It seemed that the world was out to get her. That's how it felt anyway. She tried taking a deep breath but her breathing was erratic, how was she ever going to get through this? Unfortunately, she wasn't sure she was going too. She looked around at the integrating room and wondered what went wrong. The walls around her were grey, stains on the corners of these four walls, she could only imagine the terrible stuff one had done to others in this room, most were criminals but she couldn't help but wonder about the people like her, innocents. Would she get the same treatment as those who sat here before her?

She looked back at her morning, it had been a regular morning. She had gotten up earlier than usual, not getting much sleep, a nightmare seemed to have placed her in that situation, but besides that, it seemed like the day held promise, unfortunately, it seemed like that promise was slipping through her fingers.  She had gotten up, got dressed and started her day. Then after lunch, she was busy cleaning up laundry and she heard a knock on her door, little did she know that knock, would forever change her life.

Clara had answered it, and before she knew what was happening, she was being shuffled into a police car with handcuffs on.  Deffinelty not what she had expected for the day. She still wasn't sure what crime they had arrested her for, but one thing she knew was she hadn't done it, she had never broken the law before, well maybe she illegally downloaded a song when she was a teen, but would they really arrest her for something she had done so long ago. A tall man entered the room, in a uniform, I guess was here was her chance to find out.

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As a celestial who has lived from a good long time he never forgot his old job as being a lawyer.  Lucius's time in Evermore has been peaceful and less stressful as he gotten us to things. He became friends with many men who are lawyers wanting to know how it changed from his time, 1850's.

That afternoon, Lucius got a call from one of his friends about a girl name Clara Carter, as he listened to what happened he wonder why she was arrested in the beginning. " What are you telling me this?" he listened as he stood his friend was sick and to fill in for him. Lucius thought this was a joke knowing if he gets caught he will go to jail himself but he thought why not he lives in a daring why so what can be so different with this.

Lucius got to his friends house to get everything he knew he will be needing and quickly got to the police station where the girl was as he found out she is in the integrating room. So far everything look the same to time as he told someone he was her lawyer and let in him in the room as he walked in. He saw  the blonde hair women sitting there looking confused more then scared. It could be a mix of two things. " Hello, Miss. My name's Lucius Wright and i would be your lawyer. The one who is suppose to come is sick so am stepping in for him. How are you feeling you look confused on what is going on." He added as he didn't sit down but stood on the other side of the table.

How can so many questions flood ones head at once? Clara was feeling it now. A lawyer, I guess calling had been a good thing, especially if she needed one. "It's nice to meet you," she began. Her voice didn't crack but she could sense with the twinge in her eyes that she wanted to burst out into tears at how she landed herself in this joint. "My name is Clara Carter, and nobody has told me what is going on," she said. Clara looked over the man, who would be her lawyer,  he wasn't what she was expecting for a lawyer, most lawyers she knew, were older men, with no hair, but that wasn't the case in this situation. He was younger, looked around his late twenties maybe, and he was stronger like maybe he worked out.  She averted her eyes, scanning the room once more. No escape but the door from behind him. 

She took a deep breath and ran her hands through her hair, this day was not going as planned. She could feel a panic attack coming on, she tried to control her breathing, in and out, in, out. but it didn't seem to be working. She tried telling herself in her head, that they would sort everything out but she wasn't sure now, and she wasn't sure before, would she ever see her house again, her friends, she wasn't sure and not being in control right now, was driving her crazy. "What your plan?" she finally managed to say. She would get out of here, she had too.

 As the celestial listened to the blond hair women he sighed. " Does not one know what is going on right now?'he asked coldly but then sit down. " Nice to meet you Clara. have you don't anything that will lead to this to happen? There has to be a reason for you to be in here for someone like a lawyer to come in. "

As far as what Lucius sees, the law has not changed only in a few area. he looked at what he friend had in the notes. " Clara Carter age 22, Do you work? Do you have anyone you can contact to come get you if it's possible to get you out with the little we know." Lucius asked as he looked up at her. Whens he questioned what his plan was he shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know what the plan is. I need to know things before doing thing in action.

