A cool, autumn breeze floated through the city, bringing a chill that made many tug at the collars of their jackets. Many, that is, save for a woman sitting by the edge of the river, whose only reaction was to bring the glass bottle to her lips. The green spirit sloshed as it rushed to the neck to the bottle, the creature taking a long swig before letting it rest by her legs.

Evermore City was no strange place to Leona--she'd called this place home for at least half a century. Here, she'd built a home for her people, and eventually a home for herself. But that seemed like a lifetime ago, and that was saying something coming from her. Now she was back, but she was not herself. For instance, before, she would have never been this close to water. It was odd that this was the element was one she felt the safest around now, considering her past. A smirk pulled at the corners of her lips, almond eyes squinting as she lifted her fingers, willing a stream of water to follow her movements.

Another sip later, and the Venetian found herself eyeing the mountains. There, high above her, stood the grand villa where so many of her kind--her former kind--used to stay. Now, word was that it was abandoned, and no one dared to trespass incase anyone returned. A sigh parted her lips: she knew it was time to go home, but she wasn't ready to. The dread of returning to an empty home that was once filled with warmth and laughter weighed down in her chest. It was inevitable, but she was quite the expert at putting off things she wasn't willing to confront.

A presence pulled her out of her reverie. She looked about sharply, her mahogany locks whipping at her neck. "Who's there?" she called out, danger lacing her slurred words. After a moment, she simply let out a malicious chuckle, and took another swig at the absinthe. "Didn't your mother ever tell you it was rude to lurk?" she called out to the presence.

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Rhydian’s cell phone flashed 0000 hrs as he opened up the bronze metallic postage box to find a   lone envelope he quickly pulled it out recognising the handwriting immediately of Dae Stormwind as he turned on his heel stepping into the coldness of the night as he unwrapped the note reading it shaking his head a few minutes later as he took the picture attached and tossed the letter into a bum fire as he mumbled to his self “ someone really messed up missing a Nivels in the city “.

Rhydian spent the next few hours checking the dives and bars that new to the city checking for the female in the description as he approached one of his information he knelt down pulling  $200 dollars from his jacket pocket as he showed the description of his target “ seen anyone matching the description Leo “  he watched as the guy moved his head in the direction of the park “ ill see about getting you a thermal sleeping bag “ he placed the money in his hand as he rose to manoeuvre between the crowds heading towards the dark park

Rhydian pulled his lighter and cigarette out of his jacket pocket as he placed it again his lips as he sparked his old faithful lighter putting it against the cigarette as it began to smoke he placed the lighter back into his pocket as he made his way into the darkness.

The darkness reminded him of a street back home as his eyes scanned the metallic benches for a body of someone asleep or a homeless person as he went past the 4th set of seats he heard movement before words being spoken “ I don’t know what she would have taught me  If i had a mother that is “ he walked forward seeing a  figure on the seat the Nivels he was looking for.

The awkwardness following his response left Leo just a little speechless as the man walked towards her. "No wonder then," she simply slurred, rolling her eyes as she watched him move. He was of a tall, strong build, his blond hair the colour of sunlight. She shot a glare at him, warning the man not to approach her with a wordless look as she got to her feet, staying close to the river. She wasn't that proficient in wielding this new element, but if this man proved to be an enemy, she wouldn't go down without a fight.

A haughty look faced over her angular features as she eyed the man. "Who are you?" she demanded to know, almond hues narrowing slightly as she took in his appearance. He didn't seem to be in an offensive stance, nor did he give off a threatening impression on the Venetian creature. Still, she was on her guard, lips in a tight smirk as her fingers clutched tighter at the bottle's neck. "What do you want?"

