It had been a few weeks since Bradyn had walked out of Dakota's life for good. At times she thought she was doing well, she continued to go to work every day, she cooked a meal in the evening most nights and for the most part, she felt normal. But since the moment the ring on her hand had shattered, Dakota had not felt right, her chest constantly felt tight as she worried what she might accidentally do should her emotions get the better of her. She remembered how glass had felt like it was raining down on her and there hadn't been a thing she could do to stop it.

After that night she had told herself that she couldn't keep living in denial about her powers anymore, she knew she was out of control and the more out of control she got the more scared she became of what she could do, it was a vicious circle that kept sending her downwards. The last thing the brunette diviner wanted was to end up hurting someone who got too close when she was having one of those spirals. She had known about the faction system in Evermore for a while now but because she had been living a human life, for the most part, she stayed away from it, uninterested in being part of a community of the very people she didn't want to be like.

Today however she knew she had to put those thoughts aside, she had to start accepting the person she was and the only way she could think of to do that is to go to the top of the chain. If anyone could teach her how to get a handle over her powers and guide her the right way it was the ambassador of Evermore city right? She swallowed as she reached up to knock on the door of the house she was told belonged to Kaelyn Brookes, before coming here she had rehearsed what she was going to say but now that she was here, all thoughts about that seemed to disappear.

As the door opened her lips opened to speak and she felt her hand shake at her side without her meaning for it to, as if on cue she felt the wind around her whip up a little and the ground beneath her shake, she took a long breath doing her best to stay calm as she watched the other woman come into view "Hello, my name is Dakota Mayfield" she sounded so confident so far "And I need" she gritted her teeth as the ground shook again below her "I need your help" she admitted, looking almost like a mad woman as she stared at who she had to assume was the diviner ambassador of Evermore city.

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Kaelyn knew that everyone learnt in different ways and speeds. Maybe she’ll have to change her ways of teaching that would be best suited for Dakota something she does each time teaching someone new. Making it more challenging for herself to figure out. With Dakota, Kaelyn already knew it would be a challenge but one she was up for. Already wanting to help the girl out, able to see she’s already been through so much. Learning and getting hold of magic would be her way through even if it would take her longer than it normally would take to do so. “Better late than never, that's what people say these days” She mused softly reassuring her that it was not too late to start training even if it meant to be starting from the bottom. “Your right, you’ve already made it further than other people would have” Back a few years ago she didn’t have the courage to seek out her cousin to go knocking at his doorstep. Leaving it until she found herself in bad cirucistimaces till she had no choice but for him to bail her out. 

“Yeah you could say that” At first when taking over the ambassador position she thought it would be a lot easier but ever since, she felt that she spent more time trying to prove herself than anything. With how she and Wyatt were constantly having to deal with people who didn’t think she was right for the position. With threats of all sorts being sent through her and her cousins door. Each time they try to find out who was sending them they would would end back to square one. Kaelyn still kept hold of her old life before and habits too not leaving her conning and stealing life behind all together just taken a step back. Still all meant she kept herself busy.  “It’s better to learn the basics first before you tackle all the harder spells then find out your out of your depth” Speaking from experience back when she thought she was more advanced than what she was, finding herself in bad situations ones she quickly had to cover up before others could see and find out. “it's harder for people like us who aren’t brought up with people who are of our own kind of supernatural. That it’s something we all have to figure out on our own in a way with nobody’s help” Hoping that she was right about Dakota being raised by away from her birth parents or family thinking that was she heard. Or if it was mixed signals. 

She finished pouring the two of them a drink passing Dakota hers. “Well this will help to settle the nerves but don’t have too much of it just yet. Don’t want you getting drunk on me in our first lessons” She teased softly seeing what would happen something that happened a few times before. Seeing how she wasn’t the best teacher letting her students have alcohol whilst learning spells wasn’t a good idea but one she stuck to. “Coffee and alcohol are everyone’s guilty pleasure” One that turned into a daily one espically around this time of the year. By now Kaelyn knew that people at Starbucks got people's name wrong on purpose so that someone could take a photo and upload it to social media. Whilst she tended to stay away from it. “Sometimes I end up giving a fake name” she admitted shrugging her shoulders but knew she wasn't the only one. The two of them toasted their drinks. Tapping their glasses against each others before taking another sip of their drink. Kaelyn was always good at how much whiskey or alcohol she could drink before she was tipsy but not knew how long it’ll be till Dakota would be. 

