Siobhan's life had not turned out anything like she thought it was going to go. She was placed with a family that were human and raised as a nomad never setting foot inside of a big city and lived on a farm. That was the only life she knew farm life, which equipped her with many useful skills but nothing that would prepare her for the future she was going to have. One evening her Father and Brother had been killed, she found their bodies along with the black smoke, white eyed creature that kill them. When the creature turned its sights upon her it was as if she was the one it was looking for, She ran and it followed, she eventually killed the beast, while activating her Nephilim side, but since that night she had been haunted by demons and the black smoke monster.  She found her way inside of the city of Evermore, Finding Isaac who was the Creator of the Nephilim community in Evermore. Then meeting Dominic the Therian who tried to protect her from every bad thing in life. He took her in and tried to shield her from the bad in the world but not even he could.

Maybe that was why she was sitting in this bar on a Tuesday night on her third whiskey, She felt as if she was failing at being a Nephilim she was unable to use any of their gifts, she couldn't get get her wings to work when she wanted them too, She was feeling defeated after everything that happened to her. She stared at with a stone cold look sighing softly as she picked it up and tossed it back, She could feel eyes on her as if she was a meal. Her mind drifted to the Christmas party where she was attacked by Abraxas men, it caused a paranoia that didn’t seem to leave her. She stood up pulling her jacket around her shoulders and made her way out of the bar as she walked out the door she could hear the footsteps falling on the path one after another. Her hand tighten into a fist digging  her nails into her palm reopening the scars there, feeling the blood there she was going to turn around and scream at who ever was falling her until she heard her name. She turned facing the man in the dark clothing.

She shouldn’t have stopped moving, she knew better as the man's hands wrapped around her neck and began to tighten, his mind piercing hers as he dragged her into the alley of the bar, Siobhan hands tried to yank the mans hold but it was useless as she kicked a foot at him, but spots blurred her vision as she gasped out the pain infliction starting causing her to close her eyes and release breathless screams as she stopped fighting and her hands loosened around his The man leaned in and whispered in her ear “Poor little thing.”

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Low profile. That was the name of the game and had been since he had come to the Eternal City. Using an alias, always keeping in the background, and only making big moves under the cover of darkness he was maintaining his anonymity. His sister finally knew he was in the city, her trust in him growing and soon enough he would be reunited with all of his siblings. It was slow going, a gradual process that couldn't be rushed; moving too fast could alert his enemy to his presence and that would give the game away. Patience was a virtue he had in spades, cultivated over a lifetime of waiting and watching.

Finding things that kept him busy, yet allowing him to indulge in extracurriculars had been a stroke of genius. Plus the added revenue opened avenues that would make it all the easier to integrate himself in the enemy camp when the time came. Until then he worked and he studied and he trained. It wasn't a full life, but it was a life of purpose. That was what matter the most and what kept him focused. It’s what fed his drive and kept the thirst for revenge from overriding the need for vengeance. Revenge was sloppy, impulsive, and above all emotional. Vengeance was enduring and methodical justice.

Standing on the rooftop the male barely felt the cool night breeze, or the light spring mist that settled among the streets. Hidden in the shadows of the surrounding highrise’s he was just another piece of the darkness. Lifting his wrist the sleeve of the Tom Ford jacket slide back enough to reveal the smooth surface of the TAG, the two arms steadily ticking out the seconds and minutes in an infinite accounting of time. Just as the time piece read 11:15 the back door of the club opened, a twin set of thugs emerging with several bulging bags held in beef arms.

“Right on time.” He smirked, having watched the same routine for the past couple of nights he was ready to make his move. Crouching at the edge of the building he was poised to drop down into the alley below, positioned perfectly to intercept the latest shipment of drugs before they could make it to the SUV waiting at the street. Abraxas’s men were punctual to a fault and tonight they would be going back to their master bruised and empty handed.

A scuffle echoed up at the other side of the building he was standing on top of, drawing his attention away from his target for a moment. The male was inclined to ignore it until a rather feminine grunt sounded, effectively tearing him away from his carefully laid plans. Crossing to the other side of the roof his keen blue almost grey eyes took in the scene in a moment, his lips pressing into a tight line of displeasure. Leaping over the edge in one smooth motion he fell through open air, landing in a slight bow as his knees absorbed the impact easily. In two long strides he was right behind the thug, kicking out with a well aimed hit to just below his knee.

