After her tiring extra works she spared herself for the past month, Celia just wanted to do nothing more than to land face first against her pillow and shroud herself with her blanket, maybe even take a hibernating period of this time for a few years… or decades. Because of how much she’s done 3 days ago, she finally got her leave permitted by the hospital board, a 2 day leave, nothing too much, it’s not a long period, nowhere near a vacation worthy period but it meant everything to the Valkyr, considering she’s slowly going crazy and annoyed from smelling the sterilized hallway of the hospital every time she passed them. As a result, the Italian brunette had been spending the second day of her leave wisely. Yesterday, she visited an exhibition in Manhattan and did a side shopping to destress herself. If there was one thing that Cecilia Laterza likes to pride herself into doing, it was probably shopping, even when she probably wouldn’t have enough time to flaunt those new clothing when she’s just going to be stuck inside her office at the hospital nowadays, but still, a little fashion never hurts.

 She had also gotten a few blonde highlights in her hair and trimmed them slightly so it wouldn’t look as bushy. The first thing Ce found herself doing the moment she woke up from her slumber was to reach out for her phone at the bedside table, checking the time displayed across the screen with her eyes squinted before yawning a few times. She allowed herself to bask in the good rest she’s gotten before climbing out of her bed and head over to the bathroom. She may have also had fun yesterday that resulted in a tiny hangover, nothing she couldn’t fix after a cold shower and a few aspirin. Much to her surprise, Celia didn’t party while she was in New York, she only stopped at a few bars to drink and maybe sink her fangs into one or two but she didn’t bring anyone home. So that was something. After spending half an hour in the showers, she came out with a towel wrapped around her hair and body, checking over the plans she had made today, it wasn’t until she saw the invitation to a charity gala on her bedside table that Ce finally remembered she was supposed to attend that one gala in Berlin.

 She went over to her closet to see if she had anything that was formal enough or half as worthy to wear but returned to her bed with a frown, “New dress…” she muttered to herself and decided to drop by a certain boutique today to get a dress tailored. She’s never been there before but rumor has it, the Celestial Wayfinder is managing it so maybe she’d get to have a little chat on the way too. Once the Valkyr dried her hair using the blow dryer, she styled them using the hair curler but the prep for her hair didn’t take as long because if there was anything the Italian Valkyr knew to take care of, it’s also her hair. Dressed in a navy blue blouse and jeans, the female made a quick dash to grab her bag and tucked her phone in as she hummed to herself a soft tune, walking down the hallway and exiting the residence soon enough.

 The engine was started before long and the Valkyr only had a coy smile gracing her burgundy lips as she drove the car to the city center, eyes glazing over the address she had keyed into the GPS a few times. It went on for a while until she caught sight of the boutique across the block after a few minutes of searching. After quickly parking her car, she noticed that two people just exited while giggling to themselves, she wondered if this was the right boutique and contemplated for a while as she entered. That’s when she saw the Wayfinder working behind the counter, “Are you busy or should I come another time?” she exclaimed coolly. "Though I am in a desperate need for a dress..."

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She nodded slightly, she had been very lucky to be able to live her life the way she did, even if she felt like it was at the expense of others it wasn’t like she could have actually done anything to trade places with them “I just wish everyone could have had the same experience as me...actually lived” she was sure Ce could understand the balance of guilt that came with being an immortal and getting more time than a lot of others got. “They need them though….that level of protection is incredibly valuable and it seems bizarre for me to encourage them to take that protection and not be able to do so for myself” Ophelia had demons and they weren’t ones she wanted to share with someone she barely knew, that was why it was so difficult to find someone she trusted with that role.

“I’m not sure how to even know who the right person is” she confessed in a soft voice, this wasn’t just choosing someone who you could cut off down the line if things didn’t work out, this was a relationship that would last for the rest of their lives, whether they wanted it to or not, she could imagine so many different possibilities of what could go wrong with that and she wasn’t sure the benefits would be worth it. She nodded slightly when Ce empathized with her heartache from Adriel leaving “I’m sure he thought it was for the better but it feels like every time I let someone slip by my defenses they end up finding a way to hurt me” probably not even on purpose but it didn’t make it hurt less. She gave a wry smile when the brunette admitted she enjoyed getting her hands on people “You definitely talk a big game” she teased lightly, it was making her curious though, she would admit that.

