It was just an average evening for the nephilim. He’d kinda gotten into a routine since coming to Evermore, work on the club with Mikael from Monday until Friday and then Saturday night he would just take the evening off to enjoy himself. That could be seen in many different ways but tonight it was entertaining himself in a local bar down the street with a couple of glasses of whiskey and talking to a few of the regulars. Aeryn was generally a talkative and approachable person who could pick a conversation with anyone and before long the whole bar was throwing banter back and forth across the room.

This was what he enjoyed most about people, the way they could all come together in a certain way of solidarity. There was soft music playing in the background which set the atmosphere well and every so often when a good tune would come on, the whole place would sing along like it was a concert. Aeryn didn’t know the name of the guy he’d been talking to about anything and everything for the past hour but that was the joy of heading out to socialize, you never knew who you were going to meet or what they may be like.

They were about halfway through a drunken rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody when the power cut. The whole place was plunged into darkness which only elicited an annoyed grumble from everyone in the place. The nephilim stretched up from the booth he was sitting in to see if he could see what was going on and just as he did so, for a brief moment he thought he saw a glimpse of a shadow like light moving across the room. But when he blinked, it was gone. Confused he shook his head a little, was he seeing things or should he be panicking? Because that was the same thing he had seen surrounding people that fateful night on the Isle of Skye.

And before he had the chance to react he heard a blood-curdling scream and smashing glass before the lights flickered on. Aeryn jumped to his feet and moved towards where the scream was coming from, but before he could make his way across the room the whole place descended into chaos. People who were drinking and singing amongst themselves happily suddenly looked at one another with a sense of rage in their eyes and then one woman lunged across the room towards someone else.

Aeryn’s natural instinct was to throw himself in the middle of the two of them who seemed to be trying to claw at one another ferally. Aeryn felt a horrible sense of deja vu come over him but there wasn’t time to be dwelling over things when literally everyone around him was launching themselves at one another like they had no control over their own senses. The nephilim kept getting between the fights, trying to break people off of one another but nothing seemed to stop them coming. He backed up a little until he bumped into someone behind him. As he turned his head his eyes met that of another dark-haired male who also seemed to have the senses about him and was attempting to stop the fighting on the other side of the bar “Any idea what the fuck is going on?” Aeryn yelled over the sound of the bar brawl.

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There was no better feeling in that moment other than the somewhat fresh air which suddenly engulfed his lungs - of course, he could still very much taste the fumes, not just from inside of the building, but because the fire had been burning for so long; the air around them outside was now tainted with smoke. Due to the fresher air, it actually felt foreign to him and without much control, it very much sounded like the dhampir was trying to cough up a lung on multiple occasions; each time he violently convulsed, it felt like he was going to drop the initia which was in his hands. Which speaking of, he had no idea on what to do with her? Surely she was not his responsibility - but he at least had to try and look after her until the Police arrived; oh how he hoped that there were supernatural beings in the police force who would be able to take her from him. Yet, for now, he moved through the crowds, towards the back and placed the woman down on the hard concrete crowd; he truly did not want anyone seeing him punch again to knock her out - they probably had no recollection as to what she was doing previously. That itself, was probably a blessing rather than a curse. 

Now that he was outside, he was able to take in the amount of people that were battling in the bar, and it surprised him how there were no casualties throughout the ordeal besides of course the more mental trauma that the family were now going to have to face; he glanced over in their direction and despite everything, a slight smile appeared on his lips as they remained in each other's arms. It was admirable, without a doubt that they were not in any way freaking out - they were just held hostage with impending doom, whilst all the while their sole (at least he believed so) had just burnt down to the ground in front of them; him, himself, would be a right old mess if that was his business, his livelihood but more importantly, his family. Scorpios wished to go over there and speak with them, but he knew he had to remain with the Initia - yet, his attention soon shifted to the loud sound of the pub completely and utterly falling to the ground; there were faint screams from those surrounding it as they all took very large steps backward. 