Rhydian raised his eyebrow as he chuckled as he noticed she  was sticking  near the river “ if I was going to harm you I would freeze you to  the seat the second I found you then I have to explain to the boss why  you have injuries  blah blah blah but you are  the one I was sent for young Nivels “ he three over the photo  over the  older stormwind had taken of her “I admit you were harder to find then I thought “ he sat on the opposite  bench as he took out his flask shaking  it as the liquid jot the container before he took a large swig  as he sat back

Im Rhydian Snow  Right hand to the Nivels Tribe on the mountain top a place you can call home if you wish “ he took another swig “  well what is your story “ I’ve been a Nivels over a century I was a phoenix till I was killed/reawoke as a Nivels by someone I called a brother that betrayed me and gave me a  pair of cement shoes in Sweden but as for why im here “ he pointed a little “ im here to either convince to join the tribe, set you up in digs to keep an eye on you or be someone so you know you’re no longer alone  “ he rose it to his feet as he faced her “ so you know I’ve been through what you’re going through I had no one till a fellow  Nivels found me but if you don’t want to stay at the tribe I can try to arrange that you assist me when I am city-bound so you can stay here “.

Leona raised an eyebrow at his words. "Who're you calling young?" she snapped, narrowing her eyes as she sized him down. Holding his gaze for a moment, she then directed her eye line towards the picture he'd thrown towards her. Sure enough, the image of her new face stared back up at her, the sight annoying her a little. Leo was growing to loathe this form, as each glance at her reflection reminded her of what she'd lost. A wry smile formed at his statement of how challenging it was to find her, followed by a scoff parting her full red lips. Tilting the bottleneck up to her lips, she took another sip of the green spirit. "You ought to give me more credit--I'm rather skilled at flying under the radar."

She didn't meet his gaze as he introduced himself, keeping her olive-green eyes set on the river behind her. Another scoff sounded from her as he mentioned the mountain tops. Of course, they'd taken over the territory. With none of her former kind there anymore, it was a free-for-all. "That was my home, once upon a time," her words barely a whisper. A shake of her head followed. "You can figure that out for yourself, cara mia," she slurred, taking another sip of the absinthe before letting the bottle rest at her side. "I have quite the reputation here--well, had, in my former life."

Finally, she looked at Rhydian, her features devoid of emotion. "I was turned about a month ago," she admitted, her lips tightening into a thin line. "You don't need to worry about me--I have a house on the mountain tops and my brother's penthouse in the city." Yes, the home on the mountain tops that she was nowhere near ready to go back to. "If I decide to join your...tribe, I will find you," she stated in a malicious tone. No, she wasn't ready to join a tribe yet. The wound was too fresh from her death, and joining a tribe would only be rubbing in salt. "I have something to do before all that. Nothing else matters until I see it through."

Rhydian rolled his eyes as he walked over  to the river kneeling  beside the river  as his tribal markings turned icey blue as the  section of river froze “ you were planning to splash me with the water “ he chuckled” if we were phoenixes  you would have put  fire between us but seeing  you ice phoenix now  and you couldn’t  or haven’t learnt how to make ice walls  i class you as young 

Rhydian smirked, “I thought I was good at living a low-level life but the Nivelsstill found me a  chap named Caspian found me in the arctic tundra of Moscow “ Rhydian tilts his head “ mind you I did kill an entire german company with icicles “ Rhydian walked back to a bench as he took a seat “ it may be your former home but it is full of people who are and have been in the same boat or you can do a Rhydian drink for 55 years and not remember much at all” he nodded as he listened” well come and visit if you have a place in the city i know where they are so I don’t need addresses “ Rhydian sat back as he looked up at the sky “ it was a night like this where young Vasili learnt of my ability he wanted to stay out a bit longer to look after the stars” he smiled gently

I am aware “. he looked towards Leo “ you are the same person you were before you died minus swapping fire for ice and we can walk at the bottom of the sea but there are people willing to help you come to terms train you with the ice people know you here “ Rhydian looked at the floor as the faces of the old people called family came to live “I killed every person I knew throughout my life “ he stopped as he saw the scene he hated most of all come into his head Roman stood above the body of his the woman he loved “  unaware a branch began to freeze before snapping out of it “it is your choice not mine “.

With a roll of her eyes, Leona let her hand wave over the now-frozen river, willing the ice to melt because into its liquid state. The water bent to her will, and she looked up at the man, arrogance in her eyes as she propped her hand on her hip. "I'm not completely useless. I have figured out a fair number of things on my own." 

