It wasn't odd to see the Greek Celestial up and about in the wee hours of the morning. He supposed it had to do with the fact that he once was a star than shone brightest at night, but whatever the case, it was impossible to have him be awake before six o'clock in the evening---and that was only when he had urgent business to settle at The Siren's Cove, his pride and joy in Evermore City. It just so happened that today was one of those days: in the next week, there was set to be an event down at the nightclub, and there was a vacant spot for a bartender that needed to be filled ASAP.

It took the man about ten minutes to ready himself for the night, picking out his favourite black button-down tee, a pair of black chinos, and a pair of leather shoes to don. When it came to job interviews, Siri was sure to appear as polished as he possibly could, especially considering that his hair was adamant to stay messy, tousle, and all sorts of disheveled. Grabbing his dark brown messenger bag, he hastily made his way out of his penthouse, down to the lobby of the building, and out to make the five minute walk towards the alley where the club was located.

Upon descending the flight of stairs that lead from the steel door in the alley to the underground nightclub, Sirius greeted his staff who were already there, setting up for the night. He grabbed a bottle of gin from the bar as he made his way around, heading to the back room. He'd made that into his office, equipped with high-speed WiFi, a mini-fridge, and a large Mac resting on a mahogany desk. He let his messenger bag rest on the table top with a low sigh, slumping into his chair as he ran his fingers through his messy brown locks. He was not in the mood to interview anyone at the current moment, but as the event was a week away, he needed someone who could start training immediately to be ready for the chaos that would definitely go down.

A knock at the door drew his attention as he started up the computer, the man raising an eyebrow as his head bartender as she leaned on the doorframe. "There's one of the newbies here for an interview, Thell,"  she slurred, boredom dripping from her words. Her tone amused the Greek male, who smirked as he looked at her from under his thick lashes. He knew that the woman before him just wanted her boss to pick a bartender ASAP so that she could start training them, and his indecisiveness and pickiness were already starting to get on her nerves. "Send her in then," he slurred with an airy gesture, looking back at the computer screen as he quickly pulled up a document with all the pre-written questions he'd readied.

The sound of footsteps entering the room caught his attention, and clearing his throat, Sirius rose to his feet. His gaze was still trained on the monitor for a moment longer before turning his attention to his guest, his lips parting as the words of a greeting were about to form. However, upon seeing the young brunette who had walked in, no sounds left his mouth as he stood, wide-eyed in shock. 'Lo and behold, standing before him, was a blast from his past---an Initia woman he'd smuggled almost thirty years before to the New World. He gawked, blinking rapidly, stunned before he actually remembered himself, and that he could talk.

"Laine?" he said, his tone laced with disbelief. Her lack of recognition, however, caught him off-guard. His brow creased slightly as confusion set momentarily in his amber hues. A flicker of a memory flashed through his mind, and the words of Ophelia echoed through his thoughts. People from their past would not be able to recognise them, he remembered, and he forced himself to regain his composure, and played off his earlier slip-up as a request for confirmation on her identity. "Laine Kinzel?"

"Please, have a seat," he then said, a casual smile forming upon his lips as he gestured to one of the two black leather chairs placed at the opposite side of his desk. He would sit when she did, and extend his hand out. "Could I have your resumé, please?" he'd ask politely, trying to refrain to asking the questions that were bounding in his mind: how had the sisters been? where had they gone after they docked? how had life treated them?

"So," he'd say as he set his gaze on the paper she'd had to him, skimming over the inked words, "why do you want to be a bartender here? Have you had any prior experience in customer service? Especially in the nightclub industry? It gets rather chaotic here." He would look over the top at the paper at Laine, an eyebrow raised slightly as he await her response. Without a doubt, he would give her this job. The yearning to reconnect with the Kinzel sisters bore a hole through his chest. However, he could not seem to eager, or he knew that he would scare off the younger of the two, and probably lose his chance to know them again.

