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Aeryn was born on a summer’s day in a small town in Greece to one of the most prestigious and renowned pureblood Nephilim bloodlines. From a young age the half angel was the very centre of his family, everyone’s eyes turned to him to discover what kind of person he would be when he grew up. Even from a young age, Aeryn knew that he was a nephilim, mostly due to the fact that his family carried their name with extreme pride. In Greece, the Constantine family were considered somewhat of leaders of the Nephilim at the time of the young boy’s birth.

The first few years of Aeryn’s life were easy, his parents were happily married and gave him the attention he needed, his mother would soothe him when he was frightened and his father would teach him life skills and look out for him. Aeryn was surrounded by family, he had cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles plenty, it was rare that he was not in the company of one family member or another. Aeryn was popular around the other young Nephilim children and he easily made friends. As with most nephilim, Aeryn was taught in the ways of combat as soon as he was ready to comprehend it, his kind had the tendency to be graceful and skillful with their fighting but Aeryn was especially talented in such skills, the more he learned the more he excelled until all the other boys in the village would look up to him.

At five years old, Aeryn’s parents would reveal to him that he was to have a sister. Aeryn was conflicted by the idea at first, on the one hand he enjoyed being the centre of attention alone and didn’t want to share that with anyone but on the other, a sibling he could share his time with was also promising. 9 months later and Aeryn would meet his sister, whom was named Wilhelmina. From the moment that Willa was born, she was incredibly important to him, he wanted nothing more than to protect her and care for her, to make sure that nothing in life ever harmed her.

Aeryn and Willa were close growing up despite the age gap of six years between them, like Aeryn, Willa was talented in fighting but she also excelled in talents he lacked, such as literature and even artistry. Throughout their childhood, the two reflected one another well, Willa tended to be the more solitary of the two, often coming across as standoffish and brash, while Aeryn was the more understanding and patient of the pair.

Moving into his teens and early twenties, Aeryn had very much become his own person, like his father, Aeryn was skilled in diplomacy and leadership, he was compassionate and understood the needs of others but could also make the hard decisions that needed to be made for the best of the people. Aeryn remained devoted to his family, he would do anything to protect them. In Aeryn’s mind there was nothing stronger than bond of family.

At first Aeryn couldn’t understand why things began to change. Aeryn’s father, usually a peaceful diplomat started to change, at first it was a sudden interest in weapons and the making of them, then came the shutting out of people closest to him, some days Aeryn was the only person who could get through to him and it became evident that his father was distancing himself from the family.

Thirdly came his father’s obsession with mystical objects and the abilities they brought to people like them, his father spoke of legendary items capable of killing people with just one touch. Aeryn started to fear for his father’s sanity but he didn’t know whom he could turn to stop him before he did something dangerous. Aeryn’s father had stopped listening to his sister and mother, he almost acted like they no longer existed and Aeryn was the only one he would even speak to.

Aeryn turned to his uncle for help, he knew that searching for powerful objects wouldn’t end well. What had once become a game of diplomatics and leadership to keep the balance in the nephilim community in Greece had become a much more dangerous game of building power in order to frighten the other families into following them. Aeryn couldn’t condone his father’s decisions and he had to find a way to stop him before something serious happened. Confiding in his uncle proved helpful to Aeryn as he agreed to intervene and try and prevent his father from seeking out such dangers.

Aeryn’s plan however fell apart. His uncle had plotted to take his father out on a hunt, to try and talk his brother into seeing sense and to remind him of the great person he had once been. The plan began as expected and Aeryn waited patiently at home for his uncle and father to return, he hoped that clarity would help his father to see the error of his ways. A week passed however and neither of them had returned. Aeryn tried to convince the other families to help him search for them however due to the mistreatment they had experienced at the hands of his father, they were unwilling to help him.

