Katrina hadn't seen much of Evermore she spent a lot of time in her own little world. She spent her time working on the business as a midwife, her time with Sapphire and after that, her extracurricular life ended. That was going to change as today she planned to take herself to a new part of town and do something fun for herself. She wanted to get a few gifts for some people so why not go shopping and some coffee or hot cocoa.

She never went anywhere without being dressed to the nines and today was no different. She had her hair curled and put into a bun leaving strands frame her face. While waiting for the laundry to be done she went to the kitchen and made herself some oatmeal.

She ate before dressing into a pair of jeans with a pullover sweater and wrapped herself up before walking out of the house and heading into her car to drive to town. She thought it would be a good idea to be doing something useful. She had a bunch of things she wanted to do and today was busy as she was.

She headed out of the car and headed to the first store. Smiling she looked at the Christmas portrayed throughout it all. The Christmas music, the decorations and the things to buy. She wanted something perfect as an actual materialistic gift for Sapphire and a few friends. 

The store was a bit busy as she walked past someone she didn't plan enough distance as she walked into the person. Her lukewarm coffee spilling out on the floor and looking at her trying to see if some got on her. "Oh my, I am so sorry." She stated as she reached into her bag and grabbed a cloth. 

"Here." She offered not wanting to help her unless she asked for some. people didn't like having hands all over them without permission. 

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Clara could tell the spark of love in the other woman's eyes, it reminded her of a quote something about eyes being the window to another's soul, it spoke the same truth that you could see the love burning bright as well, eyes held a depth Clara had yet to capture, it's why painters were fascinating with painting the iris and all the secrets that hid behind closed eyelids. "What made you fall in love?" it wasn't the usual question one asked a stranger but sometimes words had a way of tumbling out of Clara's mouth.

True love had a way of making even the most touched become a blushing teenager, "How'd you to meet?" she finally asked, her excitement to hear the story written on her expression. Clara pulled her cup to her lips and took another warm gulp, thankful for warm beverages once more, especially ones that tasted so good.

Clara knew instantly when someone didn't want to talk about a certain subject and let it drop, decided to pick up another topic instead. "How long have you been in town? Have you been to the library yet?" she asked, knowing books was always a safe topic. 

She watched her as she seemed curious about her relationship with Sapphire. She smiled softly at her before grasping her phone to share an image of her Sapphire. "I think it was our first date, I had given her a sapphire heirloom that someone had passed down on to me, I wanted her to have it and then she was surprised I wanted to give it to her, it was such a selfless act and of consideration. I just knew someone like her was someone I wanted to spend my life with." 

She listened as another question came about and she smiled even further. "We met singing Christmas Carols a few years back it was one of the most exquisite things I had done in a while, and she became a great friend." She said softly with a smile. 

"Town, ahah I have been here for a while. I can't even remember how long its been and as for the library I will admit I have only been once to take out a few books to further recommend to clients. You work there?"

Clara's eyes roamed the picture Katrina had offered her on her phone, it was easy to see from the photo, that Katrina and Sapphire made a beautiful couple, the woman in the photo had the same love-lit-up look that Katrina had been wearing on her face since they had begun talking about her significant other, "That's a wonderful thing to do, I can see why you fell in love," she replied, no matter how many love stories she heard, she never tired of listening to stories of people finding each other, falling in love with there soulmate. 

"Oh please tell me you were singing all I want for Christmas?" Clara exclaimed, her excitement reminded her of a book she had just read, one where they had faked getting engaged and he had proposed to that song to the girl, it had been a delightful read, one she would definitely recommend if Katriana said yes. 

"I do work there," Clara began, thinking back to the beginning days, moving to Evermore and meeting a bunch of new people and feeling instantly welcome at the library, she wasn't sure if she had always wanted to be a librarian or if it was something she had stumbled upon with her love of books. "I've been there since I moved to Evermore, it's a wonderful place, it's like my second home," she finished. "We all have one of those don't we?" 

Katrina smiled as the woman was listening to her story. She rarely spoke often about personal problems as most people she dealt with were having a baby or they had their own lives that they didn't need to hear about her love life.  Though the idea of sharing brought her a smile.

