Reus was having another night terror. His body was covered in sweat and he'd become half twisted in his bedsheets. These prophetic type of dreams were becoming unbearable. He'd been losing sleep for weeks and just like the rest of his siblings, his abilities were out of sorts. Each sibling seemed to be calling out to him in his dream for help as one by one their futures were playing out before him. They all ended in horrible deaths as a blackness was spreading over Evermore. 

The aspect forced himself awake finally, bolting upright and nearly tumbling off the bed. He was clammy and burning up as the last image that seared in his mind still in the waking world was of his sister Aurantia who had been clutching his arm while playing a deadly game of tug of war with the blackness. Eventually their hands separated and she was consumed like everything else. 

Blinking to make the images disperse, he took a few deep breaths and reminded himself that nothing was ever set in stone when it came to seeing the future. Especially a future that was being tainted by the happenings around the city which was in a silent turmoil most didn't know about. He untangled himself from the bedding and stood, shuffling to the shower in hopes to wash away the helpless feelings along with the sweat of the nightmares.

After making a coffee which would be the first of many since he was never getting more than a few hours of sleep a night, Aureus walked through the manor which was silent given it was very early in the morning and the sun was only rising. He was passing the greenhouse when he noticed a figure which made him backpedal to see it was Tia who apparently was also having trouble with sleep. Ironic. The horrible visions of his sister slipping away to the black began to creep at the edges of his thoughts. "Tia?" he said to grab her attention and make the thoughts of his dreams quiet. The blonde wasn't moving and seemed like a statue, staring off in thought before his interruption. He gave her a sad and understanding smile as they appeared to be in the same boat. "Morning." He took the few steps down into the greenhouse to meet her. "You been up all night, or?"

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