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Laine woke up quite early that morning and decided to make breakfast for her and Charlie as it wasn’t her time to wake up for work yet. The sun had just set, coloring the once darkened sky into light. She couldn’t help but pull the curtains from the kitchen window open to allow the beautiful sun’s ray within their home. The sun’s heat felt so good on her light skin as she felt like it gave her courage from what happened last night. The two had a big fight the night before. The now quiet house was filled with loud screams and stomping as the two fought. Laine knew she messed up big time and had to get a job or her sister was going to kick her out. That would have been horrible as she didn’t know anybody in the Initia territory. She needed all the luck, she could get so if she had to make breakfast for her sister. It wasn’t a problem as Kinzle always told her for someone to forgive you, food was always the answer and she swore by it. Or so she hoped it would work. Something to help her situation, she was so nervous. She knew Charlie was pissed at her and she didn’t want her to be. Their fight yesterday made her feel the worst ever. She didn’t want her sister to hate her, Charlie said she doesn’t even trust her. 

She knew she was wrong for stealing money from her sister while her sister worked, Laine was broke from getting fired at her previous job at a supermarket. She wasn’t the type of person to get disrespected. If you did something she didn’t like and it was reasonable, she would say something about it but in a good way. She could be the nicest person but being nice never took her anywhere so she decided to speak her mind and people didn’t like that. The last two jobs she had just wasn’t working out for her. She quit the first one after her boss at an office, she worked as a receptionist, he tried to touch her as he was married. The second job, she cursed out one of the customers who was rude to her, she just couldn’t take the disrespect anymore. Instead of praising her from her deed, the store manager quickly fired her right on the spot. She was desperate and quite depressed after that, so when she found Charlie’s money around the house in a savings she said she would need it if something bad happened and to not touch it. Laine did it anyways, taking a bit here and there until Charlie was two hundred dollars short of her five hundred dollars. She was pissed. Of course she would have. Laine needed to fix things because she wasn’t such a bad person. 

She stared ahead out of the window for a brief moment before she turned around and leaned over to grab the pan from under the counter so she could start making breakfast. Placing the bacon, eggs and pancakes into the plates and set them on the table, filling their cups with orange juice from the refrigerator. She sat down upon the table and waited for her sister to walk down the stairs so they could eat together. Charlie strolled right into the kitchen, her nose perked up at the smell of food. After serving herself some coffee, she sat at the table with Laine and ate in silence. Only saying a few words here and there. It wasn’t long after that, Charlie  had to leave for work. After waving her sister good-bye as she was off to work for the day, her sister just smiled quietly from her car, not saying a word. She spent the whole day within her house watching television then cleaned up the house. One of the things they agreed to when Laine lost her job. She needed a job quickly. She ran up to her bedroom and got dressed into her thigh length dark blue dress and black flats, her brunette hair in soft curls. She turned around to grab her keys, phone and wallet from her dresser before walking out of her room and down the stairs to the front door. 

Stepped out of the house, she turned around to lock it up then walked across the small bit of grass on their side lawn to her car. After getting into the car, she pushed the key to the ignition and drove to the nephilim part of the city in search of a job and a place where she could get luck, possibly. She had walked back into the same supermarket she was fired at and received her last paycheck. She saluted the people behind the desk before walking back to her car. She drove to a farther supermarket from the one she was previously working at and stepped inside to grab some things. Once she paid for three cans of Arizona, several sushi plates, a bag of party mix and a large bag of pistachios, cashews and almonds. As she walked back to her car, she could see a sign across the street. The words ‘HIRING’ were in bold red letters. Laine squinted her eyes to get a better look of the sign before looking back and forth while she crossed the street to the brown telephone pole. A nightclub called ‘SpeakEasy’ was hiring for a bartender. She had no bartender experience but as she read on, the words ‘will train’ made her eyes light up with joy. Was this a sign from God? Hopefully things were going to get easier now. 

She got into her car and with haste and drove home to grab her resume from her desk in her bedroom. Crossing her fingers, she made her way towards the bar in hopes that they didn’t find somebody already for the job. It didn’t take long for her to arrive at the nightclub yet to find a parking spot in a busy area was a pain in the ass. Laine huffed and growled as she hit the steering wheel, glaring forwards at the cars in front of her. It took her moments later to find a spot a block from the nightclub. After locking up her car, she walked up the block to the club. Waited to be let in, she waved her fake ID which looked very real to the bouncer at the door. He stared at the ID then at her then back at the ID. His face looked puzzled yet he shrugged and handed it back to her. Lifting the rope allowed her to enter inside the place. The brunette curls hung down her back, swaying as she moved through the crowd of people, her nose scrunching at the vile smell of drunk and sweaty bodies grinding together and all jammed into one room. She continued to push through the crowd until making it over to the bar and exhaled. The music was quite loud as she leaned over to get the bartender’s attention. The woman leaned over the bar so she could hear Laine better. Nodding her head, she was handed a white piece of paper which had the application upon it and a black ballpoint pen. Laine didn’t take long for her to fill it all out. She then handed the finished application to the bartender and off she went to the back office.

