Home. Over the centuries he had lived; the Former Viking had quite a few places where he had lived. But only a few, he would ever consider a true home. First, being Kattegat. The place, where he was born and lived the first 35 years of his entire existence. The place, where the Viking blood and spirit was embedded into him from childhood. Eirik missed his home. And often thought about it, and how it had changed over the centuries, he had not been there.  But no one was waiting for him there; both of his parents had died. His mother sadly, a few weeks after his birth. His father killed before his eyes, during his teenage years. And never having any siblings-there was no one to grieve him when he had died and was reborn as a Valkyr. And Evermore, Probably one of the other places, he had been settled the longest along side Gideon and the rest of their faction. Eirik had known Gideon, for most of his Immortal life. And the Original Valkyr, was the one and only person that helped him accept his new identity and life; when he had been in denial for the first 5-6 decades, give or take a few years.

From a young age, he had been a believer of Odin, The Norse Deities and Valhalla. To him, there were was no other God or Deities. Just those of Norse Mythology and Odin; was The Father of All. As other men and women of his kind believed in too. There were many Vikings sayings that Eirik had been taught from childhood. Most he still remembered and often recited. Some he often used to teach lessons to the younger Valkyrs, when it came to combat. Finding some teachings helped his students embrace that nature more. But one saying in particular, in regards to life teachings had always stuck with him;  Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule. Honor is life, for with no honor, one may as well be dead. Loyalty is life,  for without one’s clan one has no purpose. Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

When he got slain in a battle, on the seas during a storm. He was waiting to descend to Valhalla. But instead, he got saved by a few Nomads. Whom, gave him Immortality. A second chance at life...a longer life, as something he did not forsee becoming. Something, for a time..which he didn’t even want. And that, along with need to consume blood was hard to fathom. It was one thing to use weapons and slay one’s enemies. But to feed on people, revel in it and get so consumed; he needed rehabilitation...well that was another thing all together.

Even though, he had recovered from it all. Deep down, he feared about getting hooked again. But as always knew; fear was for the weak. And he was not weak. Eirik didn’t intend on being anyways lamb. And he always found ways to fight through, whatever challenges life sprung on him. And during his long existence, there had been many. But he had stayed Loyal to Gideon, and their kind; when he had found more like him. Even if Eirik had sometimes, wandered off on his own for a little while. He always came back. They were his new family of sorts. Even though, quite a few were usually intimidated by him. Not that he could blame most people; he stood at a towering 6’3” and was still very in touch with his Vikings way. Especially when it came to Combat and weapons. They warmed up to him eventually, and he to them. Once a Viking-always a Viking. At least, at heart he remained one. But his brute force, strength and skills were a remainder of the olden days.

When it came to letting go, of certain things. It was a mixed bag for Eirik really. After a few centuries, he even lost his real name. And most people not knew him as Oliver Trobeck. Only those truly close to him, and that were aware of his past; knew his real name and were allowed to call him, as such if preferred. But to others; he was simply Oliver or Mr Trobeck. Even if his name was quite famous in history and the Valkyrs. He always brushed off the attention. The words off his deeds and past actions, had spread through time and legends. Like about any true warrior.

Over the centuries, he made living by making and selling weapons. As a child, he was always quite resourceful. And managed to make something, out of nothing. And when weapons were short and or broken, he got inventive and used things that were around him. That was one of the reasons, why he had opened up a weaponry store in Evermore. From beautiful daggers and knives, to swords and dual blades. To archery equipment and even guns. He had a variety of weapons to sell. Most of them, were hand made and crafted by him. The rest, had been supplied. If people, didn’t find what they were looking for. Eirik was more often than not, to create something new and unique for them.

He took joy and pride in his work. Every weapon was unique, as were people. No one weapon looked or felt the same. Not unless, he done replicas of course. And there were a few; especially for the dual daggers. A few of the weapons had something engraved on the handles. Usually the words ‘Warrior’, ‘Lion’, ‘Courage’ or ‘Strength’ in Viking Symbols. A few rare one’s were decorated with other Viking Runes. They always looked beautiful and unique. If the handles were empty. People still admired the beauty of the woods and materials used to make them. Most of the bases were always made out of wood and different metals combined. It gave it an interesting pattern and sterdy base. He had spent many years, decades making all sorts of weapons before he finally opened up the shop. It took a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft. Patience wasn’t his strongest virtue-when things went wrong. It got him frustrated, until he learned the right ways to go about it. Now it came easier, due to having centuries of experience.

It was a miserably and rainy day. And business, had been slow that entire day. Which left Eirik to organise some for the newer weapons putting them up on display. The Valkyr, had some music playing in the background as usual. He didn’t like silence much. He had always been around a lively atmosphere, which made him rather a rowdy person now-a-days. Lively and spirited. Not everyone liked it though. But it didn’t bother him; as he was always used to a loud sort of life, growing up around the Vikings and being one himself. Just as he was in the middle of putting up the new swords on the top shelf. The sound of the door bell, signalling a customer caught his attention.

Glancing down towards the young female, that had wondered in. Eirik greeted her, from his spot on the ladder. “Welcome to Trobeck’s Weaponry store. Feel free to look around...if you need any help, or advice...just give me a shout.” Despite his very mixed nationality, from his parents. Eirik had a mainly Scandinavian accent, a husky sexy voice. But most of his Immortal life...he was starting to sport more of an English accent, which was getting more and more, stronger the older he got. The store was quiet spacious. Behind the counter...there as a small hall-way which lead into another room; which was his working space; if he was creating more things in the shop. He always usually let his customers look around. If they needed help and guidance, about which weapons were best suited for them. He was the one to come to and ask questions.

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Jaded;  that's the word that always came to mind when Zeus thought about her life, and how she'd been living it lately. The very moment the dark haired Nephilim moved into the Eternal City; revenge had became her only purpose in life, so much that it consumed anything normal for her. But Zeus's life wasn't always so complicated; she remembered the good old days where her time was spent yielding the crops with her father, or helping her mother run the produce at the farmers market. She was a dream child, even if she was a tom boy, Zeus made her parents proud with everything she did. Zeus was never quite top of the class but she was always high up grade wise. She cared more about education then she did exams and in general wasn’t always a great test taker. And while she was at home, she never let anything idle, if chores needed done, Zeus was typically the first one on them just to make life a little easier for her parents who worked hard to give her the life she deserved.

The crops yield was always higher when her mother wasn’t around to tend to them as she would often manage to somehow set the grain field on fire. In college she studied Agricultural Science and History, where she had a keen interest in the art of war. Zeus was also an active participant in student life, where she joined clubs like; Vintage Car Fanatics and Motorcycles 101 where she learned skills in being a mechanic. Her love for motorcycles only grew as she did. Even now Zeus was looking for the proper support to finally open her own garage. It wasn't lack of money stopping her, it was just that Zeus wanted a few well built men to hire, mostly for her protection; there was never a moment she needed help with fixing motorcycles. 9 times out of 10, she knew way more about them than men did.

Morning had finally rolled around, and Zeus had driven herself to the brink of insanity. She couldn't believe this was happening again. She'd met yet another man to keep her head so full of what if's that she couldn't think straight. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked into the mirror, someone unfamiliar staring back at her. She didn't care that she'd hooked up with more than one man in the past few days, nor did it bother her that she'd been sluttin it up to forget about her dead mother, who seemed to haunt her in the flesh, reminding her of what a failure she had turned out to be, since she'd done nothing to avenge her mother. Not for lack of trying though, she was sure her and Nate had finally gotten a lead, and she was now the closest she had ever been to the truth and finding who killed her mother and stole the medallion her mother was wearing, one that matched the one Zeus was wearing this very moment.

