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Cassandra Melanie Havilliard NAMECass, CassieNICKNAMESSeattle 1945PLACE OF BIRTH75/28AGE/APPEARANCEFemaleGENDER
American/CelestialNATIONALITY/SPECIESI don't kiss and tell ;)SEXUALITYStill grieving her dead fiancéRELATIONSHIPFirefighterOCCUPATIONLieutenantRANK
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The Fall
Scientists have reasoned that our universe came to life by the death of supernova, a giant star, that exploded once its fuel ran out, and created the life we know today. An explanation most atheists accept and believe. However, while most experts agree on that fact, they are still divided on how a star is born. Dozens of films have tried making up their own explanation of the phenomenon without really capturing it. They connected a shooting star with wishes. The ancient Greeks came closest to its real event, that it was souls from rising and falling men traveling from and to earth's surface.

The first thing she perceived was a tingling sensation that quickly evolved to burning. She was on fire, surrounded by light, that was all she knew, nothing else no name or memory of her life before. Then as she hit the ground and everything went dark again, her conscience as well.

The world war had ended just months before and the world was in a rebuilding state. Even though the country she had descended, or rather fallen, into had only assisted the war with resources and men. Her fall had been witnessed by many followed by millions of wishes but no one believed the falling star would come close enough to earth to land on it, and if it did the protecting shields around it would scorch it before it hit the surface. Seattle's fire department was alarmed by a citizen who had seen a ball of fire hit the sand, but when they arrived on the scene there was no fire. Only an unconscious woman lying in a crater.
New Beginnings
The paramedics took the wounded woman to the hospital. It wasn’t routine but a few days after they went to visit the blonde. After just minutes of conversation, it was clear the girl had no memory of anything. She didn’t know where she came from or even her name. Her injuries were minor, only a few burns and bruises along with the amnesia so the doctors discharged her. The kind fighter-fighters and paramedics offered her a place at the station as she had nowhere else to go. She happily agreed, thankful for their hospitality.

A few weeks passed and the blonde adjusted to her new situation. She loved the firehouse and all its inhabitants and came to see them as her family even though so short amount of time had passed, and it seemed as if they had grown very fond of her too. Her name came to her as she was in cleaning the floors and stumbled over a shoe. ”I know my name” she said mesmerized by this knowledge. ” It's Havilliard” She laughed joyously filled with happiness ”I am Cassandra Havilliard”. The men cheered and brought her into a bear hug ” Congratulations Havilliard now we finally know which name to yell when we need something” One of the firefighters joked winking.

Knowing her name was just the start soon the celestial flourished to her full potential, showing off who she really was, an ambitious woman who fought for what she believed was right. At times she would even glow but as her appearance on earth had been stranger no one really reacted. She started to train as an EMT studying hard every waken minute and tagging along on calls when she could, but her real dream was to become a firefighter and run into burning buildings. The men laughed at her vision, a female firefighter was only a joke in their world, advising her to stick to becoming a paramedic. It angered her their judgmental, she knew they didn’t mean to be mean only protect her bu there and then she promised to show them. Cass started to work out, at first it seemed almost impossible, she got tired after just minutes but she was determined to follow her dream and as time went by she got stronger. The following year she was accepted to the fire academy. The blonde loved the academy even though she was faced with the challenge of convincing everyone her gender was no obstacle to do the job. The other candidates taunts only made her more devoted.
When she was to promoted to lieutenant 3 years later it felt like everything was falling into place. The celestial had found love in one of her superiors one who never had believed in her the few times she had doubted and got engaged shortly after they started dating. It was at a call one month before the wedding that everything came to change. They were called to a structural fire. Nothing unusual, but the flames moved unnaturally fast. She had just ordered her men to stay out as it was too much of a risk that the whole building would blow when she heard a woman’s voice call for help. She decided to go in alone not risking anyone else’s life. However, inside the flames went out as if someone turned off a switch. She’d never seen anything like it. Confused Cass tried looking for the female who had called for help but without success. She heard her fiancé over the radio, worried and threatening to go in as well if she didn’t return within minutes, she was just going back out when a woman appeared from the shadows. As the unknown female reached for a weapon Cass heard her fiancés voice, the woman moved quicker than humanly possible and before the celestial could blink he was dead. She was so shocked that she didn’t react fast enough when footsteps came from behind and someone hit her in the head making the world fade.

When she woke up days later in a cell next to other people who also glowed she got an explanation. Apparently she belonged to a species called celestials, fallen stars, who’d been captivated and brought to the isle of Skye by another species and its guards. There was also a rumour, a string of hope, that of of them, the others called her ”the Wayfinder” would come to their rescue and bring them home. However, years and decades passed and Cass got well aquatinted with the other celestials and no one came to their rescue some started to lose faith. Not Cassie ho she kept the mood up refusing to believe this was her faith.

Every story has its villain and in hers, and all the other celestials that role was filled by Erythreus Ailward, the leader of the aspects. A broody creature who was rumoured to be ruthless and fancied the flask. It was his decision that had determined their captivation. The blonde demanded an audience with the aspects leader, she wasn’t going to hurt him, or at least that wasn’t plan A. All she wanted was to hear his reasons for keeping them in cages like beautiful animals at a zoo. She wanted to understand why he feared them, it was what she asked for each day when the guards came with their food, and every day she was denied for years. Until one day. The ancient male was nothing like she’d expected behind the grumpy surface she witnessed a man with much compassion.

Then Ophelia finally came and soon thereafter the isle of skye was shaken by earthquakes. Ophelia told them about her intentions to colonize Evermore, a small city in Colorado and offered them all a home there to continue growing stronger and maybe one day fight back against the Aliwards for stealing many years of their lives. Most of the celestials including Cassandra decided to take their offer, she didn’t have anywhere else to go, her fiancé had been dead for decades and the crew at the fire station was most likely retired so the choice came easy. The other celestials was already like family to her after so many years together. In town she tattooed a ring around her ring finger in the memory of her lost fiancé, worked part-time at the fire department and tried to build a home with the celestials excited for whatever the future was holding for them whether it was war or love.

Heaven or hell?
OpheliaOpen for plotting
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At 19:05 on September 29, 2021,
✓ Lucille Monroe Durrant

Hello! Thank you for the add! I’m Lucille (: 

At 23:05 on June 3, 2021,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

That reply was decades late, but hopefully it can resume our storyline.

At 9:45 on April 9, 2021,
✓ Silas Reid

Thank you for giving me a bit of insight into her world! Let me tell you a bit about Silas;

he owns his own company which has been quite the success as it is his day job but at night, he works as a hitman behind the public eye but he isn't a normal hitman, I guess? He only targets those who have wronged children whether that be by abusing, mistreating, or abandoning them in any way as he was neglected as a child, himself.

At 8:36 on April 5, 2021,
✓ Silas Reid

Sorry for the late response! But happy to hear.

Mind telling me a bit about your character?

At 9:45 on February 5, 2021,
✓ Silas Reid

Hello, many thanks for the request.

If you're open to threads, let me know. I need to get a few going.



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