After her tiring extra works she spared herself for the past month, Celia just wanted to do nothing more than to land face first against her pillow and shroud herself with her blanket, maybe even take a hibernating period of this time for a few years… or decades. Because of how much she’s done 3 days ago, she finally got her leave permitted by the hospital board, a 2 day leave, nothing too much, it’s not a long period, nowhere near a vacation worthy period but it meant everything to the Valkyr, considering she’s slowly going crazy and annoyed from smelling the sterilized hallway of the hospital every time she passed them. As a result, the Italian brunette had been spending the second day of her leave wisely. Yesterday, she visited an exhibition in Manhattan and did a side shopping to destress herself. If there was one thing that Cecilia Laterza likes to pride herself into doing, it was probably shopping, even when she probably wouldn’t have enough time to flaunt those new clothing when she’s just going to be stuck inside her office at the hospital nowadays, but still, a little fashion never hurts.

 She had also gotten a few blonde highlights in her hair and trimmed them slightly so it wouldn’t look as bushy. The first thing Ce found herself doing the moment she woke up from her slumber was to reach out for her phone at the bedside table, checking the time displayed across the screen with her eyes squinted before yawning a few times. She allowed herself to bask in the good rest she’s gotten before climbing out of her bed and head over to the bathroom. She may have also had fun yesterday that resulted in a tiny hangover, nothing she couldn’t fix after a cold shower and a few aspirin. Much to her surprise, Celia didn’t party while she was in New York, she only stopped at a few bars to drink and maybe sink her fangs into one or two but she didn’t bring anyone home. So that was something. After spending half an hour in the showers, she came out with a towel wrapped around her hair and body, checking over the plans she had made today, it wasn’t until she saw the invitation to a charity gala on her bedside table that Ce finally remembered she was supposed to attend that one gala in Berlin.

 She went over to her closet to see if she had anything that was formal enough or half as worthy to wear but returned to her bed with a frown, “New dress…” she muttered to herself and decided to drop by a certain boutique today to get a dress tailored. She’s never been there before but rumor has it, the Celestial Wayfinder is managing it so maybe she’d get to have a little chat on the way too. Once the Valkyr dried her hair using the blow dryer, she styled them using the hair curler but the prep for her hair didn’t take as long because if there was anything the Italian Valkyr knew to take care of, it’s also her hair. Dressed in a navy blue blouse and jeans, the female made a quick dash to grab her bag and tucked her phone in as she hummed to herself a soft tune, walking down the hallway and exiting the residence soon enough.

 The engine was started before long and the Valkyr only had a coy smile gracing her burgundy lips as she drove the car to the city center, eyes glazing over the address she had keyed into the GPS a few times. It went on for a while until she caught sight of the boutique across the block after a few minutes of searching. After quickly parking her car, she noticed that two people just exited while giggling to themselves, she wondered if this was the right boutique and contemplated for a while as she entered. That’s when she saw the Wayfinder working behind the counter, “Are you busy or should I come another time?” she exclaimed coolly. "Though I am in a desperate need for a dress..."

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She allowed an easygoing smile to cross her lips in response to Ce’s question and she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly “Call it a hunch or an observation even” she commented and grinned softly, there was a charismatic nature to Ce which was hard to explain, people might worry about what she might do but there was also this respect she commanded that was hard to even question. “Sometimes I feel like I should have had at least a guide or a manual or something” she joked and shook her head slightly “I have my amulet but it doesn’t allow me to figure out the right and wrong way to do things, that I had to guess” she really hoped she was on the right track.

“I try” she responded and smiled softly, just because the faction came first didn’t mean she entirely forgot about herself in the process but it was always a case of priorities, she would never do something detrimental to her tribe, even if it meant she had to give up her own happiness in the process. “Perhaps it’s funny but...I guess it goes back to the age-old balance of dark and light, my kind are pure light while your kind are allies with shadows and come from death, together we kinda cancel one another out” didn’t explain why that made them stronger but it made sense to her why it was valkyr.

“I think you know whether people would rather be alive than dead” she commented in a soft voice “People who lost their lives in accidents far before their time, those people deserve a second chance at life” she was sure even there would be some people who don’t like the alternative but honestly she believed the was a certain honor in being able to save people like that, even if it was a grey line. “If I was young and had my whole life ready to unfold and then I was gone...yes...if I was an old woman who had lived her life happily, no” she answered candidly, it really depended on the person and the circumstances.

She bit her lip harshly as the dancer moved, her eyes moving between her and Ce from time to time, she had never had anyone dance for her lip this before, male or female, she wasn’t sure how exactly she felt about it. When Ce asked if she wanted to quench her curiosity her gaze moved to the floor for a moment “What if I said that curiosity wouldn’t be satisfied with a stranger?” don’t get her wrong, these girls were very good at what they did but Phe wasn’t the type to hand over trust easily.

"A hunch huh?" she chuckled, that was an interesting way to put it, for sure. "We can't all just rely on something... or someone, eventually it's going to come back at us and we'll be left wondering if that was the right call. Being a leader, they're not easy, sure. But sometimes we have to make do with what we are given, right?" Cecilia has been roaming the earth for a long while, honestly she was a bit surprised things haven't grown tedious to her. It's the same cycle every given chance anyway. She has been to every corner of the earth and yet here she is today, still in Evermore, choosing to look after them.