As planned the thug’s leg bent, his hands releasing their hold on the female as he stumbled and turned to face the new threat. Wasting little time the male struck out with superhuman force, a punch to the gut followed by a series of jabs to the throat, ribs, and face sent the thug sprawling across the alley floor. Before the thug could struggle back up the male walked up and grabbed him by the front of the grubby sweatshirt he was wearing, pulling him up just enough to deliver a hit to the temple that knocked the gangbanger unconscious. Dropping the limp body with no little mount amount of disdain he straighten up, pulling at the cuffs of his sleeves and brushing off the fine material as if he could brush off the sudden bout of violence.

Turning he faced the young woman, strolling up to her with a small smile on his face. “You know a dark alley is no place for a midnight stroll, especially in this territory.” It was widely known, or at least to those with any sense, that the alleys around downtown were to be avoided unless you had an acute death wish. The number of dead bodies that were often found come sunrise had been more than enough to deter anyone who had their finger on the pulse of the news. Even the bartenders warned their customers not to use the alleys, the long way around the streets meant life and a little extra walking was the better alternative.

Studying her for a moment he checked her over for injuries, ensuring that she was still in one piece of a little shaken. “Are you alright?” Something about her seemed almost familiar, though he couldn't put his finger on how. Picking up sounds of movement he threw propriety to the side and stepped up to her side, gently but firmly taking her elbow. “We need to move.”

Siobhan mind in a panic couldn’t think straight her hands clawed at the main, her drunken wave washed away in the moments of panic as the Nephilim who could barely fly was losing oxygen to her brain unable to think straight as the man's fingers tighten into her larynx. It wasn’t until the man was kicked in the back of the leg and she was able to breathe once again that she looked at Jonathan.  Watching as he threw quicks jabs skilled in his training. She pushed off the wall not sure if she should run or stay there in that moment. Her eyes darted to the limp man on the ground and then back up to him as he moved closer to her with a faint smile.

Taking in Jon facial features, she wondered why he felt familiar as if on cue she noticed a purple tint to his eyes due to the lighting and she wanted to relax. He was another Nephilim, but after the Ball where she was beaten by Abraxas men attacked her, her trust in Nephilims were low to none. There was a look in his Crystal gaze that made her want to trust him. As he stood in front of her she let out a soft breath. What should have came out as a thank you at first though, was something far more sarcastic.

“Well you see I was walking on the Sidewalk and just thought to myself ‘Siobhan you know what would be a great move? Walking down this dark alleyway.’” She crossed her arms over her chest and placed her defensive up trying to remember the flight training she had been practicing with Dominic, even though he wasn’t a Nephilim he kept her grounded and has been helping her train any way he could.

Her own words caught her in that moment and she felt ashamed for being so rude, it wasn’t how she was raised, after everything that had happened she just became callous towards others. “Forgive me that was rude.” She looked down from his crystal gaze with her own bluish-green hues fixed on his shoes  “I wasn’t walking down the alley sir, He grabbed me off the streets, he knew my name, I figure he may belong to this bad group of Nephilims.” that was all she wished to say at that moment.

Siobhan wiped the blood from her crescent shaped wounds on her palms on the knees of her jeans “I will live.” She said as she kept her gaze from his “Not the first time something like this has happened to me.” she admitted and then the sounds at the other end of the alleyway made her look past him just as he grabbed her elbow making her move out of the Alleyway. “Friends of yours?” she asked looking over her shoulder once again the men behind them calling her name.

“Dammit to hell it must be Abraxas men after me since they didn’t kill me at the Christmas ball,” Siobhan said as she looked around them. “My apartment is just through the park.” She said and at that moment moved her hand to take hold of his and started to pull him across the empty street. The sounds of her name Echoing down the alleyway they had exited had come to an end making her want to look back once again but she refused. Her hand holding a death grip on the man beside her as she focused on just making it through the park and to her home.

Jonathan studied the blonde curiously for a moment, watching as recognition then distrust then wariness chased one another across her features. Tilting his head slightly the corner of his mouth quirked into a wry grin at her sarcasm and it was as her bright hues rolled that he noticed the slight purple tinge to her irises that identified her as one of his people. It was both a surprise and a slight complication that he wasn't prepared to deal with and yet as voices filtered from down the alley the male realized that deal with it he must. For whatever reason his enemy was after the female, Siobhan, as she had stated her name, which made his protective instincts kick into overdrive.

