Sitting at his desk with his pen pressed to his journal, Ery for once fell short on something to write. But, after the news the Ailwards had received, they were all pretty distraught and found it hard to focus on their normal routines. Ery had even put the alcohol to the side at this point, hoping that a miracle would happen and Octavia and Vladimir would just walk through the door. But, he knew that this situation was much bigger than that, simply thinking they would just come back home was absurd, but thankfully, since Ery was the Aspect of death, he at least had the peace of mind to know that they weren't at that point yet, and that they were both still alive.

With that being said, one other person came to mind for the Aspect of Death. Bexley had left the manor when they received the news, her fear of losing anyone else became so strong that she simply just began pushing the guards and aspects away. But, Erythreus had that same fear, and due to Bex not even being in the manor anymore widened his fear about something happening to her. Unable to sit still, Ery finally stopped pacing and quickly changed into a fresh outfit. After giving himself a once over, Erythreus shook his head, annoyed about everything currently going on for his kind, wishing he could find a solution.

But, sitting here and dwelling on it wasn't going to help, so with that he wandered outside and to the end of the long walk way, putting in the security code at the gate that only guards and aspects had access to in order to get out and stand by the road, flagging down the first cab he seen.Ery gave the man directions to Bex's shop and it didn't take long for him to get there with the pedal to the metal. "Keep driving that way and you'll end up with whiplash, just a thought" Ery stated to the cab driver before reaching him the correct amount of change for the short drive. Ery automatically felt that something was off, he had been here plenty of times before now just to nag at Bex, and he knew she never left her door standing wide open like this. 

Panic settled into the core of his very being, and with that he ran into the door way, peering around the corner cautiously. "BEX?! ARE YOU IN HERE??!" he called out to her, running on in since he didn't hear a word from her. Full of fear and rage all at the same time, Erythreus knew he was about to do something pretty irrational, so now all he could really hope for was Bex to make an appearance.

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Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She tended to walk to work but today was a different day and she was already running behind her normal schedule. So picking up her grimoire that she had been studying, along with her purse she teleported herself to her shop. Jumping in the air throwing a dagger near her his way, only to stop it mid throw “Damnit Ery! Why are you here breaking into my shop and giving me a heart attack?” She shook her head letting the dagger go to drop to the ground.

The aspect of death just radiated Fear and rage as she moved over to the door and looked to the lock sighing. “You broke my lock Ery.” she said looking to him, she had no idea that he had not broken into her place but had in fact found the shop already broken into. “You okay? You look like you had a rough night or something.” she said picking up the broken handle and sat it on the counter before walking around it “What brings you to my neck of the town? Need more sleep potion?” she asked as she tucked the grimoire under the counter and leaning herself on it. “Or do you have a mission for me? Been awhile since I had heard from anyone in the Manor. You guys keeping the peace? Keeping busy? How are the aspects doing?”

"I - -" he started off, but cleared his throat, in this more than awkward moment when he realized Bexley was more than fine.The Aspect rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "Your door was wide open Bex, I know i'm the last face you wanna see, but yeah here i am. we can't lose anyone else and your stubbornness makes it hard to keep track of you" he stated, chuckling, amused.

Ery couldn't help but to chuckle then as she stated he'd broken into her shop and nearly gave her a heart attack. "It's a bit hard to break into a place when the door's standing wide open welcoming just anyone to come in. Plus fair is fair, you nearly gave me a panic attack. Eye for an eye Bex" he said in response, flashing a playful wink towards the guard. Bex continued going on however before he could truly explain himself. "Yeah, I didn't do that. Are you having any issues you're not telling no one about? You gotta be careful Bexley. Can you think of anyone who would break in like this?" he questioned, knowing he possessed a look of fear.

As Bexley then asked if he was okay, the Aspect nodded, trying to dismiss his own state of mind due to the fact he was  just worried about her and not himself. Clearing his throat as she asked about sleep potion, chuckling before blurting out what came to mind, like always. Ery was never one to think before speaking "Do you have any that'll comatose me?" he asked, sighing to himself before stepping over towards the counter to fiddle with the broken handle and the lock that'd popped off the door. "I have a bad feeling about this.. you're always here alone..' he expressed, knowing he'd end up annoying her if he continued on like this. To her number of questions, the Aspect chuckled, it amused him how little she came around, but how much she still worried about them all.