Phe could feel her heartbeat racing in her chest the moment Ce lifted her chin, forcing her eyes to meet hers. She knew how obvious it must be to a valkyr who could hear her heartbeat but it wasn’t like she could control it. She knew she should pull away or pretend like she wasn’t wondering things she definitely shouldn’t be wondering about but she couldn’t bring herself to pull away, especially because of the way her thumb moved slowly over her lip and for a moment her stomach lurched with nervousness wondering if Ce might try to close the gap between them. Ce’s teasing made her shiver, especially because she was basically reading the celestial’s mind in that moment and she was trying to come up with words to say just as Ce walked away to get changed.

There was a lot on her mind as she went around cleaning up and putting everything back where it belonged, she jumped when she heard Ce talking behind her and turned around to face her “’s getting pretty late so I don’t think any more customers are coming by” she confessed and nibbled her bottom lip slightly “Why? Did you want to do something?” she honestly had no clue how to handle herself with Ce.

She pursed her lips and smiled sadly at what she said, it was natural for them to wish others would have the opportunity to live the good life they had, especially for Phe who was the leader of her people. She would want them to get the same chance she did and Ce understood why she felt like that. "Some people are just lucky then" there wasn't much they could do about it and while the Italian wasn't a fan of accepting destiny as it is without fighting for it, she certainly didn't have the room to tell people to call bullshit over everything. Sometimes life is like that. "Having a Volakiri is a huge boost for both sides, honestly. I can't see why we wouldn't want to extend this partnership, I mean getting into the other's head and knowing this and that would feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first. But you eventually get used to it. God I remember those early days when there were so many experiments." 

Since she was the first to acquire one, they basically ran through every theory possible to test out the bond. It was a field day. "Maybe you'll find someone compatible one day, though it's extremely beneficial for both sides, don't push yourself just to find one. Remember, it's a bond that will last forever. You can't just sever it just because you don't like that person so just… find someone you can connect to. God knows how many times Atticus and I have fought before." They were lovers, once upon a time, after all. When she expressed her concern and said she didn't know who the right person was, Ce bit her lip and pressed a reassuring hold on her shoulder, "You'll know when you do." "Things like these… they just click." There was no knowing when it'll be. Feeling the heartbreak seeping in was something she could relate to the celestial, Ce still had the memories of her first love, one she held onto dearly and a thousand years could pass and she wouldn't be able to forget about her. 

Everyone became the subject of comparison to the blonde, it was no wonder she wasn't able to settle down. It wasn't that she didn't want to, it's that she couldn't forget her. So she accepted the fact that she would never find anyone else and honestly, Ce felt fine with that. "Allow your heart to heal first, for however long you need." That's the only thing she could tell her. Celia scoffed and crossed her arms upon hearing that, "I don't just talk a big game, Fifi, I do it." She walks the talk and rarely just lets her mouth do all the work. The fact that her heartbeat was beating faster than usual was all but means to the valkyr to find her next pleasure and excitement. It was so amusing to see the celestial crumble underneath her stare alone, she's guessing even the wayfinder wasn't immune to her 'attacks' after all. It was interesting to see how she attempts to run away from her attraction when they both know it. 

Her lips were so close to hers and should she want it, the brunette would've been able to close the gap between them but she didn't. Not yet. "Do you want to go and grab a drink maybe? We could chat more" she suggested coyly, honestly she didn't just want to go back home after this trip only to know she'd be thinking about the petite female.

“Lucky is one word for it” Ce responded though there was a certain sadness in her voice because honestly, she felt guilty for being the lucky one, especially now she had been reunited with her stars and seen so many people who deserved to really live their lives “I just hope they have the chance to recover from it and find what they want now...whatever it is” she was fighting to keep their freedom in this city so they could make up for the time they lost and actually live. “It’s just a big commitment to make to someone you barely know...not everyone is who they make themselves out to be when you first meet them” a valkyr could just as easily use the bond to get the upper hand on a celestial if they wanted to.