His grin grew a little wider, his eyes looking at her expression to gauge her seriousness as she stated this wasn't the first time she had been caught in such a compromising situation. “A trouble magnet huh? I'm curious to know if you search the trouble out or if it finds you, though I have a pretty good feeling which it is.” He sighed, his head shaking slightly as he smelled the hints of alcohol on her breath. The voices were getting closer, the sounds of moving feet now echoing to them from the depths of the dark network of alleys, harkening to the approach of the enemy. The young Nephilim didn't seem to have much in the way of fighting ability and he could only do so much when he was trying to protect. Deciding leaving was the best course of action he started to take her elbow only to have her hand clamp onto his, leading him towards a sprawling park.

Without protest Jon allowed himself to be led through the dark park, his mind churning over the information she had just provided him. For whatever reason his sire had targeted this female Nephilim for execution, or he had ordered his minions to get rid of her. Either way she had a target on her back with the initials of the devil himself written all over the warrant which for most people would have triggered the flight response double time. Instead of getting the hell out of dodge like she should have, the blonde was drunkenly stumbling around the gangsters territory and putting herself on death’s door. The whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth as the sprinted through the park, pursued by Abraxas’s lackeys. The last thing the male needed was to be seen and associated with someone marked.

Angry at having been detoured from his plans and now having his whole plan put in jeopardy the Nephilim took two more running steps, wrapped his arms around Siobhan’s waist, and launched them both skyward. The moment they reached the peak of his jump his massive wings sprang from his back and pushed downward in a powerful stroke that shot them straight up into the air. He kept climbing, shooting like a rocket into the clouds where they had cover, allowing him to bank in a large circle heading in a different direction in order to throw off any attempts at pursuit. He’d become adept at all aspects of flight, knew his limitations from how much weight he could carry and how long he could carry it to how fast he could fly in all kinds of conditions. Every aspect of his life had been aimed towards one day taking down the monster that he called father, therefore he was the epitome of strength and agility as far as Nephilim were concerned.

His arms hard formed steel bands around his burden, what squirming or protests she gave fell on deaf ears as Jonathan focused on giving them a clean getaway. Finally, after doubling back several times he landed on the top of the skyscraper that housed his business, the solar panels putting off ambient light that effectively camouflaged them from sight. Once her feet were securely on the ground the male stepped away, running a hand through his hair quite unapologetically. “Forgive me. Running through the park wasn't quite good enough and I wanted the opportunity to speak with you. Free of pursuing murdering thugs.”

“I am not a trouble magnet.” Siobhan protested as she crossed her over her chest staring at him “I don’t seek it out if that is what you are trying to say mister. First off you haven’t even given me your name you could very well be with this punk.” She pointed to the man on the alley ground though deep down she knew that wasn’t true. She just wanted to make a valid point “So how do I know you are not looking to start trouble with me?” she raised her brow, but in those next few moments as they hade their escape for the alley and he seem to go along with her plan about getting to her place.

Siobhan never ran away mainly because she truly had nowhere else to go, this town held the only hope for her, she was all alone until she meet Dominic, and then Clarissa. She had been technology challenged and Nephilim challenged from the first moments stepping into Evermore. She had activated her Nephilim gene and then learned the truth about being dropped on her adoptive parent’s door step. She thought she was human all her life, ever since finding out she was Nephilim her life had been filled with one mad man after a next coming after her. So to be fair she was a trouble magnet, but she didn’t always go looking for it. Her innocents seem to attract the good and the bad but lately far more bad. So here she was marked for death all because she cared for the Bradford’s. She knew being close to them could cost her, her life but she didn’t care she wouldn’t abandon them.

“Sometimes I think I should stop running and just go with him, it would save the sisters a lot of headaches if I wasn’t their burden anymore.” She spoke absentmindly lost in her own thoughts as she ran it wasn’t until his arms wrapped around her and him launching them both in the Air did Siobhan want to scream out, but she felt it best not to as it could give away their location to the men chasing them and as Abraxas was a crime lord he was a Nephilim crime lord which only made her think that his men were Nephilim’s or at least a few of them had to be. She did mutter curse words under her breath as her arms wrapped around him closing her eyes tightly making sure not to move to much. It felt like they were in the air forever until finally landing on a roof top. Siobhan quickly let go of Jon and leaned over letting out the breath she had been holding taking in a few more breaths. Before finally looking up to him.