Reaching down, Zeus's eyes lit up, glowing their brightest purple as she clutched her own medallion. Sometimes it gave her a little bit of comfort, and that never seemed to last long. The moments she spent with a genuine smile on her face, were shortly lived, and Zeus hadn't found solace with anyone or anything in the city to this day. After slipping clothes onto her nude frame, the Nephilim marched back into her bedroom, shame washing over her as she glanced to her bed. "Get out" she said simply, but loud enough to cause the tall, dark figure to jolt out of his skin almost; and after yanking her covers and shoving his clothes into his arms, the Nephilim pushed him out of her room, through the house and out the front door, careless that he was naked and had to dress himself on her porch. "Called you a cab. Thanks for the sex!" she yelled as she walked back away from the door.

"God I need a life" she grumbled, shaking her head as she made her way to the kitchen, quickly filling her coffee cup and twisting the lid onto it before gathering her cell phone, wallet and keys. Zeus had been on the hunt lately, her mission to get herself back in shape psychically couldn't be put off any longer. With that, the Nephilim caught a cab to weapon shop where she had heard the man who was built like a machine, could teach her a thing or two. Zeus had never met an actual viking, but her interest in war played hand in hand with how Vikings lived, so there wasn't much she didn't know about them, it gave her an advantage with the man she was about to meet. A pretty face wasn't all Zeus was made of; she was smart about pretty much everything, a quick learner, and played harder than the boys. Most men found her a little too intimidating though.

Zeus' eyes widened and her attention focused purely on the masculine male greeting her. "I um.. wow" she started off on a bad note already, his psychical appearance being that of one to make a female like Zeus weak in the knees. Her teeth grazed her lower lip gently as she gawked at him longer than she intended on doing before trying to speak again "Sorry, my name is Zeus" she stated, chuckling, feeling heat rise to her cheeks as she blushed. "Im looking for some dual daggers, and a good bow and arrow set" she stated, unable to keep herself from grinning ear to ear, while her eyes held a mischievous twinkle in them. Zeus's gaze averted to his display shelves, her eyes widening at true beauty when she saw the dual daggers with viking markings on them. "Wow, these are gorgeous" she expressed, trailing her finger tip across the engravements on them.

"any suggestions?" Zeus questioned, referring to the dual daggers she needed and the bow and arrow.

A slight chuckle, escaped from the Valkyr at Zeus’ greeting. It wasn’t the usual way, customers greeted him. The Former Viking, couldn’t help but smirk slightly. Eirik was always a bit of a ladies man. And lost count, of how many women he knew and gotten to know over the long centuries of his life. “Not the usual greeting, I get. Back thank you.” The Valkyr flashed her a bright, slightly mysterious smile. Obviously, the young woman liked what she was seeing. It wasn’t the first time, he left women bit speechless by his handsome looks and towering, strong frame. But the first time, it noticeably happened at work. As most customers; were far more intrigued by his weapon than him.

When the young woman introduced herself to him. He nodded. Zeus. Interesting name. “I take it, your family had high interests in greek Mythology?” It wasn’t always, that he met customers that were named, after the God of the Sky himself. Let alone a woman. But somehow, the name suited her. “Pleasure to meet you Zeus, I am Oliver. The owner and maker of most of these beauties on display.” Everything apart from the guns and ammunition, was his own work. The guns were supplied, from elsewhere. But they had a good deal going. As he supplied some of his own work for them, in exchange.

Her compliment, made him smile. He always took great pride and joy in his work. “Well thank you. It’s always good to see customers appreciate, my work.” Compliments for his work, always made his day. Climbing down the ladder. He set it aside, for the moment. Giving himself her and more space to move around the displays.

Hearing her request. Eirik was still watching the young woman. As she took the beauty of the weapons in. The Valkyr was usually skilled, in guessing what weapons suited his customers the most. And it seemed, like she knew what she wanted also. Now, he just had to find her the right bow and arrow. “Do you have any experience, with either weapon?” Eirik asked, with a slight raised eyebrow. Knowing both a Bow and Arrow and Dual Daggers, needed a certain amount of flourish and skill. And if she was still learning, he wouldn’t have recommended Dual Daggers as a start. But if she was willing to take the leap, and learn with two weapons in one go. Then there was a hint of courage there.

Walking towards, where the young female stood. Eirik looked through the Dual Daggers himself. Mentally figuring out which set would be best for the young female. Before he picked up two daggers, which were quite far from her reach. But due to his tall frame. It was easy for him to reach. The words ‘Warrior’ and ‘Courage’, in Viking Symbols were engraved on the handles. And to Eirik, they seemed to be a fitting match for Zeus. Just something about her, gave him that impression. “I think these, would be a suitable match for you.” He spoke, handed them to Zeus. “Have a feel for them. Whilst, I look what Bow might be a good match.” The handles were both made out of the finest woods; including Oak and Pine. Mixed in with some melted iron. Making the handles quiet stern, with a beautiful pattern; with the three base materials combined.

Moving from her. Eirik grabbed the ladder again and began to climb up. All of the Bows and Arrows were up high on display. Looking through them. His lips slightly pursed.

With the arch of her brow, Zeus returned a mysterious grin back to the beastly built male. She couldn't help but think she may have overreacted at first sight of him, but until she had met Arken, Zeus had been a pretty wild female, never one to settle down, and always one to bluntly tell a man she wanted him. And, if she hadn't met Arken, she knew this Valkyr wouldn't have been no exception to her flirtacious ways. But somehow, the tattooed Initia she'd met not long ago, had given her the best reason to stop all of that. He had given her the security that he wanted her for who she was, and not what he could get from underneath her clothes. But even with all that, she still felt heat rising to her cheeks as she blushed heavily.

Clearing her throat, the Nephilim chickled and placed her hands over her cheeks, shaking her head. "I can imagine how odd that was for you. Sorry, I'm not the queen of subtlety" she admitted, smirking at the Valkyr. While he seemed fascinated by her name, Zeus had the same reaction to his, she certainly wouldn't have expected the name Oliver for a man who looked like him. "Well, I can't imagine that my father did. But my mother, perhaps. I didn't know much of her before she was taken away from me, I was in my mid teens when that happened but the background she came from, yeah.. i'd imagine my name came from her" she stated, smiling as she thought that maybe her mother had been the one who'd named Zeus.

A lot of people had the reaction that Oliver did though, they were all surprised to learn that her name was Zeus. It was odd for a female to carry that name, but they were even more shocked to discover that Zeus was quite capable of doing anything that a man could do. She'd grown up alongside her father mostly, raised on a farm by her parents, her mother ran a produce store at a farmers market and her father had taught her how to tend to the farm itself, and there wasn't anything she couldn't do that concerned motorcycles, and mechanic work. Zeus wasn't the average female, but people either feared her for that, or found it attractive. Never had it been the latter. "It's a pleasure to meet you though, Oliver" she finally said after getting a little lost in thought.

Her gaze averted to his display of weapons when he spoke of them, wide eyed at the fact he had hand made them all. "That's impressive, mind if I fiddle around with some of them?" she questioned, wanting to get a feel of things before she dove in with having him train her for hours every day. That alone would end up forging at least a friendship between them. She figured why not get to know the very thing he seemed to have a passion for; Weapons. Her eyes lit up like a child at the candy factory. "You're welcome then, seems you really know what you're doing here" she stated as her finger tips traced various things, lighting up a little more each time she touched something she liked.

