It had been a few weeks since Bradyn had walked out of Dakota's life for good. At times she thought she was doing well, she continued to go to work every day, she cooked a meal in the evening most nights and for the most part, she felt normal. But since the moment the ring on her hand had shattered, Dakota had not felt right, her chest constantly felt tight as she worried what she might accidentally do should her emotions get the better of her. She remembered how glass had felt like it was raining down on her and there hadn't been a thing she could do to stop it.

After that night she had told herself that she couldn't keep living in denial about her powers anymore, she knew she was out of control and the more out of control she got the more scared she became of what she could do, it was a vicious circle that kept sending her downwards. The last thing the brunette diviner wanted was to end up hurting someone who got too close when she was having one of those spirals. She had known about the faction system in Evermore for a while now but because she had been living a human life, for the most part, she stayed away from it, uninterested in being part of a community of the very people she didn't want to be like.

Today however she knew she had to put those thoughts aside, she had to start accepting the person she was and the only way she could think of to do that is to go to the top of the chain. If anyone could teach her how to get a handle over her powers and guide her the right way it was the ambassador of Evermore city right? She swallowed as she reached up to knock on the door of the house she was told belonged to Kaelyn Brookes, before coming here she had rehearsed what she was going to say but now that she was here, all thoughts about that seemed to disappear.

As the door opened her lips opened to speak and she felt her hand shake at her side without her meaning for it to, as if on cue she felt the wind around her whip up a little and the ground beneath her shake, she took a long breath doing her best to stay calm as she watched the other woman come into view "Hello, my name is Dakota Mayfield" she sounded so confident so far "And I need" she gritted her teeth as the ground shook again below her "I need your help" she admitted, looking almost like a mad woman as she stared at who she had to assume was the diviner ambassador of Evermore city.

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Being an ambassador was something completely new and strange for Kaelyn. Going from being a normal diviner, no responsibilities, no loyalties. Nothing. Used to moving away. On the run almost to do with what her job was. A con artist an all. It was all she’s known. Never choosing to do anything else. Now everything was being turned around hole. To be chosen by the ancestors to be the next coven leader after the previous one stepped down. Having no choose in the matter but Kaelyn accepted it and all. To know that the position was one that was seen and spoken so highly of. Having the hold of the mantle. Trying to put all her wrongings behind her. Taking in all the responsibilities of what is to be ambassador. Learning of how everything goes. Finding herself being responsible of someone other than herself. Kaelyn was quite amazed and shocked at the same time to find out everything that have went on inside the city. Before never caring or bothering to look in detail. Learning that there was an ambassador for each species all have their own duties. Before Kaelyn hadn’t met the last Diviner Ambassador Aaliyah Cole. She had heard of her but never choose to seek her out. More of a free agent, a nomad in her own right but now Kaelyn knew it was all going to change.

Having now a hold on the city. First time in her life having people she cared for and loved here the city. Something she’d not seen or thought of herself having. Always being the type of person to be on her own, never needing to think or look after anyone but herself. Kaelyn knew that it would be all be changing now. Making a pledge to stay since she couldn’t exactly leave now. It was no secret that there was always quite a change in the ambassadors, from what she had heard and found out. Kaelyn didn’t want to be like all the others before her stepping down and leaving. She wasn’t that type of person to quit before the going gets hard. It’s one of the reasons why she was so skilled at her conning. Never taking the easy way out.

Kaelyn decided to move over to the Instar Diviner part of the city, by the River Banks. To be closer to her coven and to be closer to her cousin. It didn’t make sense for her to stay right in the city center. Being to far if she was needed or anything happened. Plus Riley prefered it so she could freely in wolf form but with some limitations of where of course. Kaelyn was still unpacking her house, always being one of slow unpacker. Letting it all build up till she got round to do any of it. She had managed to get her hands on some rare spell books and taslements. Adding to her collection but knew she’d need some more now that she was coven leader.

A knock at the door made her stop what she was doing, stopping her from unpacking the last of the boxes. Wondering who it was. Heading to the front door, opening it she looked to see a young  brunette woman standing there. Soon learning her name and that she was here for her help. Kaelyn was able to sense that she was a bit distraught, knowing the look of someone bubbling up their problems till it’s too much. “Hey, sure of course come in” She responded, hushing her in. Inviting a stranger into her home, she had a habit of doing that. “I’m Kaelyn but I guess you already know that” She laughed, shaking her head letting Dakota inside. “What can I help you with?” She asked looking to the brunette able to sense that she was a Diviner. A diviner seeking help. “I’m still new to the whole ambassador, leader thing so bear with me?” Almost word of warning, knowing she had big shoes to fill. Following in other footsteps but wanting to put her own spin on it.

Dakota wasn’t the type to ever ask for help, she was the suffer in silence and figure it out herself type so this was really strange for her, standing in front of someone else, especially someone she didn’t know and asking for help. She had tried to figure this out herself though, she had battled with her powers for years and every time she had scared herself off the idea and put the ring that suppressed her magic back on. But now it was broken and Dakota was honestly afraid of what that made her capable of. She was a teacher and she was even scared she might end up accidentally hurting one of her students when things got out of hand. So she had called in sick for a full week and now she was thanking her stars for spring break.

Seeing the redhead she was glad the other woman didn’t turn her away on the spot and followed her into the house, nodding thanks and ducking her head as she passed her and headed through the hallway. Looking around she noticed how nice the place looked but she didn’t comment on instead she searched her mind for what exactly she was supposed to say right now. Thankfully Kaelyn took some of the weight off by introducing herself first. She nervously rubbed her hand against her sweater before she spoke “I’m so sorry for showing up unannounced, I’ve never really been part of…” she paused “the community before so I have no idea how this works” she paused and gave the woman a half smile.

