Staring at the blinding light that shone her way, Irene wasn't sure if it was just mocking her or if it was just her paranoia eating her up. Irene Farley had a terrible dislike towards lights or anything that could possibly resemble them in general. It reminded her of her bitter past that she would very much rather forget. The light reminds her of Mira. And she hated how she's always being so cautious around her surroundings because she feared the day would come where Mira would finally tackle her down alongside taking everything she cherished with her. No, she was not going to allow that to happen, not even in a million years or another lifetime. This is her life, and she will live it as she sees fit. As per her usual daily routine, as soon as the clock strikes 7, she usually should make her way back home after a full day of work in her office, but unfortunately, the flaxen-haired diviner has been spending her week in that same office that suffocated her.

 The reason for the condemnation? Work. Of course. Maintaining her work as the CEO and still trying to juggle with the fact that Mira has been trying to sabotage her company as of recently. What’s new anymore about the other light diviner who sought out her destruction ever since 1932 after she burned down the manor, and subsequently killing every single soul inside, late at night. There was not one justified reason that Irene could muster up to explain what happened that night, other than the fact that she got infuriated and her emotions got the best of her after being pent up for her entire teenhood. Nadia handed her a rather organized file which elicited a questioning glance thrown her way. “I thought I've finalized everything else last week? What's this?” Admittedly, there isn't any company logo on the front of the file. “It's not company matter, Miss Farley. It's what you requested me to look into a few days ago.” At the sudden mention of that, her eyes widened and hummed in delight. “Thank you, you may go.” After a slight bow, the red-haired secretary made her way out of the office, leaving the Farley female alone. 

Her blue hues scanned the file carefully before taking out the content. She works fast, Irene had to at least give her that. Sometimes she feels lucky to have someone so multi-talented as her PA. Both her personal and professional lives are accommodated moderately because of her. The name Mira Harridan was printed in bold font. After a while spending her time reading into it, Irene closed the file and clenched her jaw slightly. Until it formed into a smile instead, it was genuine enough to trick anyone into believing there was any sincerity behind the formation. One way to get rid of the threat was to pull the weed straight off its roots, and that is exactly what she's going to do. She will make sure that Mira Harridan would not step anywhere close to her, ever again. Then her life would be a lot more peaceful. “You should've never sought me out in the first place, darling. Now I know you will never stop until you take me down.” If it was up to her, Irene would've dismissed this empty threat decades ago because she couldn't take her seriously but after the previous attack at one of her branch and the chain mails, she's had enough. It was time she put an end to this. 

Actions spoke louder than words, and unfortunately, neither one of her parents had shown her good reasons to keep up the good act, not after they’ve mistreated her entire life, leaving her be like some stray. She is Irene Farley, the only heir to Unruly Eve Corporation, and she will remain as a Farley, until the end of her days. She would be damned if Mira would jeopardize everything that she’s been working on for decades-long, up to 68 years worth of work trying to rebuild the company she now presides over. Sales fluctuated and inflated over the past few months, which gave her a reason to come to Evermore and seek Mira out so she’s able to pluck the weed out from the roots, once and for all. However, Mira was cunning and managed to evade skillfully, though Irene is positive that those will only last for a while. One way or another, she will put an end of the Harridan girl and then she’s free to return to her lavish life again without any worries or woes haunting her head each night. The only reason why the Farley female was getting restless was due to one of their branches in New York got burned last month and all the signs pointed to Mira. 

Mira Harridan, what a pain. That is precisely why she is here tonight, standing in front of a space, surrounded by big trees looming over like the night was close to swallowing her whole. In her hand, was that picture of her old friend, photographed a few weeks ago when she was sighted north. It was exactly where she could do things in private without anyone peeking. The weather of the night blew against her and it reminded Irene that this was nothing compared to the suffering she had been through under Mira’s hands. There were a few cut-down trees that were going to serve her as the altar for tonight, with that she began taking out her ingredients; one tall candle and salt. Irene placed the candle in front of her and lit it up, and burned the picture, watching as the fire slowly consumed the film before letting it fall to the ground.

 She didn’t have her hair, it was hard to get to her, but what a diviner can do is always to improvise and so she did, the picture she burned had Mira’s blood tainting it, she remembered slashing her arm that one incident a while ago and it got on the picture. The flaxen-haired female closed her eyes and began to channel the candle’s power and spread the salt over so she could form the words needed, the fire was burning bright, as bright as her rage.

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