"Well, I do have some practice with archery, so im pretty bad ass with the bow and arrow, but I have little to no experience with the dual daggers, i'd in fact need a teacher for those" she said in response, giving him a smirk as she dropped a hint in his lap, hoping he'd offer to teach her. Surely if he created these things, then he knew all about how to use them. She didn't think it was too far of a leap to even guess that he had used them during times of war, with his appearance, she could only guess that he was a Viking of some sort. They were all naturally drawn to weapons.

Zeus lifted the side of her shirt then, revealing her rib cage to the Valkyr where she had just had her mothers portrait tattooed on her flesh, with a set of beautiful Phoenix wings behind her mothers face. "This is the reason for my visit to your shop, but it's also the reason i'm about to ask if you'll train me with the weapons I have no experience with" she expressed, tears welling up in her chocolate gaze. Arken had done suh a beautiful job on her tattoo, it looked just like Peggy McCartney, and now that she glanced down to her rib cage, the Nephilim couldn't help but smile, while shedding tears in front of someone she'd only just met. "She was taken away from me, in a violent way, and I need.." Zeus stopped herself from blurting out the gods honest truth just now, if she had told this Valkyr that he would initialyl just be training her so that Zeus could fire on a tribe of Initia, then he may not want to help her at all, so for now; it was her secret.

When the male handed her a set of dual daggers, Zeus's eyes lit up, and her fingers traced the words 'Warrior' and 'Courage'. It seemed that already, Oliver was able to read her pretty well. She couldn't help but smile as she clutched them near her chest like some sort of prized posession. As he told her to get a feel of them, the Nephilim only stared down to them blankly, before twirling them one at a time, flawlessly executing that move, but she didn't know much beyond that when it came to daggers, swords, or any sort of sharp blades. Her abilities normally done what she needed, but perhaps learning something new would be fun.

"The oak and pine made handles were absolutely beautiful with how the designs swirled with melted metal around each dagger. "These are beautiful Oli" she then stated, grinning playfully "Sorry, I know you said Oliver, but consider that a nickname from me until I get to know you a little better" she then said, smiling up at him as she watched him go through a big collection of bow and arrows. "Do you get a lot of customers?" Zeus then questioned, while getting her feel of these daggers, nearly having one slam right into her foot, but thankfully her reflexes were graceful at the very least, as she caught the said dagger before it had time to even brush against her shoe. "That wouldn't have been fun" she mumbled to herself before looking up at him once more. "Have you lived here in the city very long?" she then questioned curiously.

The music that played lowly in the background of his shop made Zeus smile, she'd heard the song several times already, on the radio and had grown to like it so much that she knew it word for word. While waiting on the Valkyr to hop down, Zeus hummed along, and entertained herself with playing with different weapons.

Normally, Rik would have encouraged flirtatious behaviour. Especially, outside of the work-place. But he could tell, that the young woman was embarrassed. And he didn’t want to risk angering someone, if she was taken. He didn’t think someone as young and beautiful, would be free. But that was just his hunch. Whilst, this was a first in his work place. He could try and brush it off. If it would make her feel a bit better and less embarrassed.

“Well, they do say; there’s a first time for everything.” The Valkyr said, with a soft laugh. Guess, this was one of those moments. “Mhh, wouldn’t have guessed.” he said, a little teasingly as she mentioned she wasn’t the Queen of Subtlety. “But, don’t worry. I’ll take...the bold comment, as a compliment with grace. Or, I can just forget this happened. Which-ever makes you feel better.” Judging from her expression. She seemed surprised at his name. Eirik had to admit himself, it wasn’t exactly a name his father would have given him in the first place. But maybe that's why he picked it for his new identity. Something, that didn’t match him. Yet at the same time, it strangely did. He liked the name enough. He didn’t question it by now. Listening to Zeus talk about her own name. The Valkyr’s expression softened, a sympathetic look flashing across his eyes. “I am sorry to hear about your mother.” Losing one’s parents was tough. Eirik knew that from experience. Maybe a little too well. But no matter how long ago his parents may have passed away. There were times, where he had missed them still. Especially, as he grew up without a mother. “The pleasure, is all mine Zeus.”

Seeing her eyes, almost pop out of their sockets. Caused, the Valkyr to smirk ever so slightly. He always appreciated, comments from his customers about his work. At least, he knew they were pleased. “Of course, go ahead.” he said, gesturing towards the daggers. The best way to get a feel for what weapon you go well with. Was to sometimes play around with them. Observing the young female, take everything in. Eirik had a satisfied smile on his face. Seeing any customer pleased and engrossed, by his work was always rewarding.  He just nodded. Eirik had a lot of experience, indeed. “Indeed, I do. I guess, even from a young age. It was quite a talent. Making something out of nothing when weapons were hard to come by.”

The former Viking, looked intrigued as she mentioned she was bad-ass with a bow and arrow. It wasn’t often that he heard someone use that phrase. Considering, his skills with that weapon as well. “Mhh, you might have to show me one day.” If there was any chance she could beat him, well he might just be impressed. And left speechless. But that was a debate for another day. As she admitted, to having no almost no experience with the Duel Daggers. He half suspected it. Smirking slightly at her words. Half tempted to tease her. The Valkyr resisted that urge. “Well, considering. That was always one of my favorites, go to weapon. I’d be more than happy to teach you, what I know about Dual Daggers.” The Valkyr knew, it would most likely add to her excitement.

As she lifted up her shirt slightly. The Valkyr furrowed his brows slightly. Wondering what the young Nephilim was doing. Until,he saw the beautiful tattoo on her rib cage. If he had to guess. The portrait would be off her mother. The details on the tattoo where intricate and beautiful. As he saw the tears pooling in her eyes. Eirik shifted slightly, from one foot to another. Emotional women, weren’t his strongest suit; when it came to dealing with them. Quickly reaching for a box, behind the desk. He pulled out a few tissues and handing them to the female. The Valkyr, looked quite intrigued. Wondering about the reasons for the need to train with him and the weapons. But the way she trailed off. It made the Valkyr wonder. What was she hiding? “You’re plan on going up against, whomever it is, that killed your mother?” The Valkyr finished off the sentence. Half guessing, half using his wit to figure it out. Of course,he could be wrong. But it seemed like a best bet.

God, he hoped she knew what she was getting herself into. Especially, going up against some killers. But, if she was willing to get revenge for her mother’s death. Then the daggers he picked out for her, were a match indeed. The Valkyr watched her, with the daggers. Keeping his eyes on her movements. “Mhh, not shabby.” She had flawless moves with it. “Keep your wrist, bit tighter and fingers slightly relaxed. But not enough, to drop the daggers. It’ll help the flow more.” It was all about, the movement of fingers, balance and wrist movement. If her wrist was too sloopy and relaxed. She’d lose the balance and grip. She had to find the right balance.

Eirik smiled slightly, hearing the nickname for him. “I am glad you're happy with them. Mhh, I am not used to nicknames. But that one will do.” he admitted with a chuckle. As he was looking through the bows and arrows. He listened to her questions. “Some days are pretty busy, other days quiet. But this store, seems to be getting more popular.” It was sometimes surprising, how many people needed weapons for defence. The Valkyr chuckled at her second question. “Much too long, I almost forget...how long I’ve lived here.” The Viking, had settled here with his faction, so many decades ago when Gideon first heard of the city. It had been his home since then. And a long time, since then had passed. “How about you? Are you new to the city?” He wondered, how long she had lived here. The moment, she almost dropped the daggers. He shook his head slightly. “Careful, I’d rather,  you didn’t end up in A&E on your first day, with those.” Or at all.

