She kept a record of how many days they have spent here in Evermore. Ever since they set foot in the house given to them to reside in, Astraea has been trying to note how many changes have occurred over the time, just so she could highlight the differences in everything. At some point, she grew frustrated when she realized they were nowhere close to finding a clue, much less an answer to why the door was closed on them. She was worried for those who were still in the Veil, and remembered falling into the dark when she was in the Void. It felt like an eternity until she finally woke up in the meadow, surrounded by dirt and grass. That was months ago and it has been a long while since they have created a life here. 

The aurazin even got herself a job, but that didn't mean she stopped searching for ways to return to their rightful home. Astraea didn't have any shifts today as it was the weekend, usually she would go to the library and spend her regular Saturday reading up on something. But not today. The dark haired female got up from her bed after brushing her hair using the comb, taking the book where she wrote down her mindless theories with her before making her way to the kitchen. Sometimes, the house would be busy with the others but most of the time, they minded their own business. A few weeks ago, Astraea told Lucien what she believed was happening in the city. It was something she noticed because she goes over the city everyday to work and therefore, gave her more sights to pay attention to. Voidlings. Together, the two of them decided to go and check the meadow where the passageway to the Veil was at, today. 

While she was halfway filling out a glass of water, the aurazin noticed a familiar silhouette standing by the counter; Lucien. "Are we still good to go for today? But are you sure it's fine with just the two of us? What if we come across something?" She was not scared, but rather more worried to see what they'd find. They already had theories and this would just be them seeking confirmation in order to move onto the next step. A part of her understood why Luke decided to keep this a secret from others though, until they know better about what they're facing, it's better to keep things under wraps. The last thing they wanted to do is provoke unnecessary panic within their ranks.

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Lucien stared out of his office window as he always did in the mornings when most of the lodge was still asleep and he was awake, waiting for the sun to take over the moon's place. The darkness of the night was soon replaced by that of the star's light, bursting over the prairies' hills and rushing across the short grass that seemed to stretch endlessly over the landscape. Truly it did look much like the veil and it was a reminder to him that he had to keep going. He could never give up on trying to find a way for him and his kind to get back to their home and their rightful place. Though it had been some time since their arrival to Earth where many of them had started to become accustomed to this new life, Luke wasn't going to give up.

Grabbing his cup of tea, the sentry walked through the silent hallways until reaching the kitchen, seeing a familiar petite girl with her back to him. He leaned against the counter and watched her thoughtfully as she poured herself a drink. The task they were heading out on today had him worrying all of last night, making it nearly impossible to get any rest at all. Lucien lifted the infuser from the mug and set it into one of the sinks as her question filled the space and broke the quiet. Lucien turned to face her and nodded shortly. Despite his concern for what they might find today, he was also determined that this could be some answers they were looking for. The Aurazin had been so completely in the dark about why they'd been cast from their home and though what Astraea had told him was troubling, it was something from their world that they hadn't seen since the fall.

Voidlings roaming Evermore was something Lucien never expected. However, if the portals that had tossed his people to Earth were opening again, perhaps it was a way home too. For now they needed to deal with what was more important. If the creatures from the void were somehow walking Earth, it could be catastrophic to humans and possibly supernaturals alike. There was only one way to find out and Luke gave her a small, but reassuring smile. "We'll just observe from afar. Make sure it's safe before proceeding." Lucien had asked a few of the Aurazin to visit the forest area from time to time where he and a others had fallen in Evermore. They were lucky enough to have a few of them fall to this world so close to where they were living now that Luke had always wanted to keep surveillance of any other activity that might occur in that same wooded territory. 

Taking a sip of his tea, he knew whatever they were going to find, it couldn't be good. Lucien trusted his people enough to know that if they saw or felt anything like a voidling in this world, they were probably right. He was thankful that Astraea had indeed kept this new information quiet from the others. He didn't want to bring them bad news without getting more information first. "I don't want to assume anything till we see or feel something ourselves, but for now," he pulled a set of keys from his pocket and lifted them to her. He'd never could get the hang of something that was so mundane to others. "You're driving." 