When the other diviner said she was new to being an ambassador Kota laughed “Well I’m new to being a diviner so” she sighed softly before she nodded her head in the direction of Kaelyn “I need your help to get control over my powers” she admitted with a slightly embarrassed look in her eyes, Dakota wasn’t proud of the fact she had pretty much neglected her powers for her entire life but she had to be honest about this with someone right? Someone who could teach her what she needed to do and she figured who better than the ambassador. Dakota wasn’t trying to put pressure on the other woman who was still new to her position however, she just honestly didn’t know where else to turn. Kota looked from to side to side a little in panic as she thought about it all but tried her best to keep a level head “I don’t understand them, I uh…” she breathed a long breath “I never learned to use them” she admitted as she looked back at the redhead for her reaction.

Kaelyn wasn’t used to people turning up at her door. For help, back before she was always worried if it was someone who was coming over to confront her for all her crimes. Thankfully it weren’t like that. Kaelyn was normally quite good at covering her tracks for all her con artist lifestyle. The Redhead Diviner knew that things would be quite different now she was Diviner Ambassador. Knowing that it would come with a list of different responsibilities and things. Kaelyn was still trying to work everything out, it all is so new to her. She wouldn’t completely drop her old ways and job to keep it more on the side rather than for it having her main focus. Not wanting to part from her old ways completely, as it was still part of her. Something Kaelyn wouldn’t want to change even with how everything else in her life was changing. Kaelyn wanted to help the Diviner in front of her, sensing and knowing that was why she was here.

When growing up Kaelyn never had anyone to help or teach her. Having to figure it out all on her own but it wasn’t all that good with people around her using her abilities to do bad. The reason why Kaelyn found herself into conning. She knew since then she’d help whoever needs help if it for help with magic or to learn to steal. With how not long ago Siobhan came knocking on her door seeking help, Kaelyn gave her advice how to be someone else. Soon as the female walked into her home, Kaelyn shut the door behind. Following through to the hallway. “It’s no bother, I’ve expected that people would soon be showing up on my door” She mused laughing softly. Kaelyn was taken by surprise a little hearing how she’d never been part of a community, it was one of reasons why she hear too. In a way it was the same for Kaelyn herself. “I’ve never been part of the Diviner community too, till about now” She admitted, something that may sound quite confusing since she’s the Diviner ambassador. A position that she never exactly wanted but one she was chosen for. Kaelyn weren’t backing out either, always one to see things through and this was one of them.

“In a way we’re almost in the same boat” She mused looking to the brunette. “Don’t worry, I have experience in magic” She assured letting her know she weren’t clueless in it all. Kaelyn could see the look in the brunettes eyes one that same one she once had when she was young. Trying to figure out her powers but with no one there to help her. “I can help, you don’t need to and shouldn’t do this all on your own. Trust me it doesn’t end good” Letting her know she wasn’t alone something letting her know that she weren’t alone, something different to when Kaelyn was new to her powers. Kaelyn wasn’t so surprised hearing that she’d never learnt to use them. If they didn’t have access to knowing about their powers it would be difficult for them to find it out. “I had to learn it all on my own in a way, it took me a long time to understand it all. It’s not easy that’s for sure” A lot of people thought that it would all be easy to pick it up but in reality it’s not so easy not to be surrounded by people of your own kind. In Evermore there’s a community for everybody, nobody is no alone. “Would you like a coffee or something a bit stronger?” She offered seeing that she was in the need or having something. “I don’t think I caught your name, what it is by the way?” She asked forgetting to introduce each other properly since since she knew who Kaelyn was but she didn’t know who she was. If they were going to help each other, it would help if they found out a bit each other one another. Building some trust.

Dakota wasn’t really the kind of person who normally asked for help, she was normally the sort of person who worried over stuff herself until she figured it out one way or another, she was headstrong like that she supposed, every problem she had, she faced and got past one way or another but this problem, this problem had haunted her for pretty much all her life and she had finally resigned to the fact that she couldn’t do this alone, she had tried and she had almost gotten herself and others hurt in the process. She didn’t understand these powers or how she controlled them rather than letting them control her. That’s why she showed up on a stranger’s door today and thankfully, the stranger was someone who seemed understanding. Dakota didn’t even have a spellbook and the only spell she ever actually learned was a healing one.

When Kaelyn let her in she ducked her head a little and followed her inside, listening to the other woman as she talked about the role she now plays in the diviner society, Dakota had heard about the fact that Aaliyah had stepped down and in the wake of it a new leader had been chosen and she had the feeling that the redheaded woman might not exactly be thrilled about her new position. Dakota would have been horrified if it was her who was chosen so she could definitely relate on that sense. Still, it seemed like Kaelyn was doing her best to rise up to the challenge that had been given to her and the brunette could respect that. “This supernatural world, it has a way of forcing you to be someone you don’t wanna be huh?” she commented with a shrug of her shoulders, like Kaelyn, it was time she faced up to the hand she had been dealt and finally got to grips on using her powers, at the very least, she needed to be able to stop them happening without her say so, that would be enough to start.