The story about volakiris never ceased to amaze her, considering how she was also the first valkyr to be turned and then the first to also enact this bond between their two species. "You know I do find it funny how I seem to be the first and in the center of everything that is happening. I wasn't the first valkyr in existence but I was the first experiment, the first one who was... turned. As if that wasn't already telling enough, fate also willed it that I should also be the first to try out this... volakiri bond. Which was actually a suicide because celestial blood is already tempting, much less when you have a bond like ours." Thankfully, she has never really lost control around her volakiri.

"I think the fact that we cancel each other out makes us the best pairing. Like yin and yang, you know?" It's interesting and extremely predictable given Mother Earth's decision and the cosmic happenings. When she talked about second chances and the balance between life and death, Ce pursed her lips and shrugged "It's a novelty to me. We all want a second chance, even I do. But being alive, that's going to be a bit specific where you're from because what is the definition of alive anyway. I'm talking to you here as a living being but in all honesty, I'm undead, am I not? Considering how I was a literal corpse when I was turned anyway. Turning one into a valkyr is not always easy, not everyone survives the process, whether pre or post... sometimes they survive until it slowly turns them into a monster they didn't recognize, so I guess that's also a fail." Cecilia has battled with blood lust before, and there was not a day where she wanted to relapse.

She had a mischievous grin and look when the dancer danced in front of the celestial, the valkyr was naturally flirtatious and playful so to see this is just nice. What Phe said afterward made her raise her eyebrow in surprise "Oh? You think it'll be satisfied... with a friend? Hm interesting, tell me more" she purred and took a closer seat next to her.

Ophelia wasn’t the first of her kind and she knew she wouldn’t the last either, the wayfinder line was long and historic but it was sad that they never got to meet one another, only when one wayfinder passed would the next fall, she had to do all of this herself…decide what legacy she would leave and then entrust it to the next in line “That must have been…scary…experiencing everything so powerful but having no real idea how things would turn out or what would happen…” she pressed her lips together “No one you could rely on for guidance…” Ce must have constantly felt like the ground below her was shifting.

“I guess you could say that…what makes you weaker can be combined to become strength, it’s poetic at least” she mumbled softly, it made her wonder what the semantics were and how they managed to become polar opposites but then she could put most of the supernatural happenings in the world down to ‘because that’s how things just work’. “You must have met your fair share of my kind in the time you’ve lived” she pointed out, thinking about how celestials and valkyr were both long-living species who had experienced centuries of existence.

“I define living as being able to make your own choices…and doing the things one wants to do” whether a heartbeat or breath went through your lungs very much depended on your species “Jellyfish are alive when they swim through the ocean but they don’t even have a brain so…” by that logic who was anyone to decide who was and wasn’t alive, right? “Still…dying must be a painful experience to wake from…” she wondered if those that didn’t make it…lacked the will to awaken once more.

Phe bit hard on her lip before glancing over to Ce one more “I could be convinced to be more…open-minded, with someone I trust” she whispered the words softly as she met the eyes of the dark-haired female who suddenly came close “Though I really don’t…even know where to begin” she whispered softly as she dropped her gaze to her lips and then back up to her eyes.

Ce always thought that her volakiri experience wasn't one for the stories or the history, because if possible, she was more than eager to erase every bit of it because it didn't serve her a good memory. But, considering how far she goes, some valkyr really needed guidance, more on the volakiri bond if anything so she didn't want to disappoint them but stayed put and kept her mouth shut when she can help them with the process. "It really was... I didn't know what to do and the closest thing I had to guidance was... not where I thought they'd be. So there's also that..." she murmured, if she could turn back time, she would. God knows she would have done a lot of different things.

"But there's no function of saying you want to change the past... it sounds very ambitious." Especially to say such things in front of a celestial who was powerful enough to turn the tide of time is... scandalous and controversial to say the least. When Phe asked if she has met plenty of her kind throughout her lifetime, Ce smiled and shrugged "Yeah, you people don't make it easy to find though, I'll say that. You like to live in solitude to keep yourself safe, which is of course understandable. Why would you risk yourself out there right?" It wasn't as if humans had given them reasons to come and be the hero either.

If there was one thing Ce knew had deteriorated over time, it was humanity. "But I'll tell you... you're by far the most interesting celestial I have ever met" she purred coyly. The valkyr couldn't hold in her laughter when the wayfinder actually used a jellyfish analogy "Oh god you really are cute" to use that as an analogy was cute. "Dying was painful. I died from a plague after all... healing people only to end up dying for the exact same plague is so ironic... to be resurrected afterward, poetic honestly." But Ce has always wanted to help people. It was the very reason why the female still continued her service as a doctor.

The seductress dropped her eyes on the celestial's lips and licked her own as she tried to tell herself no, not that it was working. What Cecilia wants, she gets. "You could huh? How interesting..." she purred and dropped one finger to trail against Phe's neck gently. "Tell me... if you knew someone is attracted to you, and they're right in front of you, what would you do..."

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