She shook her head, stubborn as ever as she looked back out across the river. She let the man speak, pressing her lips into a thin line. She'd already made up her mind--there was no way she would return to the mountain tops, until she'd bought home her husband. A scoff parted her lips at his mention of killing, and she finally returned his gaze. "I have had enough killing in my life, and I'll kill more until I get what I want, if that's what it takes," she said bluntly. "As I said, I will...meet your tribe once I've seen to something." However, Leo did have to admit, he did have a point about training. In her past life as a Phoenix, she was a master over the element of fire. In this life, she just knew how to freeze things, and melt them. She had to lower her pride, and accept help.

"I will, however, accept any training you have to offer," she added, looking back looking across the river once more. "I will not be going to the mountain tops, but if one of your people is willing to come down here to teach me, I will not say no." She hesitated, pursing her lips before speaking once more. "That's all I will take."

That’s fine “ Rhydian nodded as  he folded his arms “ I have a dojo in the city we can meet  there and I am the main trainer at the moment my co-trainer  Mikaere is currently away on assignment looking for a Nivel causing trouble out of state  but I am  happy to train you 

Killing will not solve any problems I thought exactly like that when I turned I spent  50 odd years bitter and drinking I lost many days I cannot remember “ Rhydian closed his eyes as his mind went back to the night he killed the german garrison before opening his eyes as he took a swig of his flask “ I appreciate you do not want to return to the mountains so I ask would you check in on me in a weekly basis my only terms as I do not wish you to go through things alone especially being new to this.

Rhydian   much of himself within this young Nivels “ if it is revenge you seek it isn’t worth the time but I admit it is fun “  Rhydian gave out a devilish grin as he  looked at her “ when I was a phoenix the night  Esmeralda was killed I was waiting  for her at the train station  but  someone must of talk or something happened  people I grew  up with people I called family  were out to kill me  they beat me till I lost control  and let my inner phoenix I can’t remember much I remember the  figures of my brother’s ashes  falling quicker then their revolvers  then 

Rhydian stopped himself going down that aisle of pain as he rubbed his face.

What im trying to say is it took me a long time to understand what Caspian was on about you have a new life don’t bring the biggest the previous with it “ Rhydian rose to his feet as he felt the breeze of the cold wind hit his skin it was one of only a few things he enjoyed.

The woman nodded stiffly at his offer of training her at his dojo, her full lips pressed together in a tight line. "I'll accept that, thank you," she slurred. Leo may be rather stubborn, but she knew it would be foolish not to take the help offered--especially considering that she was in a whole new world entirely, playing a whole other man with a new set of rules. She was no longer living by the laws of fire, but by those of water. "When can we start?

Leona scoffed at the man’s words, rolling her olive green hues as she took a swig of the absinthe clutched tightly in her grasp. "That's all fine and well, cara mia, but I've been doing find these past two hundred and fifty years," the Venetian creature uttered, raising a bored eyebrow at the man before turning her gaze towards the river before them. "In those years, revenge has always been worth the time. I'm sorry you went through what you did, but that is your life and those were your choices. I am not some newborn who's still finding their away about the world." Her gaze turned cold, her posture stiff. "I understand that this is a new life; a new start. But I am not going to let the men who killed me walk the earth thinking that they will never serve penance for their crimes. They will know that the fates have cut their thread, and that death has come knocking on their door."

She would then look back at the man, the conviction in her olive-green irises making it very clear that no one would sway her from the path she was on. "If you knew me in the years before now, you would not try to stop me," she murmured to the man, then taking another long swig at the spirits in her hand. "I will not cause trouble in Evermore City, you have my word, if that's something you're worried about. But I will not rest till all my captors are gone from this earth." Leo paused for a moment then, holding the man's steel gaze. "I would suggest saving your breath and your words, for they will have no home in my mind."

 Rhydian chuckled if you pass it down his jacket looking for his very  Limited supply of business cards before reaching into this in a pocket finding one he passed it over to Leona “Will start as soon as tomorrow if you wish it has dojo address and I sell phone number if you require it”  Rhydian raised his Scotch to his lips taking another Swift gulp before putting the lid back on.