It wasn’t long for the woman to return and lead her towards the back office to meet the boss. Licking at her lips nervously, a feeling she knew all too well. Sighing softly, the female gave her a slight introduction and the male’s voice soon after. The woman stepped out of the room and allowed her to enter inside after her. She tilted her head towards the male behind the computer monitor. Once he looked at her, Laine could see a slight disbelief from his facial expressions. All she could do was raise her eyebrow towards him. Laine’s eyes looked side to side as he just stared and blinked rapidly at her. She pulled on the collar of her dress as if it were getting hot in here. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. It was like he was stunned and didn’t know what to say yet Laine didn’t quite understand why he was acting the way he was. The once silenced room was filled with his voice asking for her name. Laine couldn’t help but jump a bit and laugh softly to herself for getting scared. “Hmmm?” She couldn’t believe he knew her name, causing her to tilt her head then clear her throat as she remembered how he had her application and rolled her eyes. 

“Laine Kinzle?” Laine simply nodded and smiled at him. “Yes, I am, Laine Kinzle. It’s nice to meet you.” She stepped farther into the room and sat down upon one of the black leather chairs in front of his desk. He sat when she sat and extended his hand out towards her. Which caused Laine to raise another eyebrow but leaned over to extend her hand towards his. She shook his hand firmly before letting it go and placing it back upon her thigh where the resumé was. Nodding her head, she took the resume from her lap and handed it to him. He could read the job titles she had. As he read from the resume, Laine cleared her throat and raised her hand. She looked nervous and desperate, her eyes widened with slight fear. Although the way he was staring at her gave her the creeps, she really needed the job.  “If I may be honest, I got fired from my last job for cursing out a disrespectful customer. I don’t take disrespect very easily as everyone should be respected but I’m really in need of a job so if you give me a chance, I won’t let you down.”

She paused for a brief moment then continued to talk to him. “I worked at four jobs but the last two jobs, I quit and I got fired. I’m a very nice person unless you do something that really gets under my skin then I will tell you what my issue is with you. I’m quite an honest person even though people don’t like that.” She shrugged and bit her lip. “I like chaos. It keeps the days interesting and the shifts go fast when there’s a lot of things to do.” She hoped he would consider hiring her. “I honestly never worked as a bartender but I am eager to learn how to do the job. If I don’t, my sister will kill me.” She sighed, finally saying. “I haven’t been at work for a while and I think it’s time to go back. What do you say?”  She raised her arms and smiled happily.

Sirius couldn't help but let a smirk pull at the corners of his lips as the younger of the Kinzle sisters went on about why he should employ her. He thought that she had quite a bit of gusto, and really did seem eager. The fact that she was willingly to call out people on their behaviour was exactly what he wanted from his bartenders---he didn't want people that would let customers walk all over them just to get a tip. His bartenders needed a backbone, and be confident enough to stand up for themselves. "Well, feel free to curse out whomever does anything like that here--your job will be safe, i assure you," he chuckled softly, his eyes still focussed on the paper gently grasped between his fingers. 

He looked up through his lashes a moment later, pursing his lips as he set Laine's resume on his desk. He leaned back in his chair, crossing one leg over the other as he linked his fingers across his chest. "Well, Miss Kinzle, I would love to hire you, but there are a few things you'll need to be aware of," he started, raising an eyebrow slightly at the brunette. "First of all, you'll have to come at least five nights out of seven this week so we can train you to deal with orders coming in quickly, as well as how to work behind the bar---considering you've never worked as a bartender before. After that period of time, we'll see how you do during an event we're holding the next week, and we do well, you'll get to choose how many nights you want to work here." He paused for a moment, reading Laine's expression before he continued.