Astraea has been thinking about this over and over again, but still she wasn't able to come to a conclusion with the best option available for them. What's the best way to approach this? Should they really be going off impulsively like this without any backup? Without anyone knowing where they were even headed to, in the first place? Was that wise? She had so many questions that remained unanswered. But still, Astraea would choose to believe Lucien any day, so there's that for loyalty points coming from her. Besides, what could go wrong, right? What's the worst that could happen? Either way, they had to get to the bottom of this and if they didn't go check to clarify this, then who would? 

"Make sure it's safe before proceeding? Should I be asking you what is your definition of… observing?" She raised her eyebrows skeptically and shook her head, this wouldn't be the first time she has sounded her suspicions and doubts. It wouldn't be the last time either. She has been a shepherd for quite some time, lesser than she has been an empath but regardless, she knew how to detect the rough signs of it hence why she brought it up to Lucien that day. Working in the inner sector of the city gives her the added advantage to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity happening. Nothing was out of the ordinary, unless she counted the amount of people being extremely negative lately. Too much is too unnatural. 

She placed her glass on the counter and caught the keys with her left hand, looking at it weirdly before dangling it in front of her, "Really? You know I don't have a driver's license, right? Is this legal? To drive without one?" Admittedly, the chances of people actually stopping them to check her for a license is not really high considering where they're going. But still, Astraea was still learning the rules of the place. "Arcadia is going to kill me if she finds out I'm doing this… just so we're clear… nobody knows about this, right?" The blonde would really lecture her over this, and driving without a license, that too. 

Lucien silently stared at the keys in her hand and then up to her eyes before making a frustrated sigh. "Well, I can't very well get you in trouble with Arcadia, now can I?" He took the keys from Astraea again and gave a nervous chuckle. What he wouldn't give to just jump on a horse and go the slower way. At least he would feel like he had some control over his life then. Those metal machines were death traps in his opinion. His heart rate quickened as he stepped outside on the front porch of the home and stared at one of the gifted vehicles they were given by the Ailwards, pushing the electronic button on the ring to unlock its doors. Silently, the sentry steeled himself before straightening up. He had more nerves fighting in a war than he did staring at this technology. "Right. Off we go."

Pulling slowly away from the lodge and onto the dirt road felt like losing his lifeline. He'd checked his mirrors about fifty times while his knuckles were nearly white from gripping the wheel so hard. He needed a distraction to stop overthinking how at any moment he felt like the car would gain a mind of its own and run them over the cliff. "So, tell me more about what you're seeing in the city?" She had mentioned before the sudden change in people's moods and though Luke would've liked to attribute that with just the way people were at times, the mention of their auras was what made him think otherwise. The quick shifts in their hues as if one moment they were perfectly fine and even happy to the sudden drain of emotion, leading to anger and depression. That was cause for concern.

He cautiously fumbled with the map in his pocket while keeping his eyes on the road. Thankfully there was hardly anyone driving which was a relief, seeing as he was well under ten miles per hour under the speed limit. Handing the paper over to Astraea, he nodded towards the circled areas on the map. "These were some of the strange sightings people had around Evermore. From what I gather, if... they are voidlings, on the Earthen realm they can't be seen like in the void. They are only visible once they begin feeding on someone's soul." He couldn't imagine what differences might present themselves from being on two different realms for the voidlings, but it was concerning that they could feed on the living as they did on the dead. 

Luke turned down another path that was in Therian territory before parking the car. Where they had to go, no car could access. He stepped out and stared at that car with some appreciation that they'd made it to their destination alive before letting his eyes wander the forest. They had a bit of a walk ahead of them, but Lucien remembered every step there as if he and some of his kind had fallen only yesterday. They didn't know what may lay ahead, but it was important they get to the bottom of it for a number of reasons. He looked over to Astraea and gave a nod. "Ready?"

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