Tonight was the night. Sariah had spent the past few days since her last meeting with Orion pondering over everything, wondering what tonight was going to be like, of all the things she might learn about him and what she might even reveal about herself. It was weird to think about this being their first date considering all of the things they had been through together and the depth that her feelings ran, first dates were usually the ice breakers and figuring out if there was any kind of connection but this one, this one was different, which only added to the nerves that were piling on.

Sariah's apartment was cosy, despite being the leader of the organization she wasn't paid half as much as she could have been had she chosen to go down either a more corporate or a more illegal route. It was however enough to keep her comfortable and in her opinion, it was decorated nicely. The blonde had spent the past few hours getting ready bit by bit, mostly by pacing back and forth between her room and the living area to prepare everything. Sariah was somewhat of a serial planner, her mind liked to stress over every little detail she was sure most people didn't even notice.

The ambassador was dressed in a dark orange loose fitting dress which moved easily around her, she opted not to bother with shoes since they didn't intend on going out anywhere and Sariah didn't think any sane girl would wear heels around their apartment by choice. Her blonde hair was curled and framing her face in a half updo that was mostly to keep her hair out of her eyes while still looking like she made more than and effort than her usual ponytail and her glasses were tucked away neatly in the dresser replaced with the contact lenses she saved for special occasions.

Once she was happy with her outfit she had called ahead to the Chinese place and ordered a bunch of food to be delivered, not knowing what Orion's preference was she had just picked a range of different dishes and some bases to ensure there was something he would like. On the table she had set two plates and glasses as well as a few bottles of different things to drink. It wasn't often that Sariah really had any visitors to her apartment so she had enjoyed the opportunity to dig out all of the housewarming gifts she had been given when she moved to Evermore and finally allow them to see the light of day.

Sariah had so far done pretty well at not panicking about the part that she was really nervous about, after all, this would be where they figure out whether the feelings that were blossoming between the two of them are something they want to pursue and while Orion had been confident they would have a second date, Sariah was still apprehensive about the answers she might get to the questions she had. After all, this wouldn't be the kind of date where they talked about the weather or at least she hoped it wouldn't because she had so much more to say than that.

Her spiral of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing and her eyes widened for a moment before she made a quick dash around the room to grab matches and light the candle on the mantlepiece. Coming to a stop she set she box down on the table and then smoothed down her dress and took a deep breath before she walked over to the entrance hall and reached for the handle to open the door. Stepping around the door she glanced down at her watch for a moment and smiled as she looked up to meet his gaze "On time" she confirmed with a gentle laugh stepping aside to invite him inside.

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It was Saturday, he knew it was Saturday and yet it seemed surreal that the day had finally come especially after everything which had lead to this point. As much as the Therianthrope Ambassador would like to say he was calm, collected and confident that was far from the truth as he stared at the clothes in his closet having no idea what to wear as his hair dried from his shower. Even though a small voice in the back of his head told him that his attire didn’t matter he didn’t believe that. Yes he and Sariah had seen one another countless times but you couldn’t just go into a date wearing just anything or at least that was what his daughter told him. Were jeans too casual? Were slacks too formal? Why was he even questioning this after dressing himself for the majority of his life? Simple, even though he didn’t need to impress Sariah he still wanted her to know he made an effort.

Finally coming to a decision he dressed in a pair of nice, dark jeans and a blue button down shirt with long sleeves that he had rolled up at the cuffs along with being loosely tucked into his jeans and held in place with a black leather belt. It was a good mix of casual and a bit of formal without being suit and tie. This wasn’t a business meeting and he didn’t want it to feel that way by over dressing since he was going to do his best not to mess up the opportunity she was offering him with this date. Tying his polished dress shoes he gathered his wallet, phones and keys before heading out of his home far earlier than the agreed upon time since he had a few stops to make first.

The longest of which was at a local flower shop since you didn’t go to someone’s house let alone a date without a gift or two. The woman who owned the shop was giving him a headache as she explained what each flower meant as she tried to help him decide to what to take to Sariah. There were so many more flowers than he could ever guess. Finally deciding on a bouquet of mixed sunflowers since adoration and loyalty seemed rather fitting and the vibrancy of the flowers themselves did remind him of Sariah. Getting back to the car he placed the flowers carefully in the passenger seat with the rest of the items he had already picked up. Placing Sariah’s address into the GPS on his phone he nodded to himself knowing that he would make it to her place in time.