When he was at the back. Eirik could hear her soft humming. The Valkyr returned a few moments later. With a beautifully crafted bow. The corners were rounded off in swirls. Adding a bit of a flare to them. It was still in process. “This is my newest one. I still need to add a few more finishing touches. But this would be a perfect fit with your daggers.” The Valkyr concluded. The bow was made from the same wood, as the dagger handles.  “If there’s anything specific, you want me to add to it. Let me know.” He would more than happily take her request. After all, he did make personalised weapons for his customers also.

Soon enough, the tune faded into a new one. Eirik had always liked different music. And he found,  that it helped him get creative. Almost, like there was some hidden inspiration behind each song.

Zeus could sense that he was holding it back; the need to flirt. She chuckled at that realization and shook her head, returning the smile he'd given her as he commented about there being a first time for everything "True enough, ive had a lot of awkward firsts lately" she admitted; thinking back to how she ended up meeting most people, which were mostly chance encounters. Zeus didn't have many friends, but the Dhampir by the name of Nathaniel Leight still remained as her truest. He had been the first man to break her heart in the city, but she'd forgiven him and moved on, and just like a rose bud, their friendship blossomed into something beautiful.  Or at least for Zeus it had, she knew very well that Nate would never say anything like that.. and he didn't really do well with feelings, so she'd take what she could get. 

The Nephilim chuckled as he said he'd either take her bold comment as a compliment, or he'd simply forget that it just happened. "How about the latter; Take the compliment, then forgot it happened" she teased, chuckling a little before her expression turned into one of sadness; immediately she could sense that Eirik was telling the truth and being genuine over her mothers death. It had been a while since she'd met someone willing to be genuine about it. As a Nephilim, she could detect a liar from miles away. It was refreshing that the words someone spoke  in a moment like this, were true. "Thank you. I guess ive not even really let it dawn on me yet; the whole grieving thing, ive not had time to do that, because ever since i moved here to Evermore, my mothers been haunting me .. and that's not really something you can allow yourself to grieve over. I more so.. resent her right now" the Nephilim admitted; hoping he'd understand that it was part of the reason she needed to do some hand to hand sparring / combat with someone willing to train her. 

Zeus was a Nephilim so being a fighter / warrior came as a natural gift to her; but that didn't mean she hadn't slacked off with it all, and felt that she needed to brush up on her skills. Plus, it may help her to be less riddled by anger and resentment. She gave him a nod of admiration when he said he had been doing this ever since a young age, and just from his appearance, she could tell that he had. Zeus knew a Viking when she saw one. She'd always been fascinated by their lifestyles, not that she hadn't loved her own before moving out of her home town. Being raised in the southern era had given Zeus a lot to be grateful for, and she'd always been a hard worker by her fathers side. "That's pretty impressive; so you are a natural at building weapons" she said expressively, making small gestures with her hands before she picked a dual set of daggers up. Her skills weren't the greatest,and as he said hed be happy to teach her what he knew, the Nephilim's eyes lit up, a look of utter happiness painting her features. "That would be amazing, thank you!" she expressed, giving a smile nod. 

"These are lovely" she stated, finding herself intrigued and drawn in by the daggers she held. Taking the box of tissues, Zeus grabbed a couple out and wiped her face before glancing back to him, with red puffy eyes; it seemed like she'd been crying since the day her father called her while she was out on a date, to inform her that her mother had gone missing, later, to only find out her mother had faced a gruesome death at the hands of the Initia right here in Colorado; it's where Z's medallion had led her and her father, so they were sure without a doubt that her mothers killer was here. Zeus simply nodded to his question "Of course I am. I won't be able to rest until her killer answers for what they've done. They made my life a living hell" she expressed; hoping her blunt way of admitting she wanted to kill someone, wouldn'tt scare him off from helping her train herself before the final show down between herself and the Initia. 

Relaxing her fingers, and tightning the way her wrist moved; Zeus tried once more, finding his technique to be one that worked greatly. "Wow, those tips actually help me a lot" she chuckled, finding herself just as fascinated as a child would have been; unable to contain all her enthusiasm. "Good then, because I don't typically give someone a nickname; it's rare, but it's a special thing I guess.. so i suppose that makes you special" she said teasingly, giving him a playful wink. When Eirik left the room, and returned with a bow, Zeus's jaw dropped "Oh my god. Yes! that's the one" she said happily, and for a moment, she put some thought into what he had said about there being other things she may want added to it. "Can you engrave the name 'McCartney' in the handle?" she questioned, smiling warmly at the thought that she may very well just have something to remind her of both of her parents, since the country club she had opened and named after her father, had been burnt to the ground. 

"So, when do we start?" she questioned, wondering where they'd train and practice, and she also wondered if it would be just the two of them or if he had an entire class of people he'd be training. "Ill pay for the bow and the daggers together; so ill leave these with you, until you've finished the bow" she expressed, and reach him the dual daggers, making sure the handles were pointed towards him rather than the blade. Any amount of money would be worth having her custom bow, one as beautiful as the bow he'd brought out to show her. It was beautiful as it was; it was only missing the name McCartney engraved into the beautiful wood. 

“I am sure, there are worse awkward moments.” He said thoughtfully. It wouldn’t be the first or last time, Eirik had been in awkward situation. Or witnessed someone embarrass themselves. But it certainly could have been worse, than it was. As she suggested the Latter, Eirik lightly chuckled. “Mhh, I suppose I could do both.”  he said in a nonchalant manner. 

Listening to her talk about her none grieving process. Eirik didn’t think it was healthy, that she hadn’t grieved. But everyone had a different outlet. But resenting her mother? He wasn’t sure what to make of it? Did he resent his own mother, after she died? Eirik had been a baby then, he didn’t really know her enough to resent her, for dying and leaving him alone, with just his father. As for his father. Eirik more so resented, the man that had killed him,right in front of his eyes. That rage and anger,fueled Eirik’s attack and victory over his father’s killer. “How long has it been, since...she’s passed?” He asked her softly. Not wanting to tred on bad ground. But he was a little curious how fresh those wounds were. As she seemed intent on revenge. “I am sorry, you feel the need to resent her.” It was sad, really. Resenting a parent, for being dead.

The two had fighting in common. Both of them were respectable warriors. But for different factions. And he had been one, long before being a Valkyr. It was a part of him; and always would be. “You can say, I perfected my skills over the centuries.” he chuckled. “I wasn’t always so...skillful, at first. Many moments of frustration, involved.” But he had been quiet the fast learner. Every trail and error of a weapon, helped him improve and create masterpieces. He saw the way her face lit up, as he agreed to train her. “Always happy, to have a new student.”  Eirik had always been more than happy, to train with others. Young, or older. Whomever needed his help, he gave. As long as no one, used it against him.

He was glad, she was pleased with her daggers. Seeing her red puffy eyes. He reached out, patting her shoulder gently, giving it a slight squeeze. He had a feeling, she was strong. She’d be able to get through it. Eirik wondered, whom she was so dead against killing, to get her revenge. “Well, just take it from me...don’t do anything stupid.” he told her. It’d get herself hurt, if she wasn’t prepared against her enemies. But he understood the need for revenge. He had been in that spot himself. But her blunt answer, wasn’t much of a surprise. After all, he had sussed it out, before she could tell the full truth.

