Katrina hadn't seen much of Evermore she spent a lot of time in her own little world. She spent her time working on the business as a midwife, her time with Sapphire and after that, her extracurricular life ended. That was going to change as today she planned to take herself to a new part of town and do something fun for herself. She wanted to get a few gifts for some people so why not go shopping and some coffee or hot cocoa.

She never went anywhere without being dressed to the nines and today was no different. She had her hair curled and put into a bun leaving strands frame her face. While waiting for the laundry to be done she went to the kitchen and made herself some oatmeal.

She ate before dressing into a pair of jeans with a pullover sweater and wrapped herself up before walking out of the house and heading into her car to drive to town. She thought it would be a good idea to be doing something useful. She had a bunch of things she wanted to do and today was busy as she was.

She headed out of the car and headed to the first store. Smiling she looked at the Christmas portrayed throughout it all. The Christmas music, the decorations and the things to buy. She wanted something perfect as an actual materialistic gift for Sapphire and a few friends. 

The store was a bit busy as she walked past someone she didn't plan enough distance as she walked into the person. Her lukewarm coffee spilling out on the floor and looking at her trying to see if some got on her. "Oh my, I am so sorry." She stated as she reached into her bag and grabbed a cloth. 

"Here." She offered not wanting to help her unless she asked for some. people didn't like having hands all over them without permission. 

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Clara could hardly believe it was already the Christmas season, though for some the Christmas season did start in November. The warmth of her cottage filled her heart, the dried orange garland hanging around her curtain rod, was the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes that morning, her little house already decorated, the only thing that was left was to hang the decorations on the tree, something she had decided she might wait until Ray could join her. 

She sipped on her warm tea, a blend of cardamom and cinnamon, she sprinkled a light dash of turmeric in for digestion and it gave the warmest of flavours, outside the window a dusting of snow had fallen, guaranteed to increase as the days passed since she resided at the base of the mountains. Her day was going to be full she knew, she had been planning to head into town after dropping some books at the library, even on her day off she couldn't seem to stay away, and then she would go a little Christmas shopping she wanted to get something for each of her friends, and something small to give to Ray, after all, she had already made him his gift. 

In a pair of brown pants, and a cardigan sweater in a cream white she slipped on her coat and drove to town, the Christmas music playing in the background as she drove through the city, lights and decorations had already made their appearance and as the time flew by she knew that Christmas would be over before she would believe. 

Exiting the first shop of the day with a pair of boots that she got half of, she bumped into someone. "No, I'm so sorry," Clara explained. "I'm such a clutz sometimes, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," Clara looked over herself and the floor to check the damage.
"Thank you, but I think it missed me," Clara replied. "Sorry about that, I was lost in my thought, I just got a pair of boots half off and I was trying decide if I was going to gift them or keep them," she muttered the bag held in her hand, along with her purse. "If you need a pair I would totally recommend." 

Looking up at the girl her fingers still frozen from the chill of the winter air. She hadn't realized how much the luke-warm coffee was keeping her fingers warmed. When the young blonde spoke about missing her she gave a sigh of relief. A small chuckle escaped her lips. "I'm so glad! I haven't had coffee spilled on me in a long time ago but a year ago I had blue paint spilled all over me. It was a nightmare, didn't come out my hair for a long time."

Smiling she took the cloth and put it back in her purse. "No, it wasn't your fault. I am easily distracted and don't have a brain. It's all the sleepless nights they mess with your head." She stated with a small chuckle looking at her gently noticing how relaxed she was compared to some people who wouldn't have appreciated it.

"Good to know, I am trying to figure out what to get my girlfriend. It's our first official Christmas together. But we are excited nonetheless I have lots planned. But I wanted something materialistic as well. I'm Katrina O'Sullivan. By the way."  She smiled as she extended her hand to shake with the young woman. She hoped they had warmed some but knew that sometimes the cold would stay within you for hours. 

A cold breeze swept in the air and Clara sent up a grateful thanks into the universe for not having any coffee on her. "Me too, I'm not that clumsy of a person but paint can get anywhere, though I am intrigued as to why it got in your hair, you weren't perhaps in a paint fight were you?" she teased. Clara was always at ease talking with people; it helped when she worked in the library at the front desk, listening and asking questions at the big desk was half the fun, getting to know new people and learning their stories. People always lived such different and interesting lives. 

Clara brushed the comment aside. "No trust me, I never look where I'm going, there's always something else I'm looking at, except in the car, then I'm driving with both hands on the wheel and eyes forward," she replied. Another gust of air came through the building, and Clara tugged her coat closer to her body to preserve heat, though her hands were always cold the wind didn't seem to help. "Since it was completely my fault can I pay for another one for you, preferably in a building with heat?" she asked, a friendly smile on her lips.

