It had been a full 2 years since the celestials had come to Evermore city and she could safely now say they were probably in the best position they had ever been in. Ophelia had been through countless meetings and talks to study further into the Evermore peace contract, mulling over every detail, every commitment and weighing her options. She knew that one way or another she needed to get her people's name on that list, it was the best way to ensure that each of them were protected the way they should be in the city. It would also prevent any other faction from getting away with harming her people and create protection against wrongful imprisonment too. Something she knew she needed to secure for the sanity of her people.

For the past few months, while working on the diplomacy, she had always been trying to encourage her people out of their shells, to teach them that working with celestial energy could play to their strengths and give them something to fight with rather than something that simply exposed them and put them in more danger. It had varying success but she had definitely seen more celestials coming to her and wanting to learn how to control their natural-born abilities. Getting to see stars do what they were born to do and shine was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things she had ever experienced and she really hoped she could bring such a feeling to all of them eventually. But Ophelia also knew not to push them too hard, she understood how scary it must be to reintegrate into the world after being locked up for years, for a lot of the celestials, the near majority of their lives even. It made her furious that they barely even got to live before it was all taken away from them. 

Ophelia found herself in the middle of the training room, she was dressed in light workout gear, a tank top, and fitted leggings, not her typical attire but she found herself wearing things like this more and more often as celestials slowly gained the confidence to learn in here. The room was mirrored, meaning any light they generated bounced back on itself and therefore no one was exposed to the outside world in here, it was a safe space, where stars could learn to be stars without the pressures that came along with it. She knew a lot of the stars were out today she wasn't even sure if anyone was going to show up for a training session but she figured she would practice her own control regardless, she closed her eyes, drawing in her celestial strength to make a little ball of light which appeared between her hands, she was busy tossing it from hand to hand and concentrating on making it curve over her arms and through the air the way she wanted it to when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Ah good, looks like she won't be attending this session alone then. 

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It is very true everyone has questions, no matter what the questions are or what situation someone is in. Questions will always be part of a person's mindset. miyaza nodded knowing them coming to the city is a good thing adding them never to be bothered is also a good thing. They get to live a life for two years on their own. During that time Miyaza wanted to explore and see many things with a language barrier little her broken English he still learned words during the time to hopefully be fluent. Miyaza could not say anything more thing she didn't have anything more to say but what Ophelia said.

Listening to the Wayfinder's words made Miyaza understood how much the light means to them but what could it do if they wanted to protect themself without getting anyone hurt. More questions come to her mind knowing it will start hurting her brain in a minute. Maybe the power does not need to harm others, miyaza liked the idea of gaining control of her life again. Maybe she was missing something within what she is learning. "I know we need to take one step at a time but can I ask in need for protection, how harmful is our energy?" Miyaza needed to know if she didn't ask it will bother her. 

Miyaza smiled with a nod, she didn't know about what a touch screen was until Elias showed her the day she went to his farm to help out. If she comes to have one how lost will she be and will it make her more confused? She remembered seeing a girl at her age typing away on her phone like it was nothing but being familiar. "Technolgy is the hardest form for me to understand. A touch screen phone! Like how come up with a walking computer. Well, that is what Elias told me it even knew my native language." Miyaza said expressing how was she surprised by the moment of that day. "Do you still have problems even today?' she asked wondering knowing she might not be the only one in today's fast-moving world.

The young star knew she has all the time in the world, she let the thought of Taehyun, there were so many memories she has with him before she was taken away bu this time it was the moment he has given her his dog tags. She tried everything she could not think about the negative and the day she loses them. His eyes made her stay focus. Miyaza listened to Ophelia as she breathed in and then let it out calm and relaxed under what will happen but she trusted the other. 

Ophelia pursed her lips for a moment at that question, it was a fair one to ask but also relative “You could see it like a force of physical kinetic energy for most, if they get hit by it, they’re likely to get knocked back from the force, if you make the energy pointed, it can be dangerous, like any pointed weapon would be” she nodded slightly “The only case where things are different is if you use it on a Valkyr, their bodies are naturally weak to our power so if they don’t have a Volakiri, it could be fatal to hit them with a blow” but for most people, it was just a case of being able to fend them off, you’d really have to try if you wanted to hurt someone.

She did have to laugh at Miyaza’s exclamation about technology and that things were very advanced to use “Before you know it they’ll probably be able to do holograms and the likes” all those cheesy things that seemed like complete fiction could be real one day, robots? Flying cars? Who even knew how things would be in a few years' time “Well that must be helpful for you right? You can use it to do translation when you aren’t sure what things mean” she was sure there was an app you could get which could even scan pictures in another language and it would live translate them to local language so they could be understood. “I’m….slowly getting there, most of them kinda behave the same way so you can slowly pick it up” though there were still times where she would look at something with a question mark on her face.

She watched carefully as the other girl worked on trying to isolate the power and push it out further and the Wayfinder slowly backed away from her so there was room for the powers to grow as she got into her element. Slowly she watched as the light flickered a few times and then expanded to a small bubble around her, it was still close enough to be comfortable she was sure but it was progress in learning to embrace it “Well would you look at that” she grinned slightly “Try reaching your hands out to touch it, you’ll see what I mean about it feeling like it’s physically there” she nodded encouragingly.