Watching her try out his technique, he chuckled. “Well, I do know what I am doing.” he said playfully. Of course he knew, which techniques worked best. It seemed, like her technique improved a little already from the tips he had given her. Eirik found her fascination and excitement, rather adorable. A happy costumer; made him happy. As she said, he was special. Eirik chuckled. “Well, thank you, little warrior.” he said with a smirk.  

After he had returned with the bow. Rik let the young Nephilim examine it. “I thought, you’d like it.” he said with a smile, as she expressed her liking towards the bow. Hearing her request, he nodded. “Of course. Consider it done.”

It was clear, she was an eager student. “Well, seeing as I am quite busy today. We can start tomorrow.” he needed more time in the day to work with her,and tomorrow he had time to spare before work. Setting the bow on the counter. Eirik nodded as she told him, she’d paid for the weapons together. Taking the dual daggers, he set them near the bow.”I’ll keep them safe for you.” He reached behind the desk, and grabbed a notepad and a pen. Writing down the address of the Valkyr faction house and his phone number, if she needed to get a hold of him. Tugging the piece of paper from the rest, he handed it to Zeus. “You can meet me there, tomorrow morning.” he told her. It was his usual place to be, when he wasn’t in his store.

"Oh i'm sure. And it's likely that i'm in every one of them. I am the queen of awkward" she said jokingly. But that was partially true. Zeus wasn't your average female. She liked getting her hands greasy, and loved working on motorcycles. A hard days work, and breaking a sweat was a good day for the blonde Nephilim. Zeus chuckled when he said he supposed he could do both, and nudged him playfully. "Nothing like a good multi tasker" she teased, before her expression suddenly turned solid with the question he'd asked. 

Zeus closed her eyes for a moment. She never did well with answering questions about her mother, but it seemed every time she tried, there stood her mother, haunting her, mocking her.. doing anything she could, to remind Zeus that she still had yet to avenge her. That she didn't love her enough because she hadn't even retrieved the medallion back that the Initia stole from her dead neck. Keeping her eyes closed, was just a way to block her mothers face out when she decided to visit from her grave, as insane as that sounded. "Not long enough. My main goal since moving here, is to avenge her death. I won't sleep right until I do. I just wanna move on, ya know?" she asked, but there laid that dark glint in her blue optics when she thought about slaying the monsters who'd taken her precious mother away from her. 

When Zeus's mother was alive, you couldn't have asked for a better woman. And, never had she been cruel to Zeus while she was alive. Zeus knew the hallucinations and the hauntings were simply because she'd not grieved, or moved on yet. The only way Zeus would even allow herself to move on though, was to get her mothers medallion back and avenge her death. All this suffering could not be in vain. Nor could her mothers death. Peggy McCartney was a fierce woman, and she did not fear dying. But to keep Zeus and her father safe, Peggy allowed herself to be trapped and taken away by Initia, facing a gruesome death after that. 

"Don't be.. It probably makes me sound like an awful, bitter person.. but I wasn't ready to say goodbye. War.. war takes so much from people. If only they had surrendered.." she mouthed, referring to the Phoenix's that her mother pretty much ruled over back then. Her mother wasn't weak though, and Zeus now carried that trait with her. Peggy didn't surrender to the Initia, and Zeus wouldn't leave them alone either. They'd pay.. with their lives. Zeus pulled herself out of that dark mind-set, and gave him a faint smile as he explained his skills. "I think we all struggled in the beginning. I was pretty frustrated and weary with all the training at first too.. it took me a long time, but I started following in my mothers footsteps, and that.. well that made me one hell of a warrior" she expressed, her smile growing a little wider at that statement. "I never give up, and I don't know how to back down. Sometimes though, that can be dangerous.. I know" she chuckled, figuring if she didn't beat him to saying that, then he'd say it for her. 

"Thank you. I'm exicted to start working with you. How many do you currently train?" she asked, wondering how many people he trained .. it would give her a better idea of how this was going to go. Zeus looked to his hand as he gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze, before making eye contact with him as he advised her not to do anything stupid. "For now, you have nothing to worry about. All of my time will be spent training.. once I feel ready.. I'll- - never mind, I don't need to continue boring you with the dark details of my future" she expressed, shaking her head, chuckling some. Zeus gave the Viking a nod of her head when he thanked her,. She enjoyed being called 'little warrior' for some reason. It just sounded right coming from someone who had agreed to become her teacher. A teacher and their student were meant to bond, and be loyal to one another. So far Zeus saw many amazing possibilities with her teacher. 

Zeus gave him a wink, and a look of appreocation when he said 'consider it done'. She couldn't help but wonder how her first day of training would actually go. How hard would he push her? Zeus didn't want a teacher who wouldn't try bending her to his will. She grinned when he promised that they'd start tomorrow "Fair enough. Well since I'm meeting you tomorrow. Bring the bow and daggers with you, ill pay for them before we begin training, in case you need to do anything else to them before they're ready. But, I love them as they are" she stated, and clutched the piece of paper, giving him an appreciative smile. "Ill see you tomorrow. I hope you're ready for me" she stated, giving him a challenging look before walking out. 

The next morning had arrived rather quickly. Zeus hadn't slept much, but she'd gotten enough sleep to where she'd be able to focus on her teacher and the things he instructed. After quickly showering, and putting a pair of leggings with net up the sides of each leg, to let air breeze onto her flesh, she then added a sports bra, and a thin jacket before pulling her hair up into a messy bun. She definitely looked the part. Rummaging through her night stand drawer, Zeus found the paper that Eirik wrote his address down on, and slipped it into her jacket pocket before trailing outside, and into her car. Zeus hooked her phone into the usb port of her cars stereo system before blasting the volume once she found a 'SONG' she liked pretty good. 

As she followed the road to where Eirik's written down address was, the Nephilim hummed along to the song playing; a genuine smile displayed on her features, she missed Arken, but she was at a good place with him, and thinking about him always made her happy. Realizing she had came to the end of the road she was on, Zeus looked up, seeing an enormous house in front of her. "Wow... he never mentioned all this" she expressed, shaking her head amused. Stepping out, the Nephilim inhaled and made her way to the door. Outside the door, you had two options, to either ring in, or beat the door. Zeus decided to beat the door until someone yelled at her to stop, that they were coming. The Nephilim smirked and stepped back. A tall, husky male allowed Zeus inside, and led her to Eirik. "Mr Tostain. This Nephilim was beating the door down. She says she's here for training" the male spoke as though he didn't believe her at first. Zeus chuckled, and looked to Eirik, "Nice to see you again. I hope i'm not too late" she expressed, and gave the other male a dismissive look. 

The Valkyr rose an eyebrow, at the young Nephilim’s words. Slightly chuckling in amusement. “Come on, you can’t be that bad.” he shook his head. He didn’t think a person, could be that awkward moment prone, like Zeus had stated. But then again, he hadn’t known her long enough to know everything. Eirik smirked at her multi-tasker comment. “I can be somewhat off an expert in that area.” And considering, he was a man; that was saying something. Most men, could handle one task at a time. Eirik could dabble in a few tasks at once and not loose focus. More so his patience, if things didn’t go the way he would have liked.

The former Viking, knew he was treading on sensitive ground. Eirik didn’t want to cause offense; but he couldn’t hide his curiosity. Especially since she was requesting his help to train her, against whomever she wished to go up against. So a part of him, wanted to fully know what he was in for. But from her words; he knew the wounds were still fresh and ever deep. Eirik understood the need for revenge. “Trust me, I know the feeling...all too well.” His face, turned a little bitter; as he thought about his father and the man that killed him, right before his very own eyes.