It then hit him, he didn’t recall seeing Aeryn leave the building - the Dhampir glanced down at the Initia woman and mumbled under his breath; not being the tallest male around, Scorpios rolled upward to glance over people’s heads to see if he could spot the Angel child. With luck, he managed to spot the dark haired male looking quite bewildered and with that, he raised his arms and waved him other. Scorp knew that the two of them would need to speak with the Police regarding this evening, and perhaps about the other shenanigans which were happening in the City. Soon after the police arrived, they began moving people further back and as they were doing so the fire brigade arrived to tackle the crumbled building.

“I must have hit her pretty hard” The Italian mused to Aeryn as he joined them - the Initia was still out sparko and showed only the faintest of movements. “Do you know any supernatural members of the police force that can help us with this one?” He queried, however, he did let his mind go to a more illegal venture - of taking the Initia back to a place of safety, perhaps a garage; he had seen this plenty of times in tv shows - and interrogate her there. It certainly was a possibility, but getting her away from the scene, still in this state would prove incredibly difficult. His gaze returned to the services which were arriving, and noticed some of the officers walking their way; which made him clear his throat, his eyes shifted some as he wondered what their reaction would be to the woman on the ground by their feet. 

There wasn’t a lot of time to stay and gather his thoughts about what happened, his brain was in overdrive and not in a good way, filled with memories of what he had seen that night on the Isle of Skye and worrying about what all this meant. He had seen it with his own eyes twice now, people unable to control their own actions and doing things out of some crazed state rather than their own control. He was pretty sure now that it wasn’t some freak virus or spell on Skye, it was a targeted attack and it seemed that very grudge had followed the Ailward faction to Evermore, coincidence? He didn’t think so. He gave a heavy, throaty cough as his lungs tried to expel all the smoke he had inhaled, so much so that even with his accelerated healing he was feeling a little dizzy.

Before long he had made it over to where Scorpios was standing and he eyed the Initia female in his arms and grimaced, he could already tell this was going to be fun to deal with and there were many avenues his mind was going down. He wasn’t really sure who was best equipped to handle her, he definitely didn’t have the means to keep someone with fire controlling abilities contained and nor did your average police member either. He swallowed as he pondered it “I’m tied between taking her to the Initia ambassador or contacting my friend on the Ailward guard” he commented thoughtfully, technically by the laws of the city they should be turning her over to her own faction to be dealt with but Aeryn knew a lot of the time those problems seemed to just get swept under the rug.

They didn’t have very long to make a decision though and before he could actually make any call to get out of there they were already being approached by officers who eyed the two of them and then the woman on the floor. Aeryn ran a hand through his messy tousled hair, the officers were already taking statements from people around them, though they weren’t getting any straight answers he was sure because everyone had these dazed unsure looks on their faces. The good news was that everyone’s story was going to add up because no one could recount anything and the one other person who probably could was passed out at the dhampir’s feet. The Nephilim glanced over at Scorpios with a grimace, he wasn’t confident these officers were in the know on the supernatural secret which meant they were going to be in serious danger if they took this woman with them “Play dumb” he mouthed over to the other male as he was taken to the side.

It was easy for him to explain the situation as though he had been one of the people completely clueless to what happened, the talked about singing the night away in the bar and then a fire started and that everything was generally a blur until he saw a family in danger and helped them to get out of the building just before it had been completely engulfed. He didn’t mention the fire Initia because technically he hadn’t gone anywhere near her, he just hoped Scorpios had a decent explanation to give for the strange happenings. One the humans would buy for long enough to let them go so he could grab the Initia before she woke up.

Scorpios had found himself in very similar situations throughout his life span, not particularly out of choice but that was one thing he could not escape from being brought up within an Italian Mafia household; yet despite that, he was always very well protected from the trouble the D’Angelo’s found themselves in. Not only did he have his Father to get him out of trouble with his rather noticeable influence in the city of Milan, but he also had his Grandmother, Martina who would go to hell and back to make sure that he was safe and well protected. Therefore, despite the scenario being very familiar, it was truly the first time in a long time he would need to lie to the police for his own being; yet that was arguably incorrect for if these officers were human, then he was also protecting them from knowing the troubling truth that their city faced daily. He glanced at the Nephilim as he commented on the two options which were available to them if the emergency services didn’t want to take the unconscious Initia with them to for a routine checkup. 

