After her tiring extra works she spared herself for the past month, Celia just wanted to do nothing more than to land face first against her pillow and shroud herself with her blanket, maybe even take a hibernating period of this time for a few years… or decades. Because of how much she’s done 3 days ago, she finally got her leave permitted by the hospital board, a 2 day leave, nothing too much, it’s not a long period, nowhere near a vacation worthy period but it meant everything to the Valkyr, considering she’s slowly going crazy and annoyed from smelling the sterilized hallway of the hospital every time she passed them. As a result, the Italian brunette had been spending the second day of her leave wisely. Yesterday, she visited an exhibition in Manhattan and did a side shopping to destress herself. If there was one thing that Cecilia Laterza likes to pride herself into doing, it was probably shopping, even when she probably wouldn’t have enough time to flaunt those new clothing when she’s just going to be stuck inside her office at the hospital nowadays, but still, a little fashion never hurts.

 She had also gotten a few blonde highlights in her hair and trimmed them slightly so it wouldn’t look as bushy. The first thing Ce found herself doing the moment she woke up from her slumber was to reach out for her phone at the bedside table, checking the time displayed across the screen with her eyes squinted before yawning a few times. She allowed herself to bask in the good rest she’s gotten before climbing out of her bed and head over to the bathroom. She may have also had fun yesterday that resulted in a tiny hangover, nothing she couldn’t fix after a cold shower and a few aspirin. Much to her surprise, Celia didn’t party while she was in New York, she only stopped at a few bars to drink and maybe sink her fangs into one or two but she didn’t bring anyone home. So that was something. After spending half an hour in the showers, she came out with a towel wrapped around her hair and body, checking over the plans she had made today, it wasn’t until she saw the invitation to a charity gala on her bedside table that Ce finally remembered she was supposed to attend that one gala in Berlin.

 She went over to her closet to see if she had anything that was formal enough or half as worthy to wear but returned to her bed with a frown, “New dress…” she muttered to herself and decided to drop by a certain boutique today to get a dress tailored. She’s never been there before but rumor has it, the Celestial Wayfinder is managing it so maybe she’d get to have a little chat on the way too. Once the Valkyr dried her hair using the blow dryer, she styled them using the hair curler but the prep for her hair didn’t take as long because if there was anything the Italian Valkyr knew to take care of, it’s also her hair. Dressed in a navy blue blouse and jeans, the female made a quick dash to grab her bag and tucked her phone in as she hummed to herself a soft tune, walking down the hallway and exiting the residence soon enough.

 The engine was started before long and the Valkyr only had a coy smile gracing her burgundy lips as she drove the car to the city center, eyes glazing over the address she had keyed into the GPS a few times. It went on for a while until she caught sight of the boutique across the block after a few minutes of searching. After quickly parking her car, she noticed that two people just exited while giggling to themselves, she wondered if this was the right boutique and contemplated for a while as she entered. That’s when she saw the Wayfinder working behind the counter, “Are you busy or should I come another time?” she exclaimed coolly. "Though I am in a desperate need for a dress..."

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She laughed and shrugged her shoulders slightly “I guess you could say we are all creatures of habit at heart, we miss what we had” but she was also right when she said you couldn’t stay in the past forever and it wasn’t like the modern era was all bad either. She shrugged at the mention of modern dresses needing to go “You say that but I’ve been looking into some really interesting designers who still use old techniques and are more modest with their designs” she nodded a few times “Fashion is strange though, people wear things on the runway which no sane person would wear on the streets” it was about being experimental and edgy she supposed. She raised her brows and chuckled when Ce asked her if she knew what extensions were “Yes...though I have to say they’re very...pinchy” the longer you wore them the more they tugged.

She arched a curious brow as the valkyr spoke about her lack of interest when it came to males, it was interesting to hear her thoughts on it all, relationships were never something Phe was all that experience in despite having a few in her life. Perhaps she had been curious here and there about what it could be like to break the age-old stereotype “Isn’t it...more complicated? Being with a woman” that could be taken in many senses she supposed but she was curious to know if Ce saw it as any different, especially because she claimed it was better. She bit her lip slightly and shrugged when Ce talked about hope “It’s easier to keep..hoping sometimes than it is to face reality” she admitted and gave a somewhat sheepish grin “As long as I don’t completely surrender when the disappointment comes...who knows, maybe one day a chance I take will pay off” she nodded a few times.

