Icy wings melted into the skin of her bare back as heeled-booted feet touched the floor of the balcony. The woman adjusted the black halter-neck bodysuit that clung tightly to her torso, her fingers then running through her dark voluminous locks. Hair now out of her face, Leona knelt down, eyes now level with the lock of balcony doors. Trying her luck, her hands reached towards the doorhandles and tried to turn it---just as she expected. That was no matter to the woman, as she reached into the pockets of her black high-waisted pants, pulling out a couple of rules. She wasn't above breaking and entering---how else would she go about with her dramatic entrances?  

Not even a minute later, and the doors swung open. A smirk toyed upon her lips as she walked in, a bottle of whiskey clasped in her fingers. Her olive-green hues flickered towards the clock mounted on the wall---the occupant of the home she was in would probably be up soon, as she'd seen him approach the building as she'd flown. Setting the bottle on the coffee table, she moved towards a set of cabinets and found two glasses, and putting a few ice cubes, she headed back to an armchair across the coffee table.

When the man would enter, he'd see the one glass filled with scotch on the rocks on the table, the lithe figure of the Venetian Niveis sitting cooly across from him, another glass in hand. "Don't even bother trying to get help," she purred boredly. "I'm not here to hurt you, at least, not yet." A low, sultry chuckle sounded from the dark-haired woman as she eyes the human man. "Come now, Jackson---I'd be surprised if you didn't hear that I was alive and back in town." A smirk toyed at the corners of her lips as she tilted her head to a side, a sly glint flashing in her eyes. "As if death would be enough to part me from the debt you owe." 

She then gestured to the glass on the table, and then to the chair near her with an airy wave of her hand. "It's your home---make yourself comfortable, for we have a lot to talk about." She took a sip of her drink then, her gaze never leaving the man's. "I swear that yours isn't poisoned---I wouldn't kill you when you can be of such great use to me, Attorney Blackford."

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