He nodded a little at the two options, yet there was a very fine line between which one in this predicament would be the right one; it seemed, after all, that the city itself had fallen a little short from what the rules were in the City - plus, they could also delay from taking her back to her own Faction. “I’m swaying more to that Ailward Guard friend of yours, and then hand her over to the Inita Ambassador for her to deal with” Scorp added his two scents, he feared that if they handed her over straight away to her faction, they would never truly find out the truth of what actually happened in this one particular bar. It was clear that they would need to figure out a way to keep the initia in their hands for now, and it seemed it would be down to him as Aeryn went over to speak to the officer which beckoned him over. Scorp figured he would be questioned next, thus to look less suspicious with the woman at his feet, he inhaled deeply; he needed to compose himself for his next move. 

Scorp lowered himself to the ground, sitting upon the curb before lifting the woman delicately upward before placing her head in his lap; he grimaced just a little as he began to soothe her hair - he needed this to appear convincing for the officer who noted their presence upon the ground. When they asked who she was, he simply stated that she was his girlfriend and drank too much thus simply missed the fire and how they had been outside for the majority of it; he explained the wounds that were slowly beginning to heal where from protecting her from the finasico of the evening. “She’ll be fine, I’ll get her home once my friend returns from questioning - we are staying at his for the evening. We’ve only come to Evermore to visit” Scorp lied with a convincing smile to the Officer who wished them good day and that to make sure she drinks plenty of water when they get back. 

The Dhampir had to remain like this for quite a while, which was incredibly uncomfortable for him and when Aeryn returned, he chose to ignore the rather perplexed expression on the Nephilm’s face when he noted how the two were sitting. “Let's not speak of this ever again” Scorp commented. “But we are in the clear and ready to leave, somewhere where we can keep her out of trouble… Will your Guard buddy be able to secure her?” He assumed the guard had access to many sophisticated things to help with such matters. 

Aeryn didn’t really have a lot of experience with dealing with politics and differing opinions, he’d spent the majority of his life alone and on the run, he didn’t complain about that because those were the cards he was dealt and someone had to take responsibility for keeping the world safe from the stone of El’Ar. Thanks to his century spent unconscious, the stone was currently thought lost to the world and many of the hunters who chased him to the ends of the earth were now dead and therefore unable to resume their search. He wasn’t naive enough to believe that was the end of it of course, but for now, he had the luxury of staying in one place. Evermore city. So he was learning the way the city worked, who you could trust and who you couldn’t, how people dealt with conflict here, it was very different from the way he was used to.

So searching for the right thing to do wasn’t exactly easy for him, normally he dealt with things by himself and didn’t involve anyone else, he had his code of honor and he stuck to it but here, here he could get a lot of people in trouble if he took a misstep, something he suspected Scorpios might know a little about from the few comments he had gotten from him throughout tonight “I imagine the guard are going to be very eager to know more about what happened, all of this began with them after all” he didn’t have time to explain to the dhampir what he meant by that and that this wasn’t the first time he had seen people behaving like this but he would revisit that later. Honestly, the whole thing had him a little shaken, seeing people lose their own freewill not once by twice now, that was terrifying and not knowing who or what was causing it was even worse.

After he was done with his recount of the evening he glanced at the family from earlier, well they definitely know about the supernatural, which meant they definitely knew the secret needed to be protected. He nodded slightly to them in encouragement and hoped his story would add up with theirs and therefore he wouldn’t have the police hunting him down for more questioning in a few days time. He made his way back to where Scorpios was sitting with the woman from earlier laying against him in quite a tender position. He eyed him for a moment and when he spoke he chuckled “Already in the process of burning the image from my mind” he responded as he jerked his chin to imply they should get out of there before any more questions could be asked, he leaned down and picked the Initia up in his arms, carrying her as the two of them headed down one of the side streets away from the incident.