Knowing that he couldn’t leave alone and risk the entire village becoming a war for power he stayed back and continued to lead, he hoped that there had simply been a sidetrack on the journey and they would both return as planned. Aeryn’s hopes however were futile. Another three days passed and the worry for the safety of his family only escalated, Aeryn didn’t know what had happened, nor what to do if neither returned.

A shout cried through the night waking the entire village that night. Aeryn didn’t know what was happening until he walked outside to find the look of pure evil on his father’s face. At his feet was the beheaded corpse of his uncle and laid on a rock was one of the very mystical objects his father had spoken of, a stone, carved with markings which glowed with a mystical light. Afraid, people had screamed in terror at the sight, others had run for their lives and rightly they should have, because the man standing before Aeryn was not his father, it was someone whom had entirely lost their mind, someone who had given in to every dark thought that lurked at the back of his mind.

Aeryn stood in front of his mother and Willa in an attempt to shield them from the sight as they joined him out in the clearing, he told them to get back inside and hide but his mother burst out crying at the sight of his uncle, dead on the ground before him. Aeryn’s father made his way towards them menacingly, jaunting about how his mother’s lover was dead and how he had finally had his revenge for everything that she did to him. Aeryn’s eyes had widened as he realized what had driven his father to this point. His realization however didn’t have long to set in before his father grabbed him and dragged him over to the stone in the center of the clearing.

“My son, the only person who has never betrayed me” the words caused a shiver to roll down Aeryn’s spine as he stared at the stone, afraid for what it might do to those around them and what his father intended to use it for. Aeryn tried to tell Willa and his mother to run, however both seemed frozen in place, almost like they couldn’t move. Aeryn began to plead with his father not to do whatever he intended, that there was another way. He wished he had brought a weapon out with him so that he could prevent what was to come but all he could do was stand helpless as the stone began to glow brighter.

Aeryn watched as the look of hunger grew in his father’s eyes, he knew that whatever this object was, it was going to provide some kind of power, he didn’t know what but he had seen that exact same look in his father’s eyes whenever he read about mystical objects or finished crafting a new weapon. Knowing he had to stop whatever it was going to do, Aeryn grabbed the stone and hit his father over the head with it, the blow was hard enough to knock his father to the ground but it made no damage to the strange object which only started to glow brighter.

In all of the action Aeryn hadn’t been watching around him or noticed that Willa had managed to make her way to him. Aeryn knew what he had to do and he knew he would likely never come back from doing so. “I have to get this out of here” he confessed to her before he took off running into the woods.

Aeryn’s only hope was that he could get far enough away from the village to prevent his father from getting hold of whatever power it was intended to do. He ran until his lungs burned, the stone glowing brighter and brighter as he did so. Suddenly a feeling of dizziness came over him and his body felt heavy, he didn’t know how to keep moving and eventually collapsed to the ground. The last thing that Aeryn saw and felt before he fell into the darkness was his sister’s hand in his, a perfect goodbye if there even could be one.

Aeryn awoke weeks later, he didn’t know what had happened, nor where he was, he was confused as he looked around the small hut he found himself in and met the face of a kind looking old woman. “Well if it isn’t the man brave enough to take the curse of El’Ar” she spoke but the words seemed fragmented to him, all he could think about was what had happened and where his family was.

It took several hours for the woman, whose name he had come to learn was Lucinda, to explain the aftermath of Aeryn’s choice. By getting the stone away from the village, Aeryn had saved a lot of lives, it turned out that it was a power device, designed to take the power from many and transfer it into one, amplifying the power such a person held and granting them power beyond the realms of most imagination. Aeryn’s father had intended to use it against the whole village to make him and Aeryn invincible beings.

The stone however hadn’t been entirely stopped, the death of his uncle and his father, whom had been executed by the villagers for his crime had fused with the stone which he had been holding before he passed out and that power had transferred to him and his sister, whom had been holding onto him when the stone activated. Lucinda didn’t know what exactly that would mean for Aeryn, but she did know that it would place the curse of El’Ar on him. The curse as she explained, forced beings of immense power to remain solitary, it prevented them from building an army, a side effect he was sure his father didn’t know of.