She nodded slightly “I’m sure it’s much like finding a soulmate of sorts...except more of a family bond” she commented under her breath, though she was sure it went deeper than that for some, finding someone who you were happy to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with too a lot of trust and honestly trust was something Ophelia didn’t have a huge amount of lately. She smiled when Ce assured her she would know when she found the right person to enact a volakiri bond with “Too bad you’ve already found yours” she commented in a soft voice, she did feel like she had clicked with Ce after all, after that first time where she spent the evening reassuring her and their strange friendship since then.

Thinking about the idea of finding the right person romantically was a whole different ballgame though, she had tried through the years to find connection with people and she thought she had found it in several people she met, but then in time things happened and she was left in the end with the bitterness of a goodbye. For some, she didn’t even get that. “What if its been too badly damaged” she commented in a soft voice, there was only so much heartbreak she could handle and she had suffered three harsh rounds of it. Phe raised her brow when Ce said she followed through on her words, she honestly wondered to what level this subtle flirting that was happening was serious for Ce and how much of it was a game because honestly it was hard to tell.

She widened her eyes when Ce asked if she wanted to get a drink and she shifted on the spot a little nervously because she was wondering how much of the drink was actually drinking and how much was because she wanted to continue teasing the wayfinder “Sure, just let me get my things from the back and close up” she scurried off to get her things and fumbled as she looked for the keys.

Ce could only attempt to reassure her that life goes on the way they want it to be, "I'm sure they'll all eventually find what they want in life. They must figure it out on their own, nobody's going to offer it to them otherwise, you should do well to make haste with your part too, you know… a leader is a leader but even she should have the opportunity to live her life the way she wants it." The city served them as a better home than they ever had in all their years of living as a celestial, it could mean a better future for them as well. "Do you know anyone who is a valkyr before? That would help you on your journey to find out, for a start" she suggested, it wasn't common to find celestials who knew valkyr as friends but who knows? Ophelia certainly has lived quite a while and she might have come across one or two. 

"Your volakiri will end up being your very… very good friend but it helps if you know them at first. But there are a few who don't even know each other but still ended up having a good bond" Yeon instantly came up to her mind, the male didn't even know who his celestial was but now they were practically inseparable. Ce couldn't help but chuckle when she heard that though, "Having a volakiri for a romantic partner is either very disastrous or very convenient. The only thing that stings like a bitch is when you eventually break it off with them." Atticus was exactly that but thankfully, they managed to talk it out and things were… fine. Ish. Anyway, he didn't cause any trouble with it so she was fine with it. "Yeah… too bad I've already found mine. It would've been interesting to form one with you, to be honest" Phe was an interesting person and Ce would lie if she said she didn't intend to get closer than she already was with her. "My volakiri is such a pain in the ass, what I wouldn't give for a new one" she chuckled, too bad they could only have one for a lifetime. 

"I'm sure you'll find yours very soon, you're a likable person, Fifi" she quipped. The way she spoke so softly was for sure breaking her heart too, how did someone even break someone as gentle as her? Ophelia has proven herself to be someone with a gentle personality while being fiercely protective over the people she cares about and that is exactly one of the things that drew the Italian to the Wayfinder. "If it's been too badly damaged, either you let it heal or you heal it yourself… leaving it be is either the best or worst decision you will have ever made." There's not much she could say about it. After all, she is still pining over her first love even after a millennium. So, was she really someone who could even talk on that topic? She couldn't even move on. 

A part of her wanted to chat longer with Phe while the other part of her wanted to see how drunk the celestial could get, as well as how low her tolerance to alcohol is. "Take your time" she sang and tried to search for a new bar nearby, one she probably hasn't been to just for the sake of trying something new. Her usual hotspot was usually the one near the dhampir and valkyr territory but that's where a lot of valkyr hung out at. Once she returned, Ce perched herself on the counter with a grin, "Do you have a favorite bar?"