She sighed “Every time I’ve tried to balance the things I want and what’s best for them, I’ve never been able to find a compromise” admittedly she had fallen for an Ailward Guard when she wasn’t supposed to and that was hardly your standard happening but it seemed like she was always attracted to the people who were the worst for her. “Me too, the goal is to be sexy, but still elegant” she agreed with a wry smile, she wasn’t completely vanilla, she did know that women liked to dress nicely to make a point. Whether it to be self-confidence or to impress someone depended on the person and the occasion. She smiled sweetly in response to Ce’s comments about her being model height but not the model time “I think anyone within a 10 block radius would be able to tell you could easily dominate the modeling world” she commented shaking her head, she had nice proportions, striking looks and a confidence most people would kill for.

She finally looked up when Ce headed off to try on the red dress and she felt a little flustered when she asked her whether she measured her other customers so closely, with a blush resting on her cheeks she looked down “Sorry, I was just trying to make sure the dress would be perfect ” the last thing she wanted to do was seem unprofessional or like she had some sort of ulterior motive. “It’s not every day that someone comes in who brings the clothes to life...the way you do” which was her way of saying Ce made them look better than most.

We miss what we had. Oh if only Ce could disagree. Unfortunately, as much as she wanted to scoff and shook her head at that claim, she couldn't because even she knew she wasn't wrong. The Valkyr wanted what she had once too. She still does. While she wouldn't give up everything now for something that was not even guaranteeing her any confirmed benefits, she wouldn't take that risk because it was stupid. "Some of the designs are modest, especially those… high end brands that do fashion walks every season. Unless we're talking about Victoria's Secret Fashion Show…" Has she attended both types? Of course. Ce would never miss out being able to drool over pretty girls she would for sure bring back somewhere before the day ends. "Or those closed off traditional brands… that are quite conservative but pretty nonetheless. They do dresses a lot." That part about people wearing ridiculous things on runaway which no one will be caught dead wearing is one thing Ce agreed on.

 "Maybe they just wanted to catch your attention. I mean with the boring songs they play that's not even classical music, even I'm bound to doze off." The clothes never really caught her eye, only a few did. When the Wayfinder said that, Ce couldn't help but laugh, oh she is so cute and clueless, it was hard for her not to want her. "My very first actual relationship was with a woman. That was like a thousand years ago, you know. Even before I met her, I've done my fair share of sleeping with a few. It's not really complicated… if you know how to play it. Of course, marriage never seemed to be a possible option nor was a relationship in the public eye. But I remember enjoying the time when people would always say how close we were as best friends, if only they knew what we do behind the doors." Alas, it didn't last as long as Ce would like it. "I'm not saying men aren't it, believe me I like them too. I'm just more selective when it comes to them than I am with women. Impressing women and impressing men seemed to be quite different and I just prefer to do the first." 

Phe seemed so hopeful that even the Italian Valkyr couldn't find it in her heart to burst her bubble. Don't be mean, Ce, she reminded herself that the Celestial went through plenty of heartache in her journey that was filled with betrayals. "Maybe you're just looking at the wrong places" she mumbled softly, "who knows?" She couldn't say about anything else because that's just her opinion which wasn't supported by any backing. "Sexy but elegant huh? I like it." Modeling was something she thought about once but doesn't really fit where her heart is at. She started off as a healer and never forgot her roots. Besides, modeling seemed so boring. She would not put herself through the torture of having to walk the runaway for hours. At least as a doctor, she could be doing some good. When she saw how Phe blushed and lowered her gaze, as soon as she tried on the red dress, she came over and tilted her chin using her index finger so the Celestial would be able to look her in the eyes properly, and boy were they close. "I don't mind having you measure me this closely, don't worry about it" she bit her lip and winked playfully, "So? How do I look?"

She smiled and nodded “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dressing in more revealing clothes” she responded and nodded slightly “It’s just not my taste” she preferred clothing which looked elegant and flattering with pretty little details people would notice if they took a closer look “I guess that’s because when I choose my clothes, they’re for me and not for anyone else” she had never and would never dress a certain way to impress someone, she felt like she was above that. She laughed when Ce mentioned Victoria’s Secret fashion shows “At least more of their..outfits...are practical” she commented with a laugh, it was what it was, lingerie, but all of it made sense to wear...or most of it anyway.