Listening to the Wayfinder answering her question, she looked at her hands wondering why hunters wanted this power." That's good to know." Miyaza said smile unsure what she wants to really think.  At least it's not the dangerous as she thought it is but when will she never want to use it will be her next question for herself. She was one who can't see herself hurting anyone no matter how bad things can get. That will help Miyaza not to get into situations that might not be good for her and others due to her impulsive actions. 

"I will not be shocked, things they might be talking about will happen at some point." Miyaza smiled knowing people are smart enough to let their passion drive them into ideas. "It is. Honestly, it confused me at first but the more I learned about it I didn't mind it at all after that. It's really useful. It's making me learn more English." Miyaza smiled proudly. The young star nodded, "I think all of us are the same way now or at some point." Miyaza knew the first time she went to the city center as was so lost she didn't know how she would keep up with everything and everyone. It was not until she meets Hana, Elias, and Jesslyn that helped her understand some things.  

The young star wanted to do her best on the first try and not give less effort. Miyaza opened her eyes when the other spoke up, her brown hues looked at the bubble that was small but it's more than having nothing on the first try. Miyaza looked at the female unsure if she should but left her hand up slow. Letting her tips touched the walls making the young star grow a small smile on her lips. "This is just the beginning isn't it?" Miyaza asked. Wondering what more will she be discovering and feeling. The energy within herself made her want to protect herself more means she will have to be more careful but this was a secret that is too big to hide.

The way that they used their Celestial energy was far different from how others wanted to use it, others had cruel intentions and wanted to alter the balance which Ophelia was pretty sure now that the stars were sent here to protect. Time. Time was the essence of their existence, considering because of their age, stars in the sky were considered to be completely timeless, though she was sure there was a time when they came to be too “Have you learned about your time abilities yet?” she asked with raised brows, she knew that one was much easier to accidentally use and yet probably equally as confusing.

She nodded slightly as she spoke about technology, there had been a time when Ophelia wondered if the world was moving too fast with all these new devices and people were becoming addicted to them and retracting from the real world around them but then she saw their uses, how it allowed medical advancements which saved countless lives and let people who never had the chance to before, communicate, in that sense it seemed worth the effort to figure it out. “That’s good, the plus side is you have as much time as you need to learn all those things, though I don’t think technology will wait for us to catch up” she chuckled under her breath, everything always seemed to be keeping her on her toes lately, from technology to city politics to teaching the Celestials, it kept her busy.

She watched as Miyaza’s little bubble of light appeared and whole it wasn’t the biggest or the strongest shield she had seen, it was enough to prove that she had accepted the light inside of her. She smiled softly as she watched her hesitantly reach out to touch it “Yeah, a shield such as that would be pretty easy to break, you can see the weak points where the light is fainter but as you practice and get used to letting your light in you’ll learn how to bolster it until it will take serious force to take down” she nodded slightly “And you’ll be able to project it far enough to protect other people around you too” Ophelia liked to focus on protection first and then attacks later on once they had confidence in their control.

The one thing the young star can never pull her mind around is people want to control the power they don't understand. Which is why she does learning not to be naive and too kind toward people she does not have a good feeling towards.  Some say time is an allusion some say it's inevitable but to control time is something the young star would never think she could have. "My what?" she asked confused. "Am sorry, did you say time abilities?" Miyaza looked shocked the other said that. "Is that part of who we are too? I thought people with time powers were only in stories." Miyaza said knowing it made her sound as she reads to much. It also part of movies but that was beside the point for her. 

"They say that with culture and trends." Miyaza also brought up how the world changed around technology as well. Miyaza never thought to see the world to criticize and more open for people to bully others. It's a cop-out in her opinion.  It was not secret Miyaza didn't like some changes but everyone deserves freedom in whatever they want to do. 

"if you had one thing you had around your time what would you bring back to society today?" The young star asked wondering where the other fell from, it must be far. Not like she can say homesick as the earth was not their actually home but a temporary home. If they could go back would they be able to? Miyaza still does not know all the answers but she didn't expect the Wayfinder to know them either. It's hard for every star. 

Listening to the Wayfinder explain what she was doing made Miyaza feel a little bit better. "So in the way, our powers are more defense then dangerous?" she asked as the hunters came into mind with a sigh coming out of her lips. "If the hunters want this power then what can they really do with it?" Miyaza didn't want to be naive within that moment but keeping her mind open to reality is important to be alert.  "Am sorry if am asking too many questions. I know there is still so much I don't really understand or know." It was not like she is defeated within the moment but she wants to make sure if the young star does get into a situation with a hunter she wants to make sure she knew what to do without using her powers if she is alone. 