In a way, it saddened Ery. He knew the amount of pain she carried with her on a daily basis, and the fear she'd stored up in her heart, thinking if she did come back, that she'd only lose those she was closest to. "Trying, definitely trying. But the situation with Vlad and Octavia...." he trailed off, finding it hard to even breathe now. Did she know the news? Surely being a guard she'd at the very least caught wind of it. But, that wasn't something to blurt out. "Maybe you should come back to the manor." Erythreus suggested, forcing the lump of pain in his throat on down his wind pipe.

"Not to good Bex, not to good" he then said, responding to her series of questions, none of the Aspects could truly be considered 'okay' right now with what'd happened to Octavia and Vladimir. Two went out, but only one returned, and this nightmare was only just beginning, or at least that was the feeling Erythreus had.

Bexley paused for a moment and she looked from him back to the door more then sure that she had locked it the night before. “Trust me when I say you are not the last face I want to see, I have a list of people I would rather not see before you.” she grumbled out annoyingly and rolled her eyes “How am I stubborn? You guys know my home address and my work one.” she shot him a slight glare as she shifted her weight from one heel to the other. “Maybe its you aspects who lack in your way of coming to see people.” She was trying to put the blame off of herself when really the truth was she was the only one to blame when it came to no letting anyone see her the last few months.

Her glare could kill most people with one look and yet the aspect of death just chuckled at her as if she dare challenge him. “I know I locked this door Ery so if you didn’t break in someone had too.” she shook her head at him “How did I give you a panic attack showing up where you were looking for me?” she questioned as he tossed her a playful wink, which caused her to roll her eyes. “Keep your flirty winks to yourself Aspect.” she chuckled and then looked to the lock for a moment. Shutting the door while she stepped back “I am not sure I can think of anyone who would want to break in but clearly someone has, I’ll review the tapes in a moment and place some extra protection wards around.” she said gently avoiding his look of fear because she really didn’t need another person worrying about her. Not while she was practicing magic that was to turn back time.

It was easier for the dark diviner to focus on others then her own emotions and feelings. So focusing on Ery was better for her in the end then for him she was sure. She chuckled slightly and shook her head “No that would be bad of me to do to the aspect of death, lost souls need your guidance.” she said as she looked down to the handle she placed on the counter. Letting out a soft as she placed her hand over his resting it there for a moment before sliding the lock from his hand placing it in the drew and closing it. “It was probably just some kids looking for something to get high on Erythreus.” she said gently in a soothing tone. “And I think we both know I am better off alone.” she said as she let her dark gaze rest on the counter.

It was true Bexley didn’t play well with others most of the time and since the fall of the Isle it had only gotten worse. Her eyes snapped back to Ery in that moment “What situation with Vlad and Octavia. That sinking in her chest began to grow, while she wasn’t close to almost anyone she was trained by Vlad to fight as he was the only one to put her in her place when she first joined. “No… What happened?” she suddenly felt like a soldier who was being told their combat partner died. “Please.” her voice broke as she held tightly onto the counter. “Tell me.” she tried to take a deep breath but she couldn’t draw in a full breath.

Erythreus followed her  gaze to the door, he could tell she felt a little distraught, and that she really had locked the door, but it hadnt stopped whomever, from entering, and someone who put that much effort into getting in, could have only had bad intentions for the guard. Ery chuckled however at her bluntness "Fair enough, I have a list like that of my own. Eventually i'm gonna have to flip it over and use the back, sadly my list is a pretty long one" the Aspect said, grimacing as he looked at the broken lock once more. She could be in way more danger than he or her either one could even imagine, but Ery knew that Bexley wasn't one to be pushed, and he wouldn't start now.

Erythreus folded his arms over each other, shaking his head at her next comment. "Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. Even though we both know that's not true" he expressed, using his hands to make a gesture about the fact that he stood here in the flesh to check on her, which made her statement about the Aspects a pretty irrelevant one. "I know, that's exactly my point, but who is the question. And you gave me a panic attack, or maybe even a mild heart attack because when I heard noises, I imagined the worse until I saw you, the door is broken, and since I didn't do that, someone else did, which poses a threat for you" he tried to explain, hoping the words he spoke, weren't as jumbled as they were in his head.