She nodded slightly, Ce was right in saying that she didn’t know how much time she actually had and she should reach for the chance to live the life she wanted to as well, the only issue was trying to figure out what her calling was. When she was younger, goals were very simple for a woman, she was to protect her reputation, find a good man to marry, settle down and have children but now there was so much more to choose from than that. Not that she was complaining about it of course it definitely made her stop and think about where she wanted to go. “I mean I knew one valkyr but he was the very same person who up and left without a word so” she dropped her gaze, she had deluded herself back then into thinking she could have the whole eternal love thing but it wasn’t to be.

“I’m not sure my sanity would allow me to share a piece of my mind with someone I didn’t even know” she confessed in a small voice and bit her lip softly, it wasn’t that she didn’t want this, of course she wanted the extra protection and perhaps even the companionship that came along with having a volakiri but she had also been betrayed many times. She raised her brow when Ce mentioned how complicated dating her volakiri could be “I bet the bond was really strong when it was at its peak huh” they must have been really in tune with one another at a point in time. She laughed when she said she would like to trade hers for a new one “Maybe you should tell him he needs to step his game up” she jested shaking her head in an amused manner.

She couldn’t help the smile that crossed her lips when Ce said she was a likeable person though, she definitely knew the valkyr wasn’t the type to give out compliments to just anyone and that was a very kind one “I try to be” she spoke softly and nodded, as hard as the world tried to make her become she kept fighting to be someone she was proud to be, someone she liked herself. “Healing is such a hard journey” she agreed with her that it was for the best to try and get there and not let herself wallow in the hurt and never move forward but it wasn’t just as simple as waking up and feeling like she could love again either, there was a hard line to walk between there.

She took a few breaths as she composed herself and went around the back room gathering her things and grabbing her coat from on the hook so that she could shrug it on, she pulled it close around her shoulders because she knew it was going to be cold outside tonight. She neatened her paperwork and placed her design journal in it’s usual spot on the shelf before heading back out to where Ce was waiting. She raised her brow noting how the valkyr was perching on the counter “Not particularly, I mean I’m not really one to spend her time in bars...I heard there was a new cocktail bar open not too far from here though, we could check it out” she smiled wondering if Ce would go for something like that.

Perhaps it was easier for Ce to say those things compared to others, and it was because unlike them, she had nothing to lose. Cecilia had nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping a good front of reputation for the sake of doing so, she's learned enough to know that the world isn't kind enough to give you what you wanted just because you said please. "Ouch… not the best option then huh?" She wondered if she could even think about that; the mere thought of wondering if the volakiri bond ends when the other half is no longer there to fulfill the purpose of it. To be honest, despite being the first one to discover and get into this bond between the valkyr and celestials, the Italian still have much to learn about it. As far as she knows, the only thing she was able to interpret was that it was a life-long bond that cannot be severed. 

It's a food for thought, maybe she'll go home and see if there was anything she could do her research on. It might be the time to open her books again. Assuming she had the time. "Take your time thinking about it, it's not the end of the world if you don't go for it but as a valkyr, I'll advise you to think about it. No pressure, truly. Besides, like I said earlier, even if you don't have a volakiri, you still have me to look out for you, now that's a better offer any celestial could think of no?" She teased, attempting to lighten up the mood that went slightly somber the moment she brought up that topic. She should've known better. "It was strong… it made you strong too, honestly. I couldn't recall how strong I felt back then… but if your partner is a pain in the ass and you don't get along with them, that's… yeah." She argued a lot with Atticus, she remembered that too. She loved him and she still bickered. 

She did wonder what it would be like if Phe became her volakiri for a change, should such a thing be possible. That would certainly be interesting. Celia squeezed her shoulders reassuringly and grinned, "You know most people say the best healing tactics is to drink your sorrows away and toast for a new day, but I wouldn't take that advice to heart because the one who suggested that was an oaf who cheated on his wife with others." Still, it was an idea. "If there is one thing I've learned, it's that you should never force yourself to heal, you'll end up leaving some resentment behind, that's no good." Her smirk grew significantly when Phe implied she was good to go, and the idea of spending their time for a bit longer today could be entertained. She took her hand into hers and beckoned for her to move, "Would Miss Dreyvalian be a dear and lead me to said place? A drink never hurts anyone." Not one drink. "I promise I'll make sure you go back safe and sound."