Ophelia could tell that Miyaza had been very disconnected from the species she was, she supposed in a way you could convince yourself that you were a human immortal as a Celestial, they were both frail when it came to getting hurt, they could bleed, get illnesses and suffer from mental illnesses too. “Yes, time abilities” she responded and nodded “Have you ever dreamed about something you never saw happen but felt like it might be real?” she softened her gaze a little “Sometimes a Celestial can have visions of the future” she picked up a pen from on the training room desk and then dropped it, she then reached for Miyaza and held her arm while she paused time “We can also do this, for a short amount of time” she pointed to the pen which was currently hanging in mid air like time was frozen, when she let go, it clattered to the floor.

“Oh, definitely the dancing” she responded candidly with a small smile “I swear today’s dancing is all just people jumping around and pretending they know the music but back then it was beautiful, we learned dances and performed them in groups, everyone loved dancing because that was our time to let loose” she grinned slightly, she had fond memories of dancing until her feet were killing her and then carrying on anyway. “I’m 430, if you were wondering” she wasn’t the eldest of the Celestials but she had seen many ages come and go.

“I’d say that yeah, you can make them dangerous don’t get me wrong but only if you tried to” which was someone inexperienced in controlling their light wasn’t even possible “I mean there’s a reason it’s easier for most people to conjure a shield before anything else” they were a good-natured species which meant they didn’t want to hurt anyone and that was reflected in the way their powers responded to them. She also sighed when she asked why hunters wanted to hurt them “Are you sure you want to know?” she asked as she lifted her gaze seeing the way she looked pretty steadfast in her curiosity “It’s because we can control time, they want to use our deaths to go back in time and change an event in time they shouldn’t” usually to save a loved one from the brink of death or get themselves some sort of fortune or power.

Miyaza didn’t want to sound dumb, being a celestial is new like how it was back when she was captured. Using powers she didn’t understand or wondered how she could even do so. When Ophelia asked her about her dreaming Miyaza stopped to think, it matters in fact she had. “Yes. only a few times. I remember how it bothered me so much when I asked my parents who took care of me told me they were just drama that meant nothing but I knew something like that had to have a meaning.” Miyaza explained hoping it goes with what Opehila is talking about. Miyaza stood there silently watching and letting the other tell her about how she can do.  “I-I can do that. Like naturally?” she asked trying to process everything she seen and heard. 

Listening to the other talk about dancing put a smile on the young star’s face. “They way you said it you make it beautiful again. Maybe, here is an idea we all can have something like that. If I remember right for what you told me A ball?” Miyaza wondered if she is thinking right. “You don’t look over 20. If I was human you could’ve fooled me.” Miyaza said. “What time period where you from. I know a few cultures but still not enough. To me that is.”

“I remember before I was captured was the first time I learned had these powers. To think, why does a human have these powers? Is there something wrong with me? The only powers I’ve been is magic which was from my late boyfriend.” she said getting choked up. Miyaza didn't know if he was alive or dead but keeping a memory of him is enough to keep him near her. “I hope I didn’t hurt the person I attacked. With what your saying tells me I might not have.” Miyaza said opening-up. The young star nodded, she wanted to know what she can keep in mind if she does face one if they dare to try at least in a city. Hearing what they were after made Miyaza sick, changing time. “Wouldn’t that change the balance? Why would someone want to do that? I can understand why I need to be careful. I am asking too many questions am sorry.”

Ophelia nodded slightly, seeing the future was one of their abilities which were not only hit and miss but also could be pretty scary, after all, you might see something which was potentially awful and knowing it was real was even more terrifying, not to mention that that sometimes there was very little you could do to change it “Yeah, what you see, it’s the most likely result of actions, usually it’s triggered when you’re close with someone or have come into contact with something which causes an important event” which could happen entirely randomly and you had no control over it “What you see isn’t guaranteed to happen, it’s a prediction rather than an actual set in stone future, but sometimes what you see can help you to protect other or prevent it from actually happening” she had acted upon her visions a few times.

Her gaze softened a little when Miyaza said about the idea of holding a ball at the castle and as she looked around the room she could almost picture herself being transported back to those days, she pursed her lips for a moment and smiled softly “That would be beautiful but I’m not sure there’s really many people here who even know how to ballroom dance” she laughed softly, it was something which had died out over time and now only people who competed with it professionally. She laughed when she said she looked really young “Early renaissance period, pretty dresses and headdresses and royal courts” she giggled slightly, there were bad sides to those times of course but she definitely liked the fashion a lot.

She gave a soft look in Miyaza’s direction as she talked about her experience with magic and losing her boyfriend “I’m sorry for your loss” she commented in an empathetic tone and nodded her head slightly. She reached out to squeeze her shoulder softly and nodded “I really don’t think you would have hurt someone with your abilities without intending to” she admitted with a nod of her head, it had taken her a lot of time to learn how to actually control her light to the point where she could actually fight back with it. She nodded slightly when she asked if killing a Celestial would change the balance of the world “Yes, which is exactly why the Ailwards decided our kind needed to be locked away, so none of us could be killed again” she ran a hand through her hair “Imagine someone who had lost everything and desperately wanted to save their loved one or someone so hellbent on getting power they didn’t care who they hurt” it was truly scary what people could be capable of.

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