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Jonathan Elijah Bradford
Faceclaim: Henry Cavill
Species: Pure Nephilim
Age: 28
Status: In The Community.
Family: Cornelia Bradford (Younger Sister) || Abraxas Bradford (Father) || Isaiah Bradford (Half-Brother) || Clarissa Bradford (Half-Sister)

They say all families have secrets and lies; always guarded by intricate words and hidden behind most beautiful untruths. But what if, you are the sole keeper of all the secrets? What if you are the only one who knows the full story? What if, no one in your family knows you exist?

It would have been the greatest joys of anyone’s life to be the heir to the Bradford kingdom; the huge amounts of money kept safely in hundreds of offshore accounts, the large plots of land, businesses and status. People feared the Bradfords, men idolized the leader of the mafia, Abraxas Bradford. Jonathan was born a Bradford although he never lived the life of one and to some extend he is glad he didn’t have a male figure to call ‘father’, because the person his real father was, wasn’t someone to be proud of.

In the middle of the night of 12th August, 1987 in one of the most famous hospitals in New York, Jonathan was born as the first child of Abraxas and Aurelia Bradford, an heir to countless riches. However he could only see the smile of his father and feel the warmth of his mother for a few minutes before he was presumed dead. Of course, he didn’t truly die that night. Aurelia Bradford hated her husband’s profession, the way they lived. She wanted her son to grow up safe and away from all the bloodshed. So she devised a plan. After a lot of persuasion and money, a nurse had decided to play the main part in Aurelia’s plan.

That night, an already dead baby was replaced with Jonathan’s infant self but the only people aware of the dangerous way-out for the little boy was the nurse, Aurelia and the family who had come forward to take care of him. With a heavy heart, Aurelia parted ways with her son, promising to meet him when it was time.

The wrath of Abraxas Bradford that night still haunts the rooms of the hospital. The number of doctors and nurses slaughtered still unclear. They say the baby took away with it whatever humanity Abraxas had left in him and didn’t return even after the birth of his second child, Cornelia.

Jonathan however was the perfect definition of humanism. Away from the American soil and his father, he grew up in Britain with his mother’s distant relatives, fully aware of his history. He did not want to reach out to his parents. No; he couldn’t risk whatever his mother had done for him and further, he couldn’t bring himself to associate with a murderer, that was his father. Although he still missed the warmth of his mother while growing up.  Even though his uncle and aunt took great care of him, Jonathan still felt something was missing from his life; his mother.

At the age of fourteen, Jonathan’s life felt complete again. All of a sudden, his mother appeared on their door-step. Exhausted and worn out, Aurelia spent a week with the family, listening to all the little incidents that had taken place while her first born grew up. That was the best week in Jonathan’s life.

However, soon afterwards, Aurelia visited again and then again and again. Everytime she came, his mother left with some crucial message for him to keep. By the time he was of age, Aurelia had opened up to him about a lot of secrets about Abraxas, his weaknesses, his covered-up trails. She trusted him more than anyone else and Jonathan was proud of being the person his mother would open up to. However, Aurelia would never let him meet Cornelia or even let his younger sister know he existed. He still had to remain in the shadows.

The only place where Jonathan could rise up and shine was at school. He was not only the star basketball player of high school, but also a straight A student, almost always first in his class. However, Jonathan was also humble and kind towards other. He didn’t want to become anything even remotely close to his father. As he grew, Jonathan carved out to be a handsome, noble young man who everyone was proud of. Mostly his mother because she was finally sure of the decisions she had made about his upbringing.

However not everything could be so amazing when a psychopathic father was still in picture. While driving back home one night, Jonathan got a call that changed his life. On the other end of the line was his aunt, delivering the worst news a son could hear. “Your mom was murdered.” Were the only words Jonathan remembers from the night. The rest of it is still a blur.

The very next memory after that is of Jonathan waking up in the emergency room of a hospital. Apparently, he had crashed his car while talking over the phone. However, the pain of cracked bones and deep wounds was nothing compared to losing her mother. Jonathan was thirsty for revenge. But he knew he couldn’t do anything now, he had to get inside his father’s life without him being aware. He had to crawl under his skin and tear him apart. But he also had to wait for the right opportunity and he couldn’t do it alone.

In the next few years, Jonathan finished his graduation in Hotel Management with a course in Hospitality. He did what his mother would have wanted him to do, become a great honorable man. Soon after, he opened his own coffee shop which then upgraded to a chain of restaurants. With his success, there was only one thing he had to do; avenge his mother’s death. By now, the oldest Bradford child had come to know about his sister becoming a detective and moving to a city called Evermore. He was also aware that she had tried to put Abraxas in jail and failed miserably. However, it was the fact that Cornelia had been living in fear of Abraxas, closing herself from the outside world to protect innocents when Jonathan decided to step in. Their mother would have never wanted this. It was time to stop.

Now standing in Evermore, Colorado, Jonathan, the keeper of all the secrets of the Bradford family has only one motive: to finally end the game Abraxas Bradford had started.

~Personality Traits~

Loyal - Noble - Confident - Passionate
Sarcastic - Flirty - Outgoing - Persuasive

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