Now she was a little intrigued to find out how much Dakota knew of her. Kaelyn didn’t think that she was known for her Diviner skills with how before coming to Evermore she was more of a Wayward Soul. Never staying in one place for too long. Which made it difficult for people to track her down, always making sure not to tell many of her next location. Last year she was seeked out by Siobhan for her conning skills whilst this year she was now seeked out by Dakota for her Diviner skills. Coming full circle in a way. “Good good” She chimed in taking another sip of her drink. “The fire spells will have to wait for later when you have more control over your powers” Kaelyn commented for what they would need to do, almost trying to figure out already her training strategies with how fire is an easy spell whilst in Dakota’s case it would be the most deadly one.  

Kaelyn kept her eyes on Dakota and to the glass. Intrigued to see how she would do with the spell. Almost testing the waters in a way to see what potential the Diviner has. That's she’d be able to feel the power and that was what happened. Kaelyn knew straight away whilst watching Dakota break the glass able to feel the surge of energy coming from her all that was needed was control. She wasn’t mad or annoyed at Dakota for breaking her glass with how it was something that was easily replaceable. That it was her fault for choosing to start with a glass what was breakable. Choosing instead for the Diviner to focus on a feather an easy levitation spell. Waiting once again to see how the brunette does this time around. Kaelyn could see progress was being made but slowly with how the feather hovered for a few seconds. “Just relax and focus. Try closing your eyes and block out everything to focus just on the feather” She suggested softly of tips that could help not wanting for Dakota to worry of her watching but wanting to turn all her focus on leviting the feather.

She nodded a little doing her best to smile when she said it was better late than never “Yeah, at least I didn’t end up hurting anyone” she responded and nodded slightly, that was what worried her most, losing control and ending up hurting someone when she didn’t mean to “I’m not sure how most people do it, I find it….kinda hard to process the fact that there is literal magic in me” honestly she didn’t understand how it was all possible and tried not to dive into that too much because she knew it was complicated and relative. “Yeah well I’m good with the basics, you won’t see me making any curses any time soon” she laughed under her breath because she would be lucky if she could do a single thing purposefully if she was honest, most of the time the magic she ended up doing was entirely accidental. “Yeah I guess things wouldn’t feel quite so crazy if I’d been raised with parents they used magic or literally anyone who understood what the hell was happening to me” she had felt so lost in the world, with no idea what she was supposed to do and she supposed the power inhibitor ring became her crutch.

She looked down at the drink she poured before giving a half-smile and nodded “Yeah somehow I don’t think drunk magic lessons is a good idea for anyone, let alone…” she laughed under her breath as she gestured to herself and then shrugged taking a sip of the drink, well at least it might be enough to curb some of her nerves about the whole thing. “Funny how addictive things became so ingrained into our lives” she found people were creatures of habit so if they found comfort in something they would usually hold onto it tightly. She laughed when she said she often gave a fake name when she went to Starbucks “I didn’t think of that but certainly could be fun, tell them the names of your favorite characters instead or something or give them something really complicated and see the look of panic as they realize they have to try and spell it” she grinned, harmless fun in the grand scheme of it all.

The stupid part about it all was that it wasn’t her who was afraid of her powers before, when she was younger and discovered she had them she had been excited to explore them and to get to know other Diviners who could teach her. It was her parents who had taken that from her, they had been afraid of having anything but a perfectly regular human daughter and had taken the decision to take her powers from her without telling her, when she was younger she hadn’t known and came to the conclusion that her lack of practice made them go dormant. The truth, however, hurt. “How long to do think that might be?” she asked softly as she fiddled with her fingers in her lap a little “Until I’ll have some basic control over them, enough that I might be able to stop any outbursts?” she was hoping for as short a time as possible of course but she just wanted to know how long she might be needing to isolate herself for the safety of others.

After breaking the glass she had to admit her confidence had been knocked a little, if she even had any in the first place but she knew she couldn’t quit just because a little bit of glass shattered, if she did that then she really would never get anywhere because it wasn’t the first time she had managed to smash glass with her abilities. It kinda felt like she had them but they were too strong for her so every time she used them, they just kinda ran away with her and went too far, she wasn’t sure how she would build the strength to reel them back. She nodded slightly when Kaelyn told her to close her eyes and clear her mind, she tried her hardest to push aside those worries and fears and just imagine a feather, floating in mid-air around her, softly gliding through the air like it had a mind of its own. She parted her lips in focus, breathing out slowly as she pictured it so clearly in her mind and it made her smile, when she opened her eyes she saw the feather sitting very slightly off over her hands, drifting from side to side soundly for a little while “Wow…” she expressed in a soft voice because that had really been something.