Sucking in a deep breathe through his teeth, Sirius then said, "Then, there's the matter of business in this club." He hesitated, not knowing how Laine would react. "I will just cut straight to the chase here: The Siren's Cove is highly illegal: we run a lot of smuggling operations, black market trading---all that jazz. Bribing the cops is the norm here, but we have terms of agreement with them that you will have to get somewhat familiar with. Now, as a bartender you will not be directly involved with any of the ongoings, but I find it to be fair that you have a head's up on what you're getting involved with here." Taking another breath, the Celestial pushed himself forwards to fold his arms on his desk, leaning forward. "I'm willing to take a chance on you, Laine, and if you're willing to work here despite whatever underground operations I run here, I think that you'll be a great fit here at The Siren's Cove. But, you must be willing to work hard and on your feet. So, what do I say?" he concluded, a smirk toying at the corners of his lips once more. "I say welcome to the team."

As Laine was finished speaking about what she wanted to say. She really needed this job and still hoped that he would still hire her but the questions were, when would she start and would he be the one who trained her? Charlie would be so proud of her to get another job, even though their relationship was currently on the rocks, Laine still loved her. The words 'I don't trust you anymore'  caused Laine to swift gently in her seat with a sigh to herself. She remained silent in her chair as Sirius started talking about the job. Taken back by what he just said, Laine simply nodded with a smile. “You got’cha. I like it here already!" Her eyes lit up upon the words of 'curse them out'. She liked him already. "I wish my other bosses were like that. They say customers always come first like we don't matter, I understand that they can be right but what about us too?” She growled, rolled her eyes and sighed softly, her hands placed back upon her thighs. "That's great." She could see him still focused on her paper, biting her lip.

Raising an eyebrow, he watched him glance up at her and his lips pressed together as if he were hiding something. Only made Laine lean in more, she hated how curious she was. Sometimes it would get her in trouble. Before she could even ask him what was wrong, he leaned back in his chair and continued to speak. "Yes? I'm all ears!" He would love to hire her? That's great news! The but is what stopped her. There was always a but. As she waited for what the 'but' entitles, she shook her head and nodded. "That sounds perfectly fine, it's not like I have any friends and someone to talk to when I get home so.. me working at this place is going to be fun! I need to train so the five nights is going to be okay! I'm glad that it isn't a problem, Sir." She grinned widely, grasping the hem of her dress tightly. She was a bit nervous as he continued. What else were she supposed to do? 

"You're holding an event at the club next week?" Her eyes lit up with excitement yet there was a little pounce of fear behind it. She was sure nervous and didn't want to mess anything up. She felt like that's all she ended up doing and she wanted to change that. Working at a NightClub could be a new start for her. She worked an eyebrow and smiled as she could choose her one schedule at the end of her trial. Lifting her hand from her side, she tapped her chin as a curious look appeared on her face. "Hmm, allowed to curse the customers out if they get out of hand? AND I get to choose MY schedule? I like this place already!" She rose quickly out of her chair to extend her hand to his, grasping it gently and shook it several times. "Count me in, Sir! When do I start?" She grinned so wide, she could feel her cheeks bursting. 

His face soon got all serious as he sucked in air. He had more to tell her and Laine was getting ahead of herself. Clearing her throat, a slight chuckle was heard from her. "I'm sorry, I didn't know there was more." Walking two steps backwards to her chair, she sat back down upon the black leather seats. "Business?" She tilted her had, thinking that wasn't the club a business? As he spoke about how the Siren's Cove is highly illegal as it smuggled many things. Her eyes grew wide as if they were bulging out of her head, her mouth practically dropped to the floor once he said illegal. "Oh my God! Shut the fuck up!" Laine couldn't help but be amazed and nervous at the sametime. "Fuck…" Does this mean there is a lot of cash involved if she were to join his illegal operations? It's not like they wouldn't get caught, the cops knew but did her sister? This was ONE conversation that she wasn't looking forward to. Charlie would have flipped and possibly force her to quit or think this over. This had to be a secret from her and everyone she could possibly meet. "This all sounds so surreal, it's not even funny. Terms of agreement like if I get caught or something and I tell them my 'secret rights', eh?" 

She made quotation marks with her fingers at the words, 'secret rights' and laughed. She raised an eyebrow and slightly frowned to herself yet she was somewhat relieved she didn't have to join in the illegal stuff. Laine wasn't the one to snitch so he would have someone in good hands. She simply nodded her head with another smile. "This is all so new to me but your secret organization is a secret to me. I'm not one to snitch or anything but I don't honestly mind getting involved. Just can't tell my sister!" She laughed nervously, her mouth having a mind of it's own apparently for the fact she blurted out what she really was thinking. Laine knew you only live once and the fact she's fifty years old and did nothing with her life, she could give her the opportunity to make her life just a bit more interesting. Placing her hand upon her mouth, she raised both eyebrows. "I am willing to work as hard as I can." She leaned in her seat, eyes widened at him. "I am definitely interested in joining your team." She grinned. "So I'm in!"