"Fine. place more protection, that's just another way of saying you don't really intend on coming back to the manor. But, I do understand that you need your own space, we all do at times. I'm even looking for a place to buy that I can call my own" he admitted, before gazing back to the guard, giving her a faint smile when she told him to keep his flirty winks to himself. "You know I can't help myself Bex. I don't have any excitement in my life these days, and well let's just face it, you're an attractive woman" he stated, smirking before returning to his broody self, where he normally didn't even so much as give someone a smile.

Erythreus exchanged a chuckle as well when Bexley laughed saying she couldn't do that to him since lost souls needed his guidance "Amen to that, i'm happy someone or something needs me in this cold world" he stated, sounding as broody as he uually did, and grimaced as thoughts of recent events had carried him into a dark place for a split second. "Fuck" he growled lowly, his attention on snapping back to the guard when she said that the intruder was probably a bunch of kids. "I don't think a kid would put this much time and effort in, besides, you had a damn sterdy lock on that door, it would take something strong to break it, not many kids have the mindset of a burgular, or the wits about them to carry the right tools to pop open a door like yours" he expressed. "But the high part .. I can see that, so at the very least, you might be dealing with some teenage feigns" he added, finding it upsetting that todays generation turned to drugs over school, and fell back on government assistance to support their future's.

"Bex.. that's not true. I know you're going through a lot of shit, but no ones better off alone. As the Aspect of Death, even I can say being alone truly sucks.." he breathed out saddned by her outlook on things, but her life was without a doubt, her choice. Erythreus never believed one should force themselves to live a certain way, as it typically turned out to make a person pretty miserable. Stepping behind a now heart broken guard, Erythreus placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a slight grip, his own gaze falling to the floor while a painful lump formed in his throat, straining the next few words he spoke "Vlad is .." he choked out, "He's not with us anymore. But, I can't feel his death.. we're all trying.. but the only one I have any faith in right now is Malva, in hopes that she can feel some magic coming from either Octavia or Vlad's urn of ashes.. I didn't see nor feel him pass on.. but he's gone" the Aspect feeling just as helpless as he had not long ago, when cupping his hands around that urn, and feeling absolutely nothing.

"You have to breathe though Bexley. I'm sorry to be the one to bring this to you. But, if you'd wanna make an appearance at the manor, i'd say now is appropriate timing" he stated, knowing that they needed all hands on deck. This situation had given Ery an unsettling feeling in the pit of his gut that it was much bigger than all of them combined. The more guards, the better.

“You think you wouldn’t have a list being the aspect of death and all, I figured their blood would have been spilled a long time ago.” The dark diviner said as a way to try and shake the feeling of violation that filled her. Someone broke in and she wanted to know why, but that was something she could figure out in her own time not under the prying eyes of an aspect. At the rate that members of the guard and aspects where beginning to show up she was starting to feel suffocated in her need for space. “Thing is Ery I protected myself long before joining the guard, I know how to do it. So don’t worry about me. It's not worth the space in your brain.” She really wanted to get off the subject of the broken door, because the more he talked about it the more her inner panic rose. 

“I don’t want to live in the Manor Ery.” she said softly as she let out a soft breath as he said he understood. “I’m still coping with everything that has happened.” she said as she looked down messing with the bottom of her shirt and chuckled slightly. “Thing is Ery I am too much for you to handle even being the aspect of death.” she looked at him giving him a wink back. “The attractiveness is a trap.” she chuckled at the thought, shaking her head. 

A lot of people didn’t understand the good the darker elements of life could do. Everyone chose to focus on them a negatives yet being from both sides light to dark she knew the benefits the dark could hold. When he growled out the fuck lowly she looked to him rising and eyebrow slightly. She gave a shrug, “Kids, someone looking for something to get them high, all that matters is that they are not here.” She said softly as she touched her hand to his softly. “I’m fighting after all I was trained by some of the best fighters from around the world and through time.” she tried to reassure him even if she didn’t feel it fully herself. 

Bexley pulled her hand back and rested them on the counter as she gave a soft sigh, “We all go through shit Erythreus.” she chose to use his full name, “Some of us.” she pointed between the pair. “More than others, you were thrown off a cliff into your darkness, I was bound and gagged into mine.” She said as she let out a breath. “I never joined a coven because it was easier to be alone, and then after losing everything again I was offered a place with the guard if I was found worthy.” she looked to the side. “I was worthy for once in my life just how you were worthy to become the aspect of death. Doesn’t take the loner out of me though. I need space to process lost, and death, especially because Crane pulled me out. He let his emotions get involved and chose to save me when I could have helped.” She swallowed the guilt she felt swirling. “Being emotional with others makes me weak.” 