She was relieved when she said she had experience in magic, the brunette had kinda been banking on that because she honestly didn’t have anyone else to turn to, she wasn’t a member of the community because she had been living her life as if she was a human all this time so the ambassador was quite literally the only diviner she knew. She couldn’t even go to her own family because she was adopted and her parents were normal humans, so was her sister. “I usually hate asking for help but…” she pressed her tongue to her cheek “Even I know when I need to put aside my pride for the sake of everyone’s well being” not that she had any idea where to even start, her powers had a mind of their own when she got emotional and she had no clue how to stop that from happening, where to even begin really. She nodded a little “Well believe me I have the utmost respect for that because I don’t even know where to start” she didn’t have a spellbook or anything she could use to teach herself and she had put her powers to one side for so long that they had just kinda grown in power but were completely out of her control.

She felt a little jittery about the whole thing, she wasn’t really sure what to say or do because she really was terrible at asking for help, from a stranger no less. She supposed the redhead detected that because she offered her something to drink “The strongest thing you’ve got would probably help” she admitted as she pressed her lips together. Dakota had blurted out her name when she was on the doorstep but she couldn’t blame Kaelyn for missing it considering she had just kinda threw words at her so she laughed a little nervously “Yeah sorry, it’s Dakota, or Kota, either is fine” she spoke softly “Teaching yourself magic couldn’t have been easy” she commented trying to keep the conversation going “Did you have...anything to reference from?” she asked curiously as she watched the redhead go to find drinks of some sort.

Kaelyn had wondered how long it would be till someone would turn up at her door seeking help. Already knowing beforehand that it was one of part of her being ambassador and all. Still getting used to all that it is. The last person who she had come knocking at her door was when Kaelyn soon arrived to the city. Confused to how anyone was able to track her back down over to here. Always one to be good at covering her tracks along with whenever she moves countries. Just in case one of the repercussions of one of her cons followed her. Back then it was along with the lingering worry if her ex-fiance would find her. Hunt her down, kill her and take back everything she had stolen from him. Escaping from many close calls of cons or stealings that have gone wrong with people coming back sooner than she had expected or were starting to notice she was up to something. Luckily her Instar Divner spells and abilities came in handy making her having a quick get away. Last person who Kaelyn had helped and given advice to was Siobhan Leslie but it never went any further. Kaelyn was able to see that siobhan was in a dark place at that time, knowing she probably hadn’t thought through the whole con artist thing through properly. Kaelyn was happy she didn’t, not wanting this life for her. It was one that only people who grew up with nothing was left to do

It was all a bit confusing for Kaelyn going to someone who wasn’t part of the Instar Diviner coven to becoming the next ambassador. For her and for everybody else. Part of Kaelyn was worried that many people wouldn’t be accepting of her since before she was a nomad, thinking that she had no right and weren’t deserving. At least she had her cousin here in the city and coven so she weren’t so alone. Yet not able to help thinking of what people may be all thinking. “You could say that” She mused shaking her head a little knowing that it all was quite true. “I wouldn’t be without my powers though, all in all it makes me who I am. A part of me” Truthfully it would be whole lot easier if she was a normal human. Living a normal life, aging in normal years rather than in immortal year. Never having to worry about the problems that comes with it. Kaelyn was able to sense and see straight away the brunette in front of her was still figuring who and what she was, knowing it well. Since she was once in the same situation as her, figuring it out all on your own.

Knowing it must have not been easy on her. Trying to seek help but not knowing where to start. “At least you’re here now thats the first step” She reminded her softly, almost reassuring her not to worry. Or to keep overthinking it all. “We are all in the same boat one way or another. You’ll never get a grips on finding out your powers or who you are without someone helping or giving you advice” Part of being supernatural is finding all about the unknown, nothing come easily or first nature all the time. “When I was young I never knew what I was, but that I was different from everyone else. Someone at the orphanage where I grew up noticed and figured out what I was. They had found an instructor to help me but they trained me for all the wrong reasons, not to learn magic in general. Quite a lot of it I figured it out on my own” Kaelyn hated that back then they only wanted and used her for her power thinking she was just an asset that they could use for their own selfish reasons. Wishing in a way she tapped her powers for good rather than using them for committing crimes.

Kaelyn was trying to offer a drink of some sort to help with the brunettes nerves able to feel it from a mile away. A sly smirk appeared on Kaelyn’s lips hearing her wanting the strongest she has. “Lucky for you I’ve been stocking up on alcohol, my girlfriend keeps drinking up all I have” Kaelyn chimed in walking over to alcohol cabinet where she kept her stash. Grabbing a random bottle of whiskey and two glasses making her way back over. “You can call me Kae if you want” She grinned a little motioning for them to head into the leaving room, the place she normally practised her spells. Pouring 2 glasses of whiskey handing on to Dakota whilst putting the bottle onto the coffee table whilst she went to retrieve a few books that she kept hidden. “I was given a few books but over years I’ve collected quite a few ones” She was starting to wonder how new Dakota was to all the supernatural. “We all have books called grimores, their our spell books. A lot of them are quite old, all written in latin. You’ll get used to it after a time” Kaelyn started to explain trying to keep it a simple as possible for her to understand handing one of her books for her to have a look at. “Do you know the full history and all of our species or is everything all new to you?” Kaelyn looked over to the Dakota trying to understand what she knew so she could explain everything better, if she had to tell her everything from scratch or not. “It took me a lot of years to figure this all out”

Mostly, Dakota had tried to lead as normal a life as possible, she had been raised by human parents, with a human sister, every friend she ever had was human, she married a man who was human. She supposed she hoped if she buried her head and told herself she was long enough, she would feel human too. But that was just kidding herself, there would always be a part of her that was a diviner, something that made her different from the average human and while her jewelry had managed to keep that side of her at bay for many years, she got the feeling now she was just delaying the inevitable. Now she barely spoke to her parents, her sister often told her to embrace who she was born to be and her husband was gone. She lived with an Initia who seemed just as unsure about his abilities as she did about hers. Things were different now and she got the feeling she needed to be different now too. Kaelyn wasn’t the kind of person who struck her as living a normal life either, so she found some level of solace in that, the way the other woman talked about her experience gave Kota the impression she was still trying to figure things out too.