“What the hell man!” She screamed to him as she stood back up. “You could have at least warned me you were going to scoop me up and take off with me.” She muttered as she rolled her shoulders, her fingers running through her messy lock as she shook her head back and forth before looking around her. This had been the highest she had ever been in the city. Causing her to want to look over the edge and jump just to feel the rush before her wings opened last minute. She took a deep cleansing breath as she looked back to Jonathan making sure to keep space between them just in case he tried anything, in that moment she was more untrusting of him.

“Oh yes please lets fly up to a roof top and have a secret rendezvous while there are murdering thugs running around Evermore.” She said as she crossed her arms leaning more weight on one leg then the other staring at him. She knew she should be more thankful, but one thing she was thought when coming to this city no one does anything out of the kindest of their heart. “What do you wish to speak about with me?” she said as she looked away from him over to the mountain lines as the night hung around them. The tension in her body still there ready to run and jump off the building if she need to escape him.

For maybe the third time since coming into contact with the young Nephilim Jon rolled his bright blue hues heavenward. It was becoming tiresome to have to deal with all the speculation, especially when people didn't pay attention to the facts. “If I had been with them would I have just knocked the pair of them out in your rescue?” He gave her a pointed look, his lips pressing into a thin line at her attitude. As the sounds of pursuit reached them he muttered under his breath, “I stand by my assessment. Trouble with a capital T.”

Before she could add in another quip they were running, her off handed musings adding to his curiosity and concern. It all lead to his instant decision to take their safety firmly back into his own hands, carrying them through the city in a very roundabout way. As soon as they landed on the roof of his building she stepped away from him, all in a female huff. Finding a spot at the edge he sat down, stretching his long legs out in front of his with an amused grin. “If I had told you it would have cost precious moments that led to a clean escape. I would think you would be thanking me.” Jon saw the distrust in her eyes and the guarded ear she held herself and yet her own curiosity couldn't be abated. Her sarcasm made him chuckle, “ Where else would you propose we rendezvous? Right in the heart of downtown in an alley infamous for turning up dead bodies?” He hadn't called her on the drinking yet but was sure he had gotten his point across.

He answered her question with a very direct query of his own, “Why is Abraxas after you? How did you cross him? Not many people make it onto his radar and yet he is sending quite a few people out to attain you. What makes you so special?” If she was somehow a key to getting close to the bastard the male wasn't above using her. His one and only mission in life now was to bring his sire down. Period.

“I’m not trouble.” She mumbled under her breath and sighed, she truly tried not to get into so much trouble, both Clarissa and Dominic told her she tried to do good but it came at a cost, that she need to stop putting her life on the line, that she needed to be selfish. She disagreed with them, but she had so many brushes with death that she was beginning to think they were right.

She looked at him and rolled her eyes once again at him. “I would propose you introduce yourself before taking a girl off the street to undisclosed location for a rendezvous she did not agree too.” She shot back sarcastically as she watched him adjust himself wearing a amuse grin. “Glad I can amuse you.” She said back as she moved sitting down on the roof with a slight grunt as she lowered herself to the ground. Placing it so her knees were elevated and she could rest her arms on them staring at she raised one hand to rub her neck softly.

“Again, I was dragged into the alley I didn’t walk into it willingly.” She sighed heavily as she let her blue gaze drop from his rather intense once as she ran through the events of the evening one more time.  She looked back up to him as he began to ask questions instead of answering her own. Causing her brow to raise at him and then she moved sitting cross legged.

“I mean how does one get on a madman radar? I got in the way of something he wanted.” She stated simply weary of mentioning the Bradford sisters, each sister had a special place in her heart, and it put her in the line of fire as they both cared for her in different ways also. She respected them both but knew that things were far more complicated then she knew so it was best she didn’t have their names in her mouth especially talking to someone she didn’t know.

Her gaze narrowed to him, “There is nothing special about me.” She said honestly as she shrugged to him. “Besides why do you care? I mean how do you know Abraxas? Is he after you?” She wondered if she had meet another Abraxas victim as she bit down on her lip softly. “Did he harm you and your loved ones?” she reached up tucking the blonde hair behind her ear.

Jon laughed, he couldn't help it. His head rolled back on his neck, allowing the bark of laughter to issue out into the heavens above. As high up as they were the only person who could hear him was her, and no one to witness the mirth that her reaction caused him. She was spunky, if a bit naive in the workings in the world and a definite trouble magnet. He’s seen the kind before, many times in fact. A person desperate to help, reckless in their need to be of use and more often than not caused more trouble for themselves than they had first intended. Her meaning was well, but in her need to help she attracted trouble and with the kind she was playing with it could get her killed.