“I guess in a world with so many distractions, you kinda need to stand out and the easiest way to do that is to be….outlandish” still, there was really some stuff which no one would actually wear and so the publicity was all they were getting out of it. She hoped no one over-ordered stock of those only for it to go to waste. She raised her brows curiously when Ce explained how she had been dating women for most of her life and she expressed it in a way that honestly seemed very natural. The brunette nodded a few times as she listened, she might be an old soul but she was always willing to keep her eyes and mind open “Given the way things were back did you know?” she asked curiously, Ce seemed so honest and open when talking about this that she didn’t feel too embarrassed to ask the questions she had about it. She did widen her eyes and swallow when she mentioned how people thought she was best friends with the girl she was dating “So only complicated because society made it so” she surmised, nodding her head slightly.

Phe wasn’t sure she believed it herself, but this was just the way she was, she had to keep looking forward to keep herself sane “I guess all I can hope is that things can’t go wrong forever” she responded and nodded slightly, eventually she had to find her path right? If she fell from the sky there must be some sort of plan...destiny which would point her to the place she was supposed to be. “Suits you” she responded when Ce repeated her statement about it being sexy but elegant, she liked that concept for her, Ce had that ethereal and commanding presence behind her but she also knew her own worth and was confident, it was and interesting mix. When she felt Ce’s finger under her chin she lifted her gaze with a look of panic in her eyes when she realized how close she was. Still she swallowed down the feeling as she moved back just a little “Good, though you didn’t need me to tell you that” she responded before nodding a few times as she inspected the neckline “I think this one works well for you, it softens up the look overall” she took the tape measure and laid it out against her arms, slowly measuring out the length of the fabric.

She chuckled upon hearing her response, of course it wasn't her taste, if Ce wasn't confident in her own body and liked having eye candies wherever she goes, she would've been the same. Speaking of eye candies, it didn't take a genius to see how pretty the Celestial Wayfinder is. It certainly didn't take the Italian long to have her eyes raking her entire silhouette while licking her lips, thinking about certain things. "A woman who knows her self worth, do you have any idea how attractive of a trait that is?" she grinned, not everyone is as confident as they make themselves to be. Some just preferred to hide within their shell, selling the story short to others. And Cecilia couldn't get enough of those. "No need to impress others if they can't see your value… no point in trying to do something that's not going to be beneficial for you at the end of the day anyway" she cares so little when it comes to that. 

She couldn't help but allow a smirk to linger when Phe mentioned the lingeries were for practical use, "Ah yes… some of their lingeries are pretty comfortable" she purred in delight, coming from Ce, it was to be expected. "Outlandish is one way to word it… some look eccentric and I don't know about you, freedom of art is attractive but walking the streets like a clown is not." The Italian could be pretty blunt and harsh with her words but they were because unless she had someone she wanted to impress for a certain purpose in mind, she cares very little of what people were going to feel. Attaching yourself to people you're not even going to meet the next day is exhausting. Phe was being so cute with her questions, making the brunette laugh at her approach, she was more than glad to answer those questions.

 "It wasn't hard… I mean it took a while before I actually fell for someone genuinely but before that, I was already raised in an environment where I have to work twice as hard to get what I want. And women are simply beautiful creatures… I was intrigued and it just clicked." It wasn't as if she was settling for one gender only, it was more to the fact that despite preferring females, Ce was not one to close the prospect of laying with men either. Why limit yourself to one when you could have both? "Besides, if I was going to seduce people, I might as well make it enjoyable for me. Having sex with others just for the sake of obtaining information from them during a drunken night is so tiring…" Ce doesn't like to be wasteful. The look on Phe was so priceless, and cute.

 "Mhmm, society painted the picture and we adhere to it because change is a scary concept to them. I don't bother, what I indulge in behind closed doors can remain a secret for all I care." She did care enough to keep Cassie's reputation hence why she was very careful. "It won't be forever" she reassured, things will be hard but not forever, she sincerely believed that. The close proximity between the two of them made the Valkyr bite her bottom lip as she stared her down, the flustered look on Phe suits her. The Valkyr decided that she likes that look on her. All flushed and flustered. In more than one way. "Must be fun working so closely with people like this, if I were you, I probably couldn't go past a client without spending a more… intimate session with them."