And yet, the other woman had taken her in without a question and was doing her best to help Kota in the best way she knew. Somehow, that helped the brunette to trust her, despite the fact they barely knew one another and Kaelyn seemed to be very new at her role as ambassador. Kota did wonder if perhaps she was a little bit of a burden on her considering she must have a lot on her plate, she couldn’t even imagine what the pressure must be like to run an entire faction alone and make sure everyone was in a good place. The brunette had never really been a part of the community before but she knew it was past time she got in touch with the people she shared her supernatural kind with “My powers have always been treated like a burden to me and I guess I still feel that way about them” she admitted as she bit on her bottom lip “But I’m starting to see they’re not some curse placed upon me, that they’re a part of who I am” like Kae had said, they were her birthright at the end of the day.

Kota was proud of herself for coming here, she had been defaulting to wanting to stay inside her house so she didn’t hurt anyone lately but she knew she couldn’t do that forever, with the work that she did, it wasn’t fair on the children at the school for her to keep acting recklessly “I thought maybe I could figure things out one step at a time but I quickly realized that...they don’t really listen to me?” she laughed a little nervously when she admitted that she knew it was because she left it too long before she started learning and that it wasn’t going to be easy for her but she was here and that mattered. She listened to Kaelyn’s story about how she grew up and how they had tried to use her for her powers. The brunette pressed her lips together, that was the thing about magic, either people wanted it for their own gain or they wanted you to contain it because they were afraid it “So they taught you for the wrong reasons huh?” she gave her an empathetic look, that didn’t sound much better than being forced to hide them.

Kota laughed as Kae spoke about stocking up on alcohol “I know the feeling, my roommate always seems to raid the cabinet before I get to have any” she commented with a laugh, she liked how open the redhead was about the fact that she had a girlfriend, it sounded so easy and casual. Kota wasn’t quite so open when it came to talking about relationships, she had to admit. “Kae it is” she responded and then laughed a little amused “Your nickname is Kae, mine is Kota and then my sister is Kenna” she shook her head in amusement “Seems like the universe likes the letter K” she was used to people calling her Kota rather than Dakota, except her parents who always used her full first name. She got up and followed the other woman into the next room taking the drink she offered and sipping some of the warming liquor down. Seeing the books she set out, the brunette studied them with her eyes before gesturing to ask if she could touch one before picking it up and opening it. Despite the language it was written in, the dark diviner found it easy to read what was on the page, like her supernatural brain was programmed to understand it “Woah” she commented as her fingers trailed over the pages “How do you even know where to start?” she asked, her eyes not leaving the page as she looked in wonder.

When the redhead asked how much she knew about their species she gave a slightly guilty smile “I tried to do my research but I wasn’t really sure where to go for truth, the human world is good at hiding the supernatural” she looked up at her and shrugged “So I guess you could say I’m unsure what is even true” she ran a hand through her hair “I’d like to hear what you know” she assured as she took another sip of her drink, maybe hearing that would help her to feel more connected with who she was.

It's only been a short amount of time since she had first became the New Instar Diviner. Something she’d never exactly seen herself becoming. For many different reasons. Kaelyn always found herself more of a nomad, wayward soul who would come and go to different places as she pleases. Never having any ties stopping her from leaving. Nearly all her life it’s just been her, nobody else. Nothing ever mattered to her. Maybe it was a reason why she had so many deep rooted problems barely able to scratch the surface on some, when having a heart to heart with Riley or with her cousin Wyatt. The whole thing came to a shock for her. Still new to the whole coven thing when it came to being part of a community. Always preferring the stay away from the whole close knit thing, since she’s never been able to trust anyone. Learning from a young age not to trust anyone. Believing for the longest time that people only want her for her powers. Kaelyn powers were always stronger than others Instar Diviners her age. Showing so much potential which was a good thing yet a bad thing at the same time. Maybe it was why it didn’t came as a surprise to how it should of been when she learnt she was chosen. Kaelyn knew there was a reason behind it wanting to seek it out so she’d be able to be a good leader, to aid overs. 

Yet it weren’t all that good. Kaelyn knew that not everybody was so pleased with her taking the position. The main issue that other people had was why she was chosen, people barely knew of her yet she was the one given all the power. It didn’t help that she had no previous experience of trying to be a leader in anything. Always being more of a stand alone type of person. Now it all would be the opposite. For Kaelyn trying to wrap her head around everything in a short amount of time. Now she was starting to wonder why there was always a shift in ambassador positions over the past few years. Seeing the constant struggle that they have, yet believing that there was more of a bigger picture. A darker one. Able to sense that there was more to it than the other ambassadors were letting on. Kaelyn herself was able to sense that there wasn’t something so right about the city. Sensing a more darker persona taking it’s grip on the city. Nobody able to figure it out, not knowing what was coming. A small fear looming over everyone, she herself felt it. Wanting to help anyone she could. Maybe it was why she was so quick to accept Dakotas wish. Offering her skills sets for training. Kaelyn always have enjoyed training people. Both for her different skill sets if it was for help with magic or help with her more illegal skill set. 