“I’m gonna hope like hell they do but” he shrugged his shoulders a little “If they can’t we’re all out of decent option” he sighed softly, definitely not the way he saw himself spending this particular evening but at least no one had been seriously hurt thanks to quick actions and thinking. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed the number for Marianna, a guard he had saved on the Isle of Skye the night it had fallen, pressing the phone to his ear when it connected he spoke “Hey, remember that favor you owed me?” he heard an audible sigh on the line before he launched into the explanation of what happened, he had the strange desire to pace up and down but refrained because of the Initia in his arms, he finished off the conversation “You’re gonna want to bring something fireproof, she’s about as wild as wild gets” he ended the call and looked over at Scorpios for a moment “All of this has me incredibly concerned” he admitted with a slight lower of his head “Evermore was supposed to be a safe place to restart but I fear something is following the Ailward faction” he nodded slightly processing the thought for a moment, he didn’t have the answers as to why.

Whilst Scorp sat upon the curb with the initia in his arms and draped over his lap, he couldn’t stop but return to a comment that Aeryn made only a few moments ago before he went and spoke to the police regarding his opinion on what happened this evening. What did the Nephilim mean when he said that it all started with The Guard? At the best of times, Scorpios was never truly a fan of the Guard, or the Aspects in general if he was completely honest - he never understood why beings that could shift into dragons needed beings much like himself to protect him; it truly baffled him. However, with this comment it made him more sure of his opinion on their little circle - but nevertheless, he was willing to push his own prejudices and opinions of them to the side to find out the real answer of what was currently happening in the City as well as what Aeryn meant. In fact, Scorpios couldn’t stop but think it was quite the tease, a cliffhanger at the end of a book - Aeryn knew his curiosity would eat him up over it; thus, he made a mental note to bring it up once they were in more stable grounds. 

Scorpios rolled his eyes as a smile appeared upon his lips, thankful that Aeryn was already in the process of wiping the very loving moment between the Dhampir and the Inita; although he was sure at the end of the day, it would be something that he would not hear the last of. He cleared his throat just a little bit and lifted her body upward so that Aeryn could hook his arms beneath her body and hold her close to his chest; it was quite a relief knowing that he was not the closest in her firing line if she decided to wake up. Once he was in a standing position, he wiped himself down and glanced over the sea of bodies to the family that they had saved this evening; Scorpios offered them a very slight and very discreet wave before following the Angel back through the crowds and towards quieter streets; oh how he hoped that their journey to wherever they were headed would be a quiet one - his muscles were screaming for some rest and for some food to fuel them. 

“Then we just get our hands even more dirty” His words were laced with some amusement, he truly couldn’t see his time in Evermore getting any worse - if he was caught doing something unlawful, particularly in the eye of the Dhampir community; well, there surely wasn’t much more they could do. “Besides, this evening and from what I have seen. I’m willing to put my money on saying you’ve done worse things in your time compared to this” He nodded his head to the woman in his arms before they came to a stop so that a phone call could be made. Scorpios remained silent but certainly vigilant, his eyes scanning the area in case there was any more threat to their safety until the phone call came to an end and he wasn’t sure if the result of the phone call was good or bad from Aeryn’s expression alone. 

That Ailward faction once again - it took every ounce of him not to roll his eyes; many saw them as good, but he had heard the stories and was conflicted himself. “Can we say we blame whatever it is that is following them?” He played devil's advocate. “With what they are capable of, chaos will always follow” Scorp replied somewhat glumly, and despite his own opinions, he supposed he understood the importance of their individual powers. “What did your friend say, are they going to help us out?”

