Katrina was not sportsy... 
She didn't know what or why she had signed up for this yoga class. She didn't know the extent of her choice. 

Katrina had bought a special outfit. Yoga pants with one of those stretchy yoga tops. She had bought a mat and she didn't know what else she needed. 

She took the car and drove out the way to the class area. She had no idea what she was going to expect but she was excited to learn more what they do. Walking into the classroom she seemed more drawn back from what she might do. She looked at the room. It was surprising how many people were already around the room which made her realize that she didn't know exactly what she signed up for. 

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Just another day in paradise. Evermore hadn’t exactly been on her prime list of locations that needed to be visited and explored, yet here she was. Putting down roots and spreading her wings within the Eternal City, finding a niche that she could grow into and expand on. This type of life had always seemed strange and foreign to her, like watching a tv show that one found novel and yet completely absurd. Here she was though, living in a leased apartment with two jobs and her own business. There had been a time in her life that she had sworn she would never settle down, never stay in one place longer than a couple months. That part of her life now seemed like a dream, one that was fun to indulge in while each morning she woke up with a smile on her face going about her life.

Pulling her bicycle up to the yoga studio Calista dismounted, pulling over to the racks where she set her ride up and locked it up. Walking inside she waved and greeted her fellow co-workers along with the few students who were waiting for their class to begin. Monday’s for whatever reason were usually busy; flooded with stay at home mother’s, business executives, and a lot of self-employed individuals looking to start their week off right. Stashing her stuff in a locker the brunette changed clothes before heading off to her classroom. Given that the weather was becoming more beautiful with the approach of summer her “classroom” was actually an outdoor area just behind the studio. The grass was green and lush, with a slight frosting of dew blanketing the entire area with a sparkling blanket. About halfway through each class, the sun rose up over the back wall, rubbing his warmth over the crystal blanket until the grass was dry and the flowers were in full bloom. It was a perfect landscape for a good morning yoga class.

Setting up the sound system took only a couple of moments followed by laying her mat on the ground. Next Cali began to stretch, getting her body ready for the workout she had in front of her. Students began drifting in, ones she knew, and ones that were new. Greeting each one the brunette waited until 8 am sharp when she called the class to order. Starting with some nice deep breathing exercises she led them all in a series of stretches, getting their muscles ready for what was to come. Then she started with some simple standing poses, flowing from one to another and showing both the advanced iterations and the ones for beginners.

While she taught she moved through the class, helping individuals with their positions and ensuring that everyone stayed safe while exercising. Coming upon one woman whom she didn’t recognize she smiled at the woman who was valiantly trying to get the pigeon pose correct. Lowering onto her haunches Cali got to where she was looking in the woman’s eyes, “Hello. You need to move your hips to where they are centered right over your thigh. May I help you?” It was important that she ask as some people didn’t care to be touched, especially while exercising though in all the times she asked there hadn’t ever been a person who had refused. Most of the time asking gave her permission as the person was prepared for her invasion of energy into their personal circle.

When the teacher arrived Katrina decided she really didn't know what she had signed up. What was a little fun? She had thought. She didn't realize she wouldn't be any good at it. As the class began and we moved through she stumbled through the positions and prayed that people were in such a state they didn't see.

When the teacher came upon her and offered her a hand she looked up and had beet red cheeks. "Yes, I would love the help. I have no idea what I am doing." She said looking at her. She really hoped she hadn't made herself look like a fool but at this point, it seemed obvious.

Katrina was always so busy with other things she was always keeping busy with her work and the families she helped that she barely seemed to understand if she was doing it right. She never really did Yoga. She never did many sports tasks and now she wondered what the teacher was thinking of her. 

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