The drive wasn’t a very long one and he did his best not to overthink the night to come. That was far easier said than done as he turned on the radio to take his mind off of what was to come. It was easy to be confident at The Organization headquarters but it was not so easy now that he was heading towards Sariah’s apartment where they would be alone with no interruptions or gossiping co-workers. Orion found himself singing along to the radio as he pulled up to the apartment building that Sariah had given him as her address. Checking the clock he was still a little early so he checked his reflection in the small mirror of his visor.

Getting out of the car he moved to the passenger side of the car and grabbed a bottle of pineapple wine that he may have asked one of Sariah’s co-workers about, along with the bouquet of sunflowers. His nervousness was beginning to set in once more and he had to push it aside and hold onto the confidence he had felt a few days ago. This would either be a night for the books in a good or bad way but he had the feeling it would be a hard night to forget. This was probably the first actually important date Orion had been on in over ten years since after being with the same person for so long dates were more a routine than anything else and so you could spend time with one another especially when you had kids.

Heading towards the door he stood there a moment gaining his courage before ringing the doorbell and waiting as he heard her moving around inside. After a moment the door opened and Orion smile his jaw going slack at the semi-formal dress she was wearing which flattered her in every way. “You look gorgeous.” He said shaking himself from the momentary stupor. “I come barring gifts.” He stated as he raised the bottle and bouquet of sunflowers. Stepping inside of the apartment he was overwhelmed by her scent which clung to the whole apartment in a warm way. “I do aim to be on time though I think we both know I don’t always make it.” Everything within the apartment screamed Sariah and even though he should be second guessing himself at the moment that alone seemed to calm him. “You have a really nice place.”

The moment she opened the door her eyes met his and she saw the look which crossed his expression which caused her to dip her head a little averting her gaze a little embarrassed as she took in how handsome he looked, of course that had never escaped her attention in the past “Oh this old thing” she spoke the cliche line and then laughed “No I’m just kidding, I literally turned over my closet three times over deciding what I should wear” she chuckled shaking her head and smiled “You clean up pretty well yourself” she responded as he offered out the gifts.

The blonde’s eyes first trained over the sunflowers which brought a smile to her face, she loved bright colors, they made her feel happy and energetic which was probably why the majority of her clothes were of the same caliber. Taking them in her arms she was thinking about where she might want to put them before her eyes moved to the other gift and she gasped for a moment “How did you…?” she asked the question before answering it in her head “Holland” she added with a shake of her head and a wry smirk “I swear that girl will meddle in anything” she teased though she was grateful because she truly did love pineapple wine. “These are beautiful, thank you” she finished brightly.

As they moved inside she closed the door behind them with her elbow very aware she needed to put the things she was holding down. “I’ve gotten used to our unorthodox meetings, this almost feels strange” she chuckled softly “But only almost”. Leading the way into the living area Sariah headed over to one of the cabinets taking out a vase and then proceeded to remove the paper from the bouquet and then not so perfectly arrange the flowers in a bright spray. She set them down on the mantelpiece. In response to his compliment she smiled “Well it was the first place I really got to myself” she explained and shrugged “Shared apartment in college didn't exactly have much opportunity for decorating so when I got this place I went on a one woman interior design spree” she laughed softly “So thanks for noticing” she followed up with a wink.

Sariah gestured for Orion to make himself at home as she sat down on the couch setting the wine he had given her on the table next to all the other drinks she had lined up like a small bar “Well I don’t know about you, but I could really use a drink right now” she laughed as she raised one of her hands for a moment to show that it was a little shaky, she didn’t really know what she had to be nervous about considering that her and Orion had been through much more difficult situations before but now this was really happening it felt very real and a little daunting for her.

Sariah picked up the wine opener from the table and opened it before pouring some into her glass and then looking up at Orion to determine if he wanted some or something else. Naturally as she looked at him her eyes traced over one of the many new scars he had gained since everything had gone down with Elijah. Taking a gentle breath as she sipped some of her wine she tilted her head a little as her attention was then taken by the tattoos which protruded the parts of his arms and neck that weren’t covered “Is there a story behind the tattoos?” she asked curiously, well she had asked to talk and so she might as well get the questions rolling early.

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