“The things I do for this damn world” he commented as he nodded in agreement, he was right, if the guard weren’t going to take her off their hands then they were going to have to get pretty creative. Aeryn always had this habit of getting himself into situations like this, ones he often didn’t know how to dig himself out of though every time before the solution had either been to eliminate the threat or to run like hell. Neither of which were really things he wanted to do today, running, while possible, meant leaving behind the first city he had actually felt attached to and wanted to fight for, plus it left a crazy vengeful Initia on the streets of Evermore. Killing her, while not completely off the table, broke the peace treaty in the city and could potentially start a war. There really was no winning. “You wouldn’t be wrong with that assumption” he spoke honestly “But every time before there wasn’t a fragile idea of peace to protect” he explained and pressed his lips together.

The phone call went about as expected, he already knew the Ailward faction was invested in anything strange happening in the city and he happened to know the reason why. He was sure the other ambassadors of the city were wondering why the guard seemed so personally invested in what was happening and also why they seemed to want to keep it as quiet as possible. He couldn’t really blame them, knowing what he did, he wouldn’t want everyone in the city to know what exactly happened either. The Ailward had just managed to comfortably settle themselves in Evermore, the last thing they wanted is suspicions they brought all these weird happenings to it “Well I don’t think a load of innocent people deserved to die” he responded on the other side and shrugged “But I also highly doubt they’d be attacked for no reason either” he commented and bit his lip.

“I was there” he spoke completely ignoring Scorpios’ question for now “The night that their Isle fell into the sea, I was there, long story about how and why but I saw what happened and it looked pretty much the exact same as it did tonight” he bit his lip thinking about how people had been too far gone by the time he awoke and how he hadn’t really been able to stop anyone back then, he had managed to save one guard and fly them to safety and that one guard was his way into the Ailward faction now. “So of course they’re interested in knowing more about this because I think whoever took the Isle down is using Evermore for round two” he pursed his lips for a moment considering the best course of action. But they couldn’t babysit this Initia forever either “I think we should be careful about how much information we share before we figure out more, so we keep the story to the Initia and little more, just that she went after the family.

It didn’t take long for his friend of the guard to make her way across the city and she pulled up alongside them, taking one look at the Initia passed out in Aeryn’s arms and rolling her eyes as she made a comment about not being able to stay out of trouble. He grimaced as he looked down the redhead and signed “Yeah well this one was about to break the peace treaty and we both know how important that is” he commented before he set her down in the backseat of the car that pulled up and took a long breath because he knew questions came next.

If Aeryn's guard contact refused to help and thus left them without the option of falling back in them, then they would certainly need to take matters into their own hands; he would take giving her back to her own Faction off the table for now until answers were given. Despite it being well known, particularly in the Dhampir community of Evermore that Scorpios had a tendency to get his hands dirty, dealing with issues in his own way; it was safe to say that perhaps this time, he wanted to do differently. This wasn’t because he didn’t want to get involved and he knew that the Dhampir faction could not do anything to him but banish him and prevent his return at the border but because he found that before his banishment, he had gained a family within the community; with Valeria, and he simply wanted that back and he supposed that he didn’t truly want to risk anything to big which could prevent all of that happening for him. Scorpios wanted to feel like he belonged again and he knew his Grandmother, Martina would agree; she had urged him to repair things and not to do anything silly for the whole 14 months that he was away. Therefore, there was no other option than the Guard accepting to help them in his eyes. 

Scorpios nodded in response to the fact that this time the peace within the city was being jeopardised therefore their moves had to be calculated; even his, regardless of his status in the City. He exhaled slightly, the Ailwards were a complicated family, it would seem - he pressed his lips together in thought; listening to the story of how the Isle fell. “Interesting” Scorp replied with a nod of his head. “Time does have a funny way of repeating itself” His mind racing for all possible ideas which could link what was going on today, to what went on with the Isle. “It certainly sounds like it could be the same person, or at the very least, a copycat, someone that admired whatever went down that night and wished to finish the job, cause clearly that didn’t happen the last time” His shoulders gave a shrug as he mused the situation over, his gaze dropping down to the redhead in the male’s arms and wondered what part she had to play in the matter; as he believed her actions of the evening were all from her free will. 

