“3 am the witching hours” Ronan sighed as he sat up in the darkness, breathing heavily as he grabbed the light switch turning it on revealed the large room he was in   the only place he had felt was home since he arrived in Evermore the only reminders of his home   just memories which he felt every night, but the final blow he thought would take him to Mag Mell the realm of peace and happiness but each time he awoke in Evermore not where he should be getting up quickly donning black combat trousers   shirt and shoes grabbing his batons as he walked out of his room 

The night was clear as the full moon set itself against the city as Ronan walked past the intermittent lights of the hallways the manor was quiet he could hear his own footsteps as he made his way towards the training room a memory of his sister made him smile as she used to call him Master Tashi Ci a character from a video game she loved the silence from the training room was ery, but he did enjoy it  as he walked to the  CD player he pressed the play button as a heavy beat song began to play Ronan took   his second baton in his hand as he sprung the sticks to live as   he began to shadow duel an enemy switching between offensive and defensive moves   and connecting the rods together to make the bo staff   the songs seemed to play forever before he fell in exhaustion   taking deep breaths to calm himself he looked at the digital clock he had been training for over an hour 

After 10–15 minutes, Ronan rose to his feet as he dragged his BOE staff to the CD player switching it off as he made his way out of the training room, remembering the route towards the kitchen smirking to himself remembering the first few days he got lost several times   acknowledging   someone as he  entered the kitchen as he walked to the coffee machine As he began to make himself a hot beverage  grabbing it he walked out   to the terrace as he stood watching the darkness taking the occasional sip 

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It was another sleepless night for Reus. Much as the theme continued to be for weeks, he was tired. His brain was aching for some release from the waking world and the aspect would've gladly liked to oblige. The routine was mostly the same though. He'd lay his head on the cool pillows in his room and sleep would take its very sweet time in finally blanketing over him, giving him that false sense of peace only to have it ripped away as some sort of cruel and torturous mental game. 

Like usual, he would shuffle his way down the stairs and through the mostly quiet manor. Stragglers of its other inhabitants who also struggled to sleep would trickle about the large estate, all of them quietly understanding why another would also be wandering the halls at the late hours. Reus was currently down in the kitchen which tended to be a stop in his own personal routine when he couldn't stay in his room any longer as the walls felt like they were closing in on him. He was leaning over the countertop and his eyes were closed in a sort of statis between the waking and dream world.

The sound of someone coming to join him in the space made him jolt awake. He squeezed his eyes shut for a few moments and then widened them in some poor attempt at making himself more aware of what was happening around him. Reus nodded towards Ronan once he recognized it was him coming through and watching as the guard went outside who looked as though he'd been doing some training given the sweat that clung to his skin. 

Once the coffee machine finally stopped, the aspect clung to the mug as a lifeline to keep him going, rubbing his eyes again to force himself more awake. He gripped the handle to the door leading outside and joined Ronan. "Looks like you've been going hard," he noted with a smirk. "I wish I could find the energy."

Ronan took a deep breath as he thought about his past, he tilted his head hearing a voice behind him“It is not about having the energy it is about the fuel you use to give you that energy” He looked towards the male” or try to tire yourself” he turned As he offered his hand” Ronan Winters “he turned to the male “I apologize if I disturbed you just this spot reminds me of home and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing” he smirked gently as he walked into the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge before returning to his guest “I know some guards have tragic stories and pasts but may I ask what made you want to be a part of this.

Ronan was still in the present but through his mind, he could see his sister and wife listening to his guest's story a small smirk appeared on his lips as the memory of his sisters face listening to travellers tales and music playing in the distance as he listened to the man he subconsciously slides his hand in his pocket picking out a small metal item Ronan sighed gently known git was a metal 4 leaf clover his sister had given to him his mind mumbled“ lucky yes lucky I survived    downside I lost everything” he looked again as he nodded to the man” 

Aureus extended his hand at the invitation and shook the guard's in introduction. "Welcome aboard," he said with a bit of a strained smile given his mindset and exhaustion. It wasn't exactly the best time to be joining their ranks given all that was happening in Evermore or perhaps it was seeing as the Ailwards needed all the help they could get. Rookies included. He of course already knew Ronan was a part of their faction now, but with all the buzz and chaos that seemed to always be happening, Reus had not the chance to meet him yet. Normally there would be a formal introduction, but there just wasn't the time to plan for it. Hardly any plan seemed to ever go right for them as of late.

The aspect sipped the hot beverage, letting the warmth comfort him for now as he took the seat across from the guard. He was about to wave off the apology Ronan gave to him, but paused when the question was presented. Aureus rarely ever had that question presented his way as it was true, many of the guards had joined their ranks because of tragedy and likely some force seemed to guide them on the path to be protectors. Much of the same could be said about the aspects.