Her enthusiasm brought a grin to his chiselled features, and he put the resumé to the side of his desk. He didn't need to look at it now, for there was nothing more of use printed on the stark-white paper. His full attention was now on Laine, taking in her every word as she responded to the terms of working in a place such as his establishment. "No need to call me sir, Laine," he said with a wave of his hand. "We're all rather informal here. The people here call me Sirius, Siri, or Thell---a shortened version of my middle name, Othello," he mused. "I've even just been addressed with a nod and a rather irritated 'you' from one of my barmaids, so you can guess the usual vibe around here from that."

Her reaction to the illegal activities conducted at The Siren's Cove wasn't one of hesitation and second-thought---on the contrary, it seemed to make her even more eager to be working with him. Telling someone that they'd have to deal with bribing police officers and closing eyes to smuggling deals usually didn't result with a sparkle in their eyes as they leaned forward, even more reeled in at the prospect. But that was the only way he could define how Laine looked upon hearing all that information, and the Greek Celestial couldn't help but let his grin mould into a rather amused smirk. "You won't get caught, so there's no need to know any 'secret rights,"' he informed her, using air quotes with his fingers for the last two words. "The bouncers will handle any eager cops, and if any undercover idiot tries anything funny with you, just call over one of them to...have a little talk." The corners of his lips twitched, and his amber hues sparkled with a sort of malicious amusement.

His tongue swiped his slightly-chapped lips as he sat up in his seat, nodding as Laine spoke. "Well, not being a snitch is a trait that's rather important here," he teased lightly. At the mention of Charlie, he couldn't help the smile from twitching at his lips. That would mean that the elder of the two was in Evermore too, and therefore increasing his chances of running into her. "Would your sister have a problem with you working here?" he asked, tilting his head to a side as he raised an eyebrow in question. He then shrugged his shoulders cooly, his features returning to their neutral state. "As long as you don't mention anything to anyone, your sister should not be able to find out. Only I know exactly how much everyone is involved in things here, so there's no one who can leak things out," Sirius assured.

Nodding once more at her final statement, a broad grin spread upon his face. "In that case, the job is yours," he announced, his smile causing the corners of his narrowed hues to crinkle. "You can have a word with the head bartender outside--the one who gave you the application--and they can help come up with a schedule for you and get you started with training." His brow then furrowed slightly, an idea occurring to him as his hues flickered towards the door separating his office from the nightclub, the music muffled by the soundproofing of the room. "Actually, if you're free tonight, it's not going to be rather hectic here, so you could actually try out the swing of things now." He returned his gaze back to the woman, an eyebrow once more raised in question. "That is, if you're fine with it, and don't want to give it a day--it's completely up to you, and won't affect my view of you whatsoever, if that's a concern of yours." 

Laine smiled as he smiled, knowing that he liked the way she was excited about the whole thing. She always said to herself,  you only live once. Why not live it to your fullest and do whatever the hell you want. She raised an eyebrow as she watched him set her resume on the desk. She knew he had his full attention, causing her to lean over more with excitement. Someone to actually listen to her speak. After their fight, Charlie had hardly talked to her. Thus making her talk and answer to herself. Some people who were around her thought she was weird. She nodded as he told her to nor call him Sir. "What if it was some sort of nickname?" She grinned, tilting her head to the side. waving her own hand. "But sorry, it's a habit. I can be formal sometimes." She rolled her eyes and laughed. As he said 'Siri', her iPhone which was located in the pocket of her purse spoke. She looked down and laughed harder. "Hmm, I think I'll just call you Sirius." She glanced towards the door where she once appeared walking through and nodded. "Haha! You're right! Maybe I'll make myself home here."