It was when the topic of Vlad everything in the room shifted. Bexley heart sank in her chest as she stared at him with dark eyes, his hand was on her shoulder but she couldn’t feel it. “What do you mean you can’t feel his death?” she asked as she hit his hand away from her shoulder. “He can’t be gone then, people don’t just poof!” She swallowed hard, “He must just be rebirthed! This can’t just be.” She went to the room in the back and pulled out one of the older Grimoires that held an ancient spells in it.

“Give me that.” she said as she took the urn and opened it, taking some of the ashes out and she placed them in a jar and began to throw in other things the book said and she hook the jar, when the liquid turned red she threw it across the shop. She then took the ashes over a map and tried a locator spell repeating it till her nose started bleeding and when nothing happened. Bexley hunched over, as she began to openly weep in front of the aspect who had never seen her cry before. “How is this possible.”

"Even someone as old as me, and the very being of Death has a list Bex.. Plenty of people have wronged me, and the very human tendency inside of me would like to see them dead for it" he stated, noting the look in her eyes, realizing she felt more violated than he hadnoticed earlier. "Calm down Bex, you look like you've seen a ghost. This is why it's shitty that you have went rogue on us" he expressed. Out of everyone, Erythreus had been the main one to nag and push her buttons about coming back to the manor, especially right now, at a time like this, where all of them were in danger.

The Aspect's brows creased, and his lips displayed a saddened frown "Do you really assume that you don't need anyone at all Bexley? We all need someone to have our back.. even me" he admitted, shifting from side to side, one of his few pet peeves he did when he began trying to make a point. "Fine Bexley, whatever.. I'm trying not to piss you off.. and I know I am. I can't keep pushing you about coming back.. but damn, at least hire security for when you're not here, so people can't just break into your place like this" he said, waving his hands around as he talked.. Ery was one to use hand gestures, and always rambled on like a German.

The Aspect smirked at her joke, rolling his oceanic blue optics before folding his arms "Is that right? I'm like walking Heroin, Bexley. Very habit forming.. it never ends well" he joked, smiling genuinely as she finally eased her tense features up enough to be able to joke back with him a little. "Oh I bet it is.. I'mm sure you have douche bag men chasing you all the time" he teased, but she was gorgeous. Anyone would be a fool, or a liar either one, to say she wasn't. Ery's eyes widened at the mention of kids wanting to get high. "Right, well while it's good that they're not here, if they get out there and overdose on your stolen products, they'll end up with me instead" he stated, referring to the realm of dead.Even though Bexley was very persuasive, he knew she didn't truly walk around fearless. It didn't matter who you were taught by, or trained by.. and it didn't even matter how powerful of a being you were, not in this city.. Erythreus knew something big was coming their way, and he could only pray now, that they didn't lose anyone else in the process of finding out what took Vladimir away from them all. "I suppose you're right.. I guess I just worry about you all.. I don't wanna lose anyone else" he stated, which felt pretty bittersweet of a thing for Erythreus of all people to say. He was constantly faced with death. Someone died every second in the world. How was he still effected by it? Perhaps it was just those he loved, that effected him.Ery hung his head low, letting her speak, without interruption from him as always.

He didn't necessarily think he was alone in any of this, but to hear her express what she had been through, that she'd been bound and gagged into her darkness, and Ery threw off a cliff into his, he supposed everyone faced horror at some point in their lives. Seemingly more so, if you were a guard or an Aspect. Aspects had to die a series of times before they'd ever came back as an Aspect, and the Guards had to go through hell and back to realize that being a Guard was their true calling. As sad as all of that was, there were a lot of bright sides to their lives as well. Ery felt as though he had a great family between the Aspects and Guards. And while he often thought about his parents that he'd lost so long ago, the Aspects and Guards filled that void, making those thoughts more bearable. The Aspect gave her a nod, he understood all too well. Bexley was a woman of pride. He wouldn't stand here and wound it for her any, because he was the same. "You're still worthy" he said in response, his features radiating a genuine smile. "I have always seen that with you.. never known you to be emotional around others.. guess i can't say shit about that.. I usually try to conceal my own emotions when im around someone.. but i guess everyone knows im the emotional one of the lot either way" he chuckled, shaking his head amused.