Just she’d have to remember not to accidentally slip up her training techniques. Kaelyn was trying her best to keep her illegal job trade on the side so that others wouldn’t find out. It wouldn’t exactly look good for her if it came out that the new coven leader was a con artist and all. Probably stolen from half the city already. Maybe not that much but still quite a portion of it. Kaelyn looked over to Dakota able to sense that the young woman have been through so much in her years. Able to see it in her face and in her eyes. The pain of overthinking blaming themselves in a way for what they couldn’t help. Never exactly choosing to be gifted with powers. It took herself a few years to come to terms with it all completely, having been almost landed with it all not knowing what to think of it all. It saddened her hearing Dakota speaking of her powers as a burden, it should be the opposite. “I used to think like that. For a long time when I was younger I wished I was normal. Wanting to be like anyone else my age whilst instead I was stuck with powers I never wanted, not knowing how to control” She began to say looking over to her. “Over time I accepted it all, it’s a part of me and all. Making me who I am today” Able to see the silver lining in it all. 

Kaelyn didn’t want to bombard Dakota with everything. Knowing straight away that it was not a good idea if she went trying to tell and teach her everything. It was never the case when teaching anything, especially something as powerful as what both of them possess. “One step at a time is a good idea. If I’m trying to teach you too much or anything, just speak up and say something” Maybe if she was able to get a rough idea of how much or how little Dakota knows then it could help her to know exactly how to help her. “Just to warn you there's no easy around to teach magic, you completely sure that your ready for all this?” Pressing a little yet not trying to sound too brass, just wanting to know before this is what she wants. Kaelyn could always find another teacher, a better one. Not exactly so skilled herself at teaching, all was a learning process in a way. Kaelyn was starting to think maybe she shared a bit too much of her past and it’s connection to her magic. Biting the inside of her cheek starting to rethink her words a little. “They tried to use me for my powers that i was a valuable asset to them. That was many decades ago things aren’t the same as they are now” Kaelyn always found it difficult speaking of her past, how her upbringing affected her self esteem and her using her powers. 

“Maybe both of us need to learn to put a lock on our alcohol cabinets keeping it all locked away from everyone” Kaelyn laughed softly suggesting an easy solution. “ Yet saying that I’m sure Riley would break the lock or the cabinet itself to get the alcohol out” Knowing that there was nothing stopping her girlfriend from getting her hands on alcohol, something that always amused her. “There’s not many people with our names, maybe it’s what makes us unique in a way” Kaelyn mused a little before she went to help themselves to some alcohol. Able to see that Dakota was in the need of some alcohol whereas she just had one for the sake of it mostly. Sometimes she was a day drinker it just depended on the day or whether or not she felt like it. Same with Riley. Coming back through into the room, she handed Dakota a semi full glass of whiskey. Letting her study the books on her own. Watching in amusement at the brunettes reactions to the books seen the wonder in her eyes something that Kaelyn knew too well. The look of a witch taping or finding out their powers for the first time. “There’s no easy way to start, some spells are simpler or more complex than others” She pointed out motionting to all inside the book. “Can you read the words?” Wondering whether or not her brain has translated and understanding all of the latin writing like it did with herself back all those years ago. Latin was a second language to people like her. Almost second nature. 

The brunette guessed she just wanted things to feel right, for so long she felt like a part of her was missing or pushed down, she tried to fill it with other things, her career, friends, her husband but nothing ever made her feel complete. Perhaps she knew all along that it was because she was denying the person she truly was in part and therefore she wasn’t fully accepting herself but she found it very hard to accept a part of her that was so closely linked to the worst things that happened in her life. Coming here had been her first step in wanting to finally understand it though, she wanted to be able to control her powers at the least so she could be sure that she wouldn’t hurt anyone or be a threat to those around her. That would be enough to help her sleep at night and go to work without worrying for the safety of the kids in her class “Accepting who I am has always been a pretty big struggle for me” she admitted as she glanced at the redhead and shrugged her shoulders a little “I guess that’s what happens when people convince you it’s something to be ashamed of” he husband had been the same, always telling her she should keep her ring on.

She did feel a little out of her depth and she knew she shouldn’t feel like that, she’d had so many years to accept her powers and get used to them but instead she had just kept putting them off until later and the longer she left it, the more afraid she became of accepting them as part of her. She even wondered if it was too late to learn now and how much she would struggle to ever catch up with everyone else but it wasn’t like she had a choice now, the ring that suppressed her powers was long gone which just left her and her powers. She nodded towards Kaelyn “I’ve always been a pretty fast learner so hopefully the same applies here” she admitted in slightly nervous tone because she wasn’t sure how confident she was in that statement but she knew one thing for sure, she had to try at least. “I have to be ready, I can’t keep walking around as a hazard” she gave a sheepish smile before listening to Kaelyn speak about her own experience with magic “Well I won’t be any use to anyone the way I currently am, I’d be more likely to harm them by accident than be of any use” she flicked her dark gaze up towards her “I’m sorry you had to go through that though, it can’t have been easy” she nodded a little knowing the feeling of having people try to control you.

“Or just learn to drink it before it all gets stolen” she teased back to Kaelyn’s comments and shook her head amused, frankly she actually found it a nice change of pace to actually have a reason to have a drink in the evening with a friend and have a nice conversation, something she hadn’t realized she was sorely missing until the night her husband walked out on her. She supposed in a way she was trying to cope with what happened by fixing all the other broken parts of herself and her life, her diviner powers included. “I kinda like have a unique name, at least if someone calls me out on the street I can be fairly certain it’s my attention they want” she laughed softly “Kaelyn is pretty and I believe you’re the first I’ve met” she gave a slight smile. When she came back with a drink she gave her an appreciative smile as she took the glass and tipped back a mouthful of the liquor which burned in her throat as she swallowed it down “I’m not asking for easy, just..” she smiled a little “Feeling like I’ve made some kind of progress I guess?” she raised her brows, she definitely didn’t want to be overly optimistic for the first lesson “I can..” she spoke with a curious voice “I never studied the language but I understand what it’s trying to tell me” she pursed her lips “Strange” she spoke clearly unnerved by her own supernatural ability “What spell would you say is the easiest to get to grips with?” she gave a shy smile “Preferably nothing to do with fire or know...harmful” she bit her tongue clearly apprehensive about all of this. .