As the laughter subsided the male ran a hand through his hair, fixing her with a steady gaze. “First of all I didn't take you off of the street, I rescued you from the clutches of the Devil himself and this isn't a rendezvous. It's an interview.” Crossing his arms over his chest a waited a moment more, weighing the pros and cons of revealing any part of his identity. Finally he decided, lowering himself down to sitting across from her so that he could see her face and look into her eyes. “You can call me Jon.” Like she was any other business associate he held out his hand to her, firmly giving her own a shake in a formal greeting.

His cornflower blue optics rolled skyward at her summation of how she had ended up in the alley. “Semantics. You walked by said alley in an inebriated state and no doubt knew whose territory you were on. You might as well have put a bow on your head and walked into Abraxas’s living room.” Jonathan was a very deliberate individual, when he did something he went about it with conviction knowing full well what his intent was. He didn't believe in half choices or coincidence and got annoyed when people tried to explain away their circumstances. Things like fate, chance, or luck didn't exist. Every happening in the universe was based off of a choice and choices were made. He often held more respect for people who took responsibility, even if a choice cost him hundreds of dollars if a person owned up to it they were often forgiven and even rewarded. For that very reason Jonathan didn't have time for wishy washy people or anyone who won't take responsibility for their actions. Ownership of one's life and the direction of one's future is the true definition of living.

Her sarcasm made his lips purse, his annoyance rising as she remained obstinate and argumentative. There was a certain innocence about her though that had the male mustering his patience. They had just been in a highly stressful situation and now she was on foreign territory, with a virtual stranger. “Abraxas isn't a madman, he’s a methodical sociopath with a penchant for chaos and destruction.” The was a huge difference between an individual who had gone off the deep end, mad men were often driven by their emotions. Out of control and prone to indecision or the slightest whim they were predictable in their violence. Abraxas on the other hand was careful, calculated, and above all composed. Even when his temper was lost he was composed and cunning. It was like comparing a komodo dragon to a cheetah. Both are equally predatory and deadly however while the cheetah spend more time chasing after prey than actually eating the komodo dragon will stand still for hours waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Even after a bite they will wait for hours more until the poison in their bite finally kills their target before feasting.

Jogging his kind out of the silent reverie of his one and only enemy Jonathan refocused on the blonde Nephilim sitting across from him. Her questions were aimed at drawing attention away from herself, challenging his inquiries. Threading his fingers through his hair he looked up at the wide expanse of stars above him, sighing heavily. “Let's just say I have a vested interest in him as an individual.” He didn't dare reveal more, if his plan was going to work be needed to keep his true identity as secret as possible. Too many people knowing he was a Bradford put not only his life at risk but that of his siblings. “I'm asking the questions here. After all I did just save your life and in doing so you ruined my opportunity to disrupt his supply line.” He was very meter of fact as he stared at her, “I would say you owe me. Now answer my questions.” Stretching bbn out his legs he crossed them at the ankles and folded his hands in his lap. “Please,” he added as an after thought.

Siobhan looked over to the man who once again just laughed at her causing her to roll her eyes once again at him. He seem to have a very high confidence personality and while she was sure that helped him often she wasn’t sure she was in the mood to deal with it. She rolled her head forward resting her elbow on her knees as she ran her scarred palm over her face.  As he finally brought his laugher to a close she looked up to him still in the semi ball hunch as her hands rested around her neck making herself smaller.

“An interview? What are you going to offer me a job as your secretary or something? Hate to break your heart Jon but I don’t do well with office life.” She said as she raised a brow and then sat cross legged opening herself back open to him in that moment her brought himself across from her. Her vibrant blue eyes searched his “I am Siobhan but I am guessing you caught that earlier.” She said as she shook his hand back before she quickly pulled her hand back and covered them with the sleeves of her jacket so he didn’t see the scaring there on her plams.

“I will say you really enjoy the whole victim blaming thing don’t you?” she said as she shook her head, and looked away from his very intense eyes. “I don’t know much about this city if I am being honest with you, at this moment I am still very new at being a Nephilim.” Her eyes went back to his letting her honest pour out of her. “The only reason I am on Abraxas’s shit list is because I am close to his daughter...” She said as she thought how to phrase things. From her understand having talked with both Clarissa and Cornelia. Many people didn’t know of the twins, which with her being attacked she thought was false, and she didn’t plan on letting this stranger know that the daughter she was closest too when she was attacked was Clarissa.