Phe swallowed when Ce commented on how she found a woman who knew her self worth attractive, the wayfinder wasn’t born yesterday and she had been through situations like these to know when someone was flirting with her. She pressed her lips together and then shrugged slightly “The world needs more women who know their own selves...strong women you say” she wasn’t going to blush over that compliment because it was one she could agree with and the valkyr fell under the same category in her eyes. Ce’s gaze on her was definitely purposeful, if they weren’t already friends outside of the workplace she might have been worried about seeming unprofessional because of the nervousness it struck in her. It made the celestial wonder what it was about her that made her nervous “I learned a long time ago that bending myself to someone’s idea of me never turned out well” she nodded slightly, she had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but she did learn.

She giggled, looking down at the floor in embarrassment when the other girl mentioned how lingerie could be comfortable “Every girl likes to feel sexy when she puts on nice underwear” she murmured softly, sometimes she bought nice lingerie simply because she wanted to feel good knowing she looked good below. Phe liked to think she had decent proportions and could generally look good in those kinds of things. She laughed in agreement when Ce commented on fashion and looking like a clown “It’s a fine line huh” she commented thoughtfully “But art is an expression and I can respect that...everyone needs an outlet somewhere” she expressed her own art in the form of making dresses.

Phe watched Ce carefully, she was honestly curious, perhaps because there had been times in the wayfinder’s life where she had felt drawn to a woman or found herself wondering what it would be like to be with one, she wasn’t sure if it was pure curiosity or more than that but Ce seemed open and honest about her stance on it so she felt comfortable asking “It was as simple as just knowing huh?” she commented in a thoughtful tone, well that didn’t resolve the feelings Phe had at all. She was looking back at Ce and she couldn’t help but notice her attractive figure and the way she would make every dress in this room look 100 times better, she was gorgeous, anyone with eyes could see that “That has gotta be...complicated” she commented when Ce mentioned how she slept with people to get information from them “Never really...connecting with anyone” Phe had sex for the sake of sex before but there was a difference between that and sex with meaning.

She nodded slightly “It never really occurred to me to ever look outside of the bubble that was painting for me...the way the world imprints on you I suppose” she had never even considered leaning in and kissing a woman before but perhaps now she was wondering if it would feel as good as it did with a man, would their lips feel softer...sweeter..would the experience be the same or would it be gentler...even rougher. “Weren’t you scared for your reputation back then?” recently it was more accepted to be more experimental but back then people were killed and maimed for such transgressions. She knew leaning in close was going to create tension between them but she was still here to do her job so she did her best to swallow it down “Well that would be...awfully unprofessional and that’s not the kind of reputation I want to gain” she confessed in a soft voice as she continued with the measuring “Are you flirting with me?” she asked in a somewhat nervous tone as she lifted her gaze.

She wondered if Phe knew she was casually flirting with her in broad daylight like it doesn't bother her. Technically, it really doesn't bother the Italian Valkyr to flirt with the Wayfinder in that setting, her life motto has always been a simple one. She likes what she sees, she goes for them. Because why not? Though judging from the nervous looks the Celestial sent her way earlier, she was willing to bet that she knew exactly what she was doing. That makes it even more fun. "It never turns out well to please someone else that's not yourself. Mutual feelings do a lot to determine your sincerity and mood, you'll be surprised." Things should be a bit better now, she's sure. Following her gaze to the floor, Celia laughed to herself upon grasping the weight of the situation before her, it was like Phe suddenly became the shy deer in front of her while she remained the predator just coercing her prey to come into her embrace. Well, considering the way she was flirting with her, she might as well do that if she hasn't already. 