"It's always such a pain to shop for a significant other though I like to follow the rule of trying to get something they need or they'll actually use if they have everything might I suggest a trip or even someplace you can go together, memories can't be bought so they'll have to be made," Clara said. It had always been her way of picking out Christmas presents, after all, people were so hard to shop for sometimes especially the one you love. "Well, It wonderful to meet you, Katrina, I'm Clara Carter," she added returning the handshake. 

Katrina smiled at her and a laugh escaped her lips. "No, I wish it may have been more fun. I walked beside a ladder and I scared the woman painting, i.e. my face and body being covered in blue paint. Navy Blue, sometimes I think I see that colour everywhere in pure terror." She said with another laugh and smiled at the woman. 

When she looked at the woman and seen her tug at her coat she realized her own chill that passed through her body. "Well it was bound for us to walk into each other, two clumsy people have to find each other, I think its a rule for living." She said with a cheerful smile and noticed how she spoke about her name.

"Clara Carter? Are you the one who stole Ray Herald's heart? I met him at a bar one time and he spoke very highly of you. I always wondered how that love story went. I'd love to hear all the details." When she spoke of shopping together and coffee she nodded eagerly. 

"Come, we can get some hot chocolate and shop, what are you looking for exactly?" 

Clara laughed. "Isn't it just terrible being that clumsy? I can relate, I have a tendency of dropping things, misplacing things, actually, I'm not sure how I'm still standing," she replied. Sometimes it only just the wind to throw her off-balance, "I mean at least it was navy blue, it could have been a neon yellow or green," Clara suggested, brushing a strand of loose hair out of her face.

"I wouldn't;t say we find each other, just like today, I'm sure we just walk right into one another," Clara knew from personal experience this seemed to be the perfect way to meet people, half of her friends came from meeting them because she couldn't see apparently straight. 

Clara blushed at the mention of her boyfriend, Yes, Ray Herald's heart was hers but she felt it only fitting because he held hers. "The one and only," the blonde replied, "I would love to get coffee and tell you all about it, it's a cute story... there is a coffee shop around the corner, I just passed it, I smelled gingerbread and I can't promise I won't order one of those," around this time of the year gingerbread cookies were her weakness. 

When they reached the coffee shop the smell of the gingerbread still lingered in the air. "Even though it's chilly, I just love this type of weather, it reminds me of cozy things like coffee shops, and warm apple cider, reading books by the fireplace," she spoke the words more to herself then Katrina, these things reminded her of winter. "Shall we go find a table?" she asked stepping away from her thoughts and then she opened the door.

She looked at her and smiled a little. "Yes being clumsy sucks. I wish I was better at it; I can't tell you how many times I have dropped equipment that I need to go and resterilize like..." She made a grunt of disapproval and threw her hands up in the air in frustration. When she spoke about the colour she couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, that's true." 

She smiled as she spoke about being the one with Ray and she nodded. "He spoke very highly of you. I haven't heard from him since the time we met. Casual acquaintances but I have a pretty good memory about things, at times." She added as she spoke about coffee and gingerbread and she nodded eagerly.

"That sounds delicious." When they walked to the coffee shop and there was mention of the weather she nodded. "I am okay with this weather. Scotland was a lot like it, when I was younger that is." She added wanting her to not disclose her species. Even though at times a glow could be seen about her from her celestial being she hated just spilling it, especially if they were not something themselves. The humans if they knew would probably cause trouble.

"Yes." She found her way to a table near the window and smiled. "I can't decide if I should have more caffeine or if I should get something peppermint or something. So many choices. And that gingerbread you spoke about is in my head and now I want one." 

Clara picked up the word immediately, "Sterilizing, what do you do are you a vet?" the woman in front of her had a sense about her that told her she would be amazing with animals, gentle with a kind soul. Ray usually only knew the kind of people that made the world a better place it reflected his character with his taste of friends. 

"Oh my, what's Scotland like?" she asked picking up on the brunette's apprehension. People in Evermore had a tendency of staying closed off till the right moment, a memory would come to their minds and they couldn't wait to divulge, Evermore had its secrets, so did its people. 
Before sitting down at the little seat in the corner, she spoke to Katrina, "I'll get us something, if you don't mind I can pick for you," a peppermint latte with chocolate whip rang through her mind, and the gingerbread cookies, she'd buy and box and save some for Ray when he'd come over later. 

Once they had their drinks in hand, and they were tucked cozily in a corner Clara released a sigh of contentment to be inside on a chilly day. "So, did you still want to hear about the story of how Ray and I met?" she asked, knowing that some people only said those things to be polite. 

