The random RP generator is finally here! Anyone who has commented on the opt in thread is able to participate. By posting below you are requesting a partner and a situation for your character to start a thread for. You are welcome to plot it beforehand or simply post the thread. You and your matched partner will be notified via inbox once you have a new thread.

Situation Types -

Muse A and B - You will be given a muse A and muse B scenario to act out with your randomly selected partner, you can decide between you and your partner who plays each part of the scenario.

Theme - You will be given a general theme for the situation but no specific plot, for example you may be given music and therefore you will come up with a situation that incorporates music, E.G both characters are at a concert or one of them is playing music.

One Line Starter - We will give you one line to base your starter around which will be the first sentence in your RP, from there you can develop it and shape it as you wish.

Request form:

Blacklist Names: (Any characters you don't want to be matched with E.G Multi Roles or Existing Partners)
Situation Type: MuseAandB/Theme/OneLineStarter/Any

If you wish to request a thread anonymously you may do so by inboxing Sariah/Ophelia. Otherwise post below! We will try to get back to you within 24 hours!

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Replies to This Discussion

Name: Sierra Reigns 

Blacklist Names: None

Situation Type: MuseAandB

Name: Raina Sterling

Situation type: Muse A and B

One line starter'

Blacklist Names : None


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