Kaelyn knew that many people travelled, coming to new places for a fresh start. The whole starting over being a new person. The new you. Something she did often but for her if was for different reasons. A new identity. Way of not being tracked. Only once having a close call. Able to see that Dakota was running for something but she didn’t know what it was. To let her open up to her when she was ready, knowing now wasn’t the time. Till then Kaelyn would help her in different ways that she knows how to. Kaelyn didn’t know why people came to her for help even if was to do with something illegal she still helped. Sometimes the illegal side was the most fun yet she wasn’t going to corrupt Dakota. Hearing how for most of Dakota’s life she’s had to keep her true self hidden and locked up, it was sad to hear. She couldn’t help but feel pity for the brunette.  “You should be ashamed of what you are. People here in the city will accept you no matter what, who and what you are. Nobody here judges you. All coming and trying to come away from dark pasts, to look for a new lighter one” She reassured her softly, letting know she shouldn’t worry anymore. “You don’t need to be scared of your true self any longer”

It may be harder than she first thought, used to training people whose known and tapped to their powers from a young age. Not one who's been restricted in the way that Dakota have, stripped away from their magic their true self in a way. Yet who knows she could surprise her, adapting to the training quickly. Have to wait and see what shall happen.”Let's hope so too, but if not it’s not the end of the world” With how people learn at different paces Kaelyn didn’t want her to worry as it wouldn’t be so simple. “A cute hazard” Kaelyn smiled sheepishly joking to her but she knew where she was coming from. “I’m sure there’s a lot far worse people, more ticking time bombs than you” More dangerous ones. “Well let’s make sure to hurry up and get you safe to be on the streets in no time” She mused softly following with what Dakota mentioned before. “Guess we both have different stories to tell” 

“One thing I’ve learnt is never to get in between Riley and her alcohol, a wild animal” She laughed joking to her but was half right. “I tend to stock up often so we never run fully out” By stocking up she means stealing but wasn’t going exactly tell that to someone she just met and came to her for help. Kaelyn always hated when people would choose common names to call their children. Or ones they picked from a well known show. Whilst with unique names people took a lot of time and thought into it. “At least we don’t have to worry about the awkward moment of thinking someone calling you but it’s someone else” Something she’d seen happen often with other people. Luckily for her, her name was one of a kind in a way. Some people thought it was weird how it was spelt but it’s what makes it unique. Kaelyn watched as the brunute took a sip of her drink, to see if she could handle drinking it straight. Able to see the look where Dakota was self doubting it almost before taking the first mouthful. “You’ve already made it further than others would of not saying that I have tons of people flocking through my doors for advice. That I don’t just saying” Sometimes she herself doubted her own abilities, the way she trains supernaturals. Thinking there was someone else better suited at it, better to train people. Yet she knew there was a reason to why she was made coven leader, that others believed in her. Even if at times she didn’t believe in herself. With the mention of easiest spell, she was about to say fire before being caught off guard that it was a no straight away. “Ahh damn you took away what I was going to say” She grinned at her able to see the terrified look of fire being used just yet. “I probably wouldn’t advise learning use transportation just yet, don’t want to end up in limbo just yet” She muttered sarcastically yet serious at the same time  “Telekinesis, its psychic ability so you can move things without touching them. The spell is only one word so it’s simple. Let me show you” Kaelyn looked to the bottle of whiskey on the other side of the table, closing her eyes, concentrate solely on the bottle. Wielding it almost. “Motus” She muttered as the bottle slide across the table into her hand, just how she wanted it to.

“I know that” she responded in a quiet voice, she knew she shouldn’t feel shame for being a diviner, it was the person she was, you didn’t seem humans feeling ashamed than they were human so why was she different. “I’ve been telling myself that for so long now, that I should accept who I am, that if I just manage to get control over it then it would become a part of me instead of something that controls me and scares me” she nodded slightly, but the problem was she had seen the look in her parent’s eyes when she used magic, the way they were panicked and looked at her like some freak. Hell, there had been brief times she’d seen fear in her sister’s eyes when she lost the handle she had over her powers which was, frankly, not that hard to do. Kaelyn’s reassurance did help though, with someone who understood on her side she felt like she could take the first small step upwards “I definitely want that to be true” he spoke firmly and nodded her head and she was willing to work to ensure it.

The good thing about Kaelyn is that she seemed to be witty and fun, Kota got the feeling that she was someone you could joke around with once you got to know her a little and she was a good listener, or it seemed like that so far anyway “Well I’m really serious about wanting to learn, I’ll work around your schedule and I also know that I’ll need to do a lot of practice on my own” without her ring her magic was going to manifest whether she wanted it to or not so she was sure there would be plenty of opportunities to practice control with it. She grinned a little when she called her a cute hazard “Those are the deadliest though are they not?” he laughed thinking about how a lot of cute things could actually be quite dangerous if you underestimated them. “Somehow they always end up miserable though” he commented with a cynical laugh, she couldn’t name a single supernatural person she knew that didn’t have some rather painful backstory, maybe that was just the nature of the supernatural world or even the world in general.