"No, I am a midwife. What can I say, I saw it when I was younger and knew I had to see it more often. I love the idea of helping people and this is just one way I can." She explained eagerly, whenever she got the mention of work she was always excited about the facts she could share. Reaching into her bag she handed her a card.

"You may need me in a few years." She said with a slight laugh. "I rarely do that by the way, wildly inappropriate but I have a sense of humor at times." 

"You can pick for me, I would love that. I will tell you more of Scotland when you return." She explained watching the woman get their drinks and cookies. She eagerly dunked the cookie into the drink and let it fill it and get warm before taking a bite.

"Thank you, for the treat. I would love to hear how you met." She explained wanting to know everyone's stories were so different, take her and Sapphire for instance. "Well, Scotland is wet and lots of hills, plan to be climbing." She explained with a small laugh. Looking at her as she took a sip of the drink a 'mmm' escaped before she waited eagerly wanting to know how they met.

Clara looked at the card that Katrina had given her, a small smile on her lips. "It's a little early, don't you think?" she asked. Clara had thought on occasion about what the future held for her and Ray but she hadn't had the heart to bring it up yet, they had so much to find out about each other. "How many births have you attended?" Clara asked, she had never been to one but she had heard it was special and real. 

At the counter she ordered a box of gingerbread fully intending, well hopefully praying, that she would give the remaining cookies to Ray, unless she ate them on her way, of course, it wouldn't be the first time, gingerbread was her weakness, she ordered them both hot chocolate, knowing extra caffeine had a way of throwing her off. When she returned to the table, goodies in hand, she took her seat in front of the other woman and watched as she dug in. Considering it was a good idea she did the same, biting off the gingerbread's little arm, sending a silent prayer up to all the fallen gingerbread men this holiday season. 

"Scotland sounds lovely, what was your favourite thing about it?" Clara asked, her desire to hear about other places flooding her.
"Well it's a funny story actually, I was walking out to see the sunrise in my nightgown, mind you this was spring/summer weather," Clara began. "And I hear a noise, and all of a sudden I turn around to see him, he's looking for a teacher, long story short, I began to teach him and in his final class, he kissed me and we've been together ever since," she finished, this story always brought a smile to her face. 

"It's never too early. Believe me. I have seen a lot in my many years of practice." She said with a slight laugh in her breath. "As for how many births, I don't have enough fingers to count them." She had been doing this since she fell from the sky, within her first thirty years of living she knew she wanted to help others after seeing it for the first time.

Being a Celestial meant she had lots of time and she liked to improve it at every chance she got. Being locked away when it happened caused many years of her life to be taken away from her, never seeing the night sky where she felt most alive. Babies were born at night which caused her the nighttime personality she loved to be free.

When she spoke of their encounter and how they met she made eyes of happiness and smiled. She loved hearing romantic stories and that was one that topped the books. "Oh, romance. It's such a lovely thing. I never used to be fascinated by it before. Well, I guess I always have some to an amount otherwise how do babies come around. But no, I just started a romance myself and the feelings it gives you, I am sure you feel the same way." She exclaimed with glee and took another sip of her drink.

"As for Scotland, It has been such a long time since I was there but it would have to be the people. There is just something about them." She said eating the gingerbread slowly and savouring the feeling and taste. 

Clara could see the twinkle in Katrina's eyes as she spoke about her job, not a lot of people felt the same way about the career they had chosen but she knew that a career like a midwife took a certain kind of love, to be able to do one's job, and Katrina had that love, Clara couldn't imagine what it must be like to watch someone come into this world, let alone help bring someone into this world. The world has many ugly things to offer but Clara knew there was a lot of good too, just alone in Evermore she had seen so much beauty. Clara laughed, "Well, I mention it to Ray," Clara replied knowing she would do no such thing, it might spook him.

Clara nodded along agreeing with what Katrina said as she sat across from her in the little cafe, the romance did have a way of blossoming in your brain as much as in your heart. "Who'd you fall in love with?" Clara asked knowing that lover's look in her eye anywhere, it was the same look she saw in the mirror in the morning.

The blonde took another sip and sighed, how nice it was to be warm on a chilly day huddled by a delicious hot beverage, "Do you have any family still in Scotland," she asked. 

Katrina could only smile when the mention of love was brought up. How could she describe her Sapphire. She was just like the necklace of sapphires she had given the woman on their first date. "Her name is Sapphire, i plan to marry her. If the world allows it. She has been my saving grace in the while I have known her." 

She drank her beverage and took a cookie to nibble on again in between the conversation. Something about earth, being it all she ever known still confused her and she found it so surprising.

"No, long gone." She explained not wanting to tell her just how long they have been gone. They weren't even her family, she was a fallen star after all. But friends were family and the people that took her in were loving and true to her. They were kind and gave her shelter and taught her things that most humans would need to know.

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