"Mhmm… sometimes if you can't show it to others, just sharing it to yourself while prancing in said lingerie in front of the mirror is good enough. I bet you know you look good in them" she whistled playfully, eyes raking the Celestial's body once more. Phe had good proportions, Ce can never deny that. She knew it from first glance and given her colorful history with women in general, the Italian took her time. She was glad to see her being comfortable in her lane, of course it couldn't be easy to remain standing with her two feet while she was actively being pursued by another person, but Phe was still holding herself with a respectful manner which really made the Valkyr interested even more. "Sorry if that doesn't answer your curiosity well enough but I was never the type to dwell too much on her feelings. But like most people, I fell in love once too." Though she never talks much about the prospect of being in another relationship, she knew what she had with Cassie was love. The fact that she still remembered and held onto her memories until today spoke volumes. 

"With others maybe I just see them as the people I shouldn't want. You know people condemn same sex relationships back then and the idea of me doing exactly that fuels me with satisfaction. Besides, most of the time depending on themselves, women can pleasure each other better than men. With my lover, she made me feel happy and the thought of being together with her made me want to skip over the next town and announce how happy I was." She never thought more to it. And if she was to list down the qualities Cassie had that made her fawn over her even more every day, a day is nowhere near enough to hear her out. "Oh, I wouldn't feel bad about it. I started seeing sex as an outlet instead of obstacle. Then things get easier and it becomes… enjoyable. It might not be as meaningful but knowing you enjoy it for both or more parties is enough I guess." For her, it was. 

When she was asked if she wasn't scared of her reputation back then, Celia chuckled and shrugged absentmindedly, "People didn't know. All they know is I am famous and good with the ladies. Good friends with them, what happened behind the doors didn't need to come out to the surface. Besides, I made sure nobody made a fuss about it." And she was very good at making sure nobody speaks a word on it. She could smell her perfume when she leaned closer like that, with her hazel hues resting on her neck, trailing them to her waist and hips before moving back to her dark hues, the brunette grinned wryly as she licked her lips, "Mhmm… why? Is it wrong of me? Do you want me to stop?" Her gaze was almost daring for the Celestial to tell her to stop.

Ophelia shrugged her shoulders slightly, when she had first fallen she had acclimated herself to the world and the culture she had been brought into, it wasn’t surprising that a lot of those values and traditions had followed her through her life “I’ve definitely learned my lesson about falling too hard” she responded nodding her head slightly, she erred on the side of caution now making sure she looked before she leapt, she was careful about who she trusted but those she did trust she made sure to take good care of. Most of them were her people who needed her to lead them and to be a protector for their kind. She knew when it came down to it, in the future, she would always put her people ahead of her own desires.

She bit her lip and smiled because what Ce said was relatable, sometimes it was just nice to feel confident and comfortable in her own body. She wasn’t really the type who showed off in public but that didn’t mean she didn’t take good care of herself and enjoy looking nice. She blushed slightly and smiled “It’s nice to feel sexy sometimes” she responded, besides, she was sure Ce knew all too well that a girl didn’t necessarily need anyone else to take care of herself. She looked up at her for a moment and smiled when she said that she had fallen in love with someone at some point too. That actually did comfort her because honestly, the wayfinder could understand the draw to someone of the opposite sex if you had feelings for them, then you would naturally want to be intimate with them and that she could connect with.

She went quiet as she let Ce talked about her past experiences and how the experience of being with someone of the same sex made her feel, honestly it made the celestial understand her to a certain level and she noticed a lot of what she was feeling seemed no different that how it would be with a man. Well except the bold claims about pleasure of course. “Sounds like you miss her” she pointed out because of all of the past tense involved in the conversation she assumed that said person was no longer in the picture. Her brow furrowed though, it was admittedly a little foreign to her to be around someone who was so...liberal about her enjoyment of sex “So then it all comes down to taking pleasure in the act...not the person delivering it” sex did...feel good so maybe she could understand why some would seek it in anyone.

She pressed her lips together and giggled slightly “So basically you had the world fooled around you while you did whatever you wanted” seemed like she was quite sneaky and cunning when it came to all of that but honestly that didn’t surprise her because Celia just seemed like the kind of person who got everything she wanted served to her on a place. She blushed a little, feeling almost a little uncomfortable under Ce’s gaze because it was evident the valkyr was checking her out. She swallowed and pressed her lips into a smile “I’ll bet no one has ever told you to stop before have they?” she responded, raising her brows out of pure curiosity, though there was a certain...tension that seemed to have fallen between them.

