She has never been the most stealthy person ever, no she may be experienced with hold over the weapons since before she was a Psychic Master, the blonde was first, a Metal Master, it still did not grant Sofi any extra abilities that stretched out from the Metal element. She can defend herself very well, both mentally and physically, though it does take a toll on her over time. Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. It was a possibility and there were plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer.

 She couldn't think that way, one, Rowan would nag at her for a whole decade once she fluttered her eyes open, the Scottish lad would never leave her alone nor will he ever let her live that down for as long as they live. Two, she's not alone now. The independence is still there, ingrained inside her but she's no longer fending for just her own, aka she has a whole tribe to look after. It's a huge responsibility, to be a Grand Master. Being a Master alone is already a big weight on your shoulders, much less being more than one Master, and of course… being the head of the Evermore Initia council too. The Ukrainian born female hasn't even settled properly in the eternal city, she still has yet to check in any updates regarding her sessions and shifts as a transferred psychologist, though being a Master alone is already considered to be a full-time job since she would be teaching any Initia who wishes to learn the Psychic element.

 For now, she wasn't in as much demand as Rowan, mostly due to the fact that no Diverse Initia would want to learn Psychic, probably by far the most unpredictable element ever. Nobody knows the full history of it, and she remained the only evidence that anyone has to a teacher. Even she wouldn't call herself trustworthy. Good news, she is training Theodor, a 1000 something Initia who joined the Ailward Guard and was granted immortality amulet since it has been centuries since a Psychic Initia existed and even when they did, they led a rather low-profiled life fearing that people would use them or see their element to be an abomination like how they did to Phoenixes. It was too risky and completely understandable. They were the rarest Initia anyway, why would they risk their lives for something that's completely unknown? Self-preservation at its finest. 

Sofi has yet to meet every current Masters of each element, she only knew one of them personally and that was only because Rowan Mckenzie just so happened to be her best friend that she spent a good portion of her life with. Everyone else were strangers to her. And Sofi always keeps her eye out in alert, which she was immensely grateful for her ability in the Psychic element that allows her to be sure who she should trust and who she should not. Today was just like any regular day, training. Again. Physical training always kept her head off the grid and gives her another thing to think about entirely. Which means she would not have to rack her head and think about what's going on. Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element.

 While she was busy twirling the twin blades in her hands, she noticed a familiar blonde from a distance by the clearing. Well, thanks to the courtesy of Rowan who took the time in explaining who is who. Sofi stopped her training and went over, with both blades still pressed against her own hold, with her hair pulled up in a high ponytail and hoodie covering her tank top paired up with pants and sneakers, the Grand Master didn't look intimidating at all as opposed to her leather jacket and boots look, but the blades certainly did give a measure. Offering her a smile, she waved her right hand at her with one of the blades still attached to her hand, "Hey… Sierra, right? Rowan's Master-In-Training?"

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