Kaelyn didn’t think of the worse case scenarios of what would've happened if Dakota didn’t seek help from her. She heard of cases where a Diviner whose power is unstable like hers could be. One false move was a recipe for disaster. Prefering to make sure that her species and coven remains a secret from the humans. In a way she could see and understand why someone charmed a bracelet for Dakota to where to keep her powers under control if she had no one around to properly train her how to manage and use her powers properly. “That's the main thing” Kaelyn gave her a hopeful smile with how she knew it all must have been hard on her. “I know what you mean. When I saw younger before I knew what I was, I always knew I was different from all the other kids. Able to do different things that I couldn’t explain” Kaelyn knew that Dakota what it was like growing up in a different world, an outsider looking in. “Lets stay away from curses, even I don't understand all of them properly” Recently she’s been trying to learn and understand older magic, the kind of ones that have nearly gone with the old times. Kaelyn could see how she and Dakota came from similar pasts, already feeling more connected to her in a way. “I wonder too if I was brought up with my uncle and cousin if things would have been different to me” She admitted before sighing heavily knowing that the past couldn’t be changed even how much people wanted it to. 

The way she teaches has always been a bit more different, adventurous so to say. She wasn’t as strict as most teachers. One who plays it by ear instead of having it all planned out. Along with letting her students help themselves to alcohol. “Yeah maybe that's not good teaching of mine, it always works for me and Riley” She joked laughing a little but she knew today it was needed more. To help settle Dakota’s neveres. “Now people can’t live without coffee these days, it’s like a drug” Yet one she and many loves so much. Kaelyn thought that maybe Dakota would have taken a page out of her book to give a fake name instead of her actual one. A trick she always used especially during her conning, helping to leave no tracks or traces that could lead back to her. “You should try it some time, I always like to confuse people” Liking Dakota’s idea of how to mess with the coffee shop people seeing maybe she wasn’t the only bad influence on her. 

She could see and sense how eager Dakota was to get control of her powers already. Not blaming her, she would've been the same. “Lets see how our first few lessons go and we’ll take it from there” Giving her a reassuring smile that it would be long wanting her to be hopeful. Thinking that maybe it’ll be a few more broken glasses to take and hours of practise till she’ll feel more confident that Dakota will be okay. “I broke a lot of glasses to begin with too, it happens to everyone” Letting her know not to give up so easily just yet knowing she’ll feel more annoyance than anything. Kaelyn changed her teaching techniques trying to think of a better way to help the brunette understand her powers that would have no glasses included in it. Curious to see how Dakota would do using the feature instead of a glass to focus on thinking it’ll be a better object to levitate. “That’s it” She grinned happily pleased Dakota was making progress. “Once you get it bit more higher you’ll be able to keep it hovering in the air for longer” Kaelyn closed her eyes focusing on a feather by Dakota, using her powers to bring the feature over to her. Wielding it to hover above her hand letting it stay in her place as she took her focus and eyes of it. Showing Dakota how it doesn’t take much focus after you get a hold of the magic.

She had always felt like her powers were a burden and something to keep a secret because of the way her family had responded to them and the way they manifested themselves in scary ways, that was probably why things had escalated to the point where she had completely lost control of something that was supposed to be hers. That was what happened when you pushed back and denied your true self, she supposed, it continued to push back against you until you couldn’t ignore it anymore. “Part of me has always known I was different but I guess everyone told me I needed to be normal so many times that it became my top priority” which was stupid now that she really considered it. “I guess neither of us had an ideal start huh?” she commented as she pressed her lips together, but it wasn’t too late to change that, especially considering where Kaelyn was now.

She laughed slightly “Though it probably does break the nerves barrier pretty well” she mused and nodded a little, she imagined anyone learning magic would feel a lot like she did now, apprehensive and unsure of themselves, waiting to figure out what embracing this part of them might feel like. It never even occurred to her that she could seek out a coven and proper training if she was honest, it had just been easier to push the entire existence away rather than face it head-on. “Technically it is a drug” she responded with a laugh “One I wish parents would stop letting their kids have any of before school” she gave an exasperated sigh, caffeine was definitely the cause for a lot of her headaches in school, that was for sure. “I think I’m more likely to confuse myself, they’ll call out the fake name and I’ll forget it was supposed to be me” she laughed softly.