Ery seen Bex change from neutral, to enraged in a flash however, when the topic of Vladimir had finally surfaced between them. Her smacking his hand away, caused the Aspect to place his hands behind his back. A reflext he had adapted to over time during the many slaps in the face he'd recieved from women. It was easier to stand there and just let a woman explode when she needed to, rather than trying to fight her back. Clearing his throat, Erytrheus locked eyes with her, "Everyone's asking me that Bexley.. If I knew, I wouldn't be standing here right now. I feel pretty worthless.. but also, Virindeus can't sense a life missing.. but his ashes are at the manor.." Ery didn't wanna spill all of this onto her lap. He was sure she'd want to ask the other guards and Aspects what was happening personally, but since she didn't even wanna be in the manor, he figured he was as good a person as any."He's not Bex... he didn't come back... it's just his ashes" he repeated, swallowing harshly, holding back tears himself. When she snatched the urn away from him, the Aspect gulped, and began watching her with a look of fear washing over his features. Stepping towards her, which was dumb, but after approaching her and closing in the space between them, Erythreus wrapped his arms around her smaller frame, trying to keep her from hurting herself when he noticed the blood running down her nose. "Don't do this to yourself, this isn't the way!. " he shouted, having a hard enough time keeping an arm around her, but he tried  comforting her the best he could while she wept.

Ery's jaw muscles flexed. He had never felt so much rage in his entire life, they had tried so much already.. but none of them had given up, and that's the one thing they had going for them still; their loyalty to Vladimir. Erythreus himself wouldn't let him die in vain. "I don't know Bex, I don't know.." he repeated a few times.. "but, we have a starting point.. and we have each other.. all of us" he added, and withdrew his arms, but kept himself close enough, to keep her from breaking her shop apart. Ery felt that Bexley was a force to be reckoned with when she was in this state of mind. The fact that she was crying in front of him, was enough to say that she'd finally let the emotions of it all consume her. After reaching over to her counter and grabbing a tissue, Erythreus handed it to her, truly worried about how far she'd just pushed herself with that spell. "Wanna go do something? I have a place I could take you to relieve some anger and hurt..I know you want answers, but right at this very second, we're not gonna get any" he said sadly, and sat down in one of the stools sitting against the counter. 

“I guess you get to have the last laugh when they enter the realm of death then.” She wondered just how many souls moving on he had crossed off his list. “Your list with your age is something I would very much like to see.” She mused allowed before her dark hues focused back onto the taller male in front of her. “I have seen many ghost Ery, being a sensitive and all. It's a different kind of violation to break into someones shop.” She said honestly with a shrug and sighed softly. “I didn’t go rogue… Crane seems to find his way to my home just as easy as the rest of you. Going rogue, you would never be able to find me till I die. Which with the ring Virindeus gave me, is less likely to happen soon.” She wiggled her fingers at him, knowing he was just trying to get her to agree to return to the manor life.

Bexley let out a long sigh as he frowned towards her, he really enjoyed making it hard for her to be an out right bitch. “It's not something I assume Ery. Its something I know, I had to be all I had for a long time, there are days that it makes no sense that I was accepted by the barrier.” giving a soft shake of her head not wanting to get into the argument about how the barrier accepted her so she belonged. She moved around the counter and took hold of his shoulders to stop him from shifting so much. “But not needing you all is different from wanting you in my life Ery. I want you in my life, I want to get past the things holding me back from the darkness inside myself. I just process things differently than many people. I self destruct and take everyone with me. I didn’t want to do that to you all, you guys became the family I needed after everything. I am sorry you can’t understand that.” She dropped her hands from his shoulder, waving them in the air, her eyes turning green as magical waves flowed the the shop and coated the shop in a barrier. “About as much security as I am going to hire.” She chuckled towards him.