The betrayal of one of his own kind. It tainted him. Made him more colder, towards people. No one was trusted, until proven otherwise.

The rise to being the leader of his clan; was not something he wished to happen. It was unexpected. Still a teenager. 17 years old. Eirik had been so filled with anger and rage, towards someone whom he once dared called a friend. The fury burned stronger, than anything else he ever experienced. It was a life or death, situation he would embark on; but the young Viking had attacked, the now enemy of the clan. It was a brutal, bloody fight. But Eirik was the one whom stood victorious; having slain his father’s killer without mercy. It wasn’t in his blood, to show compassion and mercy to enemies; not in battle/nor most scenarios. Having saved his people from a tyrant and a betrayer. Eirik was the new leader of his Viking clan. 

That day marked a change in history; the day marked him as a true man. With the blood of Bjorn Tostain running through his veins; he had been the next rightful leader after his father. And History, marked him as one of the fiercest/most known and famous Viking leaders of all time.

His mind had been a little preoccupied; thinking back on that time. But he was still listening to the young Nephilim in silence.  As she questioned how many, people he currently trained; his mind snapped back fully. “I usually just train, members within my faction. You’re the first student, outside of the faction. But my training schedule, has been a bit all over the place.” Eirik usually worked according to everyone’s schedules...and a lot were busy. So things, were a bit more calmer than usual. “But it’ll be just us two. I always prefered 1 on 1.” Group training sessions were much more demanding. More people to keep an eye on. He didn’t do them, often..unless requested by his fellow Valkyrs. With 1 to 1; Eirik could spend more time devoted to that particular student and know, that information was sinking into their brains during training.

The Valkyr rose a slight eyebrow at the Nephilim; as she voiced her plans. His brows furrowing slightly. She had a good head on her shoulders; even though she was filled with the need for revenge. Eirik only hoped, that she wouldn’t get herself in endless amount of trouble. A life loss, over vengeance was not something he wanted to see happen to her. But keeping silent. Despite agreeing to train her;he didn’t think it was his right to speak such things. He didn’t need her thinking, he was trying to control her life; even if he knew her reasons for doing what she wanted to.

But nonetheless, she seemed like an eager student. That was good to see. “They’ll be waiting for you, ready.” Eirik promised her. The Valkyr looked amused. At her challenging look. It wasn’t a matter of if he could handle her, but more so...could she handle him? Eirik was a tough trainer; pushing to get the best out of everyone. To truly make them into a fierce warrior. It was the way, he was taught. And it was the way he teached.”I am sure, I can. Have a good rest of your day, Zeus.” he offered her a warm smile, before she left.

The rest of his shift, Eirik mostly worked on finish off Zeus’ bow. The engravement of the name took some time. Skilfully and elegant, the name McCartney was engraved in Calligraphy style, in tune with the swirls at the end of the handle. Eirik had polished the daggers, and re-sharpened them so they could have their full deadly potential in battle. Finding a nice wooden box, he laid the daggers inside, wrapped in silk for protection. Everything was set for the young Nephilim for the next morning.

By the time, the morning rolled in. Eirik was rested. And was finishing setting up the training room. The weapons for Zeus, were laying on the table for her. The quiver of bows, set nicely next to her personalised bows. The box with dual daggers, on the table as well. Ontop a little note with the total price of $2,000. Most of the cost, belonged to the bow and arrows. Due to it being personalised, it cost a little extra. The dual daggers only costing around $350. His senses picked up on door banging. Making his way through the mansion; he saw a younger Valkyr with his student. 

Eirik’s jaw slightly clenched, as he used his real surname in the presence of the Nephilim. Strike 1.

The Valkyr looked at his fellow Valkyr. “Yes, she’s a new student of mine...she wasn’t lying.” he told him. He turned to face Zeus. “Now, you must be eager...or very eager.” he slightly chuckled. “Did you really have to beat the door down?” he rose an eyebrow at Zeus. Luckily, his ambassador and leader Gideon wasn’t home. Or they’d get an earful. Before Eirik could lead Zeus towards the training room, a young Valkyr rushed over to Eirik.

“Eirik! Riko-my-man!” he yelled out, totally dismissive of the fact, that Zeus did not know Eirik’s true name, or that she was in the room. Strike 2. Real name was said in her presence.

Eirik closed his eyes slightly. Before giving the young Valkyr a pointed look. Not impressed, at being exposed with his true name. “What did you break now?” he asked. Usually the certain young Valkyr broke something, that Eirik always had to fix for him. It got a bit annoying, having to fix something he worked so hard on, numerous of times.

The young Valkyr, saw the pointed look he gave him. Noticing Zeus, he realised he spoke too soon. “Oh...did she not…?” he asked Eirik, whom shook his head. Eirik didn’t give away his real name to many people. “Woops?” the young Valkyr gave an impish yet apologetic smile. “But, anyways...I need you to fix my daggers...again...and the sheath.”
Strike 3. Fixing those dang things again. Not looking too impressed.  Why couldn’t the young one’s be more careful?At times, Eirik felt like a father, scolding naughty kids for constantly breaking the weapons. The elder Valkyr sighed. “Just leave them, in my room! I’ll fix them for you later.” Eirik waved the young Valkyr off. Before turning to Zeus. “Well, I am sure that probably left you with a few questions. I’ll explain on the way to the training room.” he breathed out, as he looked at his student.

Zeus grinned, finding herself blushing faintly when he told her she couldn't be that bad  "I guess we'll see huh macho man" she teased, but damn those muscles. If Zeus hadn't been trying to behave herself a little and stop having one night stands so much, she would have gladly partaken in some teacher/student type of fetish here. The explict thoughts running wild in her head, caused the Nephilim to shake her head, sighing at how vulgar she could be at times. Or maybe it was lonliness. Women had needs too afterall. 

"I guess you'll have to show me then" she added, referring to him stating he was an expert at multi tasking. Zeus herself was no expert in that field, in fact, she sucked horribly when it came to multi tasking and had even fucked a few things up trying. Zeus studied the man before her when he expressed how he knew what she was feeling, and for a moment, she could see agony flare up inside of him. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize it would trigger things for you. Seems your wounds are still pretty fresh too" she pointed out. Maybe this training would be good for him too.. if they could push each other, bend and break the other, they'd each be able to release some of the anger and hatred in their hearts from past trauma that seemingly, both of them had been through. 

"I imagine you get asked for help all the time, but sometimes, do you ever stop to take a breath, and let people help you a little too?" she asked, and grazed her teeth over her lower lip before letting her intense blue optics roll from his feet up to his eyes, surveying every inch of him before locking eyes with the Valkyr. "It can't be easy living a life where people just always assume you should help them, and not ever help yourself" she added, and peeled her gaze off of him before the lingering stares got her in trouble. Zues had never known anything more than being a wild-card, a party girl who never allowed strings to be attached. But a small part of her kinda wanted a change. Like all girls, like any normal female, Zeus wanted someone to wake up to, someone to be hers, and someone to call her theirs. 

Zeus watched as the Valkyr slipped away from her in thought, she knew that feeling all to well though, to have so damn much on your mind, that you couldn't focus on one singular thin, so she appreciated the fact that he was still listening to her ramble away. "So, I'm special then?" she asked, when he said she'd be the first person outside his own faction he had ever trained. "I imagine training a bunch of Valkyr students can be intense, so maybe ours will be a little more easy.. but Ill admit something, Im not looking for you to take it easy on me. Don't assume that me being a female, means you can't be rough and intense.. I won't learn much if you don't go all the way with me" she expressed, smirking at him a little. 