She nodded slightly, she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy journey and there were some challenges involved when it came to learning magic, just because she could do some basic spells, which she hoped to be able to sometime soon, definitely didn’t mean that she had things under control completely “Okay, I’d like to try and make it a regular thing if possible, I think I need to start committing to getting this under control” even if it was hard, she didn’t have the ring to protect her anymore so she needed to learn how to do this herself. It was for her. “Well at least I’m not the only one causing complete chaos then” she grinned sheepishly as she focused on the feather and trying to move it around. There was some success which filled her with a sense of elation simply because she’d managed to do one thing without completely screwing it up, hey it was a start right. She took a deep breath and focused, hand moving up a little to encourage the feather to go up and she gasped when it actually did, which of course lost her focus and made it fall back into her palm “This takes a lot of concentration” she pointed out with a determined gaze, trying again and this time managing to keep it hovering for about 10 seconds. She smiled brightly as it landed neatly back on her hand.

For herself she’s been with her powers for many years almost nearly forgetting what it was at first when she didn’t know what it was like to live without them. Trying to see and remind herself in a way what its been like for Dakota in the last few years. That it was hard for her trying to figure out her powers and herself then having people try to limit and lock away it all. Whilst for herself it was all different for people trying to use her for her powers. Now both of them managed to get away from those lives to a better one. “Everyone who's supernatural feels that they are different, it is because we are” She admitted to her letting her know it’s okay to be different “You just to accept that part of you so you can be your true self, not be the picture painted person who other people want you to be” Sensing and seeing how Dakota’s been holding back that side of herself for years. With how no wonder she’s been struggling to keep her powers under wraps. “We can’t go back and change things but at least we know how to change our future” Finding that her teaching and words of wisdom side was coming out. Kaelyn knew she was making it her mission to make sure that she gives Dakota all the help she needs. Whether as a friend or mentor. 

“See exactly, alcohol has other properties” Grinning pointing out to how alcohol does help other than just for pleasure or addiction. Yet most of the time both her and Riley have it for any occasion. “Everyone’s nervous at first, I must give you credit for coming all here on your own” Showing that she was surprised how she came here seeking her help  without not knowing what she was like. “You got guts” Kaelyn teased softly, smirking to the younger Diviner praising her for doing something not everyone would do. Sometimes she forgets how young people are when they’re allowed coffee on a daily basis how it wasn’t like that for her. “For me coffee wasn’t really around when I was teenager so I didn’t have that problem” shrugging a little adding how she was older than other Diviners around. Kaelyn was used to giving out fake names, used to making up fake aliases and stories that come in handy for her line of work. “Sometimes I forget too” Laughing with her, with having a few slips ups from time to time. Forgetting herself when she’s pretending to be someone she’s not during a con. 

Kaelyn wanted to make sure before that Dakota was in this a hundred percent. Checking if this is what she wanted and if she was ready for all the training that's too come, Remembering that it's not easy. Especially in Dakota’s case with how she’s been had her powers restrained for years. She was happy to hear that Dakota wanted to make the training regular with how it was best for them to do it. “The sooner we start the training and more of it the better” She went on saying what was easier for them and how to work around it all. Understanding and seeing where Dakota was coming from, she’s eager to get it under control. “But let's stick to feathers to start off with” Not wanting to have more glasses broken with what happened before. Kaelyn could see how much focus Dakota was putting into trying to make the feather move. Already seeing the progress she’s starting to make so far and how excited Dakota gets when she’s able to get it hovering for 10 seconds. “See getting there, just bit more practise” She smiled happily to see how excited the Diviner was with the progress she’s making. “You can always practice this trick at home” Suggesting ways she could practise her powers outside of lessons how she could improve.

Dakota fiddled with her fingers in her lap when she heard Kaelyn speak and she nodded slightly “Yeah, it’s just another thing to add to the list that makes me different through” she pursed her lips and then shrugged sightly “Adopted girl who turns out to have these powers no one expected didn’t exactly make for a great home life” which is why she had gotten out of there in the end, she couldn’t stick around feeling like the odd one out in her own family constantly. “I just wish I hadn’t spent so much time denying who I was” because it did now feel like she had missed out on things she could have enjoyed, she was thinking what it might have been like to understand her powers all of her life, being able to teleport places certainly sounded pretty helpful at least.