What it meant for Aeryn however, was that he could never be within 100 miles of someone else with the curse, if he did so then it would mean a short time to his certain death, as well as the other person too. Luckily for him the curse was rare, he was able to travel if he wanted to, it was an opportunity to try and rebuild the life he had just lost. The hardest part of it all however, was that it meant that he and Willa could never be within 100 miles of one another again without causing both of their demise. Before she left, Willa had written Aeryn a letter, she told him not to blame himself for what happened and that she was proud of him for protecting so many people, she explained where she intended to go so that if he so wished, he could return the message to her, she told him that she would always miss and love him and wished him the best for his life.

Aeryn decided to make the trip back home to pick up the pieces of the life he had once lived. Lucinda had told him that Willa had decided that going home was too painful for her and so she had left to try and find a place in the world and to discover what power the stone had given her. Discovering the man she thought was her father wasn’t really and that her real father was now dead had been shocking and hard for her to handle and Aeryn could understand.

Aeryn’s visit home didn’t last for long, whilst he was glad his mother had survived that fateful night, he couldn’t help but blame her for everything that had happened to his family, it was her decision to take a lover and hide it that had turned his father the way he had and in turn it had lead to the inevitable events of that night. Aeryn gathered everything he needed, all the money he had earned from smithing and said his goodbyes. By nightfall, he had walked away from Greece and the only home he had ever known in search for the next chapter of his life.

When Aeryn arrived in the next country he would call home, he put pen to paper and returned his sister’s message, telling her about his next plans, his suspicions on how the stone had changed them and that he loved and missed her. Willa told him how she had decided to keep the stone after receiving instruction from Lucinda on how to prevent it from activating and the two agreed they would protect it from falling into the hands of someone who might misuse it. Whilst Willa cared for the stone, Aeryn travelled the world trying to find out more about it and if there was a way to destroy it permanently.

The exchange of letters continued for the next few centuries as the two of them travelled their way around the world separately. It didn’t take the two of them long to discover the power the stone had given them because no matter how many years went by, neither grew older than their current age. For that very reason, every few years, Aeryn would have to pack up his life and move to a new place, new name, new profession, new story. Aeryn became naturally flighty since everything had happened so most times the move came as a welcome change to a slowly dulling life.

Aeryn lived many different lives through the years, he cycled his way through different professions, learned every skill there was to learn, he continued to practice and hone his fighting skills which he used to protect those who needed him. Aeryn chose not to settle down for knowing that one day he would have to leave, though he did experience affection and love a few times in his long life, mostly in the form of friendships with other supernatural beings, it was inevitable that one day he would need to draw the line and it would come to an end, but the memories of some would follow him through his long life.

The only constant that remained in his life were the letters, a large collection as he read about the lives that his sister lead away from him, he missed her every day, as he did his mother whom passed away from old age, he had chosen not to attend the funeral to allow Willa to attend it, she had always been closer with their mother than he had and she had forgiven her and visited her several times before she passed. It was a lonely life to lead, but it was his life and it was the curse he had to bear.

Having the stone meant that Willa lived a harder life than Aeryn, great power was often followed by greedy people. When Aeryn received a letter from his sister asking that he take over the burden for some years he accepted graciously, he would have been willing to give his life 100 times over for his sister to have a better one. They arranged a mutual contact to complete the transfer and Aeryn became the keeper of the stone of El’Ar.

Having the stone meant that Aeryn needed to travel more often and so he decided to take to the seas. Trading in the money had had gained from various jobs from place to place, he purchased a sail boat and took to the seas. For some time this allowed Aeryn some peace, it was harder for those whom sought the stone to find him when he was at seas and he did his best to remain under the radar when he docked at ports.

