If there was one thing that always seemed to bring Orion peace it was work. That sounded crazy to most since work was usually what caused stress for most people but it was something he was used to and enjoyed. It was always fun when bidding for different jobs because of the simple fact that it wasn’t enough to be better than the competition you had to be reasonable as well, you could be the best but if your costs were too high, you didn’t always get the job. The trouble today was he opened his emails to see that one of the gala events in the city that he had a five year contract with was doing bids for that very same job. It had only been two years so they still owed the three that were listed in the contract which had been signed. Usually it wasn’t something that would bother him and he would just talk to his contact within that organization but for some reason it just made him unusually angry like when he had been in high school and nearly everything would set him off.

Sighing he leaned back in his office chair trying to calm his mind which wanted to either call the organization he had the contract with or send them a very strongly worded email. The issue being as his mind mulled over what to do it kept coming up with phrases and verbiage which shouldn’t be used in business dealings. Getting up from his chair he began to pace back and forth across his office which was an old habit that hadn’t been a part of his mannerisms in a long time. Shaking himself out of it left his office and walked down the hall to the bathroom, closing the door behind him he turned on the cold water and splashed it on his face which seemed to shock him out of it a bit. After turning off the water he stared at his own reflection in the mirror and nothing seemed to be amiss. Perhaps it was just a bad nights sleep mixed with a misunderstanding, it was nothing to truly worry about.

Heading back into his office he began to type up a professional email explaining to the organization hosting the event that he had a five year contract with them so the contract bidding would need to be ended. It was a legally binding document they had both agreed to and whatever stipulations they would like to change, they could sit down and discuss and try to come to an agreement. After hitting send he checked his phone looking for a random text to put a smile on his face. There was nothing there which he knew was understandable because Sariah was working but for some reason it was like another negative kick to his mood. For a moment he almost sent a text and then he started thinking about Sariah’s ex and he didn’t want to seem controlling or too clingy. Orion’s mind finally reasoned that they talked every day and it was no different today than any other day.

Editing the text he was going to send, ‘Seems to be one of those days where things just aren’t going according to plan. On the plus side, I haven’t spilt any coffee on my computer so I’ll consider that a plus. That and I’d hate to see you upset over it’s untimely demise.’ He inserted a winking face with it’s tongue sticking out to keep it light and teasing since he really just wanted to talk to her even if it was just something silly. There weren’t many things that could lighten his mood when it took a turn but in many ways Sariah was his anchor and that was an important thing to have.

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Despite the weird complicated nature of their social standings, Sariah found it easy to be Orion and just be herself, he had never asked her to be anything other than that and she found that she flourished with him. In ways they made each other stronger, in others they made one another question their thoughts. It was nice, though not without hard work considering their schedules were constantly detrimental to spending any quality time “See the coding I can deal with, it’s the keyboard smashes in emails to important people that I tend to miss” she laughed under her breath softly “Code won’t run when it has errors, emails fly the moment you hit send” she wrinkled her nose playfully, she had to triple check everything now. “She’s being a little attention seeker you mean” she giggled softly “She’s lucky I love her” she was definitely one of the neediest cats Sariah had ever met. 

She smiled softly as he talked about his failed attempts at cooking when he was just getting started “Well I don’t tend to burn things but I try and follow the instructions and then end up adding too much or too little of something and then it’s either all dry and gross or it’s like soup when it’s not supposed to be” she wrinkled her nose and grinned “But I’m not opposed to taking on some lessons” she smiled sweetly, making dinner together actually sounded really nice, and normal. She couldn’t help but laugh as he pieced together the idea of her being Stitch, she put on a voice as best she could before imitating his most iconic line “Ohana means family, means no one gets left behind” she fell into laughter afterwards because the impression was by no means perfect “Well at least he’s cute?” she offered with a grin.

Orion was stable for her and stable was something she had never really experienced in a relationship, she didn’t need to second guess him or wonder how he would react, he was smart and patient and kind to everyone who was kind to him. It was hard not to fall for his charms because he was just simply a good person “Me too” she returned his sentiment about missing one another as she reached her hand to squeeze his “Who knew being a representative for the city would be so exhausting huh?” she teased it with a playful smile as she slowly took her glasses off her face and offered them out to him “Well I’m basically blind so see if these make the world look better or horribly worse” she jested, his eyesight was probably find considering he was a therianthrope but it never hurt to check, she remembered how awful it was trying to see things before she got her glasses.

“We’re...figuring it out” she agreed with him, nodding her head slightly, it wasn’t exactly easy because they could both be pretty opinionated and stood strong by their beliefs, which made them an amazing team when they were agreed but when they weren’t it could be challenging. “I mean the world might disagree but I think we are owed 1 week where we don’t have to worry about massacres and creepy witchy weirdness...just...you and me” honestly that sounded like they best idea they’d had in a long time. She raised her brows when he asked what sort of vacation she would want to go on “Honestly I’ve never really been anywhere, I’d love to just go...see something” she nodded “Maybe Europe, I heard you can drive pretty much anywhere you want to go” the idea of just seeing the world outside of this city appealed to her a lot “Not very summery I know” she added with a playful smile. 

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