even do it as volunteer work if he had to, he just needed something. 

Damarco gave her question some thought, rubbing his chin for the moments he spent in silence trying to think of a good answer. "Well, you don't have to rush, perhaps spend some time here first, and pick a day where something good happens, and make it your new birthday. Call it earth-day instead, since we're unfortunately stuck here" it was a joke mostly, he was sure she wouldn't pick herself a new birthday and rename it her 'earth-day' but it did sound kinda catchy. Damarco glanced over to her, then back out into the distance. "Well, have you done anything adventerous here yet?" he asked, knowing the look in his eyes became a little more sinister. He wanted to do something he knew Aurazins weren't supposed to do, because in all honesty, it wasn't that it was bad, it's just that sugar had been proven to be bad for their kind. "Let's go find a bakery, or a candy shop" he chuckled. After that, he figured they could go have some fun somewhere else, like the mall, or the skating rink. 

"I'm honestly hoping that ECPD calls me back. I sent in an application to become an EOD specialist. At least for the time we're stuck here. It just seemed like a good way to blend for me, my skills are limited since I only ever knew being at a base somewhere.. EOD's are bomb specialists, I went into the service at age 18.." he sighed. He still thought about Ashleigh. He couldn't help it, and he often longed for his parents. Being an Aurazin was rather hard sometimes, especially now. The temptation to run back home and hug his parents at times consumed Damarco. 

Despite not having the time to spare to interact with the others, especially the younger ones, Astraea was glad she still had the personality needed to befriend people easily. Thank god for that. She wanted to reassure him that things aren't that big of a change and that they could still walk through this with a smile on their face, that's what she should do, right? "I know, sometimes the adrenaline gets you going and the fact that you know what you're doing is rescuing yet another poor soul from being devoured… it's the best feeling ever." To know you saved someone. She knew exactly what that felt like. In her lifetime of servitude under the gods as an aurazin, she switched around plenty. Though she used to prefer being an empath because it allows her the opportunity to see the world and interact with people, life as a Shepherd isn't bad. 

"Don't push yourself too hard, it's not as if you've left earth that long, it won't be surprising if you still felt some type of attachment here. She had to do something to pass her time here so making use of her craftsmanship is one of it. Now she's doing candles and herbal remedies, scent pouches and whatnot, later she may be able to dabble in soaps too. She's heard of those bath bombs and has been trying to study its creation. It's fascinating to say the least. "No problem, I'd love to help. Besides, take it as an experiment instead. I need someone to test out my products so you'll make a good fit" she joked. He could be one of her clientele trying out what she made so she could see the feedback from it. Herbs don't do anyone wrong when they can remedy, no? It's been the way of the old, anyway. It wouldn't hurt people if its function is not for that. 

She has been struggling with her birthday for so long, so when Damarco suggested to her to pick a day she feels close to, the aurazin couldn't help but ponder it. Just like that? "Does it feel right enough to just… pick one?" Would it decrease the significance value? Or would it be just the same? "Earth day" she chuckled and shook her head, "how ironic. You're right, we're stuck here and we have no idea when we'll be able to go back home." Home, such a relative term. Wasn't this place her home once upon a time ago? She was born and bred on earth, after all. Much like everyone else. Yet she still calls the Veil her home. Or was it? When asked if she has ever done anything adventurous there, Astraea shook her head, "Not really, why?" She noticed the mischievous glint in his hues and instantly knew it was going to be trouble. But it doesn't mean she wouldn't try to… indulge her fellow aurazin. It couldn't be that bad, right? 

"Seriously? But you know what sugar would do to us" she whispered, she was appalled at the idea of it but wondered just why did such an idea come to pop up. "What are you planning, Damarco?" She had no clue what he was saying, all those terms didn't make sense to Astraea who last walked the earth as an empath almost 160 years ago. "I have no idea what an EOD specialist is…" but she does want to know, "so thank you for explaining that to me. It makes me feel less… old" which was funny considering how youthful she looks. "That's young… I remember turning 18 and traveling the world in search of my father… It was so hard to get from one place to another back then. Shipwrecks were real and luck… well luck is luck."

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