Everything changed for Aeryn the day he fell in love with a human. Her name was Marie and she was the most stunning woman he had ever met. Aeryn met her when he was docked in a port on the east of England and despite his usual aloof and sarcastic attitude, something about her just captured him. Marie was the daughter of a miller, she was brave and she was bold and she was beyond her time with intelligence. Aeryn decided to remain at the port for many months just to get to know her, spend time with her and find out if she felt the same way about him as he did her.

After months of working her down, Marie finally agreed to allow Aeryn to court her and the two of them started plotting a life together, for the first time in a long time, Aeryn saw a future which may hold happiness for him. The two of them with the blessing of Marie’s family boarded a ship to start an adventure together, Aeryn wanted to show her the world, everything she may have never gotten to see had she remained in her small town. Aeryn told Marie about his past, he shared details of his love in letters to his sister and he was happy. Blindingly and ridiculously in love.

Marie and Aeryn had a happy 5 years of travelling before Aeryn’s past caught up to them, whilst sailing on the outskirts of American, Aeryn had noticed that a ship had been tailing them for some time. Growing concerned, Aeryn has steered off into waters he hoped they would not follow. Much to their misfortune however, a storm was reeling in and the waters became choppy and difficult to manage. Aeryn had instructed Marie to go below deck whilst he worked on making it through the storm. Not 10 minutes after she did so however did the cannon fire sound and the crash of a cannonball hitting the ship rock the boat.

Aeryn barely had time to react before the boat started to take on water, in calmer waters he made have been able to make repairs in time to keep them afloat but with the storm there was little chance. Aeryn had ran down to the lower deck to check on Marie but the scene he was met with as he saw the wreckage of what was left with his ship was something that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Marie lay wounded from the flying debris of the blow clutching her chest.

Aeryn had fallen to his knees as he watched hopelessly, he could tell just by looking at her that she wasn’t going to make it. Tears pooled in his eyes as he told her it was going to be okay. It was a lie, but he hoped it would comfort her in her final moments. “It should be me” he spoke softly as he felt the wave of grief hit him, realization setting in. Why should he be allowed eternal life when someone like her’s was gone far too soon. “Goodbye, my protector” Marie had spoken her final words before she passed. Aeryn felt numb as he sat holding his love in his arms, the tears kept coming until they were one with the ocean that was rising.

Aeryn didn’t want to fight, he didn’t know how to anymore, all the strength felt like it was sucked from him and he couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe and as the ship descended into the water he felt the darkness take him over, until there was nothing, just black.

When Aeryn awoke, he couldn’t remember anything that had happened. His mind was blank, he didn’t know any more than his own name. The place he found himself on was dark, the skies were lit with a white hue. Aeryn placed his hand to his neck finding the stone of El’Ar still placed on the chain he wore on his neck, safe from whomever had been trying to take it. Danger. The feeling of danger surrounded him and the nephilim sprang into action. As he did so however, white wings protruded from a confused Aeryn’s back. Aeryn didn’t know what was happening but he knew he needed to run, whatever was happening to this place, he somehow knew that if he stayed then he was going to die.

Natural instinct took over the Nephilim and he took off running, his wings flapping and lifting him into the sky as he did so. Below him he saw views of carnage, bodies strewn on the ground everywhere. Aeryn looked on in shocked sadness as he realized that he was on an island and the island was ablaze. Aeryn looked over for anyone moving in the wreckage and caught glimpse of a lone girl, running for her life. In an instinctive move, the warrior swooped down from the sky to face the girl. He didn’t say a word, instead he offered his hand out to her, if he could save someone, he would, that was the kind of person Aeryn was.

Flying away from the island, he did his best not to look back and wonder, who were all those people and how had such a tragic event occurred. All he cared for was ensuring him and his travelling companion were safe. After what felt like hours of endless flying over seas, Aeryn came to land and released the hand of the frightened woman he had saved. She thanked him for his help and revealed her name to be Marianne, she explained that she was a member of the Ailward Guard, an organization of humans and supernatural alike and their home had come under attack.