She snickered a little hearing the way Kaelyn talked about her girlfriend so lightheartedly, she imagined that meant they had a really good relationship which was nice to see, Kota hadn’t been in a healthy relationship like that for a long time but she was glad to see that love still existed in some way “I’m a wine drinker myself, though it’s coffee that really has me completely whipped” same as most people in the world if she was honest, caffeine ruled the world for sure. “Yeah, though I imagine you might have the odd issue with the Caitlins of the world” she giggled, Kaelyn had a more unique name but it definitely could be easily mistaken “I’m guessing plenty of people had put the wrong name down when you tell them it” hers didn’t really have any sound-alikes thankfully but even she ended up with some weird c being thrown in instead of a k because names just generally seemed to be confusing to people in call centers.

Her dark eyes lifted to meet the redhead’s and she nodded appreciatively “Yeah well I heard you were pretty good at what you do, though perhaps a little reluctant” she had tried to do her research a little become coming here just to understand what to expect, the city didn’t seem to know all that much about Kaelyn, just that she had been chosen as the diviner leader and was pretty powerful. Either she was a very private person or she had things in her past she didn’t want to talk about, not that Dakota minded, she tried to keep an open mind with others. She gave a shy laugh the moment she cut off Kaelyn before she could speak on the topic of fire “Believe me, messing with fire is going to probably set this whole place alight before we get past 20 minutes” she knew how bad her powers could spiral and she definitely didn’t want to hurt anyone while learning.

She watched Kaelyn as she explained and then demonstrated the spell she had in mind, the words and the one she spoke feeling familiar and then watching as the bottle move to her hand without a hitch. She took a shaky breath knowing it was her turn to try next. She stared at the glass just across the table and tried to focus her mind so she could follow Kaelyn’s lead but the more she tried to clear her mind the more it was plagued with worries about what could happen and before she could realize what was happening or stop it, the glass just upped and shattered into a bunch of fragments. Panicked she lifted her hand to shield her body from any glass that decided to spray through the air and she let out a long exasperated sigh “I hope you know you’ve got your work cut out, teaching me” she lowered her arm and started to pick up the broken pieces “And I owe you a new glass” he spoke softly in a slightly defeated tone.

Kaelyn could tell from the moment the young diviner was standing at her door that she had to help her. Feeling the urge to do so more than over the responsibility of needing to do it. Always finding that it’s the ones with the lost souls and bad pasts that are in need of her help most of all. Maybe it was because they were the same as her, feeling a connection to them in a way. “We all have our pasts, our own demons” Kaelyn began tell her, trying to think of the best thing of what to say. Or more so the better way to, not wanting to turn into how to speak to people who come asking her for help but more so on the con side of things. “It took me a while to accept who and what I am. Learning to control your powers won’t be easy” Letting her know first hand that it won't be so easy. “You gotta be ready for all that's thrown at you, even if your scared of yourself” Able to see that what scared Dakota the most was her own self. “We have plenty of time for you to learn your powers, starting from scratch till your confident enough to try something more difficult” She reassured her softly, offering her help. Giving her the choice if she was ready for all the training that was to come. 

Luckily her schedule wasn’t the jam packed even with her ambassador duties and responsibilities in the mixed. Still enough to keep her busy so she’s not stuck at her twiddling her thumbs. Attending Ambassador meetings then having meetings with her cousin who was helping her with the ropes still. Kaelyn was already helping Alexandra with her powers but it was more difficult that with Dakota. It was going to be harder teaching a diviner from scratch but one who was not in control of their own power would be more difficult. “Awesome, I’ll work you in my schedule. I only have one other Diviner who I have to train too” She grinned, ready to get the training started when Dakota was ready. “Maybe you should leave your own personal training after a few lessons with me” Feeling a little bit apprehensive with Dakota training by herself with how she spoke of how she wasn’t not able to control her power by herself. Kaelyn wanted to make light on how much of a hazard she was. “Stop putting yourself down, you’ll get nowhere if you keep doing it. Trust me” She mused little bit sarcastically pointing out the truth, making light of it. 

Kaelyn thought now could be a good start for her to get to know her new student a bit better, since they were strangers. Finding lately having new diviners knocking on her door looking for her help. Always finding it’s the ones with the lost souls who come for her help, maybe it was because she’s the same in a way. Midway pouring glasses of whiskey she stopped hearing how Dakota likes wine mostly. “I can go and fetch a bottle if you want, sure there’s a few bottles knocking about” Giving her the choice but making it seem like she was a bit of an alcoholic too. A grin appeared on her lips at the mention of coffee everybody’s weakness and go to drink. “Same here, I lose count of how much money I spend on coffee. It's actually getting quite bad now” Kaelyn admitted sheepily but weren’t ashamed, with how there were so many coffee shops around the city for coffee addicts like them. When people would call her Caitlin it always made her cringe, sometimes it’s too much bother to correct them. “That happens mostly in Starbucks when they right on the cups” Losing count of how many cups she’d have her name written wrongly on even when she says it clearly too. “Here’s to having unique names but ones that people still get wrong” She toasted grinning, holding out her of whiskey. 

She bit her lip a little hearing that she’d been recommended by other’s to Dakota but unsure of what they had told the Diviner. Still she preferred to keep her other line of work away from her now professional and legal one. “Hope what you been told is all good” Kaelyn marvelled sarcastically joking with her, she knew that if she heard anything bad she wouldn’t be here wanting her help. Now she was starting to rethink how she going to start training Dakota. Thinking she’d have to change her ways of how she trains people, leaving out the more dangerous spells for a long while to be safe. “I’d prefer not to have my house burnt down” Already setting down some ground rules. Knowing that she would not want her house to become a death trap from spells going wrong. That Riley wouldn’t like to come home to the house falling apart when trying to teach people, thinking maybe soon she’d have to look into finding an abandoned building somewhere within her own territory that may be more suited and equipped for her knew student. 