Ce couldn't help herself when she heard her say falling too hard, she didn't even manage to refrain that snort that escaped her afterwards. Though she did make a point to apologize for that sudden reaction, "Sorry, that was rude of me." She admired that Phe did notice what's the difference these days and knew she had to adapt to it or else she'll be left behind to the point of no saving if anything occurred. It makes her smart. "It's fine to be cautious but don't worry too much to the point where you're not able to live life and enjoy the simplest things in it. We are immortals yes but sometimes life can be so short… in a way" Ce could feel the mood drained from her because of how redundant everything ends up being, that's for sure. "Put your people in front but also your own needs" she reminded her softly. 

Her lips formed a wide grin when she heard her response, "Oh yes it is nice to feel sexy." And she is sexy too. The Italian made no note to even make herself look subtle in this, the Wayfinder probably detected the flirtation game that was slowly kicking up a notch with every second. Cecilia has always been one who likes to play. And Ophelia Dreyvalian looks too meek and tempting while being bold for her to not notice. The Valkyr was expressing her fondness over Phe's fiery resolution. The thought of a certain blonde plagued her nights and the reminder of that today in broad daylight made her backtrack for a moment, before letting a smile cover her, "I do. I never forgot about her. You know the saying you never truly forget about your first loves? Though not all will have a lasting effect, they do hold a particular memory somewhere." In her case, Cassie was everything. When she met her, she was already a Valkyr so things weren't really that different, pushing aside the whole bloodlust matter that occurred a few centuries after that. 

"It is what you make it to be, Fifi" she chimed coyly and twirled a strand of her hair, pushing it behind her ear, this is way too exciting for her to leave. "If you want it to be this way, then it'll be that way. Sometimes you just have to take it. It comes with practice of course but you know what they say, it's never too late for anything" the wink she delivered was meant to make her flustered and Ce was sure it sent something to the other female. She was basically offering her a lesson in it. Or lessons, if she's being honest. "To fool the eyes watching you, it's not easy but it's not impossible either." Ce noticed the way she was squirming under her stare and that only made her smirk even more, especially the moment her gaze caught the blush tainting her cheeks, so cute. "You're right, they have never said no to me. Even when I tell them to do that, they never seem to be able to go through with it" her hazel hues never left her, in fact, she felt like she was undressing the Celestial mentally and this time it wasn't even her raking her body. "I'm curious, do you think they want to tell me no? And if so, why?"

The Wayfinder furrowed her brow curiously at the way Ce responded to her comments about falling too hard, she supposed it was ironic considering she had quite literally plummeted to the earth “I am living my life” she responded almost a little defensively because it seemed almost like the other girl was suggesting otherwise, she pressed her lips together and sighed, she wished she could still be as open-minded and ambitious as she used to be but the truth was a lot of her trust in the decisions she had made and the chances she had taken were stripped away when the people she had asked to protect her kind had turned on them “Being cautious is pretty much the only way people like me stay alive” she confessed in a soft voice and shrugged slightly.

She bit her lip, feeling a rosy blush heat her cheeks a little when she noticed the way Ce responded to her offhand comment about feeling sexy. Phe was comfortable in her own body and she liked the way she looked, she enjoyed highlighting the parts of her she liked most with the way she dressed and presented herself. But even she felt a little shifty when she noticed the valkyr’s attention was on her. It was confusing for her she supposed, part of her always believed she looked for attraction in a certain kind of person but now she couldn’t help but feel curious about whether there was more to it than that. She was right about first loves always sticking with you, no matter how much time passed, she still often found herself drifting back to hers, curly blond hair, bright blue eyes, sweet and patient nature “Sometimes I wish I could forget about mine” she spoke softly, he left her after all and it was a very painful heartbreak.

Phe wasn’t used to having a girl flirt with her but she knew for a fact that Ce was experienced, it made her wonder what it was about the wayfinder that piqued her interest. Her blush only deepened when she realized what the valkyr was trying to insinuate with her words, Ophelia reached up to play with her own hair, a surefire sign of nervousness “I’d ask how anyone would know they...feel that way but I get that feeling you’re going to tell me by experiencing it” she probably wasn’t wrong, there was a saying that said you wouldn’t know if you didn’t try after all. Phe went quiet, averting her gaze for a moment because she found it hard to meet Ce’s intimidating gaze “I think you’re just used to getting every little thing you want” she whispered softly. Truthfully she celestial wasn’t sure she had the strength to say no “It just makes me wonder if you ever chased the impossible” she pressed her lips together.