Marianne instantly made the decision to part from Aeryn in order to search for the rest of her people and alert them to what had happened on the Isle, before she left she had given Aeryn her phone number should she ever need to contact him, Aeryn had no idea what such a thing was but he accepted it graciously.

As more time passed, Aeryn began to remember his life before he woke, it slowly played itself in the moments before he went to sleep each night, piece by piece his story came to him, from his childhood and growing up alongside his sister, to the slow spiral of his father which eventually led to his lone wandering, through meeting Marie and the painful moments he had experienced when he lost her. While it had been a long time since any of those things had take place, to Aeryn they felt as close as the day before last and the emotions he felt were overwhelming, hard to understand and numbing at the same time.

Aeryn came to discover that the world was now modernized and while he didn’t know precisely how long he had been unconscious for without his full memory, he was fairly certain that the amount could be measured in years, perhaps even decades. Aeryn had wanted to write a letter to Willa but he didn’t know where to begin in this modern world, whenever he asked they would talk of zip codes and mobile numbers, words that meant nothing to someone like him. Instead Aeryn had stayed put, trying to search for clues of his sister or what had happened to him to have him end up on the island.

In the end however, the Nephilim didn’t know, he estimated that he must have been unconscious for the best part of 100 years, the hows and whys of that however, were but a mystery to the half angel. Remembering Marianne’s offer, Aeryn had asked a human to make a call to the phone number she had given him.

Listening to the woman answer the phone, he spoke simply “I have found the way that you can repay me for saving your life” he spoke simply before he heard the voice speak on the other end “I’ll come to you, just tell me where you are” as the conversation ended there were but 2 words on the Nephilim’s mind, Evermore City.


Harper Adler


Aeryn met Harper one night when he was wandering the city. Following a pack of lowlife thugs he came to the therianthrope's aid in lieu of an attack only to discover the blonde warrior didn't really need his help at all. Since then the two of them have developed a unique bond that neither seem to be able to explain. Aeryn is beginning to care for the therianthrope alpha.

Wilhelmina Constantine

Baby Sister

Willa is the only family tha Aeryn has left in the world and despite them being close and keeping in touch for several years, the two were forced to grow apart when a curse was placed on them meaning they could never be in close proximity again. Aeryn loves his sister more than anyone in the world and would dedicate his life to protecting her.

Mikael d'Amecourt

Business Partner

Mikael and Aeryn met at a bar, starting with Aeryn shoving the other male and receiving a punch to the face in return. The two quickly reconciled their differences and sparked up a friendship which mostly consists of Aeryn annoying the crap out of Mikael. Later the two of them decided to go into business together, co-owning a yet to be named bar.

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Sounds Great, Can't Wait.


At 19:36 on December 27, 2018,
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Merry late Christmas, Angel-Child

A little birdie told me you were upset about not getting a floof for Christmas.

Now what kind of an ambassador would I be if I didn't deliver?

Take good care of it!

Your Lord Commander, Cornelia

At 18:21 on December 26, 2018,
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Since you called me a Grinch and gave me that hideous shirt, I've decided not to give you anything for Christmas.

Guess I have to enjoy this bottle all by myself now, how sad.

At 15:00 on October 15, 2018,
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Hey Aeryn 

I was wondering, Claudia King and I are starting a book club forum and I was wondering if maybe you would like to join? If you're interested let me know.


At 3:38 on April 15, 2018,
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AERYN! *tackles him from behind and hangs on his back like a spider monkey*

At 23:16 on January 17, 2018,
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Got our forum posted, come to the rescue whenever you are ready!

At 5:21 on January 16, 2018,
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This is probably why no one should let us hold important things. I mean we did great with the El'Ar stone for what seems like forever..... Ooops?

At 18:44 on December 25, 2017,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas Aeryn, thank you for being such a great member of the Nephilim Community!

Here's a pendant for all my beautiful angel-children~

Lord Commander, Cornelia

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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

~From Santa 


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