“I pretty much do everything on my own” she admitted with a sheepish smile, her parents had all but stopped supporting her and went to the level of actually holding back her powers so she had always had to rely on herself for things “I think the harder part was admitting that this isn’t something I can handle on my own” but perhaps she needed to learn to lean a little on others whilst keeping her sense of self, if she could find that balance then maybe life, in general, would begin to feel easier for her. “You make it sound like you expect people to be scared of you” she noted it with a smile in her direction, she imagined the leadership spot might feel a little lonely at times and that people felt like they were bothering you or taking you away from something important but with Kaelyn, Dakota just saw a person, someone who was figured out what she was supposed to do much like she was.

She nodded a few times when she said the sooner they started training the better, she agreed because she couldn’t be going around and breaking things for much longer before someone noticed that strange things were going on “Okay, then I will do my best to clear my schedule” she bit her lip for a moment and looked over at the redhead “But do you have any advice for me in the meantime? To help me stop the flicking lights and the shattering glass” she knew it was her powers acting up but whenever it happened she then panicked which only made it worse and it was hard to come down from that particular spiral. “Yeah, at least feathers are soft and completely incapable of hurting anyone” that was her biggest fear, that somehow she would lose control of her abilities and they would, in turn, hurt someone else. She grinned brightly when she managed to hold the feather for a longer amount of time “Practice a lot and then eventually the feather should feel easy” she nodded a few times, she could work with baby steps, that felt easier for her to approach “I plan to, the sooner I feel like I can get some level of control over this craziness the sooner I’ll feel at ease with my own self” she nodded her head slowly.

Kaelyn did feel for Dakota seeing how much self doubt there was within her something she used to feel many years ago when she felt that she was different to everyone else. “Its all different around here, everybody is different in their own way. Nobody cares for your past or what you are, they won’t judge you” Kaelyn continued to press a little trying to reassure and make Dakota feel better about herself. “I was never adopted, nobody wanted me” Shrugging her shoulders a little. Kaelyn was surprised how they came from similar paths and how Dakota came to her for help. “At least you got all the time to catch up on all you missed” She added looking over to her to how it’s not so late. “People learn at all different speeds, there’s plenty of people who can help you too. Plus I got plenty of books too” Motioning to the book shelf behind her where she kept all of her grimoires she’s collected over the years old and new. Along with some rare magical objects too. The ones she’s constantly telling Riley not to touch or go near with how she knew her girlfriend was quite clumsy and breaks things. 

There were many Diviners who would choose to learn and train themselves whilst others prefer to go to others for help. Kaelyn was used to learning things herself easily figuring things out on her own whilst she knew others found it difficult. “If you have been kept from your powers for how long you have your bound to find it hard to control them” She went on to saying seeing it happen to a few other people before in the past. “I don’t think people are scared of me but i have been told at times i have a resting bitch face” She pointed out shrugging her shoulders a little never taking much notice or caring what others thought of her. With how she knew there were still some people who weren't happy with her taking on the leadership position even with nearly a year on. 

Seeing how Dakota was still struggling with her powers she was wanting to make sure that they start her training as soon as they could. Enough so that she knows the basic spells and to control them so that Kaelyn wouldn’t have to worry of Dakota’s powers going out of control in public. With how she knew that was something the brunette was worried about. “We’ll have to make sure to fit in your training so it suits both of us best” Even if it was once a week or something. “Just try not to think about it, if you are constantly worrying about your powers going haywire then they are bound to” Trying to tell her not to over think about it all, knowing what was her main problem and what was stopping her from having control. “Feathers are everyone's starting point” Something that people couldn’t break either. “Do you feel confident enough to try the feather thing at home?” Waiting to see if she was ready to practice on her own and to give herself enough time to figure out properly how to train Dakota. Knowing it’ll be more difficult. “I can give you some books to take home too, the ones for beginners?” 