"Sounds good macho man, I can't wait to pick them up" she stated, as her gaze flickered from the weapons back to him again. Zeus knew he had silently worried about her well being, she could see that all over his face when she'd bluntly told him her need for revenge on the Initia, and she was thankful that finally someone, wasn't standing in her way, and that he was still willing to teach her. Zeus gave him a nod of appreciation, "always, you too Eirik" she smiled and dismissed herself. 

The rest of Zeus's night seemed to drag on painfully slow. She'd allowed the man's face who'd become her new teacher,  to enter her mind more than once. Thoughts that shouldn't have been there about him as she typed away at her laptop, researching and self diagnosing herself with PTSD after having searched all the symptoms she'd had, but she couldn't find anything on halluciantions or mind control. She had to get to the bottom of why her mother haunted her, but more importantly, why the ghost of her mother was an evil version of her mother, who was once a humble woman, who'd never spoke a single harsh word to Zeus. 

Sometime later that night, Zeus had fallen asleep in her computer chair, with her head laid over on the desk. As her alarm went off, she jolted awake, cursing herself for having fallen asleep in a position this uncomfortable. Even immortals felt slight aches and pains from time to time. With a grin from ear to ear, she remembered she was meant to meet up with Eirik again, and quickly showered, dressed herself, and sped away on her bike, arriving to his address within fifteen minutes from where she lived. She was amused by the greeting when she had arrived, the Valkyr who had led Zeus to Eirik, didn't seem to be a fan of how she had knocked on the door. "Sorry about that macho man. Wasn't sure my knocks would be heard through a door like that" she gestured by point to the door with her finger, flashing him a teasing smirk. 

"things have changed quite a bit within just the time i last saw you, so this training session, make it as intense as you can" she stated, seeming anxious and jittery as the anticipation began to build up within her. Arken had dumped her, Ezra had blew back into town, and well, Mika .. he was new. All of that however, had Zeus in a pretty bad place right now, and she needed to let go. "And, nice.. so your names Eirik?" she asked, taunting him a little for the fact that he hadn't given it to her on his own. "Ill not use it until you give it to me yourself, deal?" she asked, seeing how pissed he seemed with the other male who had bounced into the room hyperly greeting Eirik. "Are they always this happy to see you?' she questioned with a raised brow. 

Zeus quietened herself, as the Valkyr before her, seemingly annoyed now, questioned the other. Zeus could only stand there in silence, and muffle the laughter that tried to echo from her lips. The younger Valkyr was so full of life and energetic that you couldn't help but find a moment of happines in that. "You have your hands full I see" she expressed, and began walking with him, "Lead the way sir" she stated, still not using his name, because she felt that if he wanted her to have it, then he would give it to her, and perhaps that would happen after some trust was established. "Soo, what was that all about?" she then asked, as the two of them walked the long hall, headed to the training room. "Another one of your students? Or?" Zeus was curious about Eirik, and frankly attracted to him, but she always tried to draw a line for herself, one that she typically stepped right over, but she'd secrtely been scolding herself from the moment he had laid eyes on Eirik. Look but don't touch. She really hoped she could live by that this time around. 

The Valkyr wouldn’t say his wounds were so fresh; but every so often; things would remind him off those troubled times. He just gave Zeus a slight smile, as she apologised. “Don’t worry...memories pop up once in a while. Not your fault.” he assured. But he could certainly use something to distract him from the memories of his past; that creeped up every so often, despite his old age.

Her question surprised him. His oceanic optics were focused on the young Nephilim in front of him. “I guess, I never really thought of it.” he spoke honestly. “Not with the life I’ve lead. I guess being a leading figure, from a younger age; being just naturally followed my lead/asked for help.” As a leader, he couldn’t afford to look weak back then. If people helped/they didn’t ask if he wanted it or not. The only time, he really needed help; was when he was first turned and was struggling with blood addiction. It wasn’t something he talked about often. Eirik was set in his ways; there had been a few handful of people that mattered to him outside of his faction, one of them was one of his exes/close friend Elysium. She knew him on a deeper level, than a lot of people.

“You’re the first Nephilim to ask for my help.” Eirik confirmed. Most of the time, Nephilims were well trained, didn’t usually seek out help elsewhere. So this was a first. “It can be tough, especially if my students think they know better.” It was hard to change that kind of a mind-set, to warn them; that being cocky would get into trouble. Eirik rose a slight eyebrow at her words, smirking slightly. “You don’t look like a girl, whom would ask to take it easy.” But Eirik wasn’t the one to take it easy on his students. He liked to push them, to learn and to be better. “Going easy, has never been my style.” he flashed her a wink. Promising her, that he wouldn’t take it easy on her, just because she was a female.

He slightly chuckled at the nickname she gave him. Nodding. “See you soon.” he told the excited Nephilim.

It seemed like his day got more interesting; as Sofi, one of his exes turned up at his store also. His other ex Elysium also wanted his help. It seemed like lately, he was getting a few Nephilims needing his help, besides Zeus.

The morning came off to a rather, hectic start; with so many people wanting his attention. Hearing Zeus apologise. “Oh trust me, I would have heard it.” he gestured to his ears, reminding her off his heightened hearing. “Just don’t make such noise next time, especially if Gideon is around...my leader wouldn’t appreciate you making such noise.” he warned her. But today, she was lucky. Gideon wasn’t home.

Hearing Zeus’ request; he rose a slight eyebrow. Wondering what happened in the last few hours. But her day must have been as busy, as his turned out to be. So he had no problem, with having an intense work out session to blow of some steam. Hearing Zeus teasing him about his name, he rose a slight eyebrow. “Yes it is...a name, I gave up long time ago.” he said honestly. But sometimes, he didn’t mind those close to him calling him that. Hearing her words, he slightly chuckled. “You’re welcome to call me that, if you’d like. You know what it is now.” Eirik wasn’t going to stop her, if she preferred it over his other name. Although, it wasn’t how he was planning on giving her, his name. But there was no changing it now.“Just keep it to yourself, okay? No telling anyone outside?” He told Zeus. The former Viking, didn’t need bunch of people coming to him, asking if the legends and stories about him where true, if they knew his real name.

“Some..” He said, as she asked if the youngsters were always happy to see him. No doubt, she had questions about the younger Valkyr. He nodded. “A former student yes...but he also has a tendency to keep breaking his weapons...this is the third time, he’s asked me to repair them for him. It gets bit agitating.” he told her honestly. No matter how many time, Eirik told the young one to be careful, or how many times he heard the same promises from the other Valkyr; it didn’t last long.

Walking into the large training room; he held the door open for Zeus. Before entering after her. “Your weapons are ready. I sharpened the daggers again. So be careful, when you go to touch them.” Speaking, he gestured to the table; where her gifts were waiting for her. Eirik didn’t need her, injuring herself; with how sharp he made the blades.

Zeus could see how bothered he was by past memories, and could certainly relate to how he felt. She was haunted by the memories of her mother every single day, and more specifically at night, when she'd try to close her eyes and get a little bit of rest. "I suppose we all deal with trauma from past tragedies, be thankful yours don't haunt you in broad day light" she stated, shrugging a little, trying to make a light joke in a dark moment. Zeus flashed him a faint smile when he had truthfully said that he'd never even thought about sitting back and allowing people to help him instead "sounds pretty tiring, mentally and psychically both" she admitted, even if he was a Valkyr with supernatural strength and speed, she could imagine that he still felt exhausted every now and then. Zeus had encountered those mundane feelings herself when pushing too hard at something. 