The sound of an approaching car took the Dhampir away from his thoughts and turned round to see a woman peering out of the passenger side window; silently judging the two of them as she noticed the unconscious woman in the Nephilim’s arm. Scorpios silently chuckled at the relationship between the two and noted that the Guard wasn’t too keen on what was happening between them right now; as the body was lowered in the back seat, Scorp took the opportunity to introduce himself. “Scorpios, pleasure to meet you” His lips curled and his hand extended only for the woman to reject his greeting; he looked down at his hand and witnessed how bloody and bruised it was. “We’ll that explains it… Down to you buddy” He cleared his throat and returned his attention back to Aeryn as he leaned against the car door.

Aeryn had a strange relationship with the Ailward guard, after he woke that night on Skye it appeared he was destined to keep running into them. Marianna was the one who had asked him to take her to Evermore city and after he dropped her off it seemed pointless to immediately leave. He had taken to the city and actually enjoyed living here but so had the Ailward faction. Evermore had become their new base of operations and he had run into many of the guards since. He knew they were following him at times, knowing about the stone of El’Ar that he and his sister had protected for centuries he was sure that had an interest in making sure it stayed secret. Which he appreciated but it still annoyed him no end that they felt the need to follow him around. They owed him a favor, many favors he’d say and so tonight he was hoping they wouldn’t let him down and would be able to take a single rogue Initia off their hands.

He had been apprehensive about sharing his story of Skye with anyone for fear that they might question why he was there in the first place. The stone he wore around his neck had all but been forgotten by the world in the 100 years he was comatose and he didn’t intend on ruining that now. Thankfully, Scorpios seemed more interested in the Ailward side of the story than the reasons Aeryn was there “It seems unlikely to me that two different people would be able to wield that amount of power” he spoke lowly as he glanced over at the dhampir “I’d put money on the same person and from the looks of tonight, they’re not done” but they could talk in more depth about all of this once they didn’t have a potential eavesdropper with them, one who had just tried to murder an entire family. “Do you think she was set up?” he didn’t think they could control all those people but put her in the right situation to be able to hurt a lot of people? That seemed fairly possible.

Marianna wasn’t a particularly loud and proud guard, she was one of the silent ones who worked in the background to make sure everyone was safe and the two of them had talked at length in the time they’d known each other. They were friends of sorts. He watched her reaction when Scorpios introduced himself and chuckled taking her aside to give her a vague explanation of what happened tonight. How they had been in the bar and then the place had gone up in flames, in the panic everyone ran outside but he and Scorpios had remained behind to make sure everyone got out where they found the Initia holding the family. Watching the look in the Nephilim’s girl’s eyes, she seemed skeptical of what Aeryn had to say but before long she opened the door to her car and instructed him to place her inside. He did so and then stepped back “I’m gonna assume you have the means to keep down a homicidal flame keeper” he spoke bluntly but it showed concern for the guard’s safety, she laughed and told him she could take care of herself before she got in her car and drove away,

After a moment he turned back to Scorpios and bit his lip slightly “There’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to let this go until I understand what the fuck that was” he spoke it shortly “My place isn’t too far from here if you wanna join, I’m gonna look through everything I have so far, we have to figure out what that was before more people get hurt” he wasn’t sure what a Nephilim and Dhampir could do about it but he couldn’t sit around and do nothing.

It was interesting to hear that Aeryn believed that the event of the Skye falling and the strange going ons in the present could be, indeed related. Of course if Scorpios was alone, he certainly would not have linked the two together, primarily because he was not at the Isle when it fell and in honesty, he tended to keep away from any Ailward and Celestial politics. When he had heard of it falling, it was indeed a sad day for the supernatural world, and he remembered the day vividly but in his eyes, bad things happen every day and because of that, it was hard for him to truly relate to it on an emotional level; if he had been there, or had known anyone at the time, then things would have been different. However, he could not help himself musing over the two events, and possibly seeing a link between the two; yet this time, this time felt bigger, perhaps because it involved more than just the two groups - this time, it involved the whole city and those who perhaps had no idea of the Isle falling. For example, his younger sister, who was now in Evermore, had never heard of that tragic day until she moved to the city. 