Reus hummed in thought with a sad smile. The past was not something he truly liked to visit. Especially as a being who literally saw over time. Those ripples caused large waves of tragedy throughout his very long existence and much like his siblings and even the guards, he too was somehow chosen by the gods to take up the mantle of an element so incredibly fragile and fluid and earth shattering. His eyes lifted to Ronan then. "I wanted to change the world," he replied candidly with a slight smirk at remembering his complete and utter optimism then. "I didn't want others of the supernatural world to feel as isolated and hated as I did. It was a selfless notion that came from a broken heart, but it did of course lead to my death and the others' deaths. The gods weren't through with us, even in death, and of course we were granted with the positions we have today. I know the importance of what we do and I'm proud to do it."

His gaze came from looking up at the dark, star filled black of the night sky to land on Ronan. "And how did you come to join our merry ranks besides what your file says?"

Ronan froze as he heard the question his heart sank as he took a deep breath “ I was found “ he clenched his fist as he thought about what  he was  going to  say next “ I was found in Dublin Ireland   my father was called  Liam and my mother was called Siobhan and i had a sister Lily and brother “ his words froze as his mind  typed the words  wife  but  his mouth struggled to say it” I had someone i cared greatly for   and i'm guessing you know about the Dhampir customs etc but my father gave me a special job when  i came of age  and heir to lead the coven he signed as he took a deep breath as he closed his eyes  before looking back at Reus..

My father  called me the spiorad caomhnóra.  It means guardian spirit  he would  send me out  into  Dublin to learn to blend into  the public but also defend  the Dhampir’s that lived in the city with the humans “ he smiled  as he remembered  the night he met Jasmine “ and i thought the one thing that would never happened to me did   I fell in love  i was on a rooftop around 11pm if i recall  it had just started to rain  and i watched this girl  walk up this street   it wasn't overly quiet but she caught the wrong attention  to guys followed her and cornered her in the alley way  don't get me  wrong she fought but 2 on one  not sportsmanlike  so i intervened  and sent them  packing  but “ he laughed “ i turned to see if she was alright i got  a  trash can lid  to the face “ he laughed  and i knew she was my kind of girl “ he smiled  and it was a whirlwind  relationship   we were engaged in 6 months “ he smiled “

My father asked any Dhampir to patrol  when ever they could but being me i went out every night which began to be all night in following months as we had gotten word fellow Dhampirs as well as humans were being attacked or were missing with out a trace  but one night  i was on patrol and i had a call  and  smoke on the horizon it was coming from home “ Ronanfelt his blood boil but his face numb the site he had witnessed still traumitised him every time he thought about it “ my    home  my friends   they were gone my little settlement  on fire  friends  slain “ a tear ran down his cheek “ I ran to there weapon slecting happned  i found Lilly dead at the enterance of the cave   mother dead  at the enterance  inside the sactum and father and 17 othr Dhampirs  they had only just obtained there weaponsits was a massacrei spent ages  looking for Rowan and Jasmine i couldnt find them” he closed his eyes “ as i wet back to the settlement  i found Rowan holding Jasmine i thought she was inured so i moved closer  when they realised it was me   Rowan pierced his blade right though her” he got up as he punched ad  the wall a few times as he took deep breaths” everything i trained for it went all away  all i felt was rage when i charged at my brother “ he took a deep breath before looking at Reus “ then   i was hit i thought it was the strike would nd me so i could be with Jasmine but it wasnt ment to be  i woke up in a hotel room 4 days later .

Ronan began to pace as he said what he thought allowed “ if i disobeyed my father  the coven may of survived if he knew this was gonna happen why send me on patrol  or at least warn me this was gonna happen so i could  get  as many as i could to safety he always said as a coven united we must stand or alone we will fall  so why was his chose to leave me alone “ he returned to  his seat as he looked to  reus then the night sky “ when i awoke  i found a letter to come to Evermore 

Aureus let the guard speak his story and as expected, it was tragedy that brought him to the manor's doorstep. Unsurprising. The aspect couldn't help but feel the sense of understanding at Ronan's story. It was eerily similar to his own. Love. Fire. Death. And some form of rebirth when all he wanted at the time was death's end. Anything to be with the ones he loved. It was cruel that he should live when those innocents had died. His beautiful everything. The only reason for being after a broken life.

The failure and guilt alone nearly ripped him into shreds then. Revenge and rage had kept him on some path of purpose. It was a terrible existence.  

"I'm sorry, Ronan," he said, looking over to the dhampir that conveyed his empathy. "As someone who can understand what you went through, I know how difficult it is to find a way to push forward. If you want to ever talk it through, my door is open." Reus took another sip of his drink before speaking as delicately as he could again. "I'm able to remove memories as the aspect of time. Store them away. If you find those memories to be too heavy to hold, I can offer my service to have them detached if you like." 

He waited a few moments to let the offer sink in before asking. "Did you find any further information on who was behind their deaths? The letter telling you to come here?"

Ronan stared at Reus as he took in what he had just said even though Venetus had warned him that the aspects could do more than anyone could ever dream“ all due respect that is impossible” even though he had accepted the Ailwards way of life and each Aspect's way of being he struggled to believe something's he had heard from other guards” as he listened to  the Aspects other questions he looked down as he thought about what he could remember  he closed his eyes as he thought about the letter“ the Letter was left by Sapphire Rizzoli  she's a guard also apparently she found me I don't know how long after the attack from what she had told me she stayed with me for 4 days after till she had to return to her mission     the letter was by my BO staff.

