“3 am the witching hours” Ronan sighed as he sat up in the darkness, breathing heavily as he grabbed the light switch turning it on revealed the large room he was in   the only place he had felt was home since he arrived in Evermore the only reminders of his home   just memories which he felt every night, but the final blow he thought would take him to Mag Mell the realm of peace and happiness but each time he awoke in Evermore not where he should be getting up quickly donning black combat trousers   shirt and shoes grabbing his batons as he walked out of his room 

The night was clear as the full moon set itself against the city as Ronan walked past the intermittent lights of the hallways the manor was quiet he could hear his own footsteps as he made his way towards the training room a memory of his sister made him smile as she used to call him Master Tashi Ci a character from a video game she loved the silence from the training room was ery, but he did enjoy it  as he walked to the  CD player he pressed the play button as a heavy beat song began to play Ronan took   his second baton in his hand as he sprung the sticks to live as   he began to shadow duel an enemy switching between offensive and defensive moves   and connecting the rods together to make the bo staff   the songs seemed to play forever before he fell in exhaustion   taking deep breaths to calm himself he looked at the digital clock he had been training for over an hour 

After 10–15 minutes, Ronan rose to his feet as he dragged his BOE staff to the CD player switching it off as he made his way out of the training room, remembering the route towards the kitchen smirking to himself remembering the first few days he got lost several times   acknowledging   someone as he  entered the kitchen as he walked to the coffee machine As he began to make himself a hot beverage  grabbing it he walked out   to the terrace as he stood watching the darkness taking the occasional sip 

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It was another sleepless night for Reus. Much as the theme continued to be for weeks, he was tired. His brain was aching for some release from the waking world and the aspect would've gladly liked to oblige. The routine was mostly the same though. He'd lay his head on the cool pillows in his room and sleep would take its very sweet time in finally blanketing over him, giving him that false sense of peace only to have it ripped away as some sort of cruel and torturous mental game. 

Like usual, he would shuffle his way down the stairs and through the mostly quiet manor. Stragglers of its other inhabitants who also struggled to sleep would trickle about the large estate, all of them quietly understanding why another would also be wandering the halls at the late hours. Reus was currently down in the kitchen which tended to be a stop in his own personal routine when he couldn't stay in his room any longer as the walls felt like they were closing in on him. He was leaning over the countertop and his eyes were closed in a sort of statis between the waking and dream world.

The sound of someone coming to join him in the space made him jolt awake. He squeezed his eyes shut for a few moments and then widened them in some poor attempt at making himself more aware of what was happening around him. Reus nodded towards Ronan once he recognized it was him coming through and watching as the guard went outside who looked as though he'd been doing some training given the sweat that clung to his skin. 

Once the coffee machine finally stopped, the aspect clung to the mug as a lifeline to keep him going, rubbing his eyes again to force himself more awake. He gripped the handle to the door leading outside and joined Ronan. "Looks like you've been going hard," he noted with a smirk. "I wish I could find the energy."

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