Dakota nodded slowly when Kaelyn said that everyone dealt with their powers differently and that their path to coming to find their powers tended to be unique, that felt comforting but she was still pretty sure most of them didn’t push aside the idea of learning about what they could do for their entire life “I guess you could say I’ve never really been one for being part of a community before” she was the type to try and handle things alone and whenever she did let people in it tended to be specific people she felt like she could trust. And recently she had regretted even doing that. Dakota bit her lip when Kaelyn spoke about how she was never adopted “The system must have been hard for you to handle” she spoke it softly in acknowledgment because she had seen a very small part of it. “Well I guess it’s a plus that I’m a good study huh?” never the fastest but she was dedicated to get the job done and that’s what really mattered right?

She agreed, because of the way she had pushed aside her powers and acted as though they never existed, they had become this powerful part inside of her, a shadow you might see it and it kept growing and growing and now she couldn’t ignore it anymore “A part of me regrets it but another isn’t sure how I would have handled all of this when I first found out my powers were being suppressed” she had been very emotional then, finding out her parents had lied to her for her entire life, that they were ashamed of her and her powers, it had been tough to recover from. She laughed at the way Kaelyn said she had resting bitch face “I feel like we all are guilty of that sometimes” she chuckled shaking her head slightly “You seem like a nice person” she added to confirm that she didn’t think she was scary at all and she didn’t get that impression from her.

“Well then I should probably give you my number right?” she pulled her phone out of her pocket and scrolled through to the own number page before she held it out towards the redhead so that she could either write it down or save it in her own phone, then they could plan their training sessions around their schedules. “Yeah...kinda the catch 22 right there, you don’t want to think about them but then that’s all you end up thinking about” frustrating because she just wanted to be able to get control but the more she thought about things getting out of control the more out of control they actually became until she was a mess of panic. She nodded in response to her question “I have to be, it’s my life I have to live right?” she smiled softly, she did feel a little more confident after today at least “But I would appreciate the books too” she took back her phone tucking it away in her pocket and got to her feet, hovering towards the door “And thank’ve really helped me to feel...better about it all” she nodded slightly.

Over the years she’s travelled to many places meeting various Instar Diviners along the way. All who had different abilities whose power was much stronger or weaker than others. Seeing how people all learn in a different way, adapting to what's best for them. Kaelyn could already sense that Dakota’s power was much stronger than others but untrained. Something that Kaelyn knew she’d have to help with, thinking already that she’d be one of her most tricky students but she was always up for a challenge. “We’re all programmed differently, you just got to work out what ways and things you got to do to control and learn to master your powers” She explained trying to let her know that it’s okay to be different, seeing how much the brunette seems to worry about everything. “There’s people here in the community who are happy to help too. You're not alone anymore” Kaelyn smiled softly, wanting for Dakota to start to become part of the family they already have in the city but let her decide on her own. The system stered her on the wrong path from an early age. “It became worse when they found out how I was different from the others, they started to use me for my powers” She admitted shrugging her shoulders. Kaelyn knew she had it more difficult than others but she could imagine what her life would be like if she wasn’t given up or if she was adopted to a nice family who’d accepted her for who and what she was. “

“You’ll have no problems reading and catching up on all that in the books” She mused softly but could see how eager Dakota was to start learning and reading up more. She could only imagine how hard it must have been for her to find out after years that she had her powers suppressed whilst for her she’s always had it. Starting to think without knowing properly that it ended up going bad. “People who don’t understand properly about us supernaturals think that suppressing our powers is better but in reality it’s the opposite” Believing that it only makes things worse in the end, for it all to become out of control. She always liked to show control, that she has more power. It helped her when she wanted to trick others using her skills to her advantage. “You seem like a nice person too” Already starting to see that they could easily become friends, with thow they were alike and different at the same time in a good way. 

She almost forgot that they still had to share numbers “Nearly forgotten” Laughing softly reaching she took Dakota’s phone finding it easily putting her number into it, then sending herself a text. “And there our numbers all saved” Grinning a little. “Don’t be hard on yourself if it takes more tries than you thought it would” Reminding her new student, already able to read her more easily. “You’ll be living your life with powers and not needing to worry all the time soon” She added, feeling more hopeful. “I’m sure the books will help you, just let me know if you need any help with them. They’d be confusing at first” Wanting for Dakota to reach out for help since it’s what she’s here for. Remembering how at first spell books for confusing for her too, more trickier than normal books to wrap your head around. “Your welcome, you have my number and know where I live. So if you need anything” Kaelyn smiled to her, reminding her how she’s here to help and not alone anymore.


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