Damarco had tossed and turned pretty much ever since he had been cast from the place he once called home. The nightmares had become more real, and lately the Aurazin had been beside himself about everything. The sadness from not knowing what was going on had become too much for Damarco, and so he had been taking up plenty of time in the gym, finding that a punching bag was something that eased him, even if only a little bit. Damarco had been helping the other Aurazins as much as he could when it came to reminding them to eat, sleep, and overall, just blend in and act as normal as they could. But, Damarco was also guilty of corrupting those who didn't mind taking chances, those who liked having fun and breaking the rules sometimes. Marco was young, and sometimes it really showed in his actions. 

The young Aurazin stretched his limbs as he laid in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering what today would bring for them all. Answers? Most likely not. The Aspects still were no where near figuring anything out as to why the Aurazins had been cast out and bound to the earth with humans, and the Aruazins themselves couldn't figure out why either.So, with knowing that it was out of his hands, Marco figured he should worry about the things he could control right now. He knew everyone was doing their best, and that's all they could expect from Lucien too. Lucien was someone Marco held near and dear. Ever since the elder Aurazin saved Damarco from voidlings, Damarco had clung onto, and stayed as close too Lucien as possible. He often found that he felt pretty vulnerable and scared in public situations if Lucien wasn't there to guide, or help him. 

Marco wanted to figure out what the reason behind his nightmares were, why all of a sudden now, he was dreaming of voidlings, nightmares that they had followed him here to earth. That must have meant something, right? Either way, he decided not to become transfixed by those horrific thoughts, and rolled out of bed to shower, get dressed and make his way to the gym. Damarco hadn't had the pleasure of meeting all the other Aurazins yet, and frankly, couldn't wait to see more of his kind. He felt most secure when he was surrounded by those like himself. He felt so alienated and vulnerable in this new life, stuck on earth and unsure of when they'd get to go back home. Learning to eat and sleep like a normal human had also come with plenty of downfalls. Damarco ended up eating something with sugar in it anytime he could, which wasn't good for his kind, and there had already been an incident where he'd gotten a hold of pure sugar. 

The Aurazin decided he was going to attempt to behave today. He couldn't help but touch every little thing he seen that fascinated him though, and often got called down for it by the older Aurazins. They called him down, simply to keep him out of trouble, and at this rate, he felt like the child of the family. Once Marco reach the gym, he headed straight for the punching bags and began wailing on one. He typically exhausted himself in the first five minutes which made him aware of how much anger he had inside of him, or maybe not anger, but frustration sounded more like it. Today like any other day, Damarco refused to leave until he felt better, and that never happened until he punched one of these bags so much that he busted it. 

He couldn't help but notice the male on the other side of him, who seemed equally as frustrated with something as Marco himself did. With a few more punches to the bag, the young Aurazin stopped and caught his breath. He made his way to the other male with caution, as to avoid startling the male. "Bad day?" he started off simple, unsure of what else he could say. That's how Damarco always started though, then it was one question after the next until the other person became completely annoyed by his presence. The Aurazin sighed to himself before glancing up at the male he had approached "I'm Damarco" he offered a friendly smile, and figured he wouldn't run the questions into the ground just yet, he realized he needed to take it easy on his fellow Aurazin's, they were under so much pressure as it was, without Marco adding annoyance to their plate. He definitely hoped to make a few new friends within his faction, and possibly within the city in general. 

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It’s now been quite a while since they all found themselves stuck on earth. Noticing how quickly some adapted, like his sister and others who already found themselves part time jobs. Something to keep them busy and preoccupied. Whilst others like him were still struggling. Trying to figure out what their new purpose was. Finding he was still at the crossroads himself. Never needing to figure out a back up plan before. Only gotten used to learning to be an empath. Enjoying and loving every moment of it missing that part of him, yet he knew it wasn’t all gone. That he could still help others but not in the same way as he once could. Starting off helping other Aurazins settle into their new lives since he had only died around 7 years ago meaning he knew how to fit in. Finding it all a lot easier than others who died decades ago. Still he did find it weird eating and sleeping but soon found that it’s the two things he’s best at now. With how his sister always pestered him each day for when he would go to look out for work. Even how many times he would tell her that he would when he’s ready. Yet with more time passing he didn’t know when it would be. 

The Aurazin managed to get out of bed and dressed at a reasonable time. Choosing that he’d go and check out the gym, he tended to use it most days as it could. Finding working out was when he could clear his best. Always finding it was the best way of escapism even back when he was human he was into his working out and his job was one he had to be fit and healthy. Not wanting to lose or give up that habit. Hudson was dressed in his gym gear which was really baggy shorts, a tank top and some sports shoes, the usual. Stopping by the kitchen on the way making himself some toast and coffee to get himself all fueled ready. 

After quickly finishing his breakfast and coffee, tHudson walked through the gym. heading straight to the punching rather than anything else. Feeling that it’s one of those sorts of days where you want to let all your anger and frustration out. The easiest way was with a punching back. Not bothering to look around if there were any Aurazin’s about, how the gym was always everyone’s go to place. With every punch he threw he felt all his anger being let out already feelings it’s all starting to help. How working out always managed to do the trick in his old life. Always the one to push himself, maybe bit too much at times. Feeling he was already starting to feel worn out, not being long since he started. With sweat started to drink down his forehead and breath became heavy. Meaning it’s all doing the trick. Forgetting all those around him till he heard a voice breaking him out of convention. Stopping his punches, holding the punching bag from moving so he could see who it was. Spotting one of the Aurazin’s who’d he’d seen in the meeting and around but not spoken. “Nothing out of the usual, it’s good to work out. Especially now” He answered sighing a little but everyone was still feeling the same frustration, sure that's what he too was doing here. Seeing he was taking a beating out of a punching bag. “I’m Hudson” Greeting him back with a friendly smile too, now being able to place a face to the name. “I’m Maddie’s brother” He added, he and Maddie were the only siblings or biological family here. So most people heard of them. “So you just lost as I am or wanted to take it all out on the punching bag” Pointing out able to tell that he was dealing with something. Always able to pick up on things like that, to how he was a good Emptha. Good at reading people. “Sorry” Almost forgetting himself that they’ve only just met, not trying to push him or anything. Not wanting to scare off one of the few Aurazins he’s spoken to since coming back. 

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