After her tiring extra works she spared herself for the past month, Celia just wanted to do nothing more than to land face first against her pillow and shroud herself with her blanket, maybe even take a hibernating period of this time for a few years… or decades. Because of how much she’s done 3 days ago, she finally got her leave permitted by the hospital board, a 2 day leave, nothing too much, it’s not a long period, nowhere near a vacation worthy period but it meant everything to the Valkyr, considering she’s slowly going crazy and annoyed from smelling the sterilized hallway of the hospital every time she passed them. As a result, the Italian brunette had been spending the second day of her leave wisely. Yesterday, she visited an exhibition in Manhattan and did a side shopping to destress herself. If there was one thing that Cecilia Laterza likes to pride herself into doing, it was probably shopping, even when she probably wouldn’t have enough time to flaunt those new clothing when she’s just going to be stuck inside her office at the hospital nowadays, but still, a little fashion never hurts.

 She had also gotten a few blonde highlights in her hair and trimmed them slightly so it wouldn’t look as bushy. The first thing Ce found herself doing the moment she woke up from her slumber was to reach out for her phone at the bedside table, checking the time displayed across the screen with her eyes squinted before yawning a few times. She allowed herself to bask in the good rest she’s gotten before climbing out of her bed and head over to the bathroom. She may have also had fun yesterday that resulted in a tiny hangover, nothing she couldn’t fix after a cold shower and a few aspirin. Much to her surprise, Celia didn’t party while she was in New York, she only stopped at a few bars to drink and maybe sink her fangs into one or two but she didn’t bring anyone home. So that was something. After spending half an hour in the showers, she came out with a towel wrapped around her hair and body, checking over the plans she had made today, it wasn’t until she saw the invitation to a charity gala on her bedside table that Ce finally remembered she was supposed to attend that one gala in Berlin.

 She went over to her closet to see if she had anything that was formal enough or half as worthy to wear but returned to her bed with a frown, “New dress…” she muttered to herself and decided to drop by a certain boutique today to get a dress tailored. She’s never been there before but rumor has it, the Celestial Wayfinder is managing it so maybe she’d get to have a little chat on the way too. Once the Valkyr dried her hair using the blow dryer, she styled them using the hair curler but the prep for her hair didn’t take as long because if there was anything the Italian Valkyr knew to take care of, it’s also her hair. Dressed in a navy blue blouse and jeans, the female made a quick dash to grab her bag and tucked her phone in as she hummed to herself a soft tune, walking down the hallway and exiting the residence soon enough.

 The engine was started before long and the Valkyr only had a coy smile gracing her burgundy lips as she drove the car to the city center, eyes glazing over the address she had keyed into the GPS a few times. It went on for a while until she caught sight of the boutique across the block after a few minutes of searching. After quickly parking her car, she noticed that two people just exited while giggling to themselves, she wondered if this was the right boutique and contemplated for a while as she entered. That’s when she saw the Wayfinder working behind the counter, “Are you busy or should I come another time?” she exclaimed coolly. "Though I am in a desperate need for a dress..."

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She laughed and lowered her gaze slightly when Ce questioned her choice of words “I’m not the threatening type” she commented and glanced to the side and then back towards the brunette, Phe could be a scary leader when she needed to be, but mostly she chose to be diplomatic and kind rather than attempt to intimidate others. “Like a seesaw that keeps pushing one way and then the other...always tethered by the weight resting on the other side” it was poetic when you thought about it really. Ce’s power came from darkness and Phe’s came from light and yet they had been able to find common ground “Poetic really...though light is never fully light and dark is never fully dark” there was good and bad in everyone and it balanced itself in different ways.

She grinned when Ce agreed with her that sleeping was definitely something to savor “Sounds like you need to schedule in some rest time” she commented and shook her head slightly, she couldn’t imagine how exhausting it must be to work for 16 hours straight, she was sure that the valkyr felt practically dead on her feet by the end “You must be superwoman to be able to work for that long” she commented and shook her head slightly. She looked up at Ce and laughed “Well look at you, the picture of grace” she commented and smiled softly “I wonder what it would take to surprise you…” she considered it for a moment “You have to have something that bothers you right?” she tilted her head playfully.

“The press would make it out to be scandalous” she commented thoughtfully, Phe liked to think she was free to spend time with whoever she wanted and befriend others but she knew being an ambassador in the city meant her moves would be scrutinized “I just really like pineapple” she commented and grinned playfully, taking another sip before setting it down on the table. She eyed Ce’s drink when the valkyr explained that it was meaner than it looked “Most pretty things can be deadly” she commented and grinned before reaching over to steal Ce’s drink so she could take a sip and see for herself. She swallowed and then grinned “I prefer mine but it’s pretty good” she commented and offered hers for Ce to try.