"Well then, I feel special. It's always rewarding to be a man's first" she winked playfully, but felt the need to cover her mouth before anything else stupid or bold slipped out of it. Zeus had always been a wild card, a female who loved her booze and men, but lately, she'd been trying to settle down just a little and after meeting Mikaere, it didn't seem impossible to do so. Still, she'd be a liar if she said she didn't notice Eirik, and all his bad boy glory. The whole viking thing made him even more appealing. Maybe more appealing than safety allowed, because it made her want him. God, was she really thinking that right now. His comment about not taking it easy on her, only sent her mind further into the gutter, but she did well not to comment on it this time, instead, she gave him a look. "Well, that sounds better than having a teacher do things half-assed" she said bluntly, and flashed him a playful smirk. 

With an arched brow, she nodded to Eirik simply. She knew how loud she could be, but she'd also been that loud because she was at a castle of all things, and figured her dainty little hands wouldn't be able to knock loud enough for anyone to hear her. "Sorry about that, Just wanted to make sure I was heard. I suppose I was heard by the whole castle though, I forgot how sensitive a Valkyr's hearing is" she chuckled, and locked eyes with him. Damn it those eyes. Focus Zeus, she scorned herself mentally. She really needed to up her game with someone who was willing to teach her properly, and his promise of not taking it easy on her, made her feel as if she had half the chance she was looking for. 

The Nephilim gave him a nod of her head, smiling genuinely "Well Eirik, what do you have in store for me today then?" she asked but arched a curious brow at him when he told her to keep his name to herself and not to tell any outsiders, it made her make a mental note to herself, to do her research on this man at a later date. "You must be quite the famous figure then" she stated, seeing how serious he was though, when he'd told her not to say his name out loud outside of this castle. "But don't worry, I don't really associate with anyone else anyways. I'm a loner" she shrugged, and chuckled some, but it was the sad truth. Zeus had no friends, and perhaps he'd make a first. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that ate had left the city, and for that, her heart truly ached, so making today's session as intense as possible, sounded like a good idea to her. Even thinking of the Dhampir being absent from her life, really stung, causing her sky blue optics to well up with tears. 

Zeus smiled when he spoke about his student who had continued breaking his weapons "well, if you ever need some company, or some help fixing things, I'm just a call away" she stated, making a small gesture as she pointed to his phone, where she'd given her number to him yesterday. "I could always use company anyways" she added, and  scanned the large training room, with widened eyes, especially as she eyed the table where her weapons sat, ready to go. Walking over to them, Zeus picked up her daggers first, and twirled each through her fingers, almost flawlessly, but she was rusty, and today may very well make her a little better. Glancing from the table, back to Eirik, the Nephilim smiled brightly, "You're pretty amazing with those hands of yours. You did a great job" she added, clearing her throat, because that comment almost went to a gutter minded, dark place. 

"So, where do you wanna start?" she asked, before putting the daggers down, only to pick the bow up. "This is amazing" she stated, as she drew the string back with ease, aiming it away from Eirik, and placing it back onto the table with the rest of her items. "Thank you for all the time and work you put in for this stuff." she smiled brightly, and stripped out of her jacket and shirt, which left her in a floral sports bra with a nike check on it, and her floral leggings that matched, along with her sneakers that she only ever wore during training, because they had been the only pair that she didn't bust her ass in, as opposed to all the grunge boots she owned. After pulling her hair up into a pony tail, Zeus smirked. "I think i'm ready macho man" she stated, "give me your best" the Nephilim added as she put some music on in the background, but played it low enough to not disturb the rest of the castle with their super sonic hearing. 

Zeus did have a point though. Everyone went through something traumatic; at one point or another. Most people had their own inner demons and battles, that they were facing. “I think, I am a little too ancient for them to still haunt me, in my broad-daylight.” Luckily so. He would hate for his enemies/demons to still be alive now. But in memory, they remained.”It can be, guess I am just so used to it. I don’t really think differently.” he said honestly, with a slight shrug. Eirik rarely let it show; if he was tired out from it all. The Viking always knew how to carry on; even if some feelings did try and hinder him at times.

A slight chuckle escaped him; when he heard Zeus’ reply. He could tell, she was fighting back the urge to say more; but didn’t. Shaking his head in slight amusement. If he didn’t know any better; he’d think the girl was starting to have a little crush on him. It was hard to get Rik to settle down; he preferred to be free and have flings most of the time. His past flames Sofi and Elysium knew his ways the most; out of his exes. Considering, those two relationships lasted longer than most of the one’s he had before either of them came along. “Half-assed ain’t my style, little warrior. Never has been...never will be.” No one went easy on him, back in his youth when he was training with weapons as a young Viking. Those teachings stuck with him, till now. And he didn’t go easy on anyone either.

“Oh trust me...anyone could have heard that.” He got her way of thinking; but with their supernatural hearing. It was a bit louder than it needed to be. “Maybe try ringing the doorbell next time.” he teased. “Once or twice will do.” Or she would be ringing the entire castle down, if she rung more times. The smirk remained on his lips; as she looked at him. The Valkyr couldn’t wait to see how she would handle the training sessions and what she would bring to them, with her skills. This could be interesting.

“Today will be covering some basics...I want to see what you know first. Near the end...I’ll teach you a little bit more daggers, to take a rest from the hand to hand combat.” Eirik told her. “Then every other training lesson, will expand from there; to see where you need improving, what else you need to learn with more advanced stuff.” He never dived into the hardest stuff, without knowing what his students knew first. As everyone was different. And their skills varied. Hearing her comment about him being famous; The Valkyr nodded. “I was quite something in my day; that’s for sure.” But unless Zeus knew where to look; she wouldn’t find much. As most records of his existence were gone. Like most of the Valkyrs, he hid his prior life and existence from the world; as to avoid exposure. Nor did he need the constant reminder of the life, he couldn’t go back to. Hearing her admit, that she was a loner. Came as a surprise. “I wouldn’t have pegged you for a loner type.” he told her. He saw her blue eyes well up with tears all of a sudden, a slight frown formed and his eyes brows creased in confusion. “You okay?” he asked, nudging her slightly. “Students don’t usually tear up, before the training starts. I am not that mean.” Hopefully. He was strict, and tough but fair.

When she offered to help him. Rik didn’t think she knew anything about fixing weapons. But he wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. “Well, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.” he gave her a smile and a nod. As Zeus took in her weapons. Eirik just watched her. Smiling. It always made him happy, to see his customers appreciate the work and have joy from their new found weapons. Her comment about his hands; caused him to raise a slight eyebrow. Almost getting the sexual hint in that comment; but didn’t say anything about it. “Well thank you. I take quite a lot of pride in my work.” As long as she was happy with it; so was he.

Letting her examine the bow next. Eirik just nodded. “It was my pleasure.” It didn’t really bother him at all; to add the extra touch onto the bow for her. “Just look after them well.” When Zeus said she was ready, it caused him to chuckle. Getting into position hear by. Eirik just smirked. “Alright...I want you to come at me...show me your best combat moves.” He gestured; practically asking her to attack first. Wanting to see what she was capable off. But he was ready for the predictable and the unexpected at the same time. He was always on his guard. Hearing the music she put on. He smiled "Mhh, interesting choice."


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