It was only a simple spell she thought she was starting out with at first. Telekinesis is simple, nothing too dangerous. Demonstrating how to do it, with the bottle coming to her hand how she wants it to. Reason why she choose the bottle was to help herself to another serving of whiskey, but made it a teaching lesson too. Letting Dakota have a go, watching to see how she would do. Curious at seeing the potential rather than just hearing it. Watching it all bad, how Dakota wasn’t able to control the glass. It all shattering. Maybe the Diviner bite her lip, knowing that it wasn’t going to be simple. “Or glasses” She uttered sarcastically, luckily it wasn’t one of her favourite ones. “Maybe we should use something that's not breakable” That would be a better idea. “I’ll clear it up, you might cut yourself’ Putting a hand on Dakota’s arm softly, stopping her from picking up any broken bits. Kaelyn went off to look for a dustpan and break, soon clearing up the broken glass. Discarding it all. “Okay what can we use that won’t break” She muttered to herself looking around her apartment for what she could use instead. Not wanting to use a candle in case it being lit. Grabbing an old cushion nearby, taking off the cover so that it was just the pillow. Ripping it open so that feathers would pour out. Taking out a feather, holding it in the palm of her hand. Kaelyn focused on the feather, letting it hover a few centimeters in the air without needing to concentrate. “Just focus on the feather. Feel it in the palm of your hand then imagine it in your mind it hovering. Project and push your mind into letting your power to come out. But you gotta make sure you control it, don’t lose concentrate. But don’t be scared” Letting her not others think it all, for it to come naturally to her.

“If it was easy I’m sure I would have figured it out a long time ago” she spoke softly and glanced towards the floor for a moment, she absolutely hated asking for help and needing to rely on someone else, it made her feel incompetent. But she knew this was far too dangerous to continue trying to struggle through it alone and she had a good feeling about Kaelyn, she seemed kind and patient, something the brunette was going to need if she was going to get a handle over this. “Well I’m about as ready as I’m going to be, I’m here right?” it was a start considering she’d been putting off learning magic for her entire life and she was going to see the small steps as a win. Kaelyn was right, slowly learn to control everything.

“Must be busy, doing all the ambassador stuff” honestly Dakota wasn’t sure exactly what it all entailed but being a figurehead in the city definitely couldn’t be easy, she saw the way Evermore Daily were always posting about the ambassadors and what they were up to in the city. “Yeah, I need to at least learn the basics before I’m going to be able to practice alone but I want to be able to feel confident enough to do so” thankfully it was quiet in her apartment and only Austin was there so she had the freedom to practice as she wished. The one spell she had managed to get down was a healing spell which she had learned when she was younger and just like riding a bike had never really forgotten how to do it. “Yeah I know” she commented softly when she said not to put herself down “Guess I’m just kicking myself a little because I know I should have dealt with this sooner” she shrugged slightly, it was just easy to put off when she had the ring.

“Oh no that’s okay, when you want to get straight to the nerve killing, this does the job just fine” she laughed a little shyly as she raised the glass to her lips again and took a long drink while she listened to Kaelyn talk about coffee, it was definitely her go-to treat whenever she was having a bad day, she’d go and get a really nicely brewed coffee and that would help her to re-center herself. “I don’t even want to think about the total amount that I’ve spent” she admitted with a slightly shy smile because it was a lot. It was easy to forget quite how much you were spending when it was a few dollars at a time but that quickly added up. “Oh yeah, but Starbucks get that wrong even when you have the plainest name ever” she laughed wrinkling her nose, sometimes she was tempted to just say her name was Sam or something equally short so it was easier “I’ll drink to that” she laughed at her toast and touched her glass lightly against hers before taking another long sip.

When Kaelyn made a joke about the things Kota had heard of her the brunette laughed softly “Nothing but glowing reviews” she teased back and grinned, truthfully not many people seemed to know all that much about her, probably because she was a new ambassador who didn’t seem to share much about her personal life with the world. She could understand wanting to keep her role as an ambassador and the actual life she led separate though. She gave a sheepish look when Kaelyn said she’d rather the house didn’t get burned down “You and me both” she spoke it softly because her intention definitely wasn’t to cause any harm or damage.

Of course, her first attempt at the spell went less than well and she was cursing under her breath in response to seeing the glass shatter right in front of her before immediately apologizing for the mess she had caused and for ruining Kaelyn’s glass. She pressed her hands to her mouth almost in shock of her own lack of control, it was always like this, things looked like they were just about going to work and then everything fell apart and then she would panic. Kaelyn was already off to cleaning up the mess she made while she attempted to gather her nerves and swallow them down because she needed to focus if she was going to do this successfully and giving up wasn’t an option. Kota stared at the feather in her hand for a moment before she took a deep breath giving the redhead a look that asked if she was sure before she focused on trying to control it.

“Motus” she spoke softly as she breathed out and did as Kaelyn said, picturing the feather doing what she wanted it to in her mind, at first nothing happened and she frowned but attempted to focus her mind, then the feather a rocked and twitched a little in her hand but then settled back down. “Sorry it’s really hard for me to stay calm when all of this happens” she spoke it softly and grimaced taking another long breath to try again, this time she managed to lift it very slightly off her palm before it settled itself back into the curve of her hand which made her let out a small sigh of relief, it was something not totally disastrous.


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