Here's all of the steps and information that you will need to find your original character role on ECRP!

First things first, welcome to ECRP! We're so happy you're looking to add a new character to our ever growing family!

Step One

The first thing you will need to do is read through our site rules on the site, they can be found both on the right hand pane for basic chat rules and here. Once you have read the rules please sign a read and agreed statement in the comment section below the rules page.

Step Two

The next thing we advise you do is add all of the admins of ECRP as friends so that you can contact them all easily and recieve any side wide inboxes sent out by them, you can find a link to all of their profiles on the home page.

Step Three

Now that you have done the paperwork you are ready to look for what character that you want to play on ECRP. Firstly, check which factions are accepting new applications by viewing the table on the left of main.

Now you know which factions will take new characters you can decide which faction you want to be a part of by following this link here and reading through all of the different faction information pages.

Step Four

So now you have decided which faction you want to be a part of you need to decide on a character which is right for you. First, check the premades page of the site here.

If a premade is for you then find the one you like and follow the instructions at the top of the page:

If a premade isn't for you then you can write your own role instead, you simply need to go back to the faction page that you have decided you want to be a part of and click the "Click here to apply" link.

Step Five

After you've applied the ambassador of the faction you applied for will get back to you on your application and will work to get you approved onto the site. Once you've been approved you'll need to get yourself integrated into the site!

Start by introducing yourself on the Introduce Yourself thread here.

Next you'll need to set up your profile by going onto your page, there is a guide for editing your profile here.

Then add your character to the role information page and check out other characters you might like to RP with here.

Here are some useful quick links to help you get started!









Welcome to the family! <3


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