Will valentines be a good hit in Evermore City? Will it go to plan? Will Macies Restaurant be beaming with customers or will it be empty? Why don't you come and have a say in the way Valentines day is run at The Blacks'? Hope to see you there!


It was one rainy day and Macie was sat at the till in her restaurant waiting for some customers to come in. She was wearing some black trousers, a white blouse and some black shoes. Macies hair was tied into a pony tail to keep it out of the way when serving customers. However, it had been a quiet few weeks. What with the new year beginning and everyone been busy doing other things. She had barely any customers visiting her restaurant lately which was a shame as the restaurant was named after her parents and she wanted to make them proud of her.

Macie sighs and grabs some paper then goes and sits over at a table to brainstorm some ideas to get more customers into her restaurant. Party? Charity event? Dating night? Free drinks on a certain night of the week? Macie thinks back to when she was younger and remembers been brought up in Foster Care wondering where her parents was. Maybe she could hold a charity event where it helps Foster children find there forever homes? Maybe she could do something for mothers day?

All of a sudden, Macie came up with a good idea. Valentines was coming up. She could host a day / night where singles or couples could come to the restaurant and have a free glass of champagne per person. The restaurant could be halved for singles who wanted to just have a meal in peace or singles could sit with other people who are single and get to know eachother. Weather it's to make new friends or find a relationship. And the other half could be for couples who want to be left alone and enjoy a romantic night together. That was settled that was what Macie was going to do!

Macie was going to need some help to organise this event. She thought it was best to get outside people to help because they'd be the customers and they know how they would like things to be to attract more customers. She messages three people who normally passes by the cafe and normally comes in.

"Hi everyone,

Macie Black here. I have got a brilliant idea and I'd like the customers input to make this event a big hit. It's to do with valentines day. If you at einteresfed and want a say on what happens at The Blacks' restaurant why don't you pop over this afternoon? We can have some lunch and talk it over. Lunch is on the house!

Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards

Macie Black "

Macie sends the text and then gets up and sets a table for 4 people (including herself) in hope some people turn up to have a say. She was very excited and hoped some good would come out of it.

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