“I was attacked by his men at a Christmas even the town held.” She said as she picked at her jeans in a nervous manner. “I have gotten close to his daughter, and well you know how he is when you get close to the one he is after.” She offered a breath to slip pass her lips as she thought for a long moment “So maybe your right I shouldn’t be running around drinking when I clearly am on a list.” She tried her hardest not to let the bitter taste of reality hit her. She blinked back tears and cleared her throat no longer wishing to dive deeper int the topic. She brought her eyes up to his once again “Have you ever had something so traumatic happen you felt as if a part of yourself died with it? That is how I have been feeling lately.”

“Methodical sociopath makes me feel as if you have known him a very long time or at least have known of him for a long time.” She said as she listen to how he spoke of Abraxas and then her eyes looked over the man in front of her as he streatched out and crossing his ankles. “A vested interested…” she said and remembered her own vested interest in finding what killed her father and brother. “Did he kill someone close to you?” her eyes narrowed at him. Wich was quickly meet with him stating he was the one asking the questions.

“Well since you asked so nicely.” She reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Abraxas is after me because during the Christmas even the person I am close too got drunk and so I took her outside to get her some air. Her getting air led to an attack I stepped in to stop it leading to me getting hurt. So now he thinks she and I are close. He thinks by hurting me would hurt them but in the end she would just move on. What makes me special? Absolutely nothing.” She simply stated with a shrug. “Just wrong place wrong time should be the motto for my life.

A smile touched his lips, her s as sarcastic quips were becoming on of his favorite parts of her personality. For all her naivete she was quick witted and brave, perhaps a little too obstinate for his taste but all in all he found he liked her. “Not exactly. I already have a secretary, though if you are ever looking for a job I'm sure I could find you a position.” His business was always growing and expanding, success ingrained in him from an early age he took his work seriously. His business doing well wasn't just good for him, it was good for all his employees and he took their success even more seriously than his own.

“Nice to meet you Siobhan.” The handshake she gave him was firm but quick, his eyes not failing to notice how quickly she withdrew from him. Either she was trying to hide something from his notice or she couldn't stand to touch him. Given how she pulled her hands inside her jacket he was guessing the first option. His eyebrows shot up into his hairline at her next comment, his head shaking as a slight grin touched his lips. “Victim blaming?” Chuckling slightly he shook his dark head a bit more, “No. I believe in people taking accountability for their actions. Tell me, had you not indulged in as many drinks or even gone to that club tonight do you think you would have ended up in the same situation?” He gave her a minute to think his question over. “It is unfortunate that you were attacked however had you made a different choice or several different choices the effect would not have been the same. For every action there is an equal and or opposite reaction.” The male would never understand how more people didn't take a good hard look at their lives and realize that most of their woes were a direct result of their actions and choices. It was one of the reasons he had a hard time relating to most people past a friendly manner.

Jon stepped down from his soapbox as she went on to explain how she had ended up on Abraxas’s shit list. It made sense, if she had established herself as a friend to either or both Clarissa and Cornelia than the bastard would be after her. He wanted a leverage against his children and would use her to his greatest advantage to get what he wanted. Then he would kill the poor girl for spite and leave her body in the most public place possible. His site was all about the theatrics and causing the most havoc. Sighing the Nephilim leveled his gaze on Siobhan, “I have. The loss takes a piece of you, making you feel as if you will never be whole again.” He knew exactly what she was talking about. “That's not an excuse to be reckless or idiotic with your safety. Who ever you lost is gone and you need to accept that. Focus on the people around you who are living and pour your energy into living.” As much as he missed his mother she would kick his ass if he didn't keep moving forward, and it was for her and what was left of his family that he did so.

Jon didn't answer her though she wasn't far off the mark. She was perceptive when she chose to be which clashed greatly with her so called life motto. “Life is a culmination of the choices we make, if you continually find yourself in dangerous situations that you can't handle I would look at the decisions you choose to make.” Leaning back against the wall he tipped his head back, looking at the blanket of stars above them. “New to bring a Nephilim huh? Don't you have someone training you; teaching you how to fight properly, how to fly in any situation, how to control the mind?” It was a unheard of for one of their kind to not have a trainer, with their strength and abilities it was dangerous for a young Neph to not have full control over him or herself. Though given everything on his sister’s mind he couldn't quite blame her for neglecting one of her reckless fledglings. Then again that neglect could lead to a senseless death that could have been avoided, that SHOULD be avoided.