Bexley shook her head and chuckled at his joke, “Bad habits used to be a thing of mine before, to bad you didn’t know me in the period.” she rolled her eyes to him “I probably would have ended up hooked.” though it wasn’t something she could actually picture since she had known him as a protectee for so long now. “I honestly wouldn’t know, I don’t focus on those things.” She said though more so because the only person she cared for in that aspect was Crane. Though the two had been lovers in the past Bexley hadn’t resumed that part of their past since the fall. Part of her blamed him along with herself. Bexley gaze rested on his heavily for a moment, “unless they grabbed some of the more dangerous stuff which is under magical lock the most they are going to get is a good glue high. Don’t worry so much, you are gonna get wrinkles on your pretty face.” Bexley mentally telling herself she need to check that when he was gone.

Bexley features softened as she looked over him patted his shoulder softly. “Who knew a dead guy like you could have such a heart. Sure you and Deus didn’t trade brains?” She gave a soft chuckle until she noticed him hanging his head, She kept her hand against his arm as they both seem to be reliving their past recently. She knew he had died many times, she had wanted to die many times but kept pushing. Out of all the guards and aspects the pair of them may be more alike than others. She gave him a soft smile as he said she was worthy, She didn’t fight his words as it was nice to hear every now and then, “There is nothing wrong with being emotional.” She wished she could show her emotions clearly without it going to extreme lengths. “Makes you stronger to be able to show your emotions and not be weakened by them.” She admired that trait in many people. 

Bexley with emotions however could become volatile just as Ery was seeing before his eyes. She would have never smacked his touch away as she just had if it wasn’t for her reaction to the news. As she tried every spell she knew, and was sure Malva had done the same she could feel the blood running from her nose. It was his shouting that caused her to pull back from how much magic she was using. She whipped the blood away with the back of her hand before turning in his arms to openly sob into his chest. Most people wouldn’t expect this kind of reaction, not from her after all she was the cold bitch of the manor even giving Aurelia a run for the title. Vlad reminded Bexley of her father, and they had a very much father/daughter relationship over the years. So losing him brought up all the recent lost.

Bexley had so many questions swirling in her mind and none of them where things she felt she should as felt him pull back. She raised her fingers to wipe away the tears as she focused on taking deep breaths. She would have to visit the Manor knowing that there would be a meeting soon enough about everything going on. “I am assuming there will be a meeting about missions?” She swallowed hard as she focused, taking the tissue as he held it out to her “Thank you.” She said as she cleaned herself up and pulled herself back together as if he didn’t just tell her that her friend had died. She would have to lose it fully later that night when she tried to contact his spirit. “Is this where you offer to sleep with me to help with the sadness at this place of yours?” She tried to joke as she held the tissue to her nose for a moment to make sure it stopped bleeding. “I’ll follow you, I am not sure if being alone right this second will be best I may push myself.” She was honest in that moment, it would be the first time she brought almost death upon herself.

"Wow, for a second there it sounded like you were calling me old" the Aspect chuckled, and flashed a friendly smirk in her direction. "And you and Crane are two different people entirely, but that's not even the point, I just would feel a little better knowing we're all in the manor until something gives with our current situation" he added, referring to Vladimir. It was only an unsettling feeling that some of the Guards had left the manor due to everything, and refused to come back unless it was urgent. "Fine, you didn't go rogue, but you branched out, which isn't much better right now, but I guess a sliver of me admires you for doing your own thing, since it's been a dream of mine to do the same" he expressed, but now, especially now, Erythreus would need to remain with the others. Stepping up as leader had added a ton of responsibility to his plate. The Aspect squinted his eyes as he looked to her finger, "Well, isn't Deus the handy one" Ery shook his head, but he guessed Deus had done that to keep Bexley safe, especially because she wasn't with the rest of them.

"Well I get that B, I used to know exactly how it felt to be all I had as well. But, it's not like that anymore.. for either of us. We both know the others have our backs for an eternity, which is a long ass time for us" he stated, raising a brow at her feeling as though being accepted by the barrier had been some sort of mistake. "It wouldn't accept one with unpure intentions, I know you probably don't feel all that light hearted, and you do radiate darkness for miles, but you still have what it takes to be a Guard. Never doubt your status". Some of them did this constantly he was sure, assumed that they didn't belong, or that they were far to dark and had been through to much to remain a guard, but Erythreus always saw some kind of light in Bexley, and admired her for many reasons.

