She kept a record of how many days they have spent here in Evermore. Ever since they set foot in the house given to them to reside in, Astraea has been trying to note how many changes have occurred over the time, just so she could highlight the differences in everything. At some point, she grew frustrated when she realized they were nowhere close to finding a clue, much less an answer to why the door was closed on them. She was worried for those who were still in the Veil, and remembered falling into the dark when she was in the Void. It felt like an eternity until she finally woke up in the meadow, surrounded by dirt and grass. That was months ago and it has been a long while since they have created a life here. 

The aurazin even got herself a job, but that didn't mean she stopped searching for ways to return to their rightful home. Astraea didn't have any shifts today as it was the weekend, usually she would go to the library and spend her regular Saturday reading up on something. But not today. The dark haired female got up from her bed after brushing her hair using the comb, taking the book where she wrote down her mindless theories with her before making her way to the kitchen. Sometimes, the house would be busy with the others but most of the time, they minded their own business. A few weeks ago, Astraea told Lucien what she believed was happening in the city. It was something she noticed because she goes over the city everyday to work and therefore, gave her more sights to pay attention to. Voidlings. Together, the two of them decided to go and check the meadow where the passageway to the Veil was at, today. 

While she was halfway filling out a glass of water, the aurazin noticed a familiar silhouette standing by the counter; Lucien. "Are we still good to go for today? But are you sure it's fine with just the two of us? What if we come across something?" She was not scared, but rather more worried to see what they'd find. They already had theories and this would just be them seeking confirmation in order to move onto the next step. A part of her understood why Luke decided to keep this a secret from others though, until they know better about what they're facing, it's better to keep things under wraps. The last thing they wanted to do is provoke unnecessary panic within their ranks.

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The sentry could already feel his abilities waning. It also didn't help that Dominic was apparently one strong host for the creature to latch onto. However, Lucien was not about to let this voidling win out over them. Especially since the guard had volunteered to be bait for their plan in the first place. On the bright side, it did seem the idea worked in terms of getting them more information on how this all began, but it also only led to even more questions. 

His boots continued to slide forward in the earth as the therian fought the energy ropes that tugged against the pursuit of his fellow aurazin. Luke watched as Astraea seemed to gather herself for whatever she was about to do. A new whip appeared that was freshly made by her, latching Dominic's other wrist. It instantly relieved some of the strain on his own power with his attempts to keep the guard still. Though the hair on the back of his neck rose as he watched her step closer to the man that was snarling to break free and likely kill her with ease.

"Astraea..." Luke called with warning, but he heeded her words, biting back the rebuttal. Instead, he generated as much of himself left in reserve to pulse more of his energy into the restraints. Dominic seemed to bow at this. The guard's head snapped over his shoulder in response with a murderous glare, ichor slipping from his nose and ears. It seemed they were winning in this tug of war. To think that more of these had slipped through the portals and were likely taking on hosts...

"Dominic!" he called, hoping to split the attention of the voidling between them. "We've almost got it! Fight!" An otherworldly noise seemed to rumble through the guard then, but it meant they were also getting through. Lucien's limbs were shaking with the effort now. They needed to get the leech out and hope the guard would be able to give them more with a lucid and unoccupied mind. Dominic thrashed then, but he couldn't be sure if it was in an effort to shake the voidling loose or them. "Astraea!" he called in warning with hope she'd gotten through as the last of his efforts to hold the wolf diminishing with a snap.

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