Siobhan looked to the man in front of her as he talked as if he would hire her, the way he said he could find a position for her, it was true in the city the Nephilims had a tight knit community. Siobhan had been on the outs of the community for a long time since she didn’t grow up with them. She by Clarissa definition was a baby bird. She was still learning her skill set and while she was pretty good at flying now she had yet to know how fast she could fly. Maybe joining a nephilim business would be good for her. She felt like she need to get to know more of her kind. Find a greater purpose for herself. Lost wasn’t enough to describe her feelings most days.  

“Would you really would hire someone like me? Someone who has no technological skill whatsoever. What use would I be for what looks like a rather impressive building so I am guessing you do a rather good job at whatever it is you do.” She raised a bow to him once again and offered a short nod to him “It is nice to meet you also Jon. Listen, I know that I can be a smartass, and sound ungrateful but I am thankful for you saving me tonight. I hate to admit that I need a lot more saving than even I realize. First step to admitting a problem right?” she let a soft chuckle leave her lips.

“It is very well possible I would have ended up in the same situation. The first time I met Abraxas men I had not been drinking just at a city event. I actually was helping C…” she paused for a moment “I was helping my friend get some fresh air and they had attacked. “Accepting accountability for my actions fine, I should be placing myself in such dangerous situations since it has become even clearer after tonight that Abraxas will not stop.” She said as she kept her gaze on him for a moment “But I do not think everything can all be solely one persons fault. There are many choices and movements that are being made. Maybe if Abraxas wasn’t such a psycobath a girl could get a drink at a local watering hole.” She chuckled trying in some way in any way to lightening the mood.

“There are many choices I wish I would have made different Jon.” she said softly and pulled her knees to her chest, she rest her chin on her knees for a moment.  “Tell me Jon have you ever made a choice that didn’t end well for you? Or have you always had this outlook on life. Every action you make the… Perfect one?” she wondered about him more then she should she was sure. She didn’t think he would answer her questions as he had his own he wanted answers to.

When he answered one of her questions she couldn’t help but hold his icy blue gaze. “The way you talk of lost is so black and white Jon.” She said softly and then moved on to her knees coming closer to him. She slowly opened her hands to him for him to see the crescent shaped scars on the inside of her palms. “My mother taught me that every time I made a mistake I should be punished for it, she instilled in me to be perfect and if I wasn't perfect to her definition I would harm myself that is how much I took to heart the lessons she taught me as a child. Even to this day I find myself doing this to myself because of those lessons, and that is on me, I know better then to harm myself, because I will never be perfect. It was like my mother knew I was an angel child even before I did you see I was raised as human Jon, I was raised on a farm not knowing that any supernatural I was raised as a farm hand and even a hunter. I spent much of my life with the people who I thought were my parents and my brother. I was never allowed to go into the city but every once and a while and I was told not to talk to anyone. Just over a year ago my father and brother left and were murdered by this smoke monster thing. It was a very dark night All I remember is rage filling me when I found their dead body I killed the monster that night. I wandered around till I saw the city lights. I was so moved by the city, It was something I had never seen.” She said as she looked from her palms to him. “I went back to my mother confused and lost, things didn’t end well we began to argue and she told me I was meant for more.”

“I learn I was a Nephilim thanks to a kind man who took me in for a while.” She took a deep breath looking to him “I have no one to train me, I have been learning what I can with who I can.” She as she shrugged slightly as she looked to him watching him stare at the sky for a moment. “I don’t know who my birth parents are, I only know Cornelia and Clarissa as nephilims I can trust and lean on.” She hadn’t realized in that moment she let it slip she knew both the sisters. “Sometimes I think it would have been better for everyone if I just had stayed on the farm ignoring what I was, and the pull that Evermore had on me.” She looked up to the sky at that point as she gazed upon the stars that were there above them the ones she could see anyways as the light from the city tended to make them hard to see. “Train me?” the question slipped from her lips before she had a chance to catch it, it even surprised her. She had no clue why every bone in her body was urging her to trust this man, she didn’t know him.  “You think I am reckless and young.” She said now moving her gaze down from the sky “Maybe I just need a teacher.”

A quiet chuckle rolled from his lips, echoing her own though he nodding his head, “Of course I’d hire you. Many of the people I hire got their start within my company and had no experience beforehand. On the job training is a real thing, and I like to see what people are made of when given the right opportunity.” He meant every word he spoke, the sincerity in his voice was unmistakable. Not to mention the absolute truth, he didn't believe in turning hard working people away just because they didn't know what to do. Provide that person with the right training and they would be a highly valued asset. 9 times out of 10 anyway, there was always that one person who squandered opportunities and never failed to place the blame on someone else.