Bexley took him by surprise when she grabbed his shoulders, but it did the trick. The Aspect stopped shifting and pacing. The things she just said though, gave the Aspect chills "Well, I guess I didn't understand before, but I suppose you broke it down for me just then. I mean, I get that you can't handle dragging any of us down, and you really made my night by saying you wanted me / us in your life. It is different than not needing us, yeah. I know you're your own person" he expressed, and gave her shoulder a gentle pat.

Ery's eyes widened as he watched her use magic to pyt a barrier around the shop, "Well damn, paint me impressed" he chuckled, but he had always enjoyed seeing her in her natural element, where she seemed the most happy / content with herself. "you got this" he said in response to her saying that her magic was about as much security as she wanted, chuckling with her. "To bad indeed, but there's nothing stopping us now from going out and having some fun when all of this ends. in fact, when all of this ends, by the grace of .. well, just when it ends, i think we're all gonna deserve a moment to unwind, let go, and cut loose." he started "and perhaps that rebellious side of you can come out to play" the Aspect added , poking his tongue out at her playfully.

Erythreus couldn't help but wonder who Bexley was before life stomped on her one too many times. Just like himself, he imagined she was a lot different. Erytrheus himself was one of the most normal human beings on the planet, a good behaved kid, who had the most loving parents a child could ask for, until he became rebellious, and resentful for how much they loved him, which had sent him out into the woods one evening to hunt, and that day brought him to this day. How one small event caused a chain of heart breaking, shocking, insane changes, was something Erythreus would never even begin to understand. He wanted to bring his family a bounty of meat, because thats how they survived back then, but there had been something much more sinister out there lurking around, the Valkyr brothers who destroyed the Aspects life, and turned him into a vicious animal. Ery had been swimming through a sea of thoughts when she told him he was going to get wrinkles on his 'pretty face'. causing the Aspect to chuckle softly. "Well, thank you. I do get called pretty a lot. Wouldn't wanna destroy me rep" he grinned, and sighed, a little relieved to know that the intruders wouldn't go out there and kill themselves with whatever they'd gotten a hold of in Bexley's shop.

The touch of her hand was welcomed, it let Ery know that she did actually care, and sometimes, you just needed to know people cared about you to press on to another day. Erythreus smiled faintly, "It's me having such a huge heart that has ultimately gotten me hurt more than once now. But, I would never change how I am. I guess ill just keep learning" he chuckled, refering to the past few times he had tried to fall in love. Maybe that just wasn't meant to be for him. While he did appreciate romance and intimacy, Erytrheus wasn't one of those guys who did the one night stand type of things, and not have feelings for whoever it was he allowed in his bed, and to see his body. Such things were meant to be treasured, and he guessed he was old fashioned in that sense. Not to say he hadn't had a ton of flings. Hell, he loved them, but in the end, Ery wanted to fall in love, to love and be loved equally.

When Bexley had finally let go, and sobbed against his chest, the Aspect wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly, stroking the back of her head with one hand, and the other laid on her back. "I know Bex" were the only three words Ery could think to say that actually made any sense, because he did know her pain. While he and Vladimir had a much different relationship than he and Bexley, he had felt this same grief when Octavia returned with Vlad's ashes. "Of course" Ery stated, stepping back to look at her when she asked about a meeting. "As i'm sure you guessed already, the Guards are gonna have to go back out, but yes there will be a meeting to discuss it all" he added, not wanting to throw all the details at her, figuring it would be best to just have everyone together and him and Damien sort through it along with everyones input. Erythreus's mouth dropped open, and a small gasp escaped his lungs "Bexley!" he said, shaking his head at her, smirking a little however. "It's not liek you don't know how fucking stunning you are. I think you did that just now to tease the hell out of me" he groaned, giving her a playful eye roll.

Ery smiled when she said she'd follow him, and decided to walk on towards the exit, allowing her to pull herself together and lock her shop up, "Is there a spell you can put on the shop wile we're out?" he then asked, realizing that it was still easily accessable where someone had broken their way in and damaged the door. "I think youll like the place.." he added, they served drinks, but it was a for her to releieve the anger and sadness she felt. The cool air that enveloped the Aspect as he stepped out into the evening, made him sigh contently. "It's not far from here" he mentioned, and gazed around, making sure nothing was off, his protective nature kicking in as he walked her to the destination he had in mind.