She didn't have any friends, not by choice. Which made her just a loner. People just thought she was weird and boredom was her only friend. Laine and her sister Charlie's relationship were always rocky so she really had no one to talk to her. Resulting in her having random conversations with herself. So anything cool sounding allowed her to have fun along with experience. Although this was a bit iffy considering he just blurted what he does to a complete stranger, she wanted all hands on deck. "Ohh, that's good." She nodded her head and laughed as he did the air quotes around and the words, 'secret rights'. "Great!" She then blinked at his next sentence and grinned. "Yes, of course! Maybe I can have a secret wink or something for them to know then they come up and…" She pauses for a second before yelling "WHAM!'" really loudly, her hands clasping as well. "Sorry." Her face went expressionless. "But I'm loving this! Sounds like a great movie." She nodded. 

"That's good. I protect those who are good to me." She lifted her hand and visually moved it down his chest as she stared at him while speaking, "Your aura feels as if I can trust you and I'm usually never wrong in my feelings." She folded her lips into her mouth then let them go as her tongue rolled over her lips. Hoping he didn't think she was weird and still wanted to hire her. She shrugged her shoulders and bit her lip nervously before smirking. "She's an… agent. I don't remember what part exactly, honestly." She huffed in annoyance. "So I guess so? I would like to keep that part private from her if you don't mind?" She grinned nervously. "I would never mention this to anyone. I am not really known in this place yet so me having friends is rare right now." She sighed, mostly to herself. "Anyways, I'm your girl! Your secrets are safe with me, Sirius. I promise you." 

She jumped happily in her seat as he said she was hired. Laine smiled so widely, her cheeks becoming a bit sore from the excitement. She couldn't wait to tell her sister, she found a job as a bartender. This gave her the opportunity to pay her sister back and try to work on their relationship.  "Yes, I'll talk to her in a minute but are their dress codes? Do I need to wear certain clothes or do I dress however I want?" She tilts her head, curiously looking at him. She raised an eyebrow as she saw his brow furrow. 'Was there something he wanted to ask her?' Her face remained still as he asked. It wasn't like she had anything else to do and what the hell, another day of training. Sucking in her lower lip to bite it once, she nodded. "Yes, I'll stay to train now. It's not like I have plans." She grinned happily. "So what is the head bartender's name? So I can start my training. Thank you again, Sirius for giving me a chance. I needed this." 

Her enthusiasm amused the Greek Celestial, although he worried slightly about how she was treated the nature of his establishments. "On a serious note," he decided to say, "working here is not a laughing matter. Sure, it may seem cool and all now, but situations can get sticky and ugly. You have be sure you can remain professional at all times. Except, of course, if a customer is being a jackass." There was a sly glint in his amber hues as he finished off his warning, his signature smirk beginning to tug once more at the corners of his lips. 

When Laine mentioned his aura, it pained him to fight back the impish grin that threatened to stretch across his face. Classic Laine, he thought to himself--she really hadn't changed one bit. "Well, I'm glad to hear that," he said with a smile and a nod. When she mentioned her sister, a smirk pulled at the corners of his lips. From what Laine said, Charlie was doing good. He always knew that she was incredibly smart, so it was no surprise to hear that she'd found work as an agent. He made a mental note to look her up, and see exactly was the elder of the two sisters were up to. He shook his head at her request, a friendly smile upon his lips. "Don't worry, I'm not the type of boss to make house calls," he assured. "Your secret is safe with me--all she'll know is that you're a clueless bartender that hasn't realised where she's working." He nodded at her assurances once more, letting her know with that simple gesture that he trusted her.

Once he'd said that she was hired, he couldn't hep but grin at her excitement, his smile matching hers. Rapid-fire questions came his way, which he did expect, to which he leaned back in his seat, his demeanour cool and collected. "On normal nights, all-black attire is the dress code. Think cocktail, or smart casual?" he tried to describe. "Whatever you'd use for a night out," he finally summarise. "But on event nights," Sirius continued, "think rave-wear. Have fun with neons, LED lights, glitter--but I'll give you a wristband to show that you're staff." 

When he asked her if she was willing to start training today and she agreed, Sirius stood up from his seat. "Glad to hear that," the Greek Celestial said, "her name is Kiara--she's not as mean as she looks, and she'll teach you everything you'll need to know." With a smile, he then walked Laine to the door, leaning back against the wall before she left to finally start working in the nightclub. "Let me know after how things are going," he requested, "and don't be afraid to ask me any questions." A wide grin then spread across his face, the man reaching the close the door to his office once Laine had left. "Welcome to the family, Laine," he called after her. a nostalgic look etched on his face before he exhaled deeply, closing the door behind him before returning to his desk.

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