She closed her book and nodded slightly “I think I’ve got a good idea of the design I want to produce...I’ll draw something up for you and get them to you” of course that now meant the valkyr needed to go back and change back into her regular clothes which she was almost sure Ce would use as another chance to command Phe’s attention.

When she said she was living her life in a defensive tone, Ce raised her eyebrows teasingly and smirked, "Have you now?" It could be true, what would she know about that? The way others live their lives could be different compared to her, who has always been around the hedonistic department. "It depends on what you're cautious about, sometimes it causes paranoia and it's not worth the worry" she exclaimed bluntly, "it's hard to pay attention to everything when you live a busy life, it's when you have to list your priority." But it's also sad to hear a Celestial telling her it's the only way for them to survive, especially the Wayfinder herself. "You don't have to worry too much anymore… you have us helping you guys now. Volakiris, remember? So long as we're around, we won't let you get hurt…" she reassured, it's her duty to reassure the fallen stars that they don't have to live their lives in fear of being hunted down anymore. Not when they will make sure their partners are safe. She couldn't help but stare when she blushed, the way her cheeks were flushed in a rosy shade made her look even prettier than usual.

"Did he break your heart or something?" She had a feeling that something went down between the two of them. "It's not easy to forget your first love, I could never forget mine and how long has it been since then? A thousand years? That's a lifetime for anyone else. You don't forget people who meant a lot to you, whether it's bad or good." Hers were everything good except her untimely demise. The way she was playing with her hair had her biting her bottom lip instinctively, god it was hard not to find the dark haired female attractive. Had it been up to Ce, she wouldn't stop flirting. "Mhmm, there are plenty of ways to know and I prefer mine. It's more… What do people say? Ah, practical." That was one way to phrase it.

When Phe couldn't meet her gaze, the Italian pouted and sighed, so she placed one hand under her chin and tilted her chin up to have her meet her gaze before grinning, "I am used to getting everything I wanted. Because I always work to get them at any cost. I'm very persistent, you see. But I have a feeling you already knew that" she jested teasingly. With how close they were to each other, it would be so easy to tease Phe like this. "Have I ever chased the impossible?" Has she done that? Technically, pining over Cassie was also considered to be impossible back then. Because she wasn't someone she could have. "My first love… I wasn't supposed to have her. But I didn't think I followed the rules all too well. I couldn't let go of her and soon enough, she fell for me too" she chuckled, recalling how Cassie said no and tried to maintain their friendship at first, until it became more and she couldn't deny it. "So I can chase the impossible if I want to."

She had a smirk etched on her lips when she was told to change back into her regular clothes, "Okay." That's exactly what she did. Celia unzipped everything and took off the dress right in front of her as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. "I look forward to see your design, Miss Dreyvalian" she purred playfully, well aware that she was in nothing but her undergarments standing in front of the Wayfinder before giggling to herself and walking over to start wearing her regular clothes again but at a slow pace just to tease the other female.

“I have” she insisted when the other female once again questioned whether she lived her life “I’ve gotten to see so many places and meet many wonderful people...I’ve seen sunrises and sunsets...meteor shows, I’ve spent hours talking to someone until we both fell asleep” her life had been full despite the fact that some people might not believe as much. “I’ve had far more freedom than many of my kind too.” she felt a little guilty for that one, she felt like she should have been with them. But she also knew that would have likely meant they wouldn’t have managed to escape either. Phe looked down for a moment when Ce mentioned having volakiri “I feel like a bit of a hypocrite to encourage them to take a volakiri when I haven’t found one myself” she spoke softly and bit her lip, it was a big commitment and she wasn’t sure she had found the right person she supposed.