"Ready?" he questioned before pushing the door open, and the sounds of glass shattering or loud thuds like someone beating on metal could be heard from where they stood. He figured he'd leave it a mystery for as long as he could. RageGround was one of his favorite places to visit, and it had worked wonders for Erythreus, so he imagined it would help her to. The music they played here was even fitting, helping people to really get into smashing and breaking stuff, which Erythreus couldn't wait to get inside and do. 

“I am always calling you aspects old. I mean compared to myself you guys are ancient.” She teased him back as she let out a soft breath. “Crane.” She whispered more so to herself his face filling her vision against her will. “We are definitely two different people.” It was something she tried to use to keep them apart, Yet Crane didn’t seem to think it was a good enough answer. She sighed as she thought about moving back into the Manor maybe even bunking with Crane since she gave up the option of having a room there.”You know how I feel about being around so many people also though.” She said softly. She looked around her shop for a moment. “Many guards have their things outside of being a guard I am not the only one. Hell even your own guard lives outside the manor and does his own thing.” She pointed out as she gave a gentle shrug. “You should do your own thing though. You have spent your life serving others. Maybe something of your own would make life easier.” She spoke from experience when it came to having her own.

As she looked to the ring of immortality upon her finger something only gifted to the guards who wished to have an immortal life but were not blessed with it. She was one that took the chance to be young for her life time. She wanted to see what the world held. “Deus is a handy one when it comes to wanting life.” She muttered as her finger ran against the ring softly as it never left her finger. She let her dark eyes rest on him as he talked about how either of them were no longer alone. “I guess you are right that we are not alone anymore. Damn how often do you hear that?” She chuckled softly to herself. “Yeah yeah I remember the many speeches Ven has given me over the years. Guess you guys just needed to fill your dark and broody quota cause you weren't cutting it clearly.” She nudged him softly as she watched him look to her.

She knew the only way to stop him from moving was to place her own hands on his shoulders and hold him still. “I know I don’t show it well but I care for you all, you all have been a massive part of my redemption.” She said as she slid her hands away after a gentle pat. After placing the protection on the shop she smiled as he seemed impressed. “Really need to get out of your room more often.” She joked as she then gave a soft sigh. “Well Ery to be fair with you, you better find the time to let go and unwind because our jobs are not done unless we walk away from the aspect life.” She reached out and took hold of his tongue giving it a soft pull. “I don’t think you could handle my rebellious side.” She smirked to him.

“Yeah sometimes having a big heart ends up getting you hurt.” She muttered softly knowing herself first hand. “I changed massively.” She said as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Doesn’t mean that has stopped anyone from sneaking their way in though.” She muttered with a soft sigh as she thought of Crane again her fingers touching the pendent around her neck that linked them together. Feeling for his aura for a moment. “Just don’t wish to see him hurt because of my own actions.” She said as she felt that creeping heaviness in her own chest. She hated emotions so when she sobbed openly from the lost of someone that meant a lot to her was an honest and open moment she didn’t let many see. She had always been good at keeping that wall up.

Bexley and Vlad relationship was a connection on how they both were misunderstood for what they had been at first but grew to find their own place. So it hurt a lot for him to be gone without a trace even in his own death. She knew his family would be vastly deeper than she would be herself and yet she couldn’t stop the hollow ache in her chest. She nodded as she cleared her throat. “I will be at the meeting.” She said gently understanding the need for them to be together a little more now. Even though she was sure she wouldn’t be there, if she could find a way to find answers.

Easiest way to get him not to ask what was going on in her head was to throw him off. So she was tactful in asking if this was where they where to sleep together to get over the sadness together. She smirked at his reaction, after all she didn’t often let the flirty side of hers out. Though in that moment it was more so to stop questions of what was going through her own mind. “I assure you I have no idea I am stunning at all.” She muttered as they moved towards the exit and she placed her barriers up. “They are in place.” She said as she looked to him. “Don’t worry, I am sure everything is fine. Just a one time thing.” She said as she pulled her jacket closer around her as she fell into step beside him. The brisk air helping her zone out before she focused on him again.

“As ready as I can be.” She said as the door was pushed open. As the sound of things being broken filled the air. She looked to him and raised a brow. “Fair warning if I scare you, Run.” She chuckled as they got dressed up in the safety outfits and moved into one of the rooms that was put back together and she took hold of a bat and looked to him. “You ready?” She asked as she pulled the face mask over her face and she wound up and bashed a vase to pieces.

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