She wrinkled her nose and then nodded when Ce said Adriel wasn’t the best choice for a volakiri, as much as she cared for him back then, she wasn’t sure she could rely on him to stick around when he had upped and left without a word. The Wayfinder was more vulnerable than she cared to admit and putting her trust into someone didn’t come simply or easily. She smiled, liking the idea that Ce was offering to look out for her despite the fact they weren’t Volakiri, she had met a lot of kind and understanding people here in Evermore and honestly it gave her hope for a better future where her kind could be happy here and live their lives as they chose.

She nodded thoughtfully when Ce said the bond between her and her volakiri had been strong, honestly she was so interested in the prospect of having one but also terrified of it, letting people in had never been all that easy for her. She worried that she would take a chance on someone that ended up being distant or difficult and regretting making such a bold decision. “Seems much like a marriage except it’s one you can’t get out of if it goes bad” she commented shaking her head playfully, she had to question how easy it could be to find someone you didn’t mind keeping along with you for your life, especially when said life lasted for an eternity.

She scoffed under her breath when Ce said that one of the best tactics for healing was drinking but then laughed when she explained she had heard it from someone who wasn’t exactly a model citizen “I think people just use that as an excuse to explain their alcoholism” she confessed shaking her head in amusement at the thought of it, she liked a drink here and there but she wasn’t exactly the kind who needed to rely on it to have a good time or to feel happy. “I think I’ll take my time...I spent 100 years of my life just searching the world for my people, it’s gonna take me time to figure how...healing me will work” she nodded thoughtfully. She rolled her eyes by smiled when Ce demanded she take her to the cocktail back and she shooed her out of the shop so that she could lock up before putting her hands in her pocket and beginning to lead the way.

“I can’t promise the place is actually good though, I’ve never actually been there” still she lead the way, heading down the familiar streets until you could see a brightly lit, flashy-looking bar in the distance and she jerked her chin towards the queue that was waiting for entrance inside.

In another day, Celia would actually describe the bond created between a celestial and valkyr as something that is similar to marriage because they were pretty much until death do us part. Even then she wasn't sure if it was still applicable until after death. It was something even the Italian hasn't been able to jot down from letter to letter because of how vague the concept is. "If it goes bad… then it's just as bad for you, considering you can feel what your volakiri can feel. It's like having a twin but being able to feel what your other half feels. Any other day, a philosopher would probably call it romantic but it could be a pain in the ass if your other half is also a pain." It made her wonder what would happen if she didn't have hers and took Phe as her volakiri. Maybe things would've been better and she could've protected her easier. 

"Because of this you need to maintain an understanding relationship with your volakiri and let's just say not everyone is as… nice." When Phe said that, Ce chuckled and narrowed her hazel hues onto her playfully, "Don't you know the 4 greatest pleasures of life are eating, drinking, playing, and enjoying." And she has experienced all 4 of them over and over again every century that passes. This wouldn't be anymore different, aside from the fact that Cecilia could hold herself so much better than the year before this. It feels as if she was already trained for it. "We'll just have to see if it's really a good place or not. Let's put it this way, worse case scenario, the place is not as good as our expectations and we grab a few bottles and go to my place of choosing" normally she would invite them to her place but it seems inappropriate to invite the celestial back to her home when the two of them know how she's been thirsting over her since the beginning. 

It wasn't as if Ce was being subtle with her attraction. Who knows what would happen if they were left alone. The moment her eyes landed on the long queue, she raised her eyebrows in surprise and snickered, "I guess it's a popular place after all. That, or the other parts of the city finished their supply and people had to go here. I'm inclined to believe the former. Wait here while I secure us an entrance." Securing them an entrance was barely the least she could do, besides, it wasn't her first time cutting the line and Ce didn't really have much of a consideration to think about others. With a few whispers and a smirk, the bouncers gave her the green light, to which she returned to Phe's side and grabbed her wrist to drag her inside. "A little manipulation trick never gets old."