Clara listened to his questions things had gotten so complicated, how come? Why did this have to happen? "I do work, as a librarian," she said. "And no, I have no one to contact, I'm an only child with dead parents," she replied. Her legs shaking, her stomach unsettled, maybe is her parents had given her a sibling she wouldn't be in this mess, if maybe her parents were still alive, maybe then they'd both be here, working as hard as they could to get there daughter back. Out of this mess, but what if was a dangerous game to play, it leads Clara down a winding road with very many unanswered questions.

She took a deep breath, he didn't have a plan, and this was a serious thing she was going through, weren't lawyers filled with plans, she wouldn't know though, she hardly needed legal help. "Alright, whatever you think best," she said, and that was the truth, he was the experienced one here, not her.

When Clara started to answer his questions he wrote down what she said for notes. When moment she said an only child with dead parents he felt something in his heart. Lucius knew how that feels, as a star he does not remember what it was like being in the sky.  As a star is hurt more then what people could know when they look up at the night sky. Lonely is what he can describe it. " A Librarian? Sounds like you are not part of anything that the law would pay attention to."Lucius said with a sigh. How did this happen? Then it hit him that all of this could very easily be a set up from someone who didn't like her or wanted to get rid of her. If it was that then what were they hidden or what did Clara know or do without her knowing. "Clara, did anything strange happen days for before you come here? Like a person always around or something you noticed that didn't look right and disregarded it?" he asked looking at the blonde. 

All of this was very unfortunate, he could not see a criminal of the women in front of him. If there was proof that can magically come up it would help at this moment.  Lucius could do what he did back in his time but that will cost him and Clara if the law changed from what he knew. "Clearly something does not add up. Why would people come after a Liberian?" he asked. Lucius wondered if he is asking the right questions to the blonde. 

She didn't know why they had come after her, she herself was absolutely sure she didn't commit the crime, she wasn't even sure what crime they had her here for. "A few days ago, was like most of the other days, I was busy with work, I get up, get ready leave for work come home, on Fridays I have my book club, and Saturdays I do a little grocery shopping and sometimes go out with a few friends to lunch, I don't think anyone could be following me, if it's okay to mention if it might be relevant my mother and stepfather were murdered, but it was so long ago," she said. She had to trust her lawyer and the man in front of her seemed honest.

She put her head in her hands, being handcuffed was getting uncomfortable and they hadn't really given her any news when they arrested her. Were they even real police? She wasn't sure of that anymore, maybe it was the same people that murdered her mother. Oh, how she wished she wasn't always attracting bad luck. "What else do you need to know?" she said just before a man came in, who may or may not be a police officer. 

He let his eyes looking at the blonde listening. Everything she said didn’t sound anything like someone who would commit a crime. Something didn’t make sense for him as the only thing that comes up is a setup. He didn't know how to put his words together nothing just didn’t add up. “I see. Forgive me to say this but none of this is making sense. Why would someone like you be in here about a crime? You don’t have a thing about you to tell someone who would do something bad. This only things I can say is you were set up or they got the wrong person. When did your family die? Sorry for bring up a topic like that and am sorry for the lost.” Lucius was out of this he would have to talk to the man who asks Lucius to feel in to see if there are pieces missing.

Lucius heard the door open looking back to a man. “ Do you need something?” he asked. Lucius didn’t know why but he got a bad feeling. “I want to tell you I don’t think my client fit the description of anyone who committed a crime. I think you got the wrong girl and if you think she did something I would love to inform us as to what she supposed to have done.

As a lawyer and someone arrested should know the reason for the act of the police. I might need to see proof and paper to show why.”  Lucius stood up from his chair as his lawyer side kicked in and boy did he felt good. Something told him to get to blonde out and that is what he will do. “If you don’t have proof I will ask for you to uncuffed her so we can go on our lives,” Lucius said looking at the blonde telling her he got this.