“ 250 years is a long time to be angry but I do understand where you're coming from That's what if you find them and kill them I destroyed my brother’s gang from the inside two he had nothing that it did not ease the pain and I felt once your task is complete you for more often ever”   Rhydian looked down as he thought about his  Lost love Esmeralda that night she lay dead at Romans feet still haunted him it had just happened a few hours ago “Choices I had a choice but I chose to stay when I loved and that got her killed and I have to live with that your day will come but not right now and you cannot live you need to live your life if even if it means spending the next 10000 years Spar sparring with me it will give your mind something over the focus on.

Rhydiansnorted at the comments as he looked to Leona “  I  I could see the same but I've learnt to ask help and make allies “ he looked up at night sky stars of shining brighter than  normal” you're getting a punch you're so tired you need to rest do you have a place

Leo nodded, not looking at the man as she took hold of one of the name cards, slipping it into one of the inner pockets of her jacket before taking another swig at her absinthe. "Tomorrow is good," she uttered, lips pursed together as fingers reached into the inner pockets of her jacket once more, this time pulling out a black iPhone and waved it boredly at him. "No worries, I've got one," the Niveis woman uttered dryly, still not looking at the man as her gaze was set dead ahead. 

"Listen, honestly I don't really care how things worked out for you," she said with a roll of her eyes at his little rant. "What worked for you, worked for you. It won't work for me, cause I believe I know myself better than you know me." Her voice was cold, leaving no room for arguing or conversation. The man's words tired her---there was nothing more she hated than a man telling her that she didn't know herself as well as he did. "I don't know you; you don't know me. So let's not assume that my actions are foolish. I will cope with my grief and my anger however I see fit, and I'd appreciate not another word from you. It will not be well received." 

At his snort, she found her fists curling by her side as she got to her feet, trying to quell the urge of stabbing the man in the face. Instead, she slipped her hands into the pockets of her jeans, finally looking down from the man as he sat before. "I do have a home; I'd lent my brother a key to my penthouse in the city centre, and he's moved out. So I'll be making that my home. I thank you for offering to train me to use this element, and I will see you in the dojo tomorrow morning. Good day." And with that, the Venetian creature turned swiftly on her heel and walked away briskly, making her way back to the city center, back to the empty apartment that was nothing close to a home.

Rhydian went to the dojo straight from the meeting with the new Nivels he saw a lot of himself in her as he made his way along the street eventually pushing the door open to his training the conversation left him somewhat irritated as he pulled out his cell phone linking it to the stereo as heavy metal music began to blare into the room as he walked over to his green dented locker as he changed his clothing for black jogging trousers and a white top and trainer as he walked over to the wooden training dummy as he looked at the repair he had made after his previous frustrating training session

he began to bounce on the spot as he gave a right punch to the dummy which sent it into moving left and right causing Rhydian to start blocking the swings that came at a reasonable pace that made him respond in time with quick jabs to the music as it got faster he gained an extra few jabs as he manoeuvred his body to train his body to battle in all directions and any situation. some time had passed as the third song came to amend as he took a deep breath calming himself as he allowed his marking to the icey blue as a staff formed just a little shorter than himself as he began to shadow fight himself imagining what his opponent would do in return.

Rhydian stopped as his phone bleeped loudly through the radio indicating it was 6 am his usual as he walked over to  his phone he pressed the stop button as he walked out into a small kitchen making his way over to a small white fridge  on a table as he pulled  a bottle of water as he closed it again making his way out  opening the bottle as he took a swig  as he picked up his cellphone as he scrolled through his  cell phone stopping ar Anivia as he  opened the tab he remembers she was no longer there or in charge  as he moved  over to  the name or Freja as he pressed called  he was greeted by a voicemail recording 

Hey Chief 

 I'm meeting with a new Nivels at the dojo  I'm looking to  bring her in  but she does seem stuck in her own life so ill make the offer but it's up to her  and ill be bringing up  items the tribe have asked for in the next day or two 

He hung up as he took another swig or two as before placing his  cell phone on the table as he made his way out to the double doors  pushing them open   letting Leona  know she was welcome to  come in 

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