“If it is the same person, then the City and the Ailwards have hell to pay” He commented, his chest rising and falling in a sigh. “Because this person, if it is the same person, has had years to plan this, we are simply puppets in his show at the moment” Scorpios glanced upward at the Nephilim and believed they were definitely playing and investigating something much bigger than them, and even with them working on the case for hours on end; they would not suss the case alone. The Italian shook his head at Aeryn’s question as to whether she was set up. “I don’t believe so, no. I think there are only two options in this scenario” He cleared his throat, the fumes from the fire earlier still playing havoc within his lungs. “Either, she was not infected by this mind control shit, and simply took the opportunity to see if she could get away with attempted murder of the family or, she has some part to play in what is going on and knows more than anyone else” He glanced at the redhead once more. “Either way, I believe she had full control over her actions, I saw it in her eyes… I recognised the feeling that she gave off” 

What the woman radiated throughout the evening was the exact same emotions Scorpios had felt when he killed a fellow Dhampir last year; she was passionate, and she was dedicated to see the life drain from their eyes. Scorpios shook his head and allowed the two to talk for a moment, recollecting the night of the murder always took a toll on his emotional wellbeing and he needed to steady himself or else he would be consumed with the guilt he felt for the domino effect the murder had on his loved ones. The sound of the car driving off tugged Scorpios back to the present and he turned around just as Aeryn approached him. “What’s going to happen to Miss Hellfire now?” He queried, before nodding in response. “I don’t tend to like getting involved in Ailward business, or Guard business for that matter, but I think I will make an exception tonight” He chuckled. “And I suppose a slight history lesson won’t do me much harm… Lead the way, Pal” 

Aeryn nodded slightly as Scorpios mentioned the city and the Ailwards having hell to pay “As if taking out half their ranks in one swoop wasn’t enough” he commented shaking his head slightly, the dhampir was right, if someone able to make guards take down an entire island was targeting Evermore, then they were all in a lot of trouble. And seeing what he did tonight, made him worry that this was only the beginning “The real question is why” he commented thoughtfully, if they could find a motive behind why the city or specifically the Ailwards were being attacked then maybe it would become easier to find the person responsible. Someone who it seemed didn’t even need to physically be involved to cause absolute chaos. His gaze drifted towards the dark-haired male and he shrugged slightly “Seems awful suspect that she knew this exact place and time would get her what she wanted” which meant he was betting on the latter, she knew it was going to happen and she took the opportunity to attack. “If she had control then the next question is whether she was a pawn in the game of someone else or that family know something they shouldn’t” which also made him aware the two of them probably now knew something they shouldn’t.

After he finished talking to Marianna, he felt some of the weight off his shoulders but it was only going to last so long, he hated mysteries and not fully understanding what was happening, it set him on edge and made him wonder how long it would be until the same thing happened again. “They’re going to question her and then no doubts because of the treaty she’ll be turned over to the grand master” at least he hoped that was the case, otherwise the Ailward faction might set off actual hell in Evermore. “I don’t think we would have been able to contain her the way they can and I don’t think I can handle any more death right now” he grumbled slightly because it always seemed to follow him around for some reason. “The quicker that Evermore figure their justice system out the better in my opinion” he commented with a shake of his head. Though he was sure the Initia were more than capable of ensuring it never happened again.

“I don’t like getting involved either but it seems like I keep being at the wrong place at the wrong time” which meant he was going to get dragged into it either way, he had the strange feeling he wasn’t supposed to have intervened tonight and would have angered someone in doing so, which meant he was involved now whether he liked it or not “Well I get the feeling whoever did this isn’t going like that we interrupted it” he commented as he looked back at Scorpios. Whether they wanted to be or not, they were in this together now. He nodded when he said to lead the way, starting to walk down the route which led back to his apartment, he tucked his hands into his pockets as they walked in silence just taking some time to take in what happened tonight and what it could all mean.

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