The question made sense and he was trying to help her, but the thought of her parents made her body go cold. "They didn't die together, a few years apart, my father died from a car accident but my mother and stepfather were murdered," she said, it hurt to talk about them sometimes, but it was times like these, already so trying and exhausting where she couldn't even bear to think about the awful cards that the universe seemed to have dealt her.

The man, entered the room, coming up to the desk and holding the keys to the handcuffs locked around her wrist. "It seems you're being released, as of now the evidence doesn't hold you," the man said, his suit held too tightly to his form, and his waist definitely didn't need the belt wrapped around him. "But don't get too comfy, if we find something, we're getting you back here," the man said, his balding head a distraction from his words.  "I know you won't find anything," she said because she knew, she didn't do this. He let out a half-laugh and unlocked her leaving the room, with an eerie feeling like this wasn't over.

They left the station and she wasn't sure what she was going to do now, surely this day had been ruined, getting arrested can do that to you, so she turned to her lawyer. "Care to get a drink, on me?" she asked, all she could think about was pushing this problem in the backburner and having a cool glass of scotch. 

The star listened to her, two ways of a sad death. None of this made sense nor did it give him a bad feeling about the other. It was not the blonde herself who given him that feeling but it was the fact someone targets her for some reason. 

When the door opened again Lucius stood up and listened to what is going on. He knew this can't be the end of things. By listening to the star knew they will still keep the investigation going which mean this is just the stressful start. He opened the door for the female as they walked out of the station. When she spoke about getting a drink he nodded. "Lead the way, Miss." Lucius followed the other as they took their seats. 

"Since we are out of the station we can talk a little bit freely. This is not the end of what is going on the questions are still in the air and their investigation is most likely still going to be open. Let's not put our guard down just yet we need to gather evidence right now so the next time we go there again would be cleaner and faster." Lucius said looking around. "If it was someone then why will do everything they can get you back there but why." the star said folding his hand together.

When the waiter came over to the table, Lucius's question still burned in her mind, she knew that they weren't just going to let her go, but if he thought so too, then she was right and all of this was just as scary as she had first thought. The waiter, tall and blonde, his hair covering his eyes, she managed to order a drink, a whiskey because she knew that if she kept on having to think about what happened today she was going to need booze, a healthy amount too.

"I didn't do anything, I didn't even know the guy who was murdered, right that's why I was arrested, I can't remember, it feels like the day just happened, it went really slow but it happened in the blink of an eye, and If I weren't sitting here with you now I'm sure I would be questioning if it even happened," she said. Clara hadn't even gotten a drink in her system yet, and things were fogging, She guessed that's how it felt being a suspect. She cursed herself for not paying more attention. "Ask me anything, I'll be honest, I just need this to be fixed," And that as true, she had to get her named clear, her stomach started eating at her again, and when the waiter put the glass in front of her, she picked it and downed it in one shot.

 Lucius could say he is very impressed by how the blonde took care of herself in a time like she was ended up in. The star didn't think she did it as he found her genuine. He let her have a breather before asked more questions but he didn't think it will go far since the other can't remember anything that fast did bother the star. Whoever framed her had a plan out to get away with murder. Those people are his favorite to bring in and force the truth of out.  The star really likes to see the outcome and to bring the female into being innocent once again. Whoever this person is got him back into his thrill of being a lawyer which is something he has not felt in many years, 

 "Things are being very unfortunate and unfair with you Clara but by looking at you I can see you don't have murder done in your body. I helped a few like you so I know a murder did when I see one." Lucius orders a bottle of beer as he listened to her talking about answering any question truthfully. " First let get you a breather and you can let me know when you are ready for the questions." It was not like they had to rush things at the moment but he does not blame her for wanting to clear her name. For what his mentor has told him is to watch how the person talks, handle the situation and get a timeline before jumping into a something that a fact could be wrong and ruin everything he is trying to prove. 

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