To say he was proud of what he had achieved here in Greece was an understatement, he had done what he honestly thought was impossible when he first came here. He felt responsible for this place, tied to it in a way no one could explain. This place had given him immortality and in exchange he had sucked the whole place dry of magic. That had been close to 800 years ago and yet now you wouldn't believe it ever happened. Bash had learned a lot about magic in the time he had life, enough to understand it's lifeforce, how it lived and breathed and while it was unpredictable at times, he had learned to accept the whimsical ways. It was what made him special and he embraced that.

It had been a long night training with the apprentices, the more word travelled that the citadel was repaired the more kept showing up on his door. He was a harsh teacher but he'd gained a reputation as one of the best and that meant every diviner without a coven eventually ended up here. He was okay with it, albeit selective about those he chose to teach. After sending everyone back to their rooms to rest he headed down the spiral staircase which led to the basement. He was the only one allowed down here, he had discovered the power source of the citadel many years ago and taken care of it since then, in ways, it helped to clear his mind and understand magic on a deeper level, how it never disappeared or was really destroyed, just became other things.

But he had to admit that seeing a person passed out on the floor beside the pond. That wasn't what he was expecting. "Do you think you could give me some damn notice before delivering me your 'gifts'?" he questioned generally to the room as he edged closer to study the frame of the passed out girl on the floor. He didn't recognize her and she also didn't look local. He frowned before nudging her slightly with his toe to see if she would respond to some light encouragement. "Now where did you come from?" he commented tilting his head as he knelt down. His eyes naturally falling on the pendant which was fixed around her neck and pressing his lips together "Well I'll be damned" it had been a long time since he thought about that necklace.

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Darkness. Cold, unyielding darkness. She was trapped. No matter how hard she screamed, her voice got lost in the never-ending silence. She didn't float into nothingness. She was stuck, like she had been trapped in a glass cube and thrown into space. With time she had stopped protesting and soon her memories faded. She tried to hold onto them, as a token of sanity, but they slipped through her fingers. Soon enough she had no name, no face. She had turned into nothing - the very void she had been trapped into. There was no sense of time where she was, it could have been minutes or decades and she could feel her existence fading, slowly, bit by bit getting lost in the darkness.

Like an arrow shot into the sky, a voice found her amidst the darkness. Simple words that she clung onto for dear life. "Don't go..." The words echoed around her and with every ounce of strength in her body, she latched onto them. "I need you...." No, she wasn't going to let go, she had to hold on...for her. Whose voice was it? She didn't know. But after eons in darkness she knew she had to wake up, she had to break free. The words led her out of her prison and slowly she could hear the chirping of insects pricking through the silence, the sound of water lapping at the shore. She fumbled in the darkness, trying to reach where the voice was leading her until she came upon a burning sun. And the moment she touched the light, it sucked her in.

Full brown eyes jolted wide open, the breath caught in her throat sucked out as she sat up straight, heart racing. She was alive.

it took her a moment to register the man beside her, an unfamiliar face, though everything around her seemed unknown too. She tried to form words but she had forgotten how to speak and for a minute she sat there panting, trying to remember something - anything, but her memory was like a fresh chalkboard, waiting to be filled. "I-" She finally regained her voice, turning her head to the man. Did she know him? "Who are you?" She asked desperately looking for answers, "Who am I?"

Tapping her with his foot didn’t seem to do much when it came to waking her and so he had stayed there a while making himself comfortable at the edge of the room as he listened to the sound of the running water to the stream. She was breathing, albeit faintly but there was something about her aura that was...different to what he expected. There was a darkness tainting her which he couldn’t describe was cold...almost chilling.

And then after while she finally opened her eyes, suddenly sitting up from her laying position and looking around in a panic. Well that answered his question about whether she had actually passed out down here after sneaking in, it was evident she had no idea where she was. He pressed his lips together in thought, she was wearing the necklace had made all that time ago and now she was here...which meant whoever this girl was, she had died.

“I am Sebastian...head…” technically priest but that seemed like a stupid title to take on “Of the citadel” he spoke it bluntly, still keeping her under a cautious gaze. Though her next question made him from “That, I would like to know too” he commented as he pointed to her and then the pond “That pond right there is a source of natural world’s magic...and it seems it decided to save you” he commented matter of factly “The question is why” he commented thoughtfully “Knew any dark diviners?” he questioned with an arch of his brow.

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