Phe looked up from her drink and shrugged “They asked if they could put a flyer up in my shop” she commented and nodded, she had agreed, support locally owned businesses and all, she liked to do her part. She glanced over at the dancers and then to Ce before blushing softly “I think that’s for the VIPs” she commented in a hushed tone but she was sure that would intrigue the valkyr.

She raised her eyebrows playfully and chuckled, "No? Why not? Is it not your style then? Everyone can be threatening when the time calls for it or if they want to be." She finds that the innocent ones are much crazier when they flip the lid off. Ce rarely showed what she is to others, but most of the time when people hear her name, especially if they are a valkyr, they know better than to cross her. She wasn't exactly the forgiving type and wasn't called a mad dog for no reason. Though, over the centuries, she did make a name that is more positive than the usual image one would have. She thought that if she was going to be around for a while, the least she could do is make a good legacy out of it. She didn't want to be known as the scary person only, that was incredibly dull for someone who enjoys a lot of things like her. "It's probably the universe's strange way of bringing together what they created." 

At the end of the day, they have to co-exist. Unlike most of the other species, the celestials are not born and while valkyr aren't inherently born, they had human bodies and only changed after a death or for some, near death experience. Similar yet so different. "I do have better stamina than most considering what I am and it wouldn't exactly be the first time I have put in a lot of hours in my work… it just becomes me." In time, Ce realized she couldn't give up her passion for healing, whether it was just by helping people feel better or studying more about the medicine world that kept on getting more modern with the technology they have today. "I have always been a healer even up until my death so if I give it up now, I feel like I'm somewhat betraying myself. After all, I did pass from a plague." She shouldn't take her life for granted. "But I would love to get a few more hours of sleep for sure." 

If she wasn't working at the hospital, she was either instructing her brokers to hunt a few rogues down or she's compiling a few reports on their even bigger and growing faction. The number of valkyr are increasing tremendously over the past century which says something. "Yes, I do have something that bothers me, like any other normal person. Currently? It's trying to find out why the number of our species is suddenly increasing tenfold overnight for the past decade. I'm not saying dead people should just stay dead but that's exactly what I'm saying." It's not the number of valkyr that concerns her, it's the number of newborns who ended up being rogues. "What about you? What bothers you?" Evermore is a city that keeps its tabs on everyone, quite literally. She could understand the discomfort for ambassadors that stemmed from that. 

She took a sip of Phe's drink and hummed softly in affirmation, "Definitely fruity. That's why you have to love roses. So pretty yet so deadly…" Cassie used to love them. Her gaze went over and caught the eye of one of them which made her smirk in response, "I have a feeling you might have a heart attack if an exotic dancer gives you a show" she teased.

She shrugged slightly “I don’t think you need to threaten people to get your point across, sometimes just being steadfast is the best way” she commented and shrugged slightly, besides she was small and dainty, she didn’t exactly paint a terrifying picture. Ce however, had a stare that could certainly be seen as intimidating and she walked with a certain air about her which she was sure made many people found threatening without her even needing to say a word. “I guess...everything has to keep spinning in the same circle” they kept pushing one around in a circle and that in turn kept everything moving.

Phe smiled softly when Ce spoke about how she just kinda ended up getting wrapped up in her work “I’m sure there are many people in the world that are thankful you work so hard” she was out there saving lives after all and that was more than most people could say they did for a living. It honestly made the celestial admire her a lot, especially considering she knew what she was and how challenging it must be for her to do work like that. “It honestly amazes me how anyone can stay true to themselves after so much time” she mused in a soft voice, she had definitely been guilty of veering off the path a few times. “Who wouldn’t” she teased when Ce finally concluded she would like to have a few more hours sleep.

Phe nodded slightly when Ce explained how the thing that bothered her was something related to her faction, the star could certainly understand the thought process behind all that, as an ambassador, it certainly felt like your people were always at the forefront of your mind and that made it hard to shut off and think about your own wants. “Surely if you manage to find them and onboard them into the faction it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing?” she questioned curiously, it seemed like Ce didn’t see being a valkyr as a good thing.

Phe popped her lips when Ce asked her what bothered her “People who talk during movies...when people insist on using their devices rather than getting an old fashioned book...when you go to a fast-food restaurant and they don’t give you any sauce for your fries” she smiled and chuckled, there were many things that bothered a person. Phe widened her eyes when Ce asked what her reaction would be to a dancing coming close “I can’t...answer that question” she murmured, blushing as she took another sip of her drink “Are you making fun of me, Cece?” she questioned and gave her a playful glare.

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