Phe nodded her head slightly when Ce explained how a volakiri bond going bad could really be draining because the two of you reflected one another’s emotions “So if things break down you could technically become the ultimate pair of enemies...while also knowing one another’s biggest weaknesses” if that didn’t sound like the perfect plot for a movie she didn’t know what was. The scary part was this was the real world and this could happen to someone if they weren’t careful “You make it sound a little terrifying” she commented in an exasperated manner under her breath, she hoped that in most cases it was a much more positive experience than it could be.

She nodded and pressed her lips together thoughtfully “Such a strange pairing don’t you think...a species born from dark magic and one that is made of pure light” they balanced one another out technically she supposed but it seemed like a foreign concept to her. If she hadn’t seen the existence of the bond for herself she would have doubted the authenticity of the claim because of how bizarre it seemed. “I’ll agree with the first two” he commented with a chuckle “The other two seem pretty relative” what you defined as playing and enjoying could greatly different by person. She chuckled when Ce explained the worst-case scenario “You say it like we have the whole night to spare” she teased and raised her brows, she never said she was free, it was rather presumptuous of the valkyr.

She had just joined the queue when she realized that Ce had already gone off to speak to the bouncer and before long she had the wayfinder shuffling behind her, ducking her head slightly to avoid the glares of the other people waiting to get in as the two of them were ushered inside, it was like she had a choice anyway considering Ce was dragging her by the wrist “Is there a single thing you can’t talk your way into getting?” she jested as she followed her through, before long they were being shown to their booth and a menu with an extensive list of drinks placed in front of them, Ophelia raised her brow surprised at some of the crude names and giggled “This one has a sparkler in it” she commented with eyes full of wonder.

She scrunched her nose up and shook her head at the thought of being enemies with your own volakiri, that would be an imminent disaster. Especially knowing it's not as if you can really kill one another and not… feel it. "Now that you mention that… sounds like world war 3 could actually start if you find a pair of volakiri who actually dislike one another." This is why you must be mindful of who you choose indeed. "Totally get why you're taking your time… can you imagine if you have to wake up in the morning and feel an irritating pinch because your volakiri just wanted to piss you off? For the sake of it? That's assuming they're joking…" what if they actually get violent with one another? A weird case of voodoo. 

It is a strange pairing when she thought about it, "Maybe that's why it was created in the first place? Yin and Yang? One half is the dark and the other half is the light, kinda like the necromancer and fae… you need both to balance things. One cannot exist without the other. If anything I find it to be ironically poetic." Even if it shouldn't make sense. "Relative?" She turned to face her with a coy smirk and cooed, "You continue to pique my interest day by day, Miss Dreyvalian. What do you think the other two entails for you?" When Phe pointed out that they may not have the entire night to spend together, Celia placed one hand over her chest and gasped dramatically, "I can be presumptuous but believe me… I'll show you how many view as enjoyment." Her hedonistic nature would definitely come out and play tonight. 

Whatever tricks she used to charm the bouncers to let them in initially caused the people queueing to groan in retaliation, but before they could protest, Ce chuckled and dragged Phe in either way. "Nope~ I can pretty much talk my way into everyone" she purred and winked playfully at the celestial, "quite literally…" And there comes the suggestive comments and flirtation back in full power. Cecilia Laterza wasn't dubbed a seductress for no reason. She may as well make use of said title. "How cute" she scanned the menu but didn't know which one would bebthe best so she ushered the bartender and asked for their signature drink instead. "You're not wrong though… the place does look exciting" it wasn't too loud and people genuinely look like they're enjoying themselves. "But come on did you see the look on the bouncers' face? A shame I couldn't take a picture..."