She looked down for a moment when Ce asked if Adriel broke her heart and she sucked in a long breath before nodding to confirm it “He left without a goodbye” she spoke softly and pressed her lips together, which had hurt a lot she had to admit. Perhaps she didn’t believe what they had would last forever but she thought she at least deserved a reason for it all. “1000 years is a long time to love someone” she spoke softly, with an empathetic gaze because she was sure it must be hard for Ce, it almost seemed like she was holding on the past with both hands. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger as she listened to Ce talk, saying how her ways of knowing were far more practical, perhaps she was the smallest bit intrigued what the valkyr would choose to try “Practical huh?” she blushed softly “I’ll bet you love getting your hands on someone” she definitely gave off controlling vibes, she imagined her bedroom partners did as they were told.

All of her words she chose carefully, keeping them light and hypothetical but it was evident from the tension between them that Ce had fixed her attention onto Phe specifically. She felt shivers grace her body as Ce took her chin in her hand and moved it to force the Wayfinder to meet her eyes, they were dark and had a certain intent to them that made Phe nervous, still she had no choice but to stare back with her someone nervous gaze “Honestly it seems like you could say jump and the world would say how high” she confessed in a soft voice. Ce was so close to her that the Wayfinder could smell her perfume, a musky, sultry scent that matched the owner wearing it. It suited her and it was alluring, in a way the celestial didn’t expect it to be. It made her wonder what else would be different with a woman...would kissing them feel the same? Would it be better? Naturally, her eyes caressed Ce’s lips before realizing she was staring and blushing softly.

And there is was again, Phe had pulled out her sketch pad and jotted down ideas just for Ce to completely strip herself down to her underwear again right in front of her, parading because she smugly knew the star wasn’t able to completely focus with her prancing around like that. She sucked in her bottom lip and nibbled on it as to distract herself from the view but that only worked so much and she was sure Ce caught her peeking a few times. She set down her pencil and got to her feet, tidying up the last few bits in the store because it had gotten late in the time they had been talking and it was almost time to go home.

From what she has heard, the Wayfinder seemed to have led a very good life and somewhat a perfectly content one. As content as a Celestial Wayfinder could be, she had thought. Living as one, knowing you will always have to run away from the clutches of those who would only seek to harm you couldn't have been easy. It was one of the reasons why Ce had respect for them. After all, once upon a time ago, as Atticus' Volakiri, she had witnessed the cruelty that befell him. "You should take that freedom with pride then, you were offered it and worked hard for it. Nothing to be ashamed of" whatever happened, it was hers either way. She raised her eyebrows in surprise when Phe told her she still has yet to get one, "I mean… truthfully getting yourself a Volakiri is hardly a walk in the garden… you don't just get into it hastily so worry not. But I'll admit I'm surprised to hear you still have yet to have one" The Wayfinder of all people didn't have one? That's surprising news indeed. 

"Let me guess, you haven't found the right person yet?" Choosing a Volakiri may as well be a tight process as choosing your partner for life, because that's exactly what they would be to one another. A frown creases her features when she hears her lover left her without a goodbye, "That's… awful. I can't imagine the heartache you felt then" Though she may act nonchalant about love, she knew exactly what it entailed, Cecilia fell in love with someone too at some point in her life. Someone she still has yet to forget if she was being honest. After Cassie, she closed the windows of opportunities shut. "It is a long time indeed…" Yet she would give anything just to return to that time again. A small smirk came up to grace itself on her lips upon noticing the blush dusting the other female's cheeks, "I do enjoy getting to use my hands on people yes, and dare I say most don't attempt to push them away either" she purred teasingly, people rarely rejected her. She couldn't remember a time that ever came around like that because Ce always ends up getting and charming them before the day's end. 

To her, it was a challenge. She knew what may transpire between them the moment she lifted her chin up to meet her eyes, exactly how she wanted it to go on. She was nervous, Ce could sense that from across the room if need be. It made the Italian excited if she was being honest. Ophelia was like a cute tiny mouse just staring back at her, wondering if the predator is going to prey on her. When she said that and eyed her lips, Ce couldn't help but chuckle and bit her bottom lip instinctively as she traced her thumb against the Celestial's one absentmindedly, "I'm being biased because I enjoy the company of women even more so I'd tell you they're better kissers… but one wouldn't know until they've tried," she leaned closer until there was little distance between them and smirked, "I'd hedge a guess and say you seem very interested to see how different it would be compared to a man's." And Ce was just as curious to taste hers. As soon as she was dressed back in her previous attire, she peeked her head over and grinned sheepishly, "Are you closing up?" 

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