"Gosh, I am horrible I don't think so. I believe it was more classics like Bring me a figgy pudding and silent night, things like that. Now I really wish we had." She responded as she scratched her hand at the back of her neck, feeling a bit of excitement. Her heart always fluttered at the thought of her love.

"I have been in this town for a while and I can barely remember what I do and where I go. A lot of my time is spent working." She replied before taking another sip of her drink. "I think we do! So what's your favourite book, or is it hard to have one as a librarian?" 

Clara nodded once understanding that Katrina couldn't remember exact details from the day she had met the love of her life, for Clara had that sometimes too, certain things stood out, like the white nightgown she had been wearing or the sound of the rustling in the bushes, the beautiful sky moments before it's rising sun would grace their skies. But some details had been forgotten, like what he had been wearing had it been a button-down shirt or a t-shirt, maybe a leather jacket? Or her first words, she couldn't recall, some moments like these had a way of letting the details slip through the thin vails of their memories. 

"I don't think it really matters, as long as you still remember how you felt in the moment, memories have a way of slipping by us, but feelings? Well, they have a way of stirring the deepest things in us," she replied. "Just the other day I was smelling a candle and it brought me back to my first day of school," though the memory had thrown her off, the smell of baked bagels and new shoes was an odd combination. 

Clara laughed because it seemed that Katrina knew exactly what it was like to pick a favourite book, more difficult than picking a pair of shoes that would perfectly go with an outfit. "I couldn't give you a top five even," she began, trying to fish into her memory of a book that had stuck with her. "Oh, there's just to many good ones, how about I tell you my current read," Clara suggested, that seemed more douably, "Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter," 

"Well of course it doesn't 'really' matter. I guess in turn the memory itself the moments we have shared thus far is what matters. That woman is everything to me. I would do anything in the world for her. I hope I can be everything she needs. I guess when I take her on our trip to Scotland, my hometown and then to see her hometown in Italy. I will have to see what she says after I propose." She muttered softly stirring restlessly at the thought.

She was anxious and sometimes the idea of even doing it made her more nervous than she ever thought. "Clara, I am quite straight to the point and I must admit you are a fascinating person, I can see why Ray was rambling about being in love and having no idea or way to express it to you. Though men do have a harder time with emotions, don't they?"

Katrina smiled at her and laughed. "Isn't it, there are so many wonderful books out there. I am a fan of the romantic books but give me a good mystery book and I am hooked. I loved when Nancy Drew came out, yes it was for children or teens but I couldn't put them down, I was hooked." Nodding at the mention of Peter Rabbit she smiled. "Well that is interesting, do tell is it any good?" 

"Do you think you'll propose in Italy?" Clara asked, the mere thought of travelling and seeing different places in this big world always seemed spectacular but nothing was as spectacular as seeing it with the one you love, to experience every little thing alongside them, The memories one could make in such a time would last forever, it was an opportunity not a lot of people considered in there lives, thinking more about there jobs and there money, instead of spending times with the ones you love while having fun.

Clara smiled at the thought of her Ray stumbling over himself barely able to describe how he felt. It was one of the things she loved about him, even though they had been together so long already he still got shy and blushed. It made her feel special even when he got nervous and when he told her his feelings, it made her feel alive. "That sounds like my Ray," was all she replied.

"I know what you mean, a good romance is amazing," she had been working at the library so long, she knew all the romances and all the avid romance readers, mainly of the female population it was a very popular genre. "Do you have a favourite romance?" she asked. 
"Nancy Drew is an amazing series, I read it when I was a girl," those days brought sweet memories to her mind. "It's a tale of this disobedient rabbit, where he gets in all sorts of trouble with Mr. McGregor who tends to a garden and tries to keep the rabbits out,"

"Yes, thats the plan is to propose in one of her favourite spots in her home village. I really hope that it works out well. I am nervous. We had discussed marriage on our first date, but is it too fast?" She asked, her heart racing at the thought of proposing. She was crazy for doing it without actually planning it with her.

"Well, then I didn't make a complete fool of myself talking about a man when he wasn't even your man. As for my favourite romance, I don't know if I have a particular favourite." She placed her hand on her chin thinking about it for a moment.

"I do love a good Harlequin." She blushed at the thought of admitting her dark secrets. 

"No offence, but rabbits seem to be a thing of yours. I can tell you seem to be in tune with nature, of course just a guess." 