The conversation turned again, his smile growing a little wider at her admittance of having a problem. Running a hand over his face he couldn't help but laugh lightly, “Yes I suppose it is. And you’re welcome. I've never been the type to leave a lady in a pinch.” He’d always been the knight in shining armor to damsels in distress, his parents had always made sure to instill in him the importance of chivalry and kindness. He had taken those lessons to heart, never failing to lend an assist when he was sure it would be welcome.

He laid his head back against the wall, watching her as she spoke. Of course she had misunderstood his sentiments as most people did, it usually took a few more explanations before they got it in all its entirety. He siding interrupt again, looking down at her palms as she poured out the whole sordid tale of her past. Jon felt for her, felt for the innocent young girl she should have been and by rights should still be. In some ways she was but in others she was struggling with things that were better left to fully grown adults. It made his heart ache though he managed to keep his expression neutral.

During her little recitation the young Nephilim woman let out that she did indeed know his sisters and that because of her familiarity she had been made a target. That more than anything made up his mind. The male place his palms on his knees and pushed smoothly to his feet, offering his hand to her. Once their palms made contact he pulled her to her feet, leveling her with his steady blue gaze, “You aren't completely to blame. Yes others make choices as well that we can't control, we can however choose how or if we react.” Gently he took her hands, holding them palms up so that they could both look at the evidence of her past. “You have the choice to set aside your mother’s teaching and decide that you are enough. That you are worthy and powerful and strong. No one can make that decision but you and once you do, you will be free of her censure.”

Sliding his hands out from underneath her’s Jon took a step back and placed his hands in his pockets. “I will train you. We start tomorrow at 8 sharp. You will be here and start your job training at $10 an hour and once your training is over you’ll make $14 an hour. After work we will train for 4 hours. Flight, hand to hand combat, evasion, and then upgrade to weapons. Once we start you commit completely as I will. Agreed?”

He stuck out his hand, holding it halfway between them in a sign of the covenant they were about to enter into. He made no move to take her hand or force her to agree, it would be her choice. Her future she was investing in and ultimately her move to.take his hand and seal the deal.

Siobhan had only told her past to a handful of people now, and she wondered deep within herself why she was spilling her heart out to this stranger. His calming nature was brotherly in some manners, since losing her own brother she never felt that brotherly vibe from anyone else until meeting Jon, which was strange enough they had seem to go from questioning the other to a mutual understanding together. “Yes there is such thing as hiring someone who needs a little bit of training and then there is hiring me...Someone who doesn’t know how to even work most basic technology because she was raised on a farm with out pretty much everything but electricity.” she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. “You will have your work cut out for you, but I always try my hardest.”

Siobhan herself sometimes forgot she was only twenty three with how much she had been through. She came to Evermore pretty much reborn as she was lost among being a newborn to the nephilim lifestyle of the city that many looked at her and only felt pity for her. That wasn’t what she wanted at all, she wanted to figure out how to be a skilled nephilim. She just need someone to take a chance on her to teach her the skills she need to know. She loved that Dominic tried to help her out as much as he could but in the end he was a Therian and didn’t know how her mental skills worked. So having someone not look at her as a child and train her would be far more effective then this man in front of her knew.

Siobhan took hold of Jon hand as he held it to her and raised from the roof she was sitting upon and then watched as he looked to her palms. She nodded as she looked to the fresh wounds there and closed her eyes she wanted to believe that she was worthy, powerful, and strong but she hadn’t felt like that in a long time now. She didn’t open her eyes for a moment until his voice filled her ears about a job. She looked up to him dropping her hands to her side as she chewed her lip. “Agreed.” she said as her hand came to his and her tiny digits wrapped around his hand giving him a firm handshake.

This was something she truly wanted and if he was willing to help her she should take it, “I will see you at 8 am.” she said as she took a step back from him and leaned her head to the side slightly “Can I ask though… Why are you so willing to take me under your wing Jon?” She asked raising a brow and let a chuckle leave her lips “Its almost as if you are a Bradford also.” She let out a soft content sigh. “Bradford’s seem to be the only Nephilim so willing to help me.” She joked and then looked to the door that lead off the roof. “I guess I should make my way home for the evening, and see you in the morning.”


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