She bit her lip as she thought deeper about it, you’d hope that people so incompatible wouldn’t go through with making such a bond but then stranger things had happened in life right? So who knew what people were capable of after going through the complicatedness of life “That would definitely be grounds for a stern scolding” she grinned slightly “Hopefully I don’t have to find out” taking her time to decide the right person was the smart thing to do, the last thing they needed was for her to make another poorly informed decision that ended up hurting people.

“ know how the world likes to maintain its opposites” she commented thinking about every example of where light and darkness were paired together in order to create balance, a celestial was the closest you could get to a pure light species and valkyr relied on the shadows, therefore making them the absence of light “Poetic” she commented after a few moments of consideration. She shrugged her shoulders slightly when Ce questioned what her greatest pleasures were “I mean have you ever had a nap where you wake up feeling completely rested, I don’t think anything competes with that” she teased playfully with a grin.

Her smile turned a little shy when Ce was making more bold promises though, biting softly on her lip “Your confidence makes me wonder if you ever actually get caught of guard by anything” she murmured softly, it could be pretty overwhelming being around someone with Ce’s level of confidence because she seemed to draw attention wherever she went. She blushed slightly when Ce answered her question with a double implication “That must be...handy...though time-consuming” not everyone would give in easily after all. When they asked what drink she wanted she turned the menu around to point it out so she could dodge asking for it by name, it was raspberry flavoured so she was sure she would like it.

The music was loud, but not so bad that she couldn’t hear Ce over it “Well he might have recognized us, we are kinda like celebrities in this city after all” she was pretty sure it was just because Ce had thar charm but who knew. “This kinda place is definitely louder than my usual night” she commented and laughed softly, her eyes widening when the girl brought over their drinks and hers was served inside a pineapple with a straw poking out, she stared it for a moment before leaning closer to take a sip and she closed her eyes and smiled because it tasted good.

"Stern scolding huh?" Cute. She could totally understand why Phe would like to distance herself away from all of that, it's just a big headache at the end of the day. As if you weren't already having enough of it in your daily life, the last thing you wanted to do is pile another problem on top of it. Now that she thought about it, Celia never did think much about the volakiri bond when she first discovered it. It just happened. "Oh yeah it has its weird rules about how the other side needs to weigh the other in a balanced manner. That's why we have yin and yang stuff I guess, oh and those magnets… the entire thing about opposites attract too, isn't there enough evil in this world that could be balanced out by the goodness though?" She never understood why such a concept existed in the first place but she could see where they're going with it. If there was no balance, then peace is not achievable either. And nobody wants to live their lives miserably until the end of the line. 

She grinned when Phe told her a well rested nap could be the best gift ever, she could not argue with that. "Hey, I work 16 hour shifts, so yes a nap would be a crazy gift to me, I get that." At some point, she even dozed off at the waiting room on her brief break. She's a valkyr but even she can get restless over the blood and people… behaving erratically. The Italian made a pondering expression and later shook her head, "Nope, I mean I wouldn't go as far as to say I don't think I have ever been caught off guard but those are definitely rarer than certain gemstones." There wasn't much that could really surprise her. Maybe that's why. A chuckle escaped her when the Wayfinder pointed out that they had quite the reputation in the eternal city, "True, who would've thought they'd find the celestial Wayfinder here at a bar with me? Scandalous" she whispered playfully. 

When their drinks finally arrived, Ce glanced over to the weirded shaped glass she was served, it actually had a pretty color between orange and a mix of blueish green, but it was nothing compared to Phe's eccentric pineapple. "You look like you just tried your first drink" she pointed out coyly before taking a sip of hers, "Oh wow okay, it looks pretty aesthetic and tame but it is definitely not tame…" it was strong, that's for sure. She could still feel the aftertaste behind her throat. It was good though. "I don't particularly like noisy places, my ear drums can't take them all the time… but I do like places that serve worthwhile drinks and it does seem like the place has some… exotic dancers, where did you even heard of this place? Did they give out a brochure or something?" she pointed at the direction where a group was having fun with two dancers at the corner. There was a flight of stairs too which made her wonder what's up there, "I wonder what they have up there…" 

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