Clara's heart warmed at the woman's jitters, she herself had never had to propose before and she speculated she never would, but it gave her thought to see how nervous it could make someone. Then again they were putting their heart on the line, relationships made people vulnerable. "I think she'll love it, and maybe a first date is too soon, but if you fit into each other's lives and want to make it work forever, I can't see why it couldn't, Love makes us do some crazy things, but... it also leads us to who we are as people," 

"No, you're no fool, I imagine you're quite the smart lady," she said, taking a sip from her beverage, "And Harlequins do have their appeal, my favourite would have to be this one where this girl is carrying her sister's baby for her and her husband when her sister dies, her brother in law of course get's overprotective, and soon after the baby is born, they realize that they love each other, of course, there's an abundance of guilt, but all the while in the story has inner monologue from the baby, and the baby's just encouraging them to be together, it's really a cute story, " she rambled. "My apologizes, I probably have a book on every subject, in this head of mine," 

She laughed. "What gave that away?" she teased. "I even have this nightshirt, more of a nightgown but it has a watercolour print of a brown rabbit, it's just my absolute favourite, rabbits have been since I was a child. Do you have an childhood favourite things?" she asked, warm memories flooding her mind thinking back to pictures filled with the nursery that had been hers filled with Beatrix Potter's inspired items. 

"Sapphire is one of those outgoing people that help others. She is so good, I try to be but it's nothing like that you see. I just got so fortunate to have her in my life that is why I want to keep her for myself." She said with a slight smile and an eye of look away as she took it all in. When she spoke about love she chuckled slightly. "That woman and I well we first met singing Christmas songs. We went carolling together.  Then we just stayed friends and it continued that way."

She looked at the girl mentioning that she wasn't a fool. She brushed it away, not good at taking too many compliments. When she spoke of that book she smiled. "If I haven't read the exact one I've read ones close to it. I think I will always love the one where this greek tycoon took her after brokering a deal with her family. Then they fall in love even though they are already married. What can I say, I think there is in stories an edge of romance in them. Never apologize for reading, we need gateways to escape."

She then teased about what she was like. "Hmm... I didn't really have a childhood you see. It was more of work that I had to do anything other than that." They hadn't spoken of species, and she never did unless it was for sure another one that wasn't human. 

The look in her eyes told all Clara needed to know. She understood what it was like to fall in love with someone wholesome and good, she saw it every time she looked at Ray, someone with her dark past didn't maybe deserve something so good,

 after all, she'd had enough bad luck to ruin a lifetime, but Ray had a past like her, everyone did, especially in Evermore. "I think it can be a good thing, balance is good in a couple, and it shows you never take her for granted, as long as you love and cherish her you're a great fit," 
Clara nodded, "Ray and I started off as friends too, I was helping him with some learning, and slowly that proceeded to more, relationships based on friendships are amazing, it's a really great foundation, or at least I think it is," 

"Ahh, Greek, they're always that, or Italian, usually billionaires from a rich family, or from Spain, they have really fun titles too, like "Pregnant with the Italian Billionaire's Heir"  or "The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress" they're so easy to read, like the drama in them is almost to fake to be real. Into the forbidden romances?" Clara asked she could probably compile a list of forbidden romances she had read and that list would be very long and filling several tropes. 

The blonde couldn't help the sad thought that she didn't have a childhood, everyone deserved one, a happy, uninterrupted childhood, realism was for adulthood. "I'm sorry, that must have been hard on you,"

She looked at the woman, noticing that she was enjoying the girl's company. Finishing her drink she sat staring at her softly. "I won't, well I don't plan to you see." When the woman mentioned her own romance she felt like she was swooning, her eyes were watching her carefully. "I think that's wonderful, I am very happy for you.." 

Staring at her she listened as the girl spoke of the fact of the tycoons and their mistresses, or the books that come with drama. "Yes, Forbidden Romance. I guess I feel my own is similar.  You see, I am much different than my Sapphire, we are from a part of a world, that our relationship is very... forbidden. Practically our families didn't get along, a long time ago." She said, trying to make it simple, unknowing if the girl was a human or not. Discussing the past between Phoneix's and Celestials would be complicated.

"It's alright, it's all I've known. What about you? What was your childhood like?" 

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