Ronan had gripped his drink tightly as he took another swig of his drink to curb his anger for his brother causing the handle to snap“ it was Rowan my younger brother“ he sighed as he looked down remembering the hatred   Rowan had in his eyes“ he claimed he had everything taken from him as I chose a family he was no longer second in line“ he closed his eyes £ the enjoyment he took“ he stopped as he took a deep breath as he sat back in his seat“ we knew Rowan was sneaking out but as we were all trains by same way we knew how to move around without others detecting us   I don't know if he fell in with a bad crowd or what“ his mind returned to the final moments before he blacked out“ swear someone else was watching, but I can't be certain, but he was looking in the direction f the eyes“ he looked back at Reus as he continued to think,

Ronan looked at Reus” you're the first person I've told beside Venetus” he closed his eyes as he imagined what Jasmine would say“ would you object if we talked about it before we go down the memory taking away “he lent forward” I'll bring   the whiskey”  Ronan pulled outside his cell phone as he looked at the time be for raising to his feet”  I know it's not an Aspects job but would you like to join me on patrol around the grounds I find walking the grounds help and gives Edward a chance to go and feed“ he lent in close“ did you find him in the army or something he stands in the middle of the grounds most nights I swore he was a statue when I first arrived“ he smirked as he stepped aside and began to walk to the entrance of the grounds of the manor 

Reus's head lowered almost imperceptibly. He knew how much a sense of betrayal could wreck lives. He had lost someone very important to him because of it and how he wished he could somehow right what had happened. However, there was no going back in time for him. Even if he somehow could, Aureus couldn't and wouldn't change the decision he had had to make that fateful night when the celestials were rounded up and brought to the isle. Just as much as he knew she wouldn't change her course of action by coming to save her people which cost the lives of many on his side. The pit in his stomach weighed heavy.

All for a greater good. Or so he had to remind himself constantly.

His solemn gaze moved back over to Ronan at his mention of being the second person he'd divulged his history to. He simply gave a quick smile of understanding at the guard's request, tucking away that information for later if the new member did decide to have the memory stored away. Sometimes he felt like offering the service was, in fact, a disservice. He was hiding away the pain of others, never to be properly dealt with and worked through. His entire existence seemed to be walking a grey line.

"A stroll about sounds good," Aureus answered simply. "Whiskey also sounds good." He breathed out a slight scoff of a laugh and stood, following Ronan towards the entrance of the grounds. "Edward, like many of us, have a difficult time dealing with all we see. Try not to judge too harshly," he responded, half teasing. Things around Evermore had become so tense that some of the guards were now doing rounds as they were about to do. It was a testament to how uncertain the future was when Malva's powerful magic around the grounds might not necessarily be enough of a warning. "Have you been assigned to anything specific yet?"

Ronan chuckled as he looked at Reus as they walked, “believe me, I don't judge him if my father was alive and Edward was Dhampir my father would have loved him, and I've seen him in action” he shut up remembering he wasn't supposed to be there even though he was called there by the police Department” being frank if it was a last stand I’d happily stand by his side as a brother, I take it he's possibly a knight of St. John I may be wrong but would  account for the cross on the hilt of his sword”  Ronan continued to walk “I have visited the  Dhampir leader do you know when this Donovan took over as last I heard it was Astoria Belenski”.

Ronan stopped as he felt the cool breeze against his skin he closed his eyes briefly as his cellphone began ring pulling it out of his tracksuit trouser pocket before answering “Winters” he could hear a loud voice speaking down the phone he nodded and responded in the right places “I'll be there in 30–35 minutes “he hung up as he looked to Reus  “Another mass grave site” he froze for a second as he thought “if you wish to accompany me you may this is the second grave site this month I would appreciate an aspects views on this as I've seen nothing like this and I fully understand if you do not wish to go especially without your bodyguard but ill be in the garage in 10 minutes if not I bid you a good rest once you do and ill see you tomorrow and ill give you my decision” he turned on his heel as he ran back to the manor entering through the kitchen door.

At a quick pace Ronan walked swiftly into his room walking to the twin oak wardrobe didn't arrive in evermore with much but slowly had brought his wardrobe out grabbing a black pair of trainers combat trousers and t shirt once he was changed he walked to his fridge grabbing his last can of Red Bull downing it in one be fore he scanned his room looking for the items he needed walking to his desk he grabbed his badge and Identification and his jacket off the chair before walking back to the door picking up his work case as he opened the door to leave as he walked the corridor he could see the sun begin to rise if he wasn't in a hurry he would stop and watch it fully rise, sighing he continued on making his way back to the kitchen as he grabbed few things to eat a and making sure he had a cookie that sapphire made  , as he made his way out of the door the breeze was still cool and light as he made his way over the stones towards the garages wondering if Aureus would join him as he walked to a black 4×4